Not Our Wedding Night

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It was late night and all of us were tired. We had driven out of city to a nearby farmhouse where another friend of ours had decided to get married. One of the cars had broken down and no mechanic was willing to come this late in the night to some place far out of the main town. Without wasting much time, we decided that all eight of us should fit into one car and come back for the other one the next morning.

The car was full and there was no option for me but to sit on someone’s lap. He had ignored me all night, so it took me by surprise when he signaled me to come sit on his lap. I gently placed myself on him, trying to make sure he did not feel my weight. I closed the door behind me and sat uncomfortably on the edge of his thighs, avoiding sitting on his crotch. He saw and pulled me back, my head now resting on his chest. He started caressing my arm and I fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

I woke up suddenly after what I imagine to be forty minutes and saw the car was empty. “Where is everyone?” I asked as I got up from his lap to sit beside him.

“They’re out having tea” he replied as he pulled me back on his lap, this time feeling his bulge as I sat.

“You should have woken me up and gone with the rest,” güvenilir bahis I remarked.

“But I’m enjoying more with you right now” he whispered, as he looked into my eyes and tucked my hair behind my ear.

My blood rushed through my entire body as I felt his warm breath on my neck. Before I could come back to my senses, I felt his hand wrapping around my neck. He turned my head towards him and kissed my lips. My body turned itself to face him and kissed him back. I opened my legs and brushed my vagina against his bulge, dry humping him and moving back and forth. Still kissing violently, I wrapped my hand around his neck, gently tracing his lips every time we broke apart to catch air. We wanted to get as much of each other as we could before anyone came back. I sucked on his tongue and he bit my lip. He placed his hand on my back, slowly opening the zip and pulling my dress down. I opened his shirt buttons and took off his crisp white shirt. I let the tie stay; it gave him a very sexy look. I licked and kissed his chest, watching his body move as my tongue traced all over him. He started kissing my breasts before sucking and biting on them. I held tightly onto his hair and went up to his ear to let out a faint moan. He started güvenilir bahis siteleri biting my nipples and pinching them with his fingers.

I was very wet and craving for him to go down on me. My panties were soaked and were staining his grey pants. He felt the wetness and smiled at me. That extremely hot and damning smile turned me on even more. He gently pulled on my earlobe and kissed my neck before turning me over. My bare back was touching his chest. His body was warm and his dick standing erect between my legs. He slid his hand down and started teasing my clit. I grabbed onto the side door and seat, surrendering myself to him. My head rested on his shoulder while we kissed as he continued rubbing my warm wet pussy. He took some of my juices on his finger and brought it up to my mouth. I sucked on his finger for him, and he kissed me once again. His saliva and my cum mixing together.

He picked up speed and started rubbing my clit faster. I was holding onto him tighter when he slowly inserted his middle finger in. He immediately put his hand on top of my mouth so people around us do not hear me scream from the pleasure he was giving me. He proceeded to insert another finger in, and I jumped, my body shaking from iddaa siteleri ecstasy. I felt his fingers inside me, moving around and touching my vaginal walls. The both of us were breathing heavily and I was about to cum, and he felt it too.

A few seconds more and my cum was dripping onto his dick. I used my hand to lube his big and hard dick, entirely covering it up with my sweet cum. I teased his head before getting up. I turned towards him, kissing him for as long as I could. I slowly sat on his dick while he stared at me, looking at my face as I took him in. I moaned a little and he smiled. His hands were holding onto my waist as I moved, trying to hit my spot. I started moving up and down; my breasts bouncing on his face. My tight vagina was giving him immense pleasure. I felt him throbbing inside me, growing and about to explode.

The thought of him cumming inside me made me more wet. He was about to reach his climax, but I wanted us to last longer. Knowing that it could not happen as we were already battling against time, I sped up. Making faster and more intense movements, I finally felt his warm cum inside me. I got up and sat next to him, allowing him to clean up and put him pants back on. I wore my dress and sat on his lap while we kissed and smiled at each other until the others came. I pretended to sleep on him while his hand made his way under my dress and stroked my thigh for the rest of the ride back home. That night, the stars shined a bit brighter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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