My Wife and 3 Daughters Ch. 04

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I just turned 45 years old and had been a coast to coast mover/trucker for half my life. My strength and ability to go without sleep helped me to make good money. My new tractor had the power and speed to get across the country quickly. The pay was a share of the line-haul so it helped that I owned the trailer too so I got a bigger percentage.

I had taken this 40 year old lady on the truck with me. I met Charlene in Bangor Maine and after a couple of dates and no sex I had invited her to take a trip with me. That was bad enough but I suggested that we find a place to live in the middle of the country so I could get home each way across the country. What if I finally got into her panties and it wasn’t any good?

I finally nailed her in a service plaza off the New Jersey Turnpike on the way to Virginia. She was fantastic! My blind faith had paid off. Yes, I wanted to play house with this woman. I don’t know why the father of her three daughters did not stick around, but maybe I would find out the hard way. For now I would enjoy incredible sex.

Even as fantastic as Charlene was in bed, I continued to fantasize about her oldest daughter, Tammy. The middle daughter, Linda was the big boob type that I never liked. I am an A and B cup fan, not the D and DDs. The youngest, Tina, was not quite 18. I have no interest in jailbait. Although Tina did have a birthday coming up and she was almost as hot as Tammy.

In the morning when I was ready to leave for Florida, I told Charlene to find out if the girls were interested in horses. At about quarter to 10, I kissed her goodbye and headed out. When I got to the donut shop Regina came running carrying a gym bag. As soon as she got in, I took off. I would not feel safe until we were heading down the highway.

Then she said, “I hear that you made love to Linda last night. I almost did not come on the truck with you.”


“I thought that I was the one you wanted. I think that I made it obvious how I felt, playing with you in front of your lady. Linda told me all about your big dick and what you did with it.”

“Sorry, I thought you were just drunk.”

“That was just my cover story for your Charlene.”

We were rolling away from Springfield at 70 MPH so there was no going back. If she was really mad at me, she would need to get over it or take public transportation back. We rode in silence for about 5 hours. When I pulled into a truck-stop to get something to eat, Regina was walking tight by my side. We really looked like a couple walking into the restaurant. It felt good. For just a moment, I wished it was Tammy walking beside me. Then I thought how lucky I was to have this beautiful petite, 21 year old woman by my side. Tammy hated me and Regina was by my side.

When I slid into a booth, trabzon escort Regina slid in beside me and put her hand on my inner thigh. My pants were tenting as my throbbing hard cock wanted her. I gulped my food because I wanted to get out in the sleeper. Then we walked back to the truck holding hands. So far so sweet, but when we got in the sleeper Regina said, let’s rest a while. Okay, I need a little sleep before driving more.

Regina did not want to wake up after 3 hours. When she still would not wake up after 4 hours I started driving. I pulled into a rest area five hours later and went back in the sleeper with her. I started playing with her cute little tits but she soon moved my hand away and said, “I am sorry Bruce. I really wanted you from our first meeting but I am having trouble getting over you and Linda.”

“Then why did you come with me on the truck?”

“When Linda told me that you wanted to take me on the truck, it was exciting and fulfilled my dream. Then she went on and on about you and her having sex. I know that you have to sleep with Charlene but not Linda. She is my friend and my brother’s girl.”

“What do we do now? I cannot take you home until I unload all my Florida shipments and load back out. I can put you on a bus.”

“Bruce, what do you want?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I thought we both wanted the same thing.”

“I did, but I am having a hard time picturing you two in this sleeper. When Linda said that you wanted to take me on the truck, this sleeper was going to be our secret love-nest. Then she went on to tell me what you two did here. She went on and on; how big your dick was, what you did with it and how she wanted to do it again with you when you got back.”

“Regina, this may sound corny but Linda is not my type and you are.”

“But she has those big sexy tits and I am lucky that they make bras small enough for me.”

“That is my point. I don’t like big tits. I don’t like big boned women either. My taste is petite, thin, and beautiful women. You are perfect. You are my fantasy girl.”

“Maybe you will bullshit me out of my panties but right now I need time to get the images out of my head. The fact that you did it in this sleeper makes it hard for me to do anything here. Please understand.”

At that, I cuddled her and went to sleep. When I woke up my hand had found her breast again and she was massaging my swollen member. It was so hard that I thought it might explode. My hand slipped down to cover her pussy but she quickly removed it.

Another five hours down the road and I pulled into a truck-stop that had rooms. We ate dinner and then I asked her if she wanted to get a room. She said, “It is up to you.” We showered together, washed together and dried each other and got on the trabzon escort bayan bed.

No sooner did she hit the bed when she jumped back up and went to her suitcase. “How much do you love me Bruce?’ she said as she stood, twirling a tampon.

