My First Orgasm in the Men’s Dorm

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I nervously followed him down the shadowy corridor. Feeling naughty, I giggled. I wasn’t supposed to be in the men’s dorm, and we could both be expelled if I were caught.

“Shh!” He was laughing as well, and looking at me with fun in his eyes.

From around the corner, we heard feet shuffling on the low pile carpet. He pulled me into an alcove, behind a big philodendron planter. I smiled shyly. He pulled me so close I could feel his erect penis through his sweatpants, warm against my stomach.

As the two boys passed, he reached up my shirt and bit my neck. I gasped and began to moan. He brought his lips to mine, and squeezed, pulled, and twisted my nipples. I moaned and arched my back, his sweet tongue muffling the sound as he explored my mouth.

My hips rocked back and forth as my legs straddled one of his. I could feel a deep throbbing, electric, primal need as I rode his leg, my vulva grazing up and down on the fabric of his pants.

He pushed me away for a moment, peeking to see if the coast was clear. Looking down, he saw a small wet spot in the shape of an almond on his pants. He looked at me curiously, and I turned my head away, shyly. He reached up my short, heather gray office skirt, and I gasped from the surprise touch, and as he looked down at his moist fingertips, he confirmed that I had spent all day in class without any panties on.

I reached down and grasped his thick cock through the outside of his pants. He and I were both only nineteen, and with all his youthful hormones, it was literally rock hard. An evil grin crossed his face in a way that both excited and frightened me.

Peering out once again, he took my hand and led me up a third flight of stairs and down another hallway. He pulled a lanyard out from under his shirt, and unlocked the door.

He pointed to where his bed was, in the far corner of the pitch black room. He lifted me up by my waist and sat me on the edge of the bed.

There were five buttons on my tight black cardigan. And as he undid each button from top to bottom, he seductively kissed me.

Mouth- one

Chin- two

Throat- three

Collarbone- four

And as he undid the last one that tugged against my waist, he kissed and lightly bit my left breast, just below my ribs.

I was wearing a black lace push up bra, which accentuated my natural 36 h breasts. I was always embarrassed of them, as if they made me look fat. But he didn’t seem to mind at all. He slid his fingers across the lace, catching them for a moment to squeeze my large nipples. One hand moved to the center front, where the small butterfly clasp lie, but he only teased me. He didn’t open it yet. I cried out his name, opening my legs wide, feeling my thin, delicate flats fall off my feet to the floor, I pulled him closer in with my bare feet on the back of his legs.

Everything inside of me begged for him. Everything inside needed him. My neck fell backwards as his generous mouth explored my throat and chest.

I reached down and slid a hand into his pants, dipping under the waistband of his boxer briefs. I could feel his soft pubic hair and the smooth tip of his cock, already dotted with precum. Shaking his head and looking at me like he was my father and I was a naughty daughter, he pulled my hand out of his pants and put it on the bed. I wasn’t to touch him. This was his game. His way of torturing me. He delighted in it.

Laying me back on the bed, he put each of my hands on the headboard and looked at me sternly. I complied. His hair fell over his face as he knelt down to explore under my skirt. He grasped my clitoris with two fingers, as if it were a tiny cock, and I screamed as he vigorously jerked me off. I had never Keçiören Escort experienced that before. I didn’t know that people could do that to a woman.

My round ass arched up and down on the bed, and I didn’t care who heard me. I didn’t care if I got thrown out. He conjured another me from deep inside. I didn’t know where it came from, but in a deep, raspy, lust driven voice, over and over I cried out, “I need your fuck”.

With two fingers, he reached deep inside of me, and tickled the front wall of my vagina, making me almost cry with pleasure. It was like cold ice against bare skin in winter. I couldn’t take it. He massaged my G-spot over and over again until in a gush of warmth, my body shivered as I came all over his hand.

“That’s better.” He said with satisfaction.

“What just happened? Did I pee?” I asked embarrassedly in a young, inexperienced voice, as I brought my knees together in shame.

“No, of course not. The bed isn’t wet at all. You had an orgasm. No one’s ever done that for you before?”

I shook my head, out of breath, and so in awe.

He then rubbed my clit, so gently that it made my chest heave in desire. He tasted his fingertips, and smiling, he brought them to mine. He rubbed his fingers lightly on my lips, making them shimmer like lipgloss, with the result of my own passion.

