My Weekend with Lars Ch. 01

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“Liana, don’t worry. We’re going to have a great time. You’ll really like my dad.” Jack took his eyes off the road briefly to flash me a smile.

We had been dating for 3 months and had seen each other almost every day since he asked me out and I still hadn’t been able to get over just how gorgeous he was. German father, Italian mother, “my axis of evil” I had taken to calling him, Jack was a joy to behold. He was tall and broad shouldered, with thick brown hair and grey-blue eyes and full lips that were just begging to be bitten. Like I said, a joy to behold.

We, along with Jack’s brothers, were heading to Jack’s father’s house for the weekend, sort of a family get together. All the partners were coming. Having never met Jack’s father, or any of his family, I felt at a disadvantage. If the rest of Jack’s family was anything like Jack, I would be fine. The only thing Jack warned me about was his mother. About 10 years back, once the three boys were done with school, she had asked Jack’s father for a divorce and then disappeared. Jack’s father had remained a bachelor ever since. If I could just steer clear of speaking of divorces and Italians, I should be fine.

The butterflies in my stomach went nuts as we headed up the long driveway to the house. It came into view and took my breath away. It was like Jack’s father had built his own little piece of Germany. On a fair bit of land, which was green and dotted with large trees, stood a large house with dark timber frames and a thatched roof. It was gorgeous. As we drove closer to park at the house, the crystal water of a pool sparkled. If we had a good time this weekend as promised, I was definitely coming back here.

Everyone else had already arrived and we parked beside the three other cars. We decided to leave everything in the station wagon and get the meet and greet done with first. There was plenty of time to unpack later. Jack rang the doorbell and I straightened my dress. Jack said this was casual, but I still wanted to give a good impression. I just hoped that I wouldn’t come off as some stuck up princess. I was still fidgeting when Jack’s father came to the door. I stopped dead in my tracks the second he opened the door. He had Jack’s eyes, mouth and build. Everything else was different. His hair was dark blond and grey, he was slightly taller, and he had the jaw line and cheekbones of a typical German man, all edges. The butterflies increased tenfold as I watched Jack and his father laugh and pull each other into a tight hug. It had been a while since Jack’s last visit. Once they pulled away from each other, Jack began the introductions.

“Dad, this is Liana. Liana, this is my dad, Lars.” He said.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, my dear.” Lars had a voice of silk, one you hear on the radio. His German accent wasn’t as intense as it would have been 30 years ago, only certain inflections remained. It was gorgeous. He was gorgeous.

“Thank you, and it’s lovely to meet you finally too.” I stuck my hand out and Lars laughed at me, grabbing my hand in his and pulling me close for a hug. One hand slid down my back, resting a little too low on my hips and it sent a chill down my already trembling legs. His body was rock solid and he smelled amazing, like fresh air. The hug didn’t last any longer than it should have, but as I pulled away from him, his eyes searched mine. It was clear that the instant attraction was mutual. In a flash, his expression changed. Lars clapped his hands together, grabbed Jack and I by the shoulders and steered us inside to see everyone else.

I felt Lars’ hand leave my shoulder and when I turned around, he was gone. Jack was leading me through the house and out the back where everyone else was sitting. Two young children were splashing in the pool, a beautiful redhead was dangling her feet in the water beside them, most likely their mother. A carbon copy of Jack was standing at the barbeque, and he was the first to notice us.

“JACK!” He shouted, abandoning his post and running at us. Everyone else looked up and came towards us, except for the three in the pool who smiled at waved.

“Everyone, hi!” Jack laughed. I smiled politely beside him. I felt overwhelmed and a little average in this crowd of incredible looking people. “Guys, this is Liana. Liana, this,” he said, indicating the man from the barbeque, “is Gavin. Over by the pool is his wife Sarah and their kids Livvy and Kate.” Gavin pulled me in for a kiss and hugged Jack quickly before heading back to the cooking. “And this is Joey and his partner Peter.” Another carbon copy of Jack was found in Joey and Peter didn’t look too much different. We all bayan escort hugged, beer was forced into our hands and we enjoyed the sunshine.