“Well, that makes us even. I am really sorry that I got involved with Linda.” That much was true because it could affect the family dynamic. And I wondered how I could juggle Linda/Regina/Charlene and try to bed Tammy?

“Here comes the bullshit, right on time.”

“I really am sorry Regina.”

This was back in the days of 10 hours driving for 8 hours sleep. Some did 5 hours driving to 4 hours sleep. Some did 5 and 5 then 5 and 3. I liked 5 and 4, 5 and 4.

I lay cuddled face to face, kissing her. She was holding my rock hard club and I thought that it was time for my four hours sleep. The more she stroked my love stick, the more it was obvious that my sleep was not going to happen. Then she slid down and started kissing my cock. Soon the bulb found its way into her wonderful little mouth.

She was at a right angle to me so it was easy to grab a handful of tit. I loved her B cups. More and more of my shaft gained entry to the pleasure palace in her mouth. As she bobbed up and down, my cock gained entry to her depths. Her tongue kept circling the head every time she came up. Her free hand was rubbing all over my body.

I couldn’t hold back any more. I said “I’m cummmmmmmmming!!”

She said, “Go ahead and cum.”

The orgasm came from all over my body. River after river of spunk shot out and it seemed like it would never end. I did not want it to ever end. After what seemed like a long time, I calmed down and Regina went back to the bathroom to clean up.

My shipments started with Pensacola, Florida and continued down to a final destination of Homestead, Florida. Homestead is a military town that was later almost destroyed in hurricane Andrew.

When we were empty, dispatch gave me a shipment out of Key West that loaded in five days. So we were stuck in Margarita vile for five days. Regina was not certified to dive and I did not have the equipment with me to certify her, so we went snorkeling off the beach in Key Largo and later joined the boat to snorkel the Christ of the abyss statue. It is a 9 foot bronze statue in 25 feet of water. Easy for snorkelers to reach the out-stretched hands that are only about 15 feet deep. She loved it.

Key Marathon is about half way down the overseas highway and a primo dive destination. The reef that we dive goes to about 60-65 feet of water and often has 200 foot visibility.

Herman’s Hole and Herman’s behind:

This big reef and pair of dive sites is named for an elusive green moray eel named Herman. In reality, there escort trabzon are a few morays here, so it’s hard to say if you will identify Herman or not. My friends run a dive boat operation here and usually go to an area of the reef that is about 60 feet down. It is loaded with many kinds of marine life and corals. If you make the same dive at night it is a whole different world with different colors and different fish.

I am a PADI master instructor so most dive charters let me on free to have extra protection for their divers. My friends at Marathon were no exception and lent me dive gear. The dive was clear and beautiful. It was a great day except for the mother and son team that took the dive, using home-made gear. I rolled my eyes at the dive master but he only shrugged as if to say, “It’s not up to me.” Between the charter and the rental gear, I was getting about $100.00 freebie. Besides, they were my friends so I had to babysit these clowns for them.

I would have spent my entire time off right there on Key Marathon but it was no fun for Regina, waiting in the truck so we showered at my friend’s house and headed on to Key West for the nightlife. I found a place to park and we climbed in the sleeper. She had always wanted to see the green-flash at Mallory Square and my penis wanted to see the inside of her vagina.

She was massaging my manhood while I had one finger in her wet hole. After a while, two fingers would go in her tight little cunt. She straddled me and started rubbing my bulb up and down her pussy slot. Then she came down hard and her little hole swallowed my entire shaft. It was in but it was extremely tight. Then she started doing cowgirl and it felt wonderful. As she moved forward and back, she never let it up. She kept me all the way in. The head of my member was moving up and down on her cervix. Every stroke was ecstasy. I wish we could have been doing this the whole trip.

Malory Square was one crazy party just like every evening. Some guy in a red, white, and blue costume was selling $22.00 bills. There were jugglers, musicians and more. When I finally loaded my Key West shipment, it was going to San Diego. So were the rest of my shipments out of Ft. Walton Beach and Pensacola. Regina and I found time to fuck twice a day and were happy. But it was too good to last. When I told Charlene that I was loaded from Florida to San Diego so I would be going across the bottom of the country she was upset. Then she said, “May I fly down and join you?”

“Let me figure out where is a good place to meet.”

Regina was mad but she had said that she knew that I had to service Charlene. She seemed to be crying. I was upset too. I thought that I could keep Regina for the trip across the country and back.

We made love before her plane, but it was not the same. It was not red hot passion but sad and solemn. I did not cum and neither did she. We walked into the terminal at Baton Rouge like we were walking into a funeral. When her flight left, I called Charlene to tell her to come now. She could not come!

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