My Niece

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“Here she is, the most beautiful niece in the world,” I say as Sarah walks in through the front door.

“Unkie, I didn’t know you were coming,” she says rushing over to me, giving me a big hug.

“Your Aunt May thought it would be a nice surprise since we can’t make your 21st next month.”

“Oh it is, it is, where’s Aunt May?” Sarah asks, her arms tightly wrapped around my neck, her body pressing against mine.

“She’s gone to the shops with your mother to get dinner,” I reply, “They’ll be home soon.”

“Goody, let me get changed and you can tell me everything,” Sarah releases me and rushes off to her room.

I watch her go, a yearning in my loins as this attractive young woman leaves me. It’s been about five years since I’ve last seen Sarah and she has grown into a very beautiful young woman, the sort I love watching in my movies.

When Sarah returns her father is home, she gives him a hug and kiss, just as May and Carol walk in through the door, Sarah spins round “Aunt May,” she shouts as she rushes to her, wrapping her arms around her, hugging her.

May and Carol are sisters, over the last few years we have grown apart from her and Drew, busy lives and different interests separating us, now we only talk over the internet at Christmas and on birthdays. Part of our visit as well as seeing Sarah before her birthday is to reconnect with them and start visiting each other regularly.

I sit of the sofa watching Sarah, admiring her petite body, she only has small tits but they are perky and firm, she is braless under her t-shirt and they bounce nicely as she goes from one person to another. She has a thin waist and firm, flat ass, she is wearing short shorts which show off half her butt checks. She has slender sexy legs, tanned, and small petite bare feet.

I run my eyes back to her butt I see her exposed cheeks are tanned, my cock twitches as I imagine her lying naked sunbaking.

Once she finishes hugging everyone she rushes over to me jumping onto my lap, my arm instinctively wraps around her waist, she squirms on my lap her legs spread enough to slide down either side of my thigh. She leans back against my chest, her head beside mine, she kisses my cheek squirming more, I looked down over her shoulder, pass her firm tits and perky nipples, looking at her tight shorts squeezing between her thighs, barely covering her pussy, then along her long legs to her feet, staring at her delicate painted toes, ‘God I’ll love to suck them,’ I think.

“Sarah hop off your uncle your too big to sit on his lap,” her father says, “You’ll hurt him.”

“No Daddy it’s fine, Unkie likes it,” Sarah replies squirming harder on my lap.

“It’s fine Drew, she’s not heavy.”

“Well alright, but just tell her to get off if she gets too much,” Drew says, “How about a beer Gary?”

“Love one.”

As Drew goes to get my beer Sarah snuggles tighter against my chest, twisting the top of her body round, her tits pressing against my chest. Her whole body moves, tits rubbing against my chest, ass squirming on my lap, she just gives me a mischievous smile, I’m sure she can feel my hard cock.

After Drew returns with my beer Sarah eventually hopes off my lap, sitting beside me until dinner is ready.

After dinner Sarah goes to her room while the rest of us sit around the living room catching up and having a few drinks.

******** Saturday ***********

Next morning I’m in the kitchen finishing my coffee as Sarah walks in.

“Morning Unkie, where is everybody?”

“Morning princess, your Dad took your Mom and Aunt May to that new Super Shopping Complex,” I reply, “I don’t like shopping so I decided to stay home.”

“They should have asked me, I love shopping,” Sarah laughs as she makes herself some breakfast.

“And what are your plans today princess?”

“Nothing really, looks like a nice day might pop down to the beach for a while.”

“Yes looks like a good day for it.”

“Why don’t you come Unkie?”

Well I have nothing planned and the thought of seeing Sarah in swim suit is very appealing, “Yes I’ll love too.”

I’m not disappointed either as I lie on the sand beside Sarah, she’s wearing a

little two piece bikini and I mean little, it shows off all her assets nicely. She lies on her stomach, I run my eyes up and down her body, spending a lot of time admiring her ass.

“Unkie can you rub some sunscreen on me please?” Sarah asks pushing herself up with her elbow to look at me.

“Not a problem,” I say reaching for the container.

“Thanks,” Sarah lies back down, as she does she pulls the tie on the top of her bikini letting it fall off onto the towel, her tits following.

I straddle her legs, pouring a line of sunscreen in a zigzag pattern down her back, I slowly rub it over her body, starting at her shoulders down along her spine to the small of her back, up and down the side of her body my fingers brushing along the side of her tits.

