Massage Therapy

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WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age Eighteen, PLEASE DELETE THIS FILE NOW!!!! This is a work of fiction. Any likeness to real people or events is purely coincidental. © EroticWriter 1998]

The summer of 1992, oh how it changed my life. I was 23 years old and working as a chef in a local upscale restaurant. This particular week in July was extremely hot and humid. The temperature rose to well over 130 degrees in the kitchen and we where downing iced-water like crazy on that Friday night. It was early on in the evening and the dinner rush was just beginning. It was going to be a long hot night. Nobody in their right mind would want to cook in weather like this. Friday’s were always rough. The only thing that we looked forward to was the Lotto drawing. Every Friday night Susanne, the dining room manager, would get the numbers from the TV in the bar. After writing them down, she would post them on the bulletin board in the kitchen saying, “Read ’em and weep fellas”. This night we were all looking for our pot of gold. The entire state had been going nuts over this jackpot, $87 million!!!!!!! It had been building for weeks. Let me get to the point. I was the sole winner of that pot. I had always told my coworkers, if I had won, I wouldn’t even say good-bye. Well, I did say good-bye. Don’t get me wrong, it was not that I didn’t like the people I worked with, they were coworkers, not friends. Believe me when I tell you, the restaurant business is a dirty business. All of a sudden, I wanted nothing to do with it anymore. “Bobby, ” I said, turning to the head chef, ” I know that this leaves you hanging, but, I gotta go.” And, I left. I had no idea what to do next. I was lucky in the fact that, I have a great family and I knew who my friends were. Anyone crawling out of the wood work would be dealt with.

Over the next few months I made sure that my affairs were in order. I spoke with the investment specialist that my father had used for well over 20 years. I made sure that my family was taken care of and that I would not have to work another day in my life. My mother and father had done well over the years and were nearing retirement. They did not want a penny. My father did not want a new house, car, trips or anything else. I could not even pay off their mortgage, which had been settled a number of years earlier. I did however make sure that they did not want for anything. My older brother was also doing very well. He was working as an investment banker in New York City. Eventually he got married and moved back to New England. It was a great pleasure of mine to pay for his wedding, pay off their mortgage (which they did not want me to do, so I did it anyway), and set up a trust fund for my beautiful niece. Lastly, my younger sister. She is a special education teacher who had just graduated from college. She loved the part of New England where she had gone to school and was working. I purchased a nice two bedroom condo for her and set up a trust fund for her. It is a shame that our teachers are not compensated the way that they should be. My sister has a heart of gold and is truly gifted in her work and I love her to death. I have made sure that she will NEVER want for anything just because she is in a profession that does not pay her enough. As for me? I have followed my dreams. I purchased a house in a piece of property in my hometown, on the water. On it, I built my dream home. My fathers sense of want and need had been instilled in me to a certain extent. The only want I purchased right away was a boat. I needed to fulfill my passion for fishing. It was not a very big one either. Enough to get me out on Long Island sound for the day. Since then I have indulged my sense of adventure. I have jumped from airplanes, been on safari in Africa, fished for Giant Black Marlin off the coast of Australia and everything in between. I guess that is why I am writing. My adventures. Some of them scary, some fun and some extremely twisted and perverted. I decided to document my adventures in a journal. After finding so many erotic story sites, I decided to submit some of my own. I hope you enjoy my first story. If the response is good, I will post others. Enjoy!!!!!

What started out as something to occupy my time had grown into a full time job. After traveling for quite sometime, settling into my new home and making sure my investment were doing okay I needed something to do. About four months ago I placed an ad in a local newspaper, advertising massage services for “sophisticated women”. It was more of an entertainment publication that contained personals as well as adult services ads. In my add was a beeper number for prospective clients to call. I had decided that this would be an upscale operation and would screen my clients carefully. I could deal with a rich ugly woman but not a poor one. Two days after the ad appeared I received my first page. I had been beginning to believe that the ad was a waste of time. I looked at the pager and walked over to my computer. I had obtained some software that would tell me the location of the number. I was not going to venture into the poorer parts of the are. I plugged in the number and was pleased to canlı bahis find the number originated from an exclusive section of the state. In our phone conversation I told Linda that the cost was $500 per hour. She booked an appointment for that afternoon and gave me directions. My only requirement was that she be freshly showered when I arrived. “Shit, that was easy”, I thought. I decided my services would consist of a massage of warm oil, both front and back if so chosen. The client would then be wiped down and massaged again with baby powder. Linda turned out to be an attractive woman in her early 40’s. Her husband was an executive in New York City and was away most of the time. I made sure that the massage was very sensual and I took my time spending a little more that an hour and a half. From the section of town I was in, I knew that there must be other neglected “trophy wives” in the area.

