My Blue Pill with Green Eyes Ch. 02

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I’ll keep releasing more of this story that I wrote in 2016 as I edit it… Much easier to do than nine-fingered typing an entire story! Although that’s not as hard as I thought it would be, hunt and pecking with my injured hand while touch typing with the good one…

The events here begin less than 12 hours after Jo left for work at the end of Chapter 1.


I was definitely dreaming. A glowing, naked goddess was kissing my body. Using her tongue to snake around and leave kisses wherever she slithered, I felt like I was being lifted higher and higher. I looked up at her through half-closed eyes and I swore she was translucent.

“This has to be a dream…” I thought as I lay my head back down and closed my eyes.

“Not on your life. It’s as real as it gets!” I heard.

I looked up, startled, and saw that it was my angel. Red haired, physical, and naked as the day she was born.

“When did you get home? What time is it?”

“Five minutes ago and about 12:30 am.”

Jo switched to moving around my mid section, breathing as she went. She suddenly kissed or nibbled or both wherever her mouth happened to be and pulled back. She moved and breathed until she dove in and kissed, adding a little tongue as she went along.

Her hair dragging along my skin was my only indication of where she might go. She kept doing this and I kept my eyes closed, enjoying the brief and sudden onslaughts. She moved all around my chest and then to my legs, randomly assaulting me with anticipated pleasure.

The longer she kept up her barrage on my senses, the higher I flew. I never knew exactly where or when she was going to strike next and it was driving me crazy! She had me close by barely touching me! Every accidentally on purpose touch now had me gasping, reeling in anticipation. My body jumped at each one.

Judging from my penis, I was guessing he was into it as well! She went closer and closer to my crotch until one moment there was no more breath. The first touch of her mouth on the head of my penis drove me crazy, but it was just a tease! She moved down toward my legs again and I reached for her head. She batted my hands away and shook her finger at me, never looking up.

My inner thigh was next, teasing inward and upward. I felt her breath on my scrotum and braced myself… suddenly feeling the next lick landing on my other thigh. I whimpered and tried again to grab for her head. This time I felt a light slap on one of them and retreated.

I was soon rewarded with the denied lick and suck on my scrotum, then an agonizing 30 seconds later at the underside base of my dick. I was making sounds I didn’t even comprehend, rocking my body slightly with the contact.

When I felt breath on the head of my penis, I stopped breathing and grabbed the sheets in my fists.

When I felt her dart down and kiss inside my thigh again I sobbed. My body was rigid and digging into the bed.

I waited.

And waited…

I started to look up to see her staring hungrily at me a split second before she engulfed my dick. My head snapped back to enjoy her bobs and my entire body started to orgasm, shooting pleasure right into my seed being violently expelled from my body into Jo’s mouth! I heard happy sounds from the area and wondered if my penis broke into song…

I eventually unclenched my fists and reached down to hold her head. I tried to look at her but my eyes weren’t cooperating. My breathing started to return to normal. “Wow!” I said licking my dry lips. “That was amazing!”

I tried looking at her again but it was futile. I assume she was smiling at me like a cat that ate the canary. I felt the bed shift and her body crawling up mine. “I’d hoped you’d like it,” she said giving me a slightly salty kiss.

“Understatement of the millennium!” My sight was returning and I saw the broad grin on her face. I put my arms around her and hugged her tight, relishing the weight of her body against me.

Jo wiggled against my midsection and said into my ear, “You’re still hard…”

I likewise said into hers, “And you’re always horny!”

She lifted her head to look at me. “You know it! Is there anything you can do to satiate me?” she asked biting her lip and waggling her tail again.

Despite the late hour and the all-over orgasm I just experienced, I was awake. I slept much of the day after Jo went to work. “I doubt it,” I said shrugging and looking worried. Jo was begging me with her eyes. “I don’t think it’s possible to satiate you for more than a few minutes!” I joked.

“Oh, you!” she said hitting me a little and then kissing me. She lifted her head and looked at me wondering what I’d do next.

“Turn,” I said licking my lips and twirling my finger in a circle.

She smiled happily and spun on the imaginary pivot that was my belly. Straddling my head she began anew on me, lowering herself down to my face. I caught a scent of her and it drove me crazy! I dove in and started lapping at her pussy. One of my hands reached down to fondle a breast while pendik escort the other reached around and dove in, fingers first. She started writhing around over my face and I started moving my hips as well.

