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The morning sun began rising over the distant mountains as I looked out the window. All I could think about was getting back in your arms. We had been apart for way to long and too many miles between us. The stereo up loud and the windows down with the wind blowing in reminded me of some of our other trips. Meeting at the bed and breakfast in the mountains, the beach house, and the cabin. All good memories. My mind drifts off remembering the scent of your hair and the softness of your skin. The warm smile radiating from your lovely face. Your soft full lips.

Mmmm… A lazy, early morning as I stretch. The sun is starting to shine through the window greeting me with its warmth and glow. I roll over and look at the pillow on your side of the bed. It has been alone for way to long. I smile as I remember your form laying beside me and watching you sleep. Your shoulders gently rising with your chest with each breath and knowing the heart that beats beneath it. The scents of our passion lingering in the air, the feel of your strong hands holding me to you as your lips touch mine.

I need to get some rest. I still have a long way to go and want to get there on time. The hotel isn’t far and I know I only have a few hours after this stop to make it to your arms.

The scent of the morning coffee fills the kitchen and greets me as I walk in and reach for a cup. I reach over and pet the cat as he jumps up onto the kitchen counter to say good morning to me. I fill my cup and walk to the table and sit down and flip on the TV. A good comedy to start the day off with a good laugh.

Wow! I needed the rest. Time for a shower and a shave. The warm water feels good as it washes over my body. The soap lathering up in my hands. My hands glide over my body as I wash, with my mind drifting off to thoughts of you in the shower with me. Mmmm… I feel the thickness building in my cock as it begins to swell. Slowly I stroke my cock and remember the touch of your hands on me. It feels so good as my hand slowly glides up and down my length raising my awareness of my fantasy. Faster, my hand strokes my cock as the water cascades over me. Closer. My orgasm building. I realize how close I am and stop and smile. No. Not now. Later. She is worth every moment of your life.

The water steams up the bathroom as I step in to the shower. It feels good as it beats down on my flesh. The soap in my hands lathers up well with the scent of lilacs. Slowly my hands glide over my body washing every inch. Mmmm… My hands glide effortlessly over my breast. My nipples harden as my fingers gently touch them. I sigh as I feel the emotions stirring deep inside, waking from a deep slumber. I remember your strong hands caressing me from behind and feeling your hardness in my back. Slowly, my hands glide down further to seek out my wetness. My lips are swollen and my clit stands out begging for attention. My fingers gently parting my thick lips as my other hand rubs and squeezes my nipples. Gently my fingers slide in and out of my depths and over my clit. The electric shocks it sends coursing through my body make my nipples harder and my legs shake as I begin to quiver deep inside. I lean back against the wall and raise a leg so I can feel my depths. Faster, my fingers slide in and out and over my clit. My orgasm builds, coursing through my body. My breathing deepens with each stroke. My eyes open and I stop myself. Not yet girl. It will come later. He will be in your arms again soon.

Another hour on the road. She should be leaving by now. I watch the speedometer and the miles click off so slowly it seems even though I’m driving 75. The sun is up high in the eastern sky now and the sky is a brilliant blue. The trees flash by a brilliant green as each mile ticks off. Closer, I can almost feel her arms around me and our lingering kiss.

Well, I think I have everything I need. Just about an hour away. Wonder if he will call my cell in a while? The city falls away with each passing mile. The freedom of the open road always makes me feel free and happy. I’m so alive. Soon. Soon. I will be in heaven and with out a care in the world but for us.

The dock is crowded today. I walk to the end of the pier and wait. She will be pulling up soon. The cool breeze coming in off the ocean feels good. A deep breath captures a variety of scents. Could it be?

There he is. Standing at the end of the pier. I stop for a moment to look at him. Has it been that long? He looks so good in his jeans and shirt. Oh how did I ever get so lucky? I walk up behind him and wrap my arms around his strong shoulders. He feels good in my arms.

Yes. It is. I turn and see your smiling face. I smile and say hello and lean down to kiss your soft full lips. Our lips gently part as our tongues probe each others mouth tentatively at first but unable to hide our passion for one another. My hands travel down your sides and I notice that you aren’t wearing a bra. Down to your firm ass my fingers travel, leaving behind goose bumps on your warm flesh. I feel my cock bakırköy escort stir as I feel you pressing your hips to me.

