Lunch Break

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Thinking about him sitting there alone in that office of his and what an opportunity I was missing began to make me crazy. I had not seen him for almost a week and I was missing him real bad. I had talked to him on the phone everyday sometimes twice a day, he is such a big tease he only managed to make matters worse for me. All the things he would say he would like for me to be doing, I would like to have been doing the only thing I knew is that it was getting to the point where I had to see him.

His office was about an hours drive from me, I decided to make the drive surprising him. I showered and shaved, washed my hair and body with the scent he liked best dressed in a blue tee shirt and a pair of cut off jean shorts grabbed a pair of sandals and headed to the car. I thought about him and some of our recent conversations and I seemed to get pretty worked up and could not get there fast enough. He called me on my car phone and told me he missed me and could not wait until tomorrow night when he could see me again. “I miss you too baby I don’t know if I can wait.” He laughed and said I would just have to now wouldn’t I?

I pulled on to the lot parked my car and started toward the door. A couple of his co-workers said hi and smiled big as if they could see what was on my mind. I took the elevator to the fourth floor and put my finger over my lips to silence his secretary she just smiled and did not say a word. I opened the door walked in closed and locked it behind me. He was sitting with his back to the door and was on the phone he did not even notice I walked in. quietly I slipped off my shorts and sandals walked over to his chair kissed him on the side of the neck and pinched his nipple. canlı bahis He jumped as if startled but then grinned big when he saw me. I climbed up on the arm of his chair putting my legs across his lap leaned over and continued kissing his neck. I rubbed my foot across the front of his pants and felt the hard bulge between his legs.

Unbuttoning the buttons of his shirt and playing with his chest hair and pinching his nipples now and then he began to get a little squirmy in his chair. A couple of times he held my hand trying to keep me from doing what I was doing while he continued his conversation on the phone. I just continued massaging his groin with my foot feeling him grow harder. It was getting to the point where he began to stutter a little and was obviously having difficulty with his conversation. He asked if he could call them back, thanked them and hung up the phone.

“Hello”, he said “what a nice surprise” sliding onto his lap from the arm of the chair sitting on my knees straddling his lap I pushed myself against him and continued kissing and sucking on his neck. I felt his hands under my shirt as he put them on my hips and pulled me closer. I could feel his cock under his pants as I ground hard against it. He lifted my shirt and I raised my arms so he could remove it. He began sucking my tits and dancing his tongue around my hard nipples. He stood up and I wrapped my legs around him and he sat my bare ass down on the desk. I undid his belt and his button and began to lower his zipper.

The head of his cock was showing over the top of his underwear, I touched it with my finger and gathered the drop of fluid and wiped it across the head of his hard cock. Lowering his pants bahis siteleri a little and pulling he waistband of his underwear down I could wrap my hand around his cock now. I began moving my hand across the length of him slowly gripping very firmly. Sliding my ass to the very edge of the desk I put his cock between my legs moving back and forth and lifting slightly massaging him with my wetness not putting him inside of me. I reached down and squeezed his balls with my hand. I knew he was about ready to cum. Stepping down from the desk I got into the large leather chair holding onto the back of the chair so he could come behind me. He began kissing my lower back then each cheek of my ass. Pulling my hips back and forcing me knees further apart he reached around to the front of me rubbing my swollen clit with his finger and thumb, his cock was wet from my juices and he continued rubbing it between my legs and along the lips of my pussy.

He said he could not wait any longer and slide his hardness inside of me. It was as if the walls closed around it squeezing down on it as he began stroking. Holding on to my hips he steadily pumped his cock back and forth inside of me. I felt him growing harder. He worked it in and out faster now and I knew he was ready to cum. I closed my legs together as tightly as I could and put even more pressure along the shaft of his cock as I raised up onto my haunches with my feet on the seat of the chair pushing my hips and ass further out toward him enabling myself to raise and lower with each stroke. I felt his fingers dig into my flesh as he pumped harder, I heard that sound I love and I knew it was near. I ground hard against him and told him to “fuck me” I said it bahis şirketleri again and again. I felt his hot cum fill me and run from my pussy.

I was so turned on and hot now I wasn’t sure what I was going to do now that he had cum so hard. He held himself steady and felt my squeeze down around his cock he kissed my back and took me by the shoulders helping me from the chair. He patted the top of his desk with his hand motioning for me to have a seat. I sat on the edge of his desk as he moved some things out of the way told me to lay back and I did.

He sat down in his chair rolling it up to the desk he began kissing and licking along the inside of my leg and up my thigh leaving a wet trail with his tongue. Putting his hands between my thighs he pushed my legs further apart and placed my heels on the edge of the desk. I felt his tongue flicker across my swollen clit so sensitive now it nearly hurt. His fingers parted the lips of my pussy and I felt his tongue push deeply inside of me. His finger wet with me slid carefully into my ass and began moving in and out while his tongue followed pattern. Raising my hips to greet his tongue and push him deeper brought me even closer. Then he stiffened his tongue and with the flat part began rubbing across my clit moving back and forth. I rubbed myself along his tongue and closer to the edge forcing his tongue and finger deeper. I came hard I could feel myself pulsating inside he put a couple of fingers inside of me now, said he loved to feel that.

After a minute or so he helped me sit up on the edge of the desk and just held me. Kissing my hair and my face. I could taste myself on his lips and his tongue. He told me how happy he was I came to see him and what a wonderful lunch break I was and that we would have to meet for lunch again sometime.

His secretary just winked and smiled as I left the office thanking her for holding his calls. “Anytime” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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