I kept it up for as long as I could until she started bucking over me, lifting her head in a scream. I squeezed and pulled at her nipple, pistoning my fingers in and out. I didn’t let up and kept her as high as I could. She started moving her hips so much I was having difficulty staying tethered to her. She obviously had lost concentration on me, which was fine. I was enjoying the bucking bronco on top of me! After what seemed an eternity I had to let up and let her come down off her high horse.

She just wilted on top of me with after shocks going through her body. I was starting to find it a little hard to breathe so I rolled us over.

Jo had turned on a desk light behind where she was earlier; that explained the glowing angel. I rose to turn it off and crawled back into bed right behind her, Jo having thoughtfully righted herself in the bed. I held her and nestled myself into her groove between her legs.

Jo reached down between her legs and eased me into her folds. She wasn’t done yet! Luckily I was still mostly hard but quickly went the rest of the way. Spoon sex was fine with me! She rocked on me while holding me inside of her and started moving. The extra stimulation of her hand wasn’t hurting either of us. She leaned away from me to get better penetration and I caressed her back, shoulders, and around to her breast.

This wasn’t enough for her so she got up and turned me over with her. Reverse cowgirl, riding me without looking where she was going. After a bit of this she started to spin in her saddle and faced me. This was much better for both of us as even in the dim light I had a better view. I reached up with both hands and massaged her breasts, pinching her nipples.

I sat up a bit and drew one into my mouth, eliciting a moan from her and she reached to hold my head in place. She picked up the pace. I switched to the other side, drawing a line with my tongue in between. More moaning. We went from a trot to a canter.

I tried to keep my mouth latched where it was but it was getting more difficult. I instead reached down and took a hold on her saddle and started adding to her pace. The canter became a gallop and she was moaning and saying partially intelligible things like “Fahk!” and “erahhhh!”

She kept moving and so did I. She was obviously moving through one, two, three orgasms. Truthfully, it might have been one long one! As she was hitting number five I peaked as well, threw my head back, and grunted out. It was enough for her and she came loudly this time, throwing her head back and arching her body.

I was afraid she was going to pass out and fall backward so I grabbed a hold of her upper body as our crashing bodies started to slow. I was right and had to pull her toward me. She fell onto me and was breathing as raggedly as I was. She was, however, out for the count. I was rapidly moving that way myself and don’t even remember falling asleep.

At some point I woke up with her still mostly on top of me. I’ve no idea how long we had lay there like that but I pulled up the covers and rolled her a bit to get the feeling back in my arm. I didn’t want to move her too much but after moving she rolled to her other side and reached back to guide me behind her. We slept like babies until morning.


The sun was up. My shining angel was still in my arms. It was 9:15 am. Crap!

“Jo, wake up dear!” I said in a medium tone.

“Ehhhfff. Let me sleep. Need to sleep…”

“I’m afraid you might want to rethink that. It’s 8:45.”

She sat straight up. “Shit!”

“Use the bathroom.”

“Very funny. Why didn’t you wake me earlier?”

“I just woke. Obviously we forgot to set the alarm.”

She ran to the bathroom and started the shower. “I’ll have to keep my hair from getting wet. I don’t have enough time otherwise. I wish I had a shower cap!”

“Want some help?”

“You’d be the opposite of help in there! I think I can manage.” She put scrunchies in her hair to hold it back and up, closing the curtain behind her.

“I think I’m going to have to install clear glass doors on the shower.”


“Better view!”

“Stop it!”

“I’ll grab you some food for you to take to work. Any requests?”

“Toast with fruit spread and juice, thanks!”

That seemed to be a favorite of hers. She was in a whirlwind trying to get ready but somehow pulled it off. I may be biased, but, “Even with no time to do it, you still manage to look this beautiful!”

She blushed. “Flattery will get you laid! Not now of course.”

“Will you make it safely to work or do you want a ride?” I asked while gyrating my hips.

“Stop it! I’ll be fine unless you keep that up!” She reached over to give me a hug and a kiss. “Bye.”

“Adieu mon amour,” I said.

“Your love?” she stopped and stared at me.

Blood maltepe escort rushed from my head and my face betrayed my shock at my lack of experience with French. “Maybe that was a poor choice of words at this time. Go!” I pushed her gently toward the door and went out to her car where her breakfast was waiting for her. I kissed her through the window.