I have waited so long to feel him again. The touch of his hands excites me like nothing else can. I feel my nipples harden against his chest as he pulls me closer. The stirring deep in the pit of my stomach reaches my lips as I feel them swell and moisten. My knees go weak any time I am near him. I have never been so captivated by anyone in my life.

I step back and look deep in your eyes as I reach for your hands. They feel good to me. I missed your soft touch. Your smile is warm and glowing in the warm sunlight. How did I ever get so lucky to have her in my life? We turn and walk hand in hand to the waiting ship. We have waited a long time for this cruise together. It will be nice to spend the time together.

As I turn to walk to the ship, I see the future looking me in the face. What a sight it is too. I will have the next two weeks with the man I fell so deeply in love with. I can’t help but wonder what exciting things we will do on this trip. We have waited so long for this. The smells of the ocean are intoxicating. I love the way the water makes me feel.

After we checked the rest of our bags, we walked up the gangway hand in hand. We are warmly received by the ships crew. It is a nice cruise ship. The ships captain greets us and smiles warmly as he shakes our hands. A firm hand shake tells me his character is strong. We walk to the ships rail and watch as we are released from our binds to land. We are together again and on the voyage of our lives. Her smile is so warm.

After leaving the ships rail, we walk around exploring. The sights and sounds mix with the ocean air and add to the excitement I feel. We walk past a hallway and I pull him to me and wrap my arms around his waist as our lips meet. I feel the excitement growing in my loins as my heart races. I can never get enough of kissing him.

Her lips are soft and full. I feel her pressing into me and her radiating warmth. I want her. It has been to long. Patience, just be patient. You will have her soon. We have things to do yet.

Our kiss is interrupted by passengers trying to get by us. Oh, well. There will be more time for that. I WILL have him! We turn to go to our room. Is this the time? Mmmm. I wasn’t planning on this this soon, but I will take it.

I place the key in the lock and give the door a turn. Good. All is in place. I step back so she can enter the room. The sound of her gasp tells me that she has seen everything.

I am shocked. I think we have the wrong room. As I turn to step back and tell you this, I see the smile on your face. I am puzzled. You lean down and softly kiss me and step back. I look down at my hand. I remember the night you placed this ring on my hand. That was so long ago. The tears well in my eyes as the reality sets in.

I step back as the ladies from the ships beauty salon step out. They tell you to come on in and shoe me away. You only have three hours. I smile and tell you I will see you in three hours. For now, I’m off to the bar for a drink.

I have never been so taken back as I am now. How could he do this with out me knowing? My head is reeling. Everything is happening so fast. The make up, the hair. Then, one of the ladies walks in with it. I see my dress. Oh my God! I looked at this dress almost two years ago. I never thought I would wear it. The tears well in my eyes again. Thank God I haven’t done my mascara yet!

It is almost time. All is in place. I stand waiting. The ships captain standing before me in his dress white uniform, my best friend standing next to me. A purser comes in and nods. The music begins. The door opens and I see a Goddess standing in the door way. I smile as he best friend steps into the door way beside her. They give each other a big hug and wipe away the tears. Her best friend hands her a bouquet of roses and walks up the isle. Then another friend appears and offers her his arm. Sam has been there for her and I for a long time. She takes it and walks her down the isle to me. I can’t help but be in awe of her pure beauty. I look around. The sun is setting in the distance and cast a warm glow across her face.

I have dreamed of this day all my life. I never dreamed it would happen like this. I look at him and am amazed. How could I have gotten so lucky as to find a man like him to love me? My mind is reeling as the captain speaks. I can barely hear the words he speaks to us. In a moment, I will be his wife for the rest of my life. “I do.”, I find myself saying as he asked me if I will take him as my husband. Is this a dream?

I turn to her and look her deep in the eyes. As I raise her veil, I see the tears. I hope I can do everything I can to always make her happy. I lean down and kiss her for the first time as my wife. WOW! I did it. I actually found someone who could capture my heart and that I truly wanted to be married to.

His lips are soft as they touch mine. beşiktaş escort I am married. I will always remember being kissed for the first time as his wife. So tender and reassuring. My whole life has changed. I never dreamed this twelve hours ago when I woke up in my own bed this morning.