“Liana, Jack. Would you like some help bringing your things in from the car?” Lars had stepped outside.

“It’s ok, dad. We’ve only got one suitcase and we brought a case of champagne, so I could probably manage it on my own.” Jack said as he drank heavily from his bottle.

“You stay here and bond with your brothers. Liana, you get the suitcase, I’ll get the champagne.” Lars offered.

I managed to stutter in agreement. Just as I was starting to relax, those butterflies had come back. Jack handed me the keys and rubbed my arm when I gave him a nervous smile. I followed Lars silently through the house and out to the cars.

“Um, everything is in the boot.” I said as I unlocked the station wagon. Lars gestured for me to lead the way.

I could feel his eyes on me as I lifted the lid and reached inside and pulled out the small suitcase and set it on the ground. I turned and looked at Lars, his eyes were boring into me. I turned back to the car to get the champagne, which had moved all the way to the back of the boot during the drive. Great. If I leaned any further forward, my dress would show off everything. I feigned not being able to reach.

“Lars, I’m sorry. Can I get your help? The champagne has moved all the way to the back and I can’t reach it.”

Lars pursed his lips slightly. “Yes, you can.”


“I said yes, you can. You can reach the champagne.” The smile that played on his lips was devilish.

I was stunned. I stared at him for a few seconds, trying to process what he was saying. Ordinarily, his response would have been considered rude but obviously he was just being perverted. Which is still rude, but this, this did something to me.

“Ok. Fine.” I shrugged.

I reached back into the boot, my arms reaching for the box. I could feel the hem of my dress at the back of my thighs, the material moving in the light breeze. I stood with the box in my arms, turned and handed the box to Lars. Electricity sparked where our fingers touched. Lars handled the box of champagne like it was nothing.

“Let me show you where to put your things.” He said with a tight voice. We walked back inside the house and placed the champagne on the hallway table and almost immediately took the suitcase from my hand. “Up.” He gestured for me to head up the stairs first. I knew exactly why.

To my shame, I must admit that I moved my hips a little too much, showed myself off in a way I shouldn’t have done to my boyfriend’s dad. Lars wore a very self -satisfied smile when he moved past me at the top of the stairs. I followed him down a long mezzanine corridor. It over looked the open living area downstairs. We walked past three doorways before Lars stopped and opened the door to a bedroom and placed the suitcase inside.

“This will be your room. That,” he nodded to the room at the end of the corridor “is my room. The others are taken by the rest of the family. The door at the other end is the bathroom. There’s also one in my room, if the children are using the main one. Both of them have a shower, a large bath…” Lars’ voice drifted off as he made his way closer to me.

My eyes widened at the thought of sharing a bath with him. I knew I should move away, take a step back, but I was frozen. One last step from him and Lars and I were almost nose to nose.

“Liana, you’re exquisite.” Lars whispered. His warm breath brushed against my skin, leaving chills behind.

I don’t know how long we stood like this, taking each other in. Everything about him was perfect. The curl of his top lip, the small amount of dark blonde and grey hair that poked out of the opening in his shirt, even the small vein that was visible under his left eye. HE’S YOUR BOYFRIEND’S FATHER! A small voice screamed inside me. That was when I finally took a step back. I turned on my heel to leave but Lars grabbed my wrist and pulled me tight against his body.

“Lars, st- ” He cut me off with a kiss, unlike any kiss I had ever experienced. It was deeply passionate, filled with a hunger that may not ever be satisfied. Those full lips that had so easily grabbed my attention felt incredible against my own. I couldn’t help but respond but I needed to stop myself before we got carried away. More carried away. I braced myself against Lars’ body and pushed away. He didn’t move easily, eager to keep a hold of me but I broke free and walked as briskly as lightly as possible down the hallway. We didn’t need anyone hearing escort bayan us making a racket.

I tried to compose myself as I walked down the stairs and made my way outside.

“Honey, you’re cheeks are red. Was the suitcase too heavy?” Jack kissed me on the cheek and handed me my beer.