She grabbed a hold of my penis and gave me a couple of tugs.

I looked down at her hand. “Unless you are trying to call the butler, I need to get away.”

She licked her lips and opened the garage door. I tried to get away but she hadn’t let go of me. I was caught standing in the middle of the garage as the world came into view. I couldn’t see anyone out there, but you never know what’s going on inside the houses across the street!

“Let me go unless you want the police to delay your departure!”

She looked up at me and licked again. With another couple of tugs, she finally let go. I scrambled out of sight, bouncing my stick for all to see, and waited for the door to close. We waved at each other as she faded away behind the door.

I made my way back inside to get some breakfast and figure out my lazy day. A moment later the doorbell rang. I ran into my bedroom to grab shorts and a t-shirt and went to the door. Opening it, I saw Mrs. Brannigan from across the street.

“Hi, Nancy.”

“Hi, Mr. Matuzak.”

I shot her a confused look and slowly said, “Gary.”

“Sorry, after what I just saw I don’t want to get too personal, if you know what I mean.” She winked.

“I, uh, apologize for that,” I said, my face reddening.

“I’m happy for you two but if you could please keep it a bit more private I’d really appreciate it.”

“I’ll do my best, Nancy. I really didn’t think she was going to surprise me like that.”

“I’m sure not. I didn’t think you were going to surprise me like that either!” she said with a big smile. “I just don’t want my kids to see anything they shouldn’t. I am sure you’d agree?”

“I certainly do. I apologize again.”

“Well then, I think we can consider this matter closed.” She started turning away and hesitated. “If you don’t mind me getting personal for a moment…?”

“Go right ahead.”

“Very nice! Thank you for the little thrill!” With that she licked her lips ever so slightly as she bit the lower one and walked away, but not before looking down at my crotch.

I stood there for a minute watching her walk directly across the street. Was her ass swaying seductively? It must have been my imagination. I shook my head and closed the door, thanking my lucky stars it was the neighbor and not the cops.

I went to my phone and texted Jo. ‘Your little stunt almost got me in trouble.’

Her reply came a little while later. ‘Whatever do you mean?’ I hoped she wasn’t driving.

Playing the innocent, eh? ‘You know what I mean. Holding me out in the open air like that.’

‘Oh that? Why would that be a problem?’

Playing it to the end. ‘Luckily the neighbor lady didn’t call the cops. She visited and asked me not to do it again. She has kids you know.’

‘How kind of her. Is that all?’

‘Well, she did compliment me and thanked me for the thrill.’

‘Ha! See? Not mad at all! She probably snuck away to rub one out!’

How could I stay mad at her? She luckily didn’t do any harm. I shook my head. ‘True. But we have to be careful that we don’t end up exposing ourselves to youngsters when we play. I don’t want to be a sex offender.’

‘Ok. I’ll be more careful next time.’

‘Next time?’ She didn’t answer. I can only assume she started working.


I cleaned up a little and put on some underwear as well as my clothes. I went outside and started doing a little yard work. While I was out there I saw Nancy again. She was standing in her yard for some reason and was staring in my direction. I locked eyes with her and waved. She hurriedly went into the house.

About an hour later Mr. Brannigan paid me a visit. “Dude, I hear you’ve gotten to know your hot roommate a lot better!”

“Wherever did you hear that?”

“Nancy told me after she fucked my brains out just now.” I laughed, looking down. “You got her all hot and bothered by putting on a show in your garage and she took it out on me. So, thanks!”

“If it benefitted you, then I am glad. I’m sorry also. I don’t want your kids stumbling upon that kind of thing.”

“My friend, don’t worry about it. They’re so into their video games that I don’t think they’d eat unless we made them. If you get my wife horny then how can I complain? As long as I’m the one getting the physical fulfillment we’re good,” he eyed me a little and bumped me with his bent elbow as he said it.

“Point made and don’t worry.”

“With your roommate I’m not worried. Why would you want my wife,” he said rolling his eyes, “when you have her?” he finished smiling dreamily.

I was a little indignant at his comment, even if it wasn’t a slight against me. “First, your kartal escort wife is quite good looking for her age and having had three kids. Second of all, maybe it should be you telling her that.”

He looked away quickly towards his house. “You’re right. Maybe I need to pay more attention to her. Thanks bro!”