We turn and walk down the isle together for the first time as husband and wife. We stop to say hello to everyone who made it in. That was a feat in itself. To get friends and family together without her knowing was hard to do but we all made it. We walk to the reception hand in hand. A new life begins…

I have never been so surprised in all my life. Some of the people I have not seen in so long have come in to wish us well in our new beginnings. The hall is spacious and the music sounds wonderful. I can feel my skin warm as I blush as everyone stands and claps as we enter. I am trembling. I look to him and he squeezes my wand with a knowing reassuring pressure that tells me all will be fine.

The music plays and I look at you and smile while holding your hands. The music begs for our attention as I lead you onto the floor for our first dance as husband and wife. I pull you close and look deep into your eyes as the tears well up in them. I softly brush them away as you lean your head on my shoulder and pull me closer. I feel your warmth and the scent of your perfume is intoxicating.

I can’t believe that I could ever be so in love as I am with you. You have made my dreams come true in a way I would have never dreamed of. Oh these damn tears! God just hold me close and don’t ever let me go.

Our song ends and we walk to the table with our cake. Everyone has gathered around and waited for us to cut it. You take the knife in your hand as I wrap mine over yours and I feel your hand tremble. I lean down and kiss you as the blade pierces the soft cake below. A warm smile spreads across your face as everyone claps and cheers for us. I reach down and take the first two pieces and hand you the first cut slice. I wonder how rotten you are going to be as I see the wicked little smile erupt on your face. I lean down as you offer the slice to my waiting mouth and you gently feed it to me until I get my mouth closed and then you shove the cake into my face. I should have known this was coming. You smear it on my face and I open my mouth and capture a finder and softly suck on it and slide my tongue around it. I see the look on your face as it suddenly changes from one of playfulness to one of pure passion. I sense a slight buckle in your knees. Yes, I do know.

So many thoughts race through my mind as we walk off the floor to the table that holds our cake. Oh, I know what I’m going to do to him with this cake. He is going to wear it good. I pick up the knife and feel his hand wrap over mine as he leans down and kisses me. The knife slices into the cake as his lips touch mine. Our kiss is broken by the sound of everyone clapping and cheering for us. He hands me a slice of cake. I look at his face and try to decide how I want to do this to him. This will teach him to surprise me this way. I watch patiently as he bites down and then smear it all over his face! Oh My God! He managed to suck one of my fingers into his mouth! I can feel the wetness building deep within me as my knees buckle. I want him so bad.

We manage to finally escape the reception and head back to our room. I take you in my arms and kiss you deeply as I pick you up. You giggle and slide the key card through the lock on the door. I push it open as we walk into the room. I carry you to the bed and gently lay you down on the large bed. The smell of roses is strong as I rise up. I look and find a bottle of champagne chilling and two glasses waiting for us.

Free at last! I have waited so long for us to be alone. My heart skips a beat as he picks me up in his arms and kisses me. I can hardly believe we are married. I feel his weight on me as he lays me down on the bed. My heart races in anticipation. I watch as you glide across the floor to the waiting champagne. I watch as you remove your jacket and tie and your cuff links. Your hands are so strong and I can’t wait to feel them on my body. I tremble inside thinking about them as I watch one hand gently caress a flute and the other firmly grabs the bottle. Your hands are strong and yet so gentle. I can feel my breathing increase as I watch you.

I watch you from the corner of my eye. I see your skin flush and your chest rise and fall as your breathing increases in anticipation. I hand you a flute and watch your soft full lips caress the edge. I set mine down and reach for you and turn you around. I softly kiss your neck as my fingers reach for the zipper that encases the woman of my dreams. Slowly, I pull the zipper down and kiss your warm flesh as it is exposed to my lips.

The touch of your lips on my flesh sets me on fire. I have missed your lips and soft touch. I wish you would pull the zipper down faster and take me. It has been so long since I have beylikdüzü escort had you. I feel my dress falling as your hands reach around and cup my breast. My nipples are so hard and I catch my breath as a low moan escapers me.