I move to give myself access to her legs, kocaeli escort I spread sunscreen over her calves and thighs, starting at her ankles I worked up each leg rubbing the sunscreen over her until I reach her butts cheeks. Putting more sunscreen on my hands I rub it over them, my thumbs sliding underneath her bikini bottoms as I move my hands down the inside of her thighs. I don’t touch her pussy but I know I’m close, Sarah doesn’t flinch, if anything her legs part slightly wider.

As I finish rubbing her inside thigh she rolls over, “Better do the front also Unkie.”

Her little tits are uncovered now, perky nipples calling to me, I pour sunscreen on my hands slowly rubbing it over her tits, squeezing and massaging them as her nipples grow harder. My hands glide over her body spreading sunscreen from her throat to the top of her bikini bottoms.

Her legs are definitely spread wider, I pick up her right foot rubbing sunscreen over it, massaging the sole and toes as I hold it chest high, I admire her dainty toes as I rub each one slowly.

My cock is rock hard, I put her right foot down, resting it against my crotch and hard cock as I pick up her left foot, I lift it up towards my face, my tongue runs along the sole, wrapping around each toe before I suck them.

Her right foot presses against my crotch, her toes rub up and down against my hard cock.

‘No I can’t, I mustn’t’ I think knowing I’m on the verge of losing control, I let go of Sarah’s foot moving back from the other foot pressing against me. I looked down at her, eyes closed, a small smile on her face and a wet spot between her legs.

‘Fuck I want her, even if she is my niece I want to fuck her,’ I think as I lie back face down on my towel, hiding the bulge in my swimmers.

“Well, well what have we got here then, can’t get a real boyfriend so you find an old man instead.”

A girl is standing above us, I lift my head looking up at her, she has big, plump firm tits, fakes I’m guessing and is wearing a piece of string for a bikini, her legs spread, pussy lips sticking out over the bikini string which barely covers her holes.

“Hi Melissa, this is my Uncle Gary,’ Sarah says.

“Ha,” Melissa sneers, “Well Uncle Gary when you want a real woman come and find me.”

With that Melissa turns around walking away, she has a big bubble butt that bounces as she walks and hides the bikini string from sight.

“Bitch, slut,” Sarah says.

I’ve rolled over, I’m now sitting up as I watch Melissa.

‘Look at you staring after that cow, god I hate my body.”

“What…. no….wait,” I stammer.

“I’ll get a boob and butt job then all the boys will want to fuck me too,” Sarah continues.

“Wait, no there’s nothing wrong with your body, it’s perfect.”

“So perfect your eyes are popping out of your head and your cock popping out of your pants staring at her.”

I suddenly realise that I still have an erection which is very obvious.

“No, I like your tits, perfect little perky mouthfuls, made for sucking and licking.”

I could see this compliment has improved her demeanor slightly, her eyes were no longer trying to kill me.

“It’s just seeing her standing there basically naked surprised me.”

Sarah just stares at me for a couple of minutes, though it feels like an eternity.

“Your telling me that slut being nearly naked, flashing her cunt surprised you and got you all hot and bothered!” those killing eyes are back.

Not the response I was hoping for.

“Well princess if you remember correctly you had me all hot and bothered before your friend arrived.”

Sarah continues to stare at me.

“And you weren’t even flashing your pussy.”

She stands up facing me, “Well then I better flash my pussy,” she says as she pulls down the front of her bikini bottoms, :Hope this keeps you hot and bothered.”

My eyes nearly pop out of my head, per pussy is shaved smooth, she has two full, luscious pussy lips dangling between her legs, my cock twitches, I know Sarah is staring at it, I don’t care, my desire to fuck Sarah is back stronger than ever, I want to suck her lips and eat her pussy. “Beautiful,” I mumble.

“Thank you,” Sarah says.

I smile as I realise that I’ve spoken out loud, Sarah’s in no hurry to pull up her bikini bottoms and I’m in no hurry to take my eyes off her pussy.

“Can we get an ice cream?” Sarah blurts out all of a sudden pulling her bikini bottoms up.

“What, sorry I wasn’t listening.”

“Yes I thought you looked a bit preoccupied,” Sarah says with a laugh, “I said can we get an ice cream?”

Now I’m in no condition to walk around the beach, my swimmers won’t hide what’s happening underneath.

“That’s sound nice princess, here’s some money, go pick me something nice, surprise me.”

“Oh I intend to Unkie.”

Sarah takes the money heading to an ice cream van parked just down the beach, her sweet little ass wriggling as she skips along.

“Unkie my ice cream has dripped on me can you lick it off?”