She certainly enjoyed the massage and said she knew of other who might enjoy my services. Well, word spread and I soon had a regular set of clients. Depending on the client, the services expanded into sex, role-playing and light BDSM. The more a client wanted the more expensive it was. The money wasn’t important. I could probably buy their husbands. But, what the hell, I was having a ball. On one this particular afternoon, I received a page from a new client. She said I was referred to her by Cheryl, another client of mine. My relationship with Cheryl had progressed into a role playing situation in which she called me Daddy. Amber requested an appointment for later that afternoon. I told her I was booked and she offered to pay double. I told her I would reschedule my other appointments and be there in an hour. As always, I asked her to be freshly showered. Amber answered the door wearing a long black silk robe. She was stunning. No more than 32 years old, about 5’6″, short auburn hair and small breasts. This was going to take longer than an hour. She invited me in and offered me a drink and I heard some soft new age music in the background. I declined and asked her where I could set up the massage table. She led me to a glass enclosed terrace that over looked her back yard and out into Long Island Sound. She seemed a little nervous and asked what she was required to wear for the massage. I told her this was for her pleasure and that she should wear whatever felt comfortable. I set up the table and Amber took off her robe to reveal a wonderful body. She was wearing a matching light blue bra and g-string panty set. Her stomach was flat, obvious of a workout regime and her cheeks were flushed a little red from embarrassment. I told her to relax and just lie down on the table. As she lay on her stomach I notice what a perfectly shaped bottom she had. She asked that I help removed her bra so it would not get in the way. Before I began, she offered to pay me. I told her not to worry, that could come later. I went on to describe the service and told her if she felt uncomfortable in the way I was touching her body to just let me know and I would stop. I began with the warm oil on her shoulders and neck. Gently rubbing the oil into her soft tanned skin. As I worked we made some ideal chit chat and she would occasionally let a soft moan escape from her lips. I worked down to the small of her back, noticing her tan lines, applying some pressure to relieve any tension. I skipped over her buttocks and began on the backs of her thighs. She looked back at me with what I thought was a look of disappointment and then smiled and put her head back down. I worked down to her calves and her feet. I noticed her breathing had quickened just a bit. Working back up her legs I parted them slightly, she did not resist, and massaged the inside of her thighs. I came within millimeters of her cotton covered vagina. Her breathing had picked up again. I asked her if she was enjoying the massage and if I was crossing any lines as I place my oiled hands on her buttocks. All she could do is release a pleasurable moan. I gently kneaded the oil into her cheeks and noticed a small yet visible stain on her panties. She was enjoying this. I then wiped her down with a linen clothe to remove the liberal amount of oil I had used. After spending about a half an hour on her backside, I asked her to roll over. Once she was on her back, she stated that she was a little embarrassed. When I asked her why, she pointed out the growing stain between her legs. I looked gently into her eyes and let her now it was a reaction I had seen before and there was no reason for her to be blushing. On her front side, I started with her feet and hands. Slowly I massaged the oil into the skin of her hands and feet. Then I moved to her well toned arms. Amber had her eyes closed and was smiling. Her breathing had tapered off and there was a pure look of relaxation on her face. I spent very little time when I moved back down to her shins. I had come to find out that there was very little pleasure derived from having your shins massaged, it was all bone. I quickly move to her thighs and her breathing once again picked up pace. I accidentally brushed against the cotton of her panties and heard her softly say how good it felt. . I moved slowly up to her abdomen and worked their defined muscles. Again the spot on Amber’s bahis siteleri panties began to increase in size. She seemed almost in a trance-like state, enjoying my touch and hearing the music in the background. I hated to disturb her but, I needed to ask her if she wanted her breasts massage as well. She said yes please, in a somewhat submissive voice. I liberally dripped the warm oil on them slowly, drop by drop. Her breasts firm yet not very big. Not quite a B-cup, I thought to myself. As my hands worked over her chest, her nipples harden. I gave them a playful but sensual pinch. Amber jerked a little bit in what might have been a mini orgasm. I looked up at her face, her eyes still closed and a broader smile across her lips. I rolled her nipples between my finger looking for another reaction. To my surprise Amber went almost rigid and let out a long breath.