I feel you catch your breath as my hands find your breast. Your nipples are so hard under my touch. I want you so badly but I must remain focused. I kiss your neck as you step from your dress. You turn to face me and your smile is radiant. The sparkle in your eyes shows your passion and happiness all in one look. Your garter and stockings encase you and taunt me.

I reach out and take your hands in mine and place them on my sides as I step close to you and begin to unbutton your shirt. Slowly and antagonizing to us both, each button is released. I feel your heart beat under my hands as I rub them over your chest. I kiss your neck as your shirt is pulled free. I feel your hands trace lines on my sides and back as I kiss my way down your chest causing goose bumps on my flesh and deepening my desire for you.

I feel your lips tracing down my chest from my neck as my finger raise goose bumps on your flesh. Your kisses ignite a fire deep with in me. A low moan escapes as your tongue flicks across my nipple. My head leans back as my nails softly rake over your back. I feel your hands trace down my sides to my buckle on my pants. You release the buckle and then trace your fingers over my rigid shaft gently teasing me.

Your nails on my back causes me to begin to flood. I feel my wetness soaking the lace panties I wear. The feel of your hard cock beneath my fingers sets my heart racing and my head reeling. I slowly drop to my knees and unzip your pants and pull them and your briefs down. You step from them and stand before me. I look at your throbbing cock as it bounces before me with each beat of your heart. My mouth begins to water in anticipation of what awaits me.

I feel your fingers softly caress my balls and the sides of my cock. My head falls back as my mind races back to distant memories that come flooding back to the front of my mind. Mmmm…. God yes. The feel of your warm hand caressing my cock as your other gently caresses my balls is intoxicating.

Slowly, I stroke your length as the tip of my tongue caresses the tip of the head of your blood engorged cock. My hand coaxes out the drops of precum that have been waiting for me. I have waited so long to taste you. I feel my pussy flood more with the taste of your precum on my tongue. I can’t take much more so I place my hand over the wet spot on my panties and begin to rub my swollen lips and clit through the lace. My mouth opens wide as I take you deep into my throat. Mmmm… I have needed this.

Oh God! I feel my cock slide down the back of your throat as you hand slowly pumps my hard cock behind your full lips. My head spins with the sensations coursing through my body. I feel your tongue caressing me and driving me wild. My hands find your satin soft hair. I feel the vibrations as you moan trying to coax my seed from it’s hiding place deep within me. I feel the distantly familiar burn return to the pit of my stomach as my breathing quickens and my heart races to catch my mind.

My hunger builds as I stroke you faster with my hand and mouth. I will not be denied the fruits of my labor. My own moans increase as I pull my panties to the side and slide a finger between my swollen parted lips. They find my hard clit and rub as my mouth hungrily swallows you. My juices coat my hand as I slide my finger in and out of my depths. I feel your hips begin to buck as my body races to the edge of the abyss.

I feel the burn deep in the pit of my stomach grow in intensity as the explosions begin in my mind. Your hand pumps my cock behind your full lips as you moan from your own impending orgasm. Our hearts pound out their beats in our ears as we reach the breaking point.

I feel your hands grip my hair tighter as my finger plunges deep into my molten pussy with the sounds of your yell as you erupt deep in my mouth. My own orgasm rocks my body as I shake uncontrollably. I catch your hot cum deep in my mouth as my reward. I have waited so long to taste you. For the first time, I taste you as my husband. The tears flow from my eyes from the intensity of the moment. I feel your legs shake against my body.

The explosions blind me as I erupt deep in your mouth. The sounds of our ecstasy fill the room. My legs shake as I try to steady myself. I feel your body tremble in the wake of your own orgasm. I reach down and pull you up to me and kiss you deeply tasting me on your tongue. I turn you and lay you back down on the bed and pull your panties off. They are soaked from your growing lust. I crawl up next to you and kiss you deeply. My hand tracing lines over your body. I feel your body tremble under my touch. I gently lick and kiss your neck as my hand slides down your thigh. You moan your approval as your legs spread wide for me.

Your kisses electrify me as I feel your hands on my body. They send shivers through me as they find my hard nipples. I arch my back thrusting them to your hands as my hands guide you down to them. I want you now. The feel of your tongue on my nipple is shocking as your finger has also found my wet pussy and hard clit. I arch my back to get more of your hand to touch my wetness.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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