I smile kocaeli escort bayan to myself, when Sarah was a little girl ice cream would run down on her fingers all the time, I used to lick and suck it off them much to her amusement. I’m expecting the same as I look up at her.

I don’t think the ice cream actually dripped, to me it looks more like ice cream was rubbed, rubbed over her tits.

“Well princess I think before we clean up the dripped ice cream we need to make sure it’s not going to happen again,” I move closer to her.

I take hold of the hand holding the ice cream, I lick the ice cream as I stare into her eyes. I move my head closer to hers, my tongue brushing against hers as we lick around the cone, with a large dollop of ice cream on my tongue I move my tongue towards her, she leans forward opening her mouth, sucking the ice cream off my tongue.

God I’m ready to explode, my cock presses against the front of my swimmers wanting to escape, it’s taking all my control not to touch myself or touch Sarah with anything other than my tongue.

With the ice cream finished I turn my attention to her fingers, individually sucking each one into my mouth, my tongue running over them as I move them back and forward.

I was just about to lick her tits when Sarah says, “I think we should go Unkie, it might be better if I have a shower at home.”

To say I’m disappointed is an understatement, I’m dying to suck her tits, biting and nibbling her perky nipples. But I don’t have a lot of choice as she is already packing up.

I still have one small problem, actually if it was small it wouldn’t be a problem, I have a raging boner that looks like a tent pole in my swimmers and I need to walk through the beach crowd to the car park.

I offer to carry Sarah’s beach bag, positioning it in front of my pants as I walk I’m able to hide my erection, even though I do get a few funny stares for the awkward way I’m holding the bag and walking.

We get to the car park opening both car doors to let the hot air out before we get in, Sarah comes round to my side, she is still only wearing the bikini bottoms and my cock is still rock hard.

“Thank you Unkie for coming to the beach with me.”

“That’s fine princess, I enjoyed myself.”

‘Maybe not quite enough and I do think I owe you something for making things hard for you,” she says smiling, moving closer to me, her fingers grabbing the waistband of my swimmers pulling them down as she sinks to her knees.

“Oh Fuck,” I moan as soon as her mouth engulfs my cock, her hands squeezing my thigh and ass as her mouth and tongue work up and down on my cock.

May hasn’t given me a blowjob for years, so on top of all the previous action to have a gorgeous twenty year old sucking my cock was too much and I blew my load within a few minutes of Sarah starting.

Holding my cock firmly in her mouth Sarah sucked me like a champion, draining every drop of cum from my balls without dribbling a drop,

It doesn’t take long for my cock to get hard again on the drive home, Sarah sits beside me listening to music on her headset, she’s still only wearing the bikini bottoms which now have a nice wet patch and a lovely camel toe. I’m not sure if Sarah knows or not, truth be told after what has happened so far today she probably doesn’t care either, she just sits there with her legs spread giving me a gorgeous view.

It’s just after 1pm when we get home, the shoppers haven’t returned yet.

“Knowing Mom it’s going to be a couple more hours at least before they get home, Mom just loves shopping.”

“Your Aunt May’s the same, got to feel sorry for your Dad, he’ll be regretting he volunteered to take them,” I say with a chuckle.

“He’ll need a special treat later,” Sarah says, “Come Unkie I need you to help wash the sand and ice cream off me.”

Sarah takes my hand pulling me along to the bathroom.

Sarah takes off her bikini bottoms, stepping into the shower she turns the water on, turning her back to the water she tilts her head back, water flows through her long hair making it stick to her back, it flows down her back, over ass and down her legs.

I follow her into the shower, her hand reaches down grabbing my cock, rubbing it slowly between her fingers. As she plays with me her head moves towards mine kissing me, “Unkie please fuck me.”

I kiss her back harder, my own hand moves between her legs, I rub her pussy before slipping a finger inside her.

We continue kissing, I push her back towards the wall, with my hands under her butt cheeks I lift her off the ground, she wraps her legs around my waist, I slowly lower her body, impaling her on my hard cock,

Holding her ass I slide her body up and down my cock, she moans as we keep kissing. I press her body firmly against the wall, her pussy feels tight around my cock, I fuck her harder, faster, the thought of fucking this twenty year old body again has me on the verge of coming in no time.

“Come in me Unkie, make me come,” Sarah says in my ear izmit escort as I suck her tit, “Fill me with our cum Unkie so I can lick it off your cock.”

