Marcie and Leo Ch. 38

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It was nearing the end of summer when I was returning home from work. It was a quiet day at the office. Matt, my business partner, stayed home so he could give his wife a day off. There were no meetings or conference calls. All in all, it was a day I could have worked from home.

I walked in and saw Marcie walking around in a sundress. Her hair was up in a beautiful way. She was wearing a pair of socks only because she doesn’t like walking around in bare feet. She wore my choker around her neck. I smiled. I walked over to my bride and kissed her on the lips softly.

“That was nice,” she said as she leaned forward for a second kiss.

“I love seeing you in that dress, Amor,” I whispered.

“Summer’s ending. I felt like wearing it today.”

We went to the living room and sat on the couch. My arms went around her like it was automatic. We sat like that for a little while as we talked about work and what happened that day. As we talked, I was noticing how good it felt to have Marcie in my arms. I get to hold Marcie often. It was just a moment that I was appreciating holding her against me. I kissed her on her neck before she turned and smiled.

“You okay, Leo?”

“Yeah, almanbahis adresi just appreciating this.”

“It’s just me in a sundress, Leo.”

“I know. It’s just I appreciate the fact that you’re mine. That I get to hold you. That I am lucky enough to.”

“You’re being overly mushy, Romeo,” she retorts, albeit with a smile on her face before she leans in for another kiss.

We spent the evening like that. We would be holding each other for a while before we would separate to do our activities. It was when we started to cuddle again that I felt a bit aggressive. My hand went to her knee while I held her. When she looked at me expectantly, I trailed my hand up her leg until I was close to her treasure, expecting her to be wearing a pair of her panties as she did sometimes when she wore a sundress. It was when my hand slipped up to where her gusset would be that my eyes showed my surprise.

“Oops,” she said coyly.

I pressed against her clit with my fingers. She moaned a little before she spoke.

“Fuck, I was waiting for that, Leo. I was feeling naughty today. Do you want to torture your naughty girl?”

I started to rub on her mound a bit. She was almanbahis adres already wet. By then her head was against the head of the couch looking up at the ceiling. I moved into a better position so I could tease her pussy with my right hand while I was in position to kiss her lips or tease her neck with love bites. I concentrated on teasing her as much as I could before I slid two fingers inside her partway. Her mouth opened indicating her desire to moan.

“That’s it, Leo. Fuck me. Fuck your naughty girl!”

Encouraged by her words, I started to fuck her pussy with my fingers. By now, I was on my knees on the couch. I felt her hand teasing my cock through my pants. She moved the straps of her sundress so that her breasts were exposed as she sat there. My mouth went down to her right breast, and I started to kiss her nipple. Her left hand went to my head t hold me there.

“Let the beast come out, Leo. I need him so much.”

I bit her nipple at that point. By now my fingers were thrusting inside her faster. I wanted her to cum hard for me like the naughty girl she was. I felt her hand underneath me undoing my zipper before she looked at me.

“I need your almanbahis adresi cock.”

I stopped fingering her for a moment to undo my belt and drop my pants. I then went back into position. Her hand started to stroke my cock while I went back inside her pussy with my fingers. She was looking at me more seductively at that point.

“Fuck me, Leo. Please fuck your naughty girl!”

I jumped off the couch while she slipped onto the couch to lay down on her back. I took off my dress shirt and t-shirt, so I was completely naked before I climbed back on top of the couch and slipped my cock inside her. I started fucking her while she played with her breasts, I use my arms to hold her ankles to thrust as deep as I could into my naughty girl. We fucked like that for a while before I pulled out and sat on the couch. My naughty girl slipped out of her sundress by then before she slid onto my lap. Her breasts were in my face. I started kissing wherever my lips could kiss while she slid my cock inside her to ride me. My hands were on her hips. We fucked until I felt myself getting ready to shoot inside her. Her body froze when she crested on top of me. Then I shot into her with all the energy of my day.

She stayed on top of me for a few moments, our lips finding each other. The kisses were gentler by then. Our clothes were crumpled on the floor. The sun was setting outside before she looked at me and smiled. We kissed a little more before we discussed dinner.

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