He pushed his fingers into my mouth, first exploring my teeth, which I didn’t understand, then as I obediently opened wider, he felt the deep inside. Rubbing up and down on my tongue, I tasted my own ambrosia for the very first time. He explored more of my mouth and finally dared to stick a finger down past the vestibule of my throat. Other than gasping a little because I couldn’t breathe, I didn’t gag at all. This made him smile again. He was breathing heavily now, and in a voice lower than usual he said, “I want you so bad.”

“Do you want to take a shower with me?” He asked.

Sitting up, I shyly smiled and nodded.

Out of his locker, he pulled two towels and a bottle of liquid soap.

I got excited, but scared at the same time. What if his roommates walked in? What if the R.A. came in doing bed checks? At that moment, I stopped caring. I gently slid my arms out of the sleeves of my now wrinkled sweater. I stood up and unzipped the back of my miniskirt. He pulled it down, letting it drop off my thighs, revealing my belly and my shaved mound, my lower body shining pale white under in the streetlight that illuminated his window. He undid the clasp between my breasts, and they heaved and bounced as the thin lace fell down my arms and onto his bed.

I felt exposed, embarrassed, unsure of what he thought of me.

“You’re like Venus. So beautiful and curvy. I can’t wait to fuck you.” He said.

“Thanks.” I shyly replied. Trying in my timidity to believe him. But on the other hand, so full of lust and satisfaction that I couldn’t believe otherwise.

He pulled his black tee shirt over his head, and dropped it on a shelf in his locker. I noticed with surprise that his chest was almost free of hair, other than a little fuzz in the middle, and encircling his nipples.

His stomach was a little bit round in a sexy fun way, and I had the instinct to grab the sides and bite him. It was very hairy and he had a line of thicker black hair leading down past his belly button and disappearing into his waistband.

He pulled off his sweatpants, boxers and socks all in one go. His calves were hairy and muscular. His thighs were lighter colored and my eyes followed the shape around to his small, tight butt. As he turned back towards me, I saw that his cock was about seven inches Etimesgut Escort long, with a lot of girth. And his youthfulness meant it was still so hard, it rested against his belly, straight upward, like a piercing arrow. My mouth watered as I became entranced with naughty thoughts that I kept to myself.

As I wrapped the soft towel around my body, he picked up all my clothing and secured it inside his locker. Then he showed me where the bathroom lay, at the far side of the dorm room.

He turned on the light and I saw that it was very large, far bigger than any of the restrooms in the girls’ dorm. The floorspace outside of the shower was about 4×8 feet, and the shower was equal sized.

As he walked toward me, I felt my cheeks get hot and I looked down at the floor, nervously. He undid my towel and even though he had already seen me, I was still embarrassed. He called me beautiful and laid the towel on the floor. He then took off his towel and laid it down on top.

We both looked at each other nervously and as he reached out to me, my arms went to his. He kissed my neck again, and I moaned and turned my head and nibbled on his ear.

I don’t know how it happened, but somehow we ended up on the floor together, making out. He was cupping my breasts, and sucking on them, biting them, and pulling on them. It felt so amazing, but his vigorous passion kind of hurt too. I cried out “OW!” and the look on his face of sudden shock made me fall backwards laughing. He started laughing too. I reached out and tickled his ribs, and he chuckled- but not because he was ticklish. I learned my error, as he let loose, tickling me all over my body.

I collapsed in a ball, unable to fight back as he tickled me until tired out, falling down next to me.

I was red and smiling, and I kissed him, feeling his smooth back, running my fingers up the soft hairs here and there.

As I rolled onto my back and opened my legs, he climbed on top of me, and smiling that same silly grin that he couldn’t wipe off, he made me gasp and grasp his back as he eased his way inside my body. I don’t know why, but maybe it was the endorphins from the tickle fight, but somehow as we fucked, we laughed out loud several times. His big grin turned serious as he asked with passion, “Where do you want me to come?”

“Deep inside me.” I moaned, surprising myself with the answer.

And with that, he thrusted a few times and then his hips met mine as he emptied his load, dick throbbing against my pussy walls.

