Office Engineers

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Teeth slowly sank into the flesh of a lower lip, suppressing the sigh from becoming audible as he watched the gentle sway of Holly’s rear while she made her way down the aisle of cubicles. The black material of her skirt made it difficult, but he could just barely make out the soft outline of hidden flesh. Not that Steve needed much of a reminder, he’d taken every chance he could to gaze upon Holly since he’d come to the company two years ago.

A slight shake of his head and Steve’s attention returned to the glowing screen in front of him. An AutoCad drawing stared back at him and rotated as he took his time going over the piece. Not the most glamorous job in the world, but it paid the student loan bills and maybe next year he’d get his professional engineers license. Till then, well no real complaints except for the lack of nooky situation and that couldn’t be helped with his hours so he banished the thought. A few more clicks and the printer came to life, made the seemingly requisite number of shifts and adjustments before quickly spitting out a small stack of paperwork. A quick shuffle through to ensure each sheet printed clearly and he rose out his chair and made his way out of the cubicle.

Down the aisles of cubicles he walked, steps quickening in anticipation of seeing her again. It had taken a few months before Steve admitted to himself that he had a major crush on Holly, but each time he’d had the opportunity to ask her out Steve had felt his mouth go dry. Holly was just so different than the usual type of woman he’d dated; for starters she was older than he was, thirty-one which made her seven years his superior. She was the resident math whiz for the company, with a master’s degree from the University of Michigan. A bit of a geek, a sonic screwdriver sat in one of the desk drawers and would be brought out to playfully zap at the computer whenever it did something she didn’t agree with. Steve felt a little smile tug on his face as he saw the shock of red hair, tied up in a bun, just over the top of the monitor.

“Hey Holly, here’s the latest drawings and figures on the cup holder design.” He laid the paperwork down on an empty spot of her desk and stole the opportunity to glance down her blouse. Perhaps not the brightest idea but he couldn’t resist. She didn’t show much skin, but he enjoyed what he saw.


Holly held her pose for a moment or two longer than she normally would have, taking the time to suppress the tiny curl of lips in a smile. She knew he was looking, Steve always did and he probably never realized that when he did he would swell just enough that she could see the tip of his cock press against his slacks. Never enough to give an outline, just enough for her to know where it was laying and she’d known seen it often enough to be able to know at a glance when he was wearing boxers and when he was wearing briefs. Today, it was boxers and she briefly mused about how he would react if he knew that right now she didn’t have anything on under her skirt.

“Thanks Steve, I’ll get these back to you shortly.” Azure eyes glanced over the black wire rim of her glasses to look at his face. She watched him turn around and walk back towards his desk, gait just so changed to hide his arousal. As he went out of sight she shifted her hips a bit, grateful for the desk having a panel in front as it hid her movements. She could feel a little bit of her juices slip down and around her puckered rear. This was enough, she was tired of waiting for him to make the first move, and tonight would be the night.

As everyone in the office packed up for the night Holly was in the woman’s bathroom making sure her makeup was fresh. She took a deep breath and gave herself one more look-over in the mirror, not perfect but the face that stared back at her was as good as she figured it would get. Auburn hair had been released from the bun and a few run seconds with a comb had brought back most of its natural bounce. Hands briefly cupped her breasts through her clothing, a touch of a sag that couldn’t be helped from age but still a full C cup. Hands slid down her waist, denting in pleasingly, and came to rest upon full hips. She sighed for a moment, since puberty she’d had wide hips, nothing to be done about it though she did like her arse and obviously Steve istanbul escort did as well. At the thought of the earlier moment she gave a little squirm and glanced at her watch. Five minutes after the hour, she drew in a breath; it was now or never and ran out the door towards his desk.


“Hey Steve, do you have a minute?”

He glanced up from putting a folder into his laptop bag to see Holly looking down at him. “Ummm sure, what’s up?” Yeah, not the smoothest but hey he was caught off guard and well he was trying to figure out if her perfume had somehow gotten stronger or if it was his imagination.

“Well, I need to talk to you about those drawings you handed me earlier. I know it’s late, but I think it’s important. To make it up, why don’t we discuss it over dinner at Houlihans? My treat.”

Steve stared at her for a moment, was she asking him out? Well any chance to get to spend more time with her and hey it was better than his intentions of watching SportsCenter and eating leftovers. “Sure, just let me finish packing up here and I’ll be ready to go. Want me to follow or meet there?”

“Great. Follow me when you’re done. I’m really sorry to keep you working late.” She grinned a little to herself, hopefully though he wouldn’t be thinking about work much later in the evening.