“Any time, Jeff.” He looked at me. “Well, I mean the advice and not the display.”

He laughed, shook my hand, and went back across the street.


Jo came home from work and leapt into my arms. “I missed you!”

“And I you.” We kissed.

“Any chance you can take Friday off? I’m off that day and would like to do something together.”

“I’ll see when I get in tomorrow. I think it’s a lighter week so there’s a chance.”

“See that you do. I’ll make it worth your while!” She stepped back and scolded me, “By the way, why are you dressed?”

“I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to be. I did some work around the house today and figured Nancy had seen enough for one day… or lifetime! Jeff came over and thanked me for getting his wife’s motor running.”

“Did he now? Well, new house rules. Whenever possible, clothing is forbidden!”

“Do I need to get out the roommate agreement and make an amendment?”

“I don’t think we need to make that legally binding, do we Sheldon?”

“I guess we could do without it. But if I’m Sheldon, then do you think I’m asexual?”

“Silly,” she said with a slap to my chest. She did that a lot. I hope it never got more violent than that. “If you’re asexual then I’m a door stop.”

“I’m sure you could stop a door by walking by it, assuming it was alive.”

“Very funny. I have to do some work on my project tonight. Get naked and entertain me.”

“What, you want me to dance for you?” I asked raising my arms and moving my hips in an exaggerated oval. “I’m afraid I’ll just make you laugh.”

“No, no.” She chuckled. “Just give me some eye candy once in a while.”

“I feel like I should be saying that to you and not the other way around. You’re the gorgeous one!”

“You ain’t so bad yourself,” she said squeezing my crotch. She walked past me and swatted me on my ass. “Now go!”

“Demands, demands. Only if you reciprocate.”

“Wasn’t that part of the new house rules?”

We went in separate directions to disrobe and both emerged au naturel. Jo hugged me close and gave me a deep, passionate kiss. She started rubbing against me, particularly our pelvic regions. Then she stopped and sighed. “Got to get working,” she lamented, walking toward the living room.

I went into the kitchen and asked, “Hungry?”

“Starving. All I had was that toast.”

“Any requests?”

“Surprise me,” she said lazily waving her hand toward me in a sort of dismissal.

I went through the available food stuffs in my head and came up with pasta. I went back into my room and came back out dressed.

“Hey! That’s a clear violation of the rules!” she exclaimed.

“Exception to the rule: when you’ll get splattered making food, protect your privates.”

“Ok, fine. But first chance we get we’re buying an apron!”

We? Hmmm… I set off making some pasta with Alfredo, spices, and chicken. In time, I had a meal. I quickly disrobed and brought her food and drink into the living room.

“Complying with the house rules,” she reached out for the bowl and missed, instead groping my genitals. “Nice touch.”

“You too, I see,” looking down. “Your food, Madame.” I handed her the bowl and put down her water on the coaster to her left.

“Thank you, Geeves,” another grope. “That’ll be all!” she said winking at me and waving her hand in dismissal again. I went back and retrieved my own food and drink, returning to the living room.

“Dining with the help. I’m not sure that’s proper,” she said.

“I’m sorry, ma’am. I shall retire to the sub basement to remain out of sight.” I quipped back.

She stuck out her tongue and I started moving away. “Get back here!” she said and I sat down.

Jo slowly ate as she worked away at her laptop. I turned on the TV and picked out a game, putting on a headset so that I wouldn’t disturb her.

I was pretty into what I was playing and didn’t even notice her shift on the couch. Jo had moved next to me and grabbed my joystick. She started playing along, sticking her tongue out and to the side like she was concentrating. It was about that point that I paid attention to her.

“Enjoying yourself?” I asked pausing the game,

“Hey! I was just getting good!” She looked up at me and stuck her tongue out at me. “Any of these have sex in them?”

“A couple. Barely anything to mention, really,” I said shrugging. “Off-camera action, jump cuts across almost naked people… a teenager’s closed door fantasy not worthy of a 2-second Internet search.”

“You’ve actually looked into this stuff?” she said with an incredulous look at me.

“Before you came along I was one of the undersexed and curious,” I said shrugging.

“Now you have me interested. Spark one up and show me.” I grabbed my laptop and did a video search. “No, I mean play one!” she said wiggling my joystick.

“Um, how much time do you want to spend waiting for me to find a whore to plow? It could take hours.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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