By the look of the bright blue patch on her panties now, I was sure it was an orgasm. I grabbed a fresh linen cloth from my bag and began to wipe her down. As I worked on her thighs, Amber adjusted her panties and the outline of her labia became apparent. Have I mentioned that I was hard as a rock by now but, I maintained my composure. When Amber opened her eyes, she looked at me and smiled. She asked if I had ever had a client orgasm during a massage. I chuckled and told her on occasion and it made me feel good to know that she was enjoying it. I began to apply baby powder on her legs, this time massaging very lightly. I continued the finger touch massage with the powder all over the front of Amber’s body, again causing her nipples to stiffen. I again playfully teased her nipples and heard her groan. I traced my fingers from her toes all the way up to her neck and whispered to her to flip over. Amber began to question me about additional services. I told her some clients had requested an internal or external cleansing , shaving or my special service. I knew that would extract another question, which it did. Amber’s face blushed when I told her the special service included the same massage she was getting now, followed by a cleansing (shower, douche and enema) , shaving of the legs, armpits and pubic area, then a second massage which included both a vaginal and anal massage. With the mention of the last massage the spot between her legs became larger. She turned and looked me straight in the eyes and asked if we could continue into the special service. She went on to tell me that her husband was older and did not pay much attention to her. She did love him and kept herself as attractive as she could, working out everyday etc. But, it was to no avail. Knowing that I had another appointment I had to turn her do. She again offered to double the price. I reminded her of the cost, knowing by the location and size of the house she could afford it. I agreed and asked her if I could use her phone. I called to cancel my next appointment and returned to Amber still on the massage table. Amber told me that she would forego the cleansing, since she douched and gave herself an enema each morning. It was part of her daily regime. The I suggested the shaving , she stated that that would not be a problem either however she would like the entire treatment at another time. I began to think to myself, this woman keeps herself in excellent condition, she is a very sexual being and her husband doesn’t touch her? I decided that I would give her the attention she deserved and craved.

Now, laying on her stomach, I place my fingers under the waistband of her panties and slowly, almost teasingly, began to slide her panties down. She raised her hips to make it easier for me and I got my first glimpse of her vagina. Her labia glistened with moisture and her hips were moving up and down slightly in anticipation. The tan line from her thong was very pronounced against the rest of her bronzed skin. I found her tan lines extremely sexy and was beginning to have trouble hiding my erection. Again, I told Amber, if she became uncomfortable just let me know and I will stop. She smiled and told me she was not going to stop the impending massage. I dripped a liberal amount of oil on each cheek, then down the crevice in between. I took my time rubbing the oil into her buttocks. I did not want to rush, I wanted to be sure Amber enjoyed this. I spread her cheeks slightly and revealed her puckered anus. The skin to the opening was slightly darker and glistened from the oil. Amber let out a pleasurable gasp as my fingers made their first contact with a very intimate area. I lightly circled her rim with two fingers, applying just enough pressure to make her tingle. She seemed very tense so I knew I needed to be gentle. While my right and was making circles, my left hand worked the small of her back and her cheeks. Breathing very heavily now, Amber turned her head to me. With an expression of pure ecstasy on her face she asked me to insert a finger into her anus. I let my fingers linger on her puckered rim and asked her if she enjoyed being pleasured anally. Amber replied that nobody had ever touched her there. I knew that being gentle was of the essence. I increased the pressure on her anus and she instinctively resisted. Bringing my hands away, I lowered my head to her ear and whispered for her to relax. I kissed bahis şirketleri the nape of neck and let my hand descend to her crevice. Softly massaging, I let my tongue trace all the way down her back. Amber’s moans came louder and more often. I heard her voice say something about sweet torture.