The host seated them at the table and gave them the menus. She watched as he undid the cloth napkin and placed it in his lap, both pleased at his manners and yet disappointed as it would be just that much harder to enjoy a sneak peek. She ordered a Riesling when the waiter appeared and then got down to business. She had made a few notes and plenty of things to discuss in regards to the work, planning to buy herself time to get a glass or two of wine down and loosen herself up.

As dinner arrived they wrapped up discussion about the project and let the conversation flow towards more personal topics. Chat went on about work goals, personal goals, and touched on past relationships. Holly made sure to keep her alcohol consumption in check, careful to not appear this was any more than a work related dinner. When she finished her dinner, she took a breath and held it in with eyes closed. Her eyes slowly opened and met his, “Steve, would you like to get coffee at my place after this?”


Poor Steve had been in the midst of a bite when she asked him, resulting in a cough. Had he heard her right, was she indeed asking him back to her place? He trembled a little inside and struggled to smooth his voice, managing to simply tell her, “Sure.” His mind, however, had reverted to all sorts of different thoughts which resulted in his pants suddenly feeling much tighter than they had before. How he was going to get through the rest of the evening without her noticing was going to be a challenge indeed. It didn’t help matters that every time he tried to think of a way, the image of her scrumptious rear entered his head.

So concentrated was he on trying to appear calm that Steve never noticed Holly’s lustful glance towards his tented pants and the ensuing light bite of her lower lip. Heck, it was problematic for him to make the drive but yet next thing he knew she was pulling into the driveway of a modest house. It seemed a little large for a single person, more family sized but maybe she was just planning for the future he thought. Into her home he followed and sat upon the couch as directed. Hands fell to his lap as he surveyed the living room while listening to her fiddle around the kitchen presumably making coffee. He slowly managed to will his cock to deflate, at least enough so that it wasn’t obvious. When she returned with coffee, he graciously took the offered mug, the first sip revealing it was spiked with Baileys. He looked over at her, realizing that another button of her blouse was now undone and he could just see the dark green of her bra.

The warmth of the Baileys helped to relax the tension in his shoulders, but nothing would have prepared him for what next came forth from her lips, “So would you like to see the ass you seem to love staring at without a skirt covering it?” His jaw just dropped and well, his pants became very tight again, mouth becoming dry and words avcılar escort failing him. Instead, she just smiled at him, “I’ll take that as a yes…” and undid her skirt, letting it fall to the floor then carefully stepping out of it before sauntering over to him and kneeling before him.


She wasn’t exactly sure what had come over her, this was much bolder than she had originally envisioned it and yet it felt right. She looked up at him, eyes watching his while a hand slid up his khaki pant covered leg and gently caressed the throbbing shaft beneath it. A soft groan escaped her lips as she finally felt it, even if it was still clothed. Emboldened, her other hand went to his zipper and slid it down, then undid belt and button. Her breaths came at a quickened pace as she could clearly see the outline in his underwear, the head and shaft clear to her now. Fingers curled in the band and slowly she pulled the last article of clothing down, nostrils filling with his scent as eyes drank in each inch of his shaft. So engrossed with watching she was, the tip hit her chin as it was released from its restraint. When she realized what had hit her a low moan was released and her hand slid over to wrap fingers around the shaft.

He wasn’t huge by any means but fit her hand comfortably and slowly she began to stroke the shaft, pulling foreskin down to reveal the head. “Oh Steve…it’s gorgeous.” And to her it was perfect, with a thickness enough that she knew it would stretch her, a slight bend in the middle, and a head that begged for her attention. No longer could she wait, her head bent over and lips wrapped around the shaft just above her fingers content just to hold him in her mouth. The taste was slightly salty and yet pleasing, softly she suckled with her tongue bathing the head lovingly. Free hand traveled up his legs to find and cup his balls, gently rolling them around in her fingers. One by one she undid the fingers around his shaft, replacing them with her lips as her mouth slid down until finally her nose was pressed against his body and her mouth was filled with throbbing cock. Gently she held him there, until she felt fingers find her hair and the back of her head. Slowly at first she began to bob her head along the shaft, taking her time and milking the feeling of him gliding in and out of her mouth. Her tongue pressed against the bottom of the shaft with each movement upwards and flicked the tip each time only the head was in her mouth. She paid attention to each of the little moans and groans that he uttered and as the urgency began to rise she stopped going down and held only the head of his cock while fingers again wrapped around the shaft and began to stroke him, faster than her mouth could. She turned eyes up and watched his facial expressions, smiling as she watched the ecstasy she had wrought. Her lips released his cock only long enough to utter “Cum in my mouth,” then replaced them around the shaft. Moments later she felt him swell oh so slightly and then her mouth filled with his cum, trying her best to swallow it all but failing with some leaking out the corners of her mouth. Slowly she took her time to lick over the lost cum, cleaning his cock thoroughly and pleasantly noting it wasn’t going soft.