I was so sweaty and out of breath. But he had a surprise for me. He pulled out and stroked his member. More of him dripped onto my breasts. “Rub it in.”, he commanded with that same glint of fun in his eye.

I reached my hands up and caressed and squeezed my breasts, pinching my nipples, letting his white ropes of semen lubricate my hands as they glided over my breasts.

“Do you want to see a trick?” I asked.

“Well, yeah.” He replied

I propped myself up onto my elbows and lifted each of my breasts up, and his jaw dropped as I licked the cum off of my tits and then fit each nipple into my mouth, sucking off the excess.

He started masturbating, and I watched as he grew hard again. “What?” I asked in surprise.

“I guess you’re very encouraging.” He answered with a laugh.

He helped me to my feet, legs wobbly from exhaustion after what he did to me.

We walked into the shower. It was all glass on the outside, and there were removable shower heads on either side of the stall. I thought that was funny for a men’s dorm, and for a brief moment, my mind drifted to a fantasy of two male students…..

Then Demetevler Escort I looked up and saw my new lover smiling at me. We both turned on the warm water, and took turns soaping each other up, better learning each other’s bodies. I rinsed him from head to toe, but when it was his turn to rinse me, he taught me about the pleasure of removable shower heads. I stood with legs apart, arms around his neck, and I could barely take it as he played with the different settings, discovering new sounds I would make as the jets hit my orgasm-delicate labia.

He didn’t relent until he was sure I came again. He then hung the shower head back up.

As the hot water ran down both our bodies, I knelt down in the shower. I put a hand on either of his thighs and began kissing his genitals. Really exploring his cock head and sticking the tip of my tongue into the tiny hole, licking inside until I heard him gasp. Then I went down to his balls, emptied and sensitive, I kissed and licked them lightly, trying to be kind, but showing my appreciation for the creampie. I felt his softness grow firmer across my face as I lavished worship on his testicles.

Then I went back up to his now hard-again cock and looked up at him. He smiled and shrugged his shoulders. I took him inside of my mouth and bobbed back and forth, not stopping for anything, breathing in between thrusts. He grabbed the back of my wet hair, and as if trying to see if what he suspected was true, he pushed my face all the way down his shaft, until my face was pressed into his pubes. I stuck out my tongue a little, and he shuddered as I grabbed his ass cheeks and pressed the head of his cock deep down my throat. I bobbed very lightly, and he couldn’t help but thrust hard. I shot backwards off his dick, gasping for breath, and looking up at him with surprised lust.

Like a good girl, I went back to work bobbing on his cock relentlessly, until I felt his thighs clench up and a second load shot into my mouth. I was sure to keep clean and swallow every drop. And as I pulled back, I licked the last drops off his cockhead. With an open palm, I stroked his soft penis very lightly a couple times to thank him for the gift, and kissed it lightly.

I remained kneeling for a few moments more, playing with my tits for him, as he enjoyed the show in the seemingly never ending hot water.

He looked so amazing and masculine there, in the shower, dripping with water, while a secret part of me was dripping with the last bits of cum that were still inside, that he wasn’t able to wash out with the shower head turned sex toy.

He helped me to my feet, and I rinsed out my mouth, and rinsed my body once more. He pulled me to him, and I rested my body against his, for a couple last moments before we turned off the shower heads. We each wrapped up in our towels, and he told me to be quiet as he peeked out the door to see if his roommates were in.

He came back with a pile of clothes and told me that both roommates were in bed and awake. I was so scared. He reassured me that he had explained what was going on and they were cool with it. It helped a little, but I was still nervous. There was a part of me, however, that felt like a bad girl, and liked that feeling. I wanted to strut in front of them and maybe even bounce on top of him in his bed while they lay there watching our silhouettes in the dark room. But I dared not say anything.

I got dressed and put on my shoes. I looked down as he hurried me out of the dorm room. As the bedroom door closed, I heard the giggles of young twenty something men behind me. Oh boy.

He helped me down the stairs and out into the night, across the field and into my own dorm. Putting his hand up my shirt one last time and making me gasp, he kissed me on the stairs, and said “Good night”.

His roommates kept the secret, and as the months passed by, I visited him many more times in his dorm, learning more of his body, as he explored the limits of what I could do. Every time I visited was just as dangerous and passionate as the last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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