“Oh no, it’s just that I’m a bit tired and it’s warm. That’s all.”

“Did you and my dad bond a little?” He said expectantly.

“Yeah. He seems really nice.” I smiled up at Jack to try and hide any other emotion.

It scared me how easy it was to seem ok. Chatting with Joey, Peter and Jack put me at ease again. Minutes later, Lars joined us with a beer.

“So, Liana, where’s that name from? Not Italian, I hope.” Lars said with a smirk.

“No, I don’t think so. I’m not Italian. Lianas are vines that use trees to get to the tops of canopies for sunlight. Mum heard the word once while on a rainforest tour in the Daintree and thought it would make a nice name. Not very exciting, I’m afraid.”

“You’re not Italian, where is your family originally from?” Joey asked.

“Both my parents are Middle Eastern. Mum’s Lebanese, Dad’s Israeli. So I’m pretty scared of Germans, and Italians too.” I joked, and the boys laughed around me.

“Not too afraid, I hope.” Lars winked at me. My heart almost stopped.

Jack wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and pulled me into his chest. “Sometimes I wear a little moustache for her. It makes the sex more exciting.” “Jack!” I squealed and hit his arms to let go of me. Joey and Peter laughed and hooted at us while we play fought. When I caught a glimpse of Lars, he looked mildly amused.

“Ok, break it up you two.” Gavin said, hitting Jack and I with a pair of tongs. “Dinner’s ready. Everyone grab a plate and a seat at the table.”

As we walked to the table, I pulled Jack aside.

“Hey, you shouldn’t make jokes about us having sex in front of your dad. It’s not right.”

“It’s ok, my family is cool about it. Besides, we’re not teenagers Liana. I’m 30, you’re nearly there. Dad knows we’re not sitting home every night playing Parcheesi. Come on, sit next to him at dinner. You’ll feel much better once you get to know him.”

“Jack, no. You know how I get around so many new people.”

“Relax, Li. It’s fine.” Jack kissed me on the forehead.

When we got to the table, Jack maneuvered me to sit beside Lars. I needed an out.

“Lars, sorry to bother you. Do you have anything for the mozzies? I’m getting eaten alive here.” Hopefully by the time he found the bug spray and I got myself covered and back to the table, he would already be surrounded by his grandchildren.

“Sure, it’s inside. Follow me, we don’t want the spray on everyone’s food.”

Fuck. Not what I was hoping for.

I followed Lars into the kitchen and he retrieved the spray from under the sink. I put my hand out for the can and he shook his head. He walked to the dining table and motioned for me to rest my foot on a chair. I should have refused, but I didn’t. I lifted my left leg and put my foot on the seat. From the ankle to the top of my thigh, Lars caressed my skin. He followed with the spray and repeated the actions with my right leg.

“Turn around.”

I stood with my back towards him and he sprayed the back of my legs, lifting my dress above my waist. He didn’t touch me, he just looked. He finished my arms and we walked outside, not another word passing between us until we sat down together at the table. Nothing needed to be said anymore.

Dinner was pleasant, above the table. Jack was right, nothing was off limits with his family. Religion, politics, sex. It was all discussed with out argument. In my family, we can’t talk about the weather with out starting a war.

Nothing was off limits below the table, either. Lars kept one hand on me through out the evening, starting with stroking my knee. As the sky darkened and more alcohol was had, he gradually moved his hand up my thigh, finally resting at the apex. Lars was involved in every conversation that worked around the table, and he was calm and collected. No one would have guessed he was feeling up the girl nearly half his age in front of his whole family. Usually argumentative and opinionated, I kept quiet, feeling that if I spoke, I would give up the game right away.

Eventually, only Joey, Jack, Lars and I remained at the table. It was just past 9pm and I could see Jack losing his concentration.

“Jack, darling?”

“Hmm?” He lifted his eyes slowly to meet mine and smiled.

“Jack, go to sleep. We’ll clean bayan escort gaziantep up here, ok?” As I stood, Lars carefully slid his hand away from my leg. I went to Jack and kissed his cheek, trying to rouse him. “Hey, you drove all the way up here, you’re exhausted. Go to sleep.”