I was extremely aroused at her reactions. My erection was throbbing but, after a moment, I composed myself. My tongue was now at the very top of her cheeks. I separated them to expose her little hole and let my tongue make a quick pass across it. Amber gasped and went rigid for a moment, then relaxed. My tongue danced around her most private passage and I let my right hand wander to her outer labia. Amber raised her hips slightly and I cupped her pubis. For the first time I realized her vagina was completely bare. My, she was so wet. I delicately penetrated her anus with my tongue and massaged her outer lips with my fingers. Slowly I spread her lips, being as subtle as I could. I did not want the sensation in her vagina to overwhelm the feeling in her anus. My fingers explored her inner folds without entering her cervical canal. I quickened the pace of my tongue as my finger found its way to her clitoris. It felt erect and very hard. My tongue continued to venture deeper inside her anus. I knew that I would have to make sure she was completely relaxed before I inserted a finger. Being an anal virgin, I did not want Amber to feel the slightest bit of discomfort. This went on for about ten more minutes, teasing her tight little anus with my tongue and gently rolling her clitoris between my thumb and forefinger. Amber’s vaginal secretions covered my right hand. I thought I had counted two orgasms since I began caressing her with my tongue, not earth shattering orgasms but enough to keep her satisfied. I lifted my head from between Amber’s cheeks and sensually kissed my way up her back, sometime lingering for several seconds. I placed gentle pecks on her neck and moved to her ear. With a gentle lick, I whispered for her to roll over.

Amber looked up at me and smiled. Her hand instinctively moved to her bare pubis and rubbed lightly. I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. She opened her mouth and soon our tongues were dancing passionately. As our lips were locked together, I felt Amber’s hand caressing my erection. I wasn’t going to be able to take too much of that. I broke our kiss and let her know that this was not about my pleasure. She smiled and rubbed a little harder. Amber said that I had made that very apparent and knowing that only turned her on more. Saying she needed to see it, she unzipped my khakis and undid the button on the top. I stepped back and took off my shirt and let my slacks drop to the floor. My boxer shorts hit the floor soon after, freeing my erect penis.

I stepped forward and caressed Amber’s breasts, paying particular attention to her erect nipples. With her right hand, Amber masturbated herself. I reached for the oil and dripped some on her breasts, belly, and pubic mound. I went to work on her breasts and she on her vagina. Now with her hands oiled up, Amber engulfed my member with her hand and slowly started moving back and forth. Her strokes were both sensual and rhythmic, just enough to keep me on the edge. I leaned forward and kissed her amorously. Our tongues again intertwined in an erotic dance. Slowly I kissed and licked down her neck, her fingers running through my hair. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and teased the other with my fingers. I suckled her breast gently and to my surprise was rewarded with a few drops of warm sweet milk. I looked up at Amber a she smiled devilishly, telling me she lactated since she was in her late teens. This was a special girl. I spent more than fifteen minutes teasing her breasts and tasting their nectar. Her nipples were very sensitive and she moaned continuously in delight, mini orgasms shuddering through her body. I had Amber on the verge of a major orgasm now for almost two hours. It has time I paid attention to her vagina, which was plentiful with juices. When my tongue made initial contact with her protruding clitoris, Amber gasped. I picked my head up for a moment to take in the beauty of her bare womanhood. Her lips slightly parted and effulgent, her clitoris prominent. I idly began to lick the outer labia and massage her anus with my finger. Her hips responded with a rhythmic motion, moving upward to meet my tongue. Her secretions flowed and moistened my fingers, allowing me to penetrate her rectum for the first time. Feeling my inserted finger, Amber mumbled something that resembled “thank you”. I made little circles with my tongue on her now engorged clitoris occasionally slipping it deep inside her vaginal opening. Both the pace of my tongue and my finger pick up the pace and Amber became more vocal. She cried out with pleasure, saying how good it felt having a man between her! legs. After roughly twenty minutes, I thought Amber was going to hyperventilate her breathing had become so rapid. Without warning, her legs shot straight up in the air, her hips bucking and she screamed in an explosive orgasm. I slowed the pace of my tongue and withdrew my finger from her anus. At a leisurely pace, I lapped all the secretions from her lips, thighs and anus, allowing her to come down from her orgasm. Amber lay there for several minutes basking in the afterglow, shuddering a few times from what she described as aftershocks as I lightly caressed her inner thighs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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