Steve felt like he was in a dream as he watched and felt Holly blow him, the woman he had lusted after for so long on her knees before him, it almost would not have felt real and yet it was. He relaxed into the sofa, sliding an arm around her waist as she came up to sit next to him, making sure his hand got to cup one of her ass cheeks, giving it a pleasant grope. He just smiled at her for a minute or two, relaxing in the post orgasmic bliss. As he regained the ability to move his free arm came up to brush a strand of hair from her face and he leaned in for that first kiss, tongue slipping between her lips to meet hers and uncaring that he could taste his own cum. Slowly he broke the kiss and just looked at her, smiling.

“That was better than I could have ever imagined.”

She blushed furiously at the comment, “Well, I do have a little experience. I hope you don’t mind I was so brazen.” Even though she really doubted he minded, it just seemed the polite thing to say.

“Ummm, I’ll only mind if şirinevler escort you say this is a one-time only thing.” Fingers began to wander up the inside of her thigh, index finger caressing the puckered skin of her rear hole.

“I’m getting too old for one-time only deals…” She squealed at the presence of the finger at her rear entrance, then ground a bit against it. “Love my ass that much dear?”

“And then some!” He grinned as it was his turn to slip to a kneeling position, lips coming to kiss from the top of the red landing strip of hair, down towards a drenched pussy and while very tempted to remain there, on to their real target. He watched her for any disapproval as lips met her arse, then slowly he traced his tongue over the flesh. Her only response was to moan in anticipation and thrust hips at him. Grinning a little to himself he stuck his thumb in his mouth, soaking it wet with saliva, then gently pressed against her puckered hole till it began to slowly slip into her, pushing until he was in up to his first knuckle.

Steve watched her face, resting the side of his head on one of her thighs as he slowly finger-fucked her rear. He took his time, savoring finally getting to do what he had dreamed of doing for the last couple of years. Her fingers entangled in his hair, she gently pulled his face towards her hoarsely whispering “Eat me…please.” Tongue darted out to caress over puffy outer lips, taking its time to trace over the outside before caressing the tender slit. He slid his tongue up to flick over her clit, grinning as she moaned. The hand with its thumb in her rear twisted just slightly so he could push two fingers into her moist slit and rub the tips of fingers against his thumb with her gently pinched between then.

Her clit he worked with tongue and soft suction, and fingers steadily increasing their rhythm within tight holes, working them faster as her panting grew till her body shook and shuddered with orgasm, coating his fingers with her slick cum. Then gently he backed off, slowly slipping fingers out of her and giving her pussy one last kiss before rising and heading to the bathroom to rinse off his hands.


Holly laid back into the couch, taking deep breaths as her heart slowed back to its normal pace. She smiled as the water in the sink began to run and licked her lips. It was a very good start to the night indeed. She rose from the couch and made her way to join him in the bathroom, sliding up behind him and reaching around to take a firm grasp of his still hard cock. “Mmmmm, I could get used to this. Already ready for another round lover? Which hole would you like to invade next?” She leaned up on tip toes to flick her tongue against his ear and whisper “Would you like to fuck my tight ass? Fill it with cum and claim me as yours?”

She giggled at his wide eyed nod and led him by the cock towards her bedroom; putting a hand on his chest she gently pushed him onto his back on the bed. Holly opened the drawer to a nightstand and pulled out a bottle of lube. Straddling his chest, she leaned over and began to coat his cock in the slippery liquid, hand slowly stroking and admiring it. She then rose to her knees and moved forwards till she was right above the shaft and guided him to her tight hold before settling down, gasping as she felt the head slip into her. A moan of delight escaped both their lips as she lowered her ass, taking him in until her cheeks rested against him. For a minute or two she sat there, savoring the feeling of being full of his throbbing meat, then gently she began to rock, first just an inch at the time and slowly increasing the length of the stroke until she was just barely keeping the tip in and thrusting down hard. Wildly she bounced on him, fucking herself hard with each stroke. Through two complete orgasms she rode him this way, then lifted herself up, turned around and settled back down, taking him deep again and immediately fucking his cock as hard as she could. Her body dripped with sweat as she slammed herself full of him over and over again watching the pleasure wrought on his face till at last he grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her close to him, hips thrusting upwards as he began to pump her rear full of cum. As their orgasms subsided she collapsed on his chest, both breathing hard against the other. Her hand came up to run fingers through his hair while watching him drift off in post orgasm slumber. She allowed herself just enough time to slip off his member, then curled up against his body, head resting on his shoulder before slipping into blissful slumber, content in how right it felt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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