Jack stood and pulled me into a tight embrace, kissing my forehead before heading back up to the house. We stacked the dishes and took everything inside. It didn’t take much to convince Joey to head upstairs to Peter. Lars and I stood side by side washing and drying the dishes in silence.

“Do you love my son?” Lars said, breaking the quiet.

“I don’t know about love, it’s early days. I care about him very much.” I had to answer as truthfully as possible.

“Why do you flirt back then, if you care about him?”

“Why did you flirt to begin with if you love him so much?” It was only a fair question. I didn’t start this and I wasn’t about to wear the responsibility.

“I know. I feel guilty.” Lars put the last dish on the drying rack, dried his hands and turned to me.

“But not guilty enough?”

“Not at all.” Lars walked towards me. His whole face blazed with purpose.

For every step he took forwards, I stepped back and I hit a wall. I put my hands out to push against his chest and keep him at arms length, but he grabbed my wrists and held them to the side of my head. My heart was thumping loudly. I was scared and so aroused, a feeling that heightened when Lars pushed his body against mine, his erection strong against me.

“Tell me no.” He whispered raggedly.


“Tell me no, Liana. Tell me not to do this.”

“Lars, no.” I struggled. “Lars, please don’t do this.” Was he trying to convince himself we didn’t want what was about to happen?

“Tell me that you don’t want me.” Shit. That was exactly what he was doing.

“I don’t want you, Lars.” My words were so hollow. I couldn’t convince anyone.

“Tell me you don’t want me to push you to the floor and fuck you.”

He had me so turned on, I whimpered. I was barely able to find my breath. “Lars, I don’t want you to fuck me.”

“Like hell you don’t.”

Lars took me by force. Our mouths were hot and eager, needing more and more of one another. He grabbed the hem of my dress and lifted it over my head, groaning as he looked at me. He removed his shirt and unbuttoned his jeans, revealing more perfection each time an article of clothing came off. As he got undressed, I removed the remainder of my clothing, unable to take my eyes off him. We stood before one another, taking in what we could. The curve of his shoulders, the dusting of hair on his chest, the trail that led down to his stomach to his thick and incredible erection. I was trembling. Lars launched at me again, pressing me back up against the wall and kissing me frantically. His hardness pushed at me, search for and finding the dampness between my thighs. Our bodies spoke to one another, and we slid on to the floor.

Lars didn’t wait to take what he wanted. He pushed inside me easily, filling me in the most glorious way. It took everything I had to moan as quietly as possible into his neck. Lars groaned like an animal in my ear and began to thrust, fucking me hard and giving me everything he had. I wrapped my legs around his body, pulling him as deeply as I could. I wanted him further inside me than any man had been. I wanted it all and I was frenzied in trying to get it. I met each thrust from Lars with my own, both of us quickening the pace to reach our orgasms.

“Lars…Lars, I’m about to come.” I whispered into his skin.

In response, Lars grabbed my hair in his fist and pulled my hair back. His face loomed above me in my blurred vision.

“Look at me when you come.” His eyes burned as we stared each other down.

A bead of sweat cleared a path down the bridge of his nose splashed warmly into the corner of my mouth. Lars bit his bottom lip as he held me down and gave me his hardest thrusts, bringing me to a blinding orgasm.

Every muscle between my legs contracted with my orgasm, pulling Lars’ into me. He came hard, emptying everything he had inside me. It was exactly what I wanted. Lars lowered his head into my chest, his breathing laboured. Our bodies continued to rock together slowly as we caught our breath, taking as much from each other as we possibly could. Lars kissed the skin he was resting on and continued up, snaking a warm trail up to my lips. Our kisses were less frantic but more passionate than before. I wanted to remember what he tasted like, how his bottom lip felt between my teeth and the way he moaned when I nibbled it gently. Lars slid his hands down my body and caressed my skin. He dragged his nail along my thighs, still wrapped around his back, sending a chill through my body that made me thrust involuntarily against him.

“Again, hmm?” Lars whispered into his kiss.

I hummed in agreement.

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