Fuck I’m ready to come, I lift Sarah off my cock turning her around, she leans against the wall with her hands as I enter her from behind, grabbing her hips I pound her sweet pussy as hard as I can. With each thrust of my cock Sarah moans louder, urging me on to fuck her harder, deeper.

I feel her body go rigid, her pussy spasms around my cock as she comes, this triggers my orgasm, as I start to come I push my cock as deep as I can into her, holding it there as it throbs, pumping cum into her.

As soon as I take my cock from her pussy Sarah turns around, dropping to her knees she licks and sucks every drop of our cum off my cock.

“Thank you Unkie that was delicious,” she says licking her lips before stepping out of the shower.

I stay under the shower watching Sarah dry her body, ‘God she’s making me go hard again,’ I think as my cock twitches.

Sarah stares at my cock giving me a smile, licking her lips, “See you later Unkie.”

Shortly after I finish my shower everyone gets home from the shops, the girls have plenty of shopping bags and Drew looks exhausted. He says he’s going to lie down for a while leaving me with May and Carol. They tell me all about their day, both are very excited and tell me they plan to go again in a couple of days and I will have to come next time.

It’s about 7pm when Drew rejoins us, he apologises saying he dropped off to sleep, this produces a laugh from both May and Carol.

With Drew’s arrival Sarah also joins us for dinner.

After dinner Sarah sits beside me on the sofa, everyone is in the room watching a movie and generally chatting.

I feel Sarah hand touch my thigh, it sits there for several minutes before she slowly moves it higher, a finger runs along my cock, I look at her and she gives me a mischievous smile.

Her hand presses against my cock, squeezing it as she leans against me kissing me on the cheek, “Night Unkie, night everybody I’m off to bed,” she says giving my cock an extra hard squeeze as she gets up.

“Night princess, sweet dreams,” I reply as I stare at her departing ass.

We sit around for another couple of hours then we all go to bed.

********* Sunday *********

I’m awoken by a hand stroking my cock, I open my eyes to see the smiling face of a naked Sarah looking at me.

“Morning Unkie.”

“What are you doing, your Aunt could walk in any minute.”

“No she won’t Unkie, she’s gone to the park with Daddy.”

“What about your mother?”

“Don’t worry Unkie, it’s just you and me.”

Sarah lets go of my cock climbing over my face into the 69 position, it looks like she’s being playing with herself, her lips are swollen and I can see some cum in her pussy.

She lowers her pussy to my mouth, I lick and suck her lips before pushing my tongue into her pussy lapping up the traces of cum, I reach out grabbing her tits, massaging them and playing with her nipples.

Sarah began by licking my cock and sucking my balls, now she’s sucking my cock, her mouth moving up and down my shaft.

Between Sarah’s mouth and her pussy juice my cock is rock hard, she climbs off my face repositioning herself over my cock. She lowers herself, it feels wonderful as I slide into her warm, wet hole, her pussy squeezing my cock as she slides down it.

Her body bounces up and down riding me, little tits bouncing around, I reach out a hand, my fingers finding her clit.

She moans as I rub her clit, my cock swelling inside her, the sight of her young firm body is inspiring in itself but to feel that tight young pussy wrapped around my cock takes my exhilaration to another level.

It isn’t long until I’m coming in her, my cock throbbing, pumping cum deep into her, I can feel her pussy spasming with her orgasm. I can feel our cum flowing from her pussy over my cock and balls.

As soon as I finish coming Sarah gets off my lap replacing her pussy with her mouth, for the next few minutes she sucks and licks all the cum off me, in the process giving me another boner.

“Thank you Unkie, I love the taste of cunt on a cock,” Sarah says giving me a kiss as her fingers stroke my cock, “I would love to taste Aunt May on your cock.”

Sarah hops off the bed leaving me with that thought and a hard cock.

Shortly after May returns from her walk in the park, “Drew has offered to take us sightseeing today, I’m going to have a quick shower, you need to get dress, he’s just letting Carol know now.”

We get home from our day of visiting some wineries and breweries, not a lot of actual sightseeing, luckily for Drew and myself they all had gift and craft shops which meant Carol and May were happy to visit them also.

The house is empty, it seems Sarah has gone out,

I’m awoken by someone tapping my shoulder, I had fallen asleep in the lounge room, opening my eyes I see the room is empty other than for Sarah. Everyone else must have gone to bed leaving me asleep.

“I have a surprise for you Unkie.”

“What is it?”

“I can’t tell you, it won’t be a surprise if I do silly,” Sarah says with a chuckle, “You have to wear this.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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