Morning Surprise

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In summer I like to go for a run along the beach in the morning. There are a lot of nice beaches where I live, and I usually go to a different one each day.

One morning I went to a beach where I had never been before. It was a long beach, and seemed to be completely deserted. I ran for a while, and I was just thinking about turning back when I saw a girl lying on the sand. She was in a little hollow between some grassy banks, and I hadn’t seen her until I was level with where she was.

She was lying on her tummy facing away from me. I could see that she was wearing a red and white bikini, and a large straw hat. Then as I watched, a gust of wind blew the hat off her head.

She gasped and sat up. She wasn’t wearing the top to her bikini. The wind blew the hat down the beach, and I chased it and caught it.

It walked over to the girl. She saw me coming but made no attempt to cover her breasts. “This is yours, I believe,” I said as I handed her the hat.

She reached out and took the hat. “Thank you,” she said. “The wind caught me by surprise.”

“Life is full of surprises,” kartal escort bayan I said. “Like finding you here, for example. What are you doing all alone way out here?”

“I like the solitude,” she said. “And sometimes a nice surprise comes along.” Then she smiled at me and added, “I like surprises!”

She put the hat on the sand, reached into her bag and pulled out a tube of tanning lotion. “Here,” she said handing me the tube, “Will you rub some of this on my back?”

I took the tube and she lay on her tummy. I rubbed the lotion onto her back, and she said, “Ohhh, that feels so nice! You have such strong hands.” Then when I had finished her back, she rolled over and said, “Now do my front.”

I rubbed the lotion onto her, paying particular attention to her boobs. Then suddenly she said, “I meant all of me, not just my boobs!”

Suddenly she sat up and yelled, “You men are all alike. All you think about it tits. I suppose you expect me to take of the bottom part of my suit so that you can rub my pussy as well?”

I was too startled by her escort maltepe reaction to say anything.

She jumped up and peeled off the bottom part of her bikini. “This is what you want, isn’t it?” she yelled. “Pussy. You want to stick your fat cock into my tight pussy!”

I stared at her pussy, and she went on and said, “Well, you’re not going to. You can look but not touch.” And she came over and shoved her pussy in my face. “See, there it is and you can’t have it. What are you going to do now?”

I grabbed her and she screamed. “What are you doing?” she gasped. “You’re so much stronger than I am, and there’s no-one around for miles to help me. What can I do?”

“I’ll tell you what you’re going to do,” I yelled. “First, you’re going to suck on this.” And I pushed her mouth to my cock.

“But I don’t know how!” she protested.

“Then learn fast!” I ordered, as I shoved my cock into her mouth.

I guess that she was a fast learner as she sucked me expertly. When I was nice and hard, I pulled her away from me and said, “Now that you’ve got it so hard, pendik escort you can sit on it.”

She looked at me in horror. “Not my pussy!” she cried. “You’re not going to put that big thing into my tiny little pussy!”

“Oh yes I am!” I said. “I’m going to fuck your tight little pussy with my cock and fill you with my cum.”

I pulled her down onto my cock. Her pussy was soaking wet and I slipped into her easily. “Oooh,” she cried, “That feels soooo good. Fuck me! Fuck me hard and make me cum!”

She humped me furiously until she screamed “Ohhhhh yeeessss,” and we both came.

She lay on top of me for a while. Then when her breathing had returned to normal, she got up and put her suit on. “Well,” she said, “Now that you’ve had what you wanted you’d better go.” I started to protest but she said, “I mean it! Go!” and she lay down on her towel, picked up her book and started reading.

I put my shorts on and walked away. Strange woman, I thought. But I didn’t complain. Then I realised that I didn’t even know her name.

I went back to that beach at the same time the next day. She wasn’t there. So I tried going at different times for the next few days, but there was no sign of her. After about a week I gave up.

As I said before, life’s full of surprises. That was certainly one of the oddest, and the nicest, at least for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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