Popping The Wife’s Anal Cherry

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“I’m going to go upstairs and play with myself.”

They were the last words I heard as I played Gran Turismo 5 on the PS3. I downed another beer and turned to see the wife go upstairs. My cock twitched into life and the game became secondary to nailing my good lady, hard.

I was a bit drunk- so was she and so it took a while to get to her. I closed everything up downstairs and headed for the shower. I leaned into the bedroom door and heard nothing– I hoped she wasn’t asleep.

I gave my cock a good workout in the shower- a pre exercise warm up. Its about 7 inches and thick- she loves to be fucked by it. I soaped it and wanked it, aiming the shower head on my balls, so love that feeling. My shower head feels like delicate fingers all over my ball sac and I just stopping short of cumming.

Fully cleaned and cock throbbing, I gently pushed the bedroom door open and was met by the sound of squelching fingers working a hot, sticky cunt. Her aroma filled the room, so sweet and horny. She liked to masturbate on her tummy, grinding herself onto her clit. I moved back the covers in the dark room and could just make out her writhing, the wet sloppy sounds her fingers made having just got louder. I noticed a phone in her other hand , the light erotik film izle dimming from the screen from recent use. I picked it up out of her hand. I scrolled to the start of a conversation with Gurjit- an Asian work colleague of my wife who I found very hot. It would seem she did too. My wife had started the text messaging.

“I’m in bed alone now, won’t have long.”

“Where is he?”

“Downstairs on the ps3. What are you doing?”

“Thinking of you. I’m wet”.

“What are you thinking?”

“I want your tongue to lick my clit like before. “

“I want you so bad. I’m rubbing my clitty.”

“Taste yourself and think of me”.

“Mmm, you taste so good baby.”

“When can we fuck again?”

“Dunno, need to fuck you now”.

“I’ve got 4 fingers in my cunt – that’s how wet you have made me.”

“Dirty bitch ;-)”

That was the last text my wife sent. My cock must have grown an inch reading that, it was now fully engorged to its capacity.

I stood over her and stroked myself, imagining Gurjit’s tongue lapping at my wife’s wet slit. She was oblivious, the white wine having its effect and clearly the texting had turned her on so much she had lost herself in her masturbating. The phone went off again, film izle another message.

“You make me feel this dirty. Ever since that night I’ve wanted you to eat me out.”

I replied.

“I want to eat your cunt while my husband fucks me. Are you up for it?”

35 miles away Gurjit squealed in surprise. She liked the idea, watching Jim fuck his wife while that rough, cat like tongue of hers lapped away at Gurjit’s shaven pussy. She fingered her ass, arcing her back so she could get access. Lubricating herself from her cunt, she fingered her tight hole and came with a shudder. This threesome was going to be good. Slowly recovering, she typed her reply with hot, sticky fingers.

“Yes you horny cow. can I fuck him?”

Kissing her tight ass, I licked my way to her cunt- big long strokes with my tongue. Parting her ass cheeks, I gently probed her ass hole too. She let me for a minute then opened her legs wider and pulled her hand free- a clear indication to fuck her right now.

I pushed my cock straight into her and fucked her slow and hard- making each stroke count- the full length of my cock. She moaned and grunted satisfaction- encouraging me to continue.

I kept playing with her asshole, spitting on it and lubricating seks filmi izle it up. She felt so incredibly wet, she was so turned on. So given the nature of our mutual drunken states- I ventured my cock into her ass.

I slowly turned my head and saw the phone blinking another reply. Just before I entered the forbidden hole I read the message. Carefully, I typed “yes”, before pushing my cock into her tight asshole.

I gently entered her, she gasped but let me in. Her hand went back to her cunt where she began to rub her clit again. The more cock that entered her ass, the more fingers entered her cunt. Slowly, I inched my way into her tight ass- it felt so fucking good, like she was a young virgin again. I pumped away savouring the tightness. She fucked her pussy with her hand, clearly enjoying how my cock felt. Her whole hand was inside herself now, she was like a woman possessed. I wondered then if she had ever wanted 2 cocks at once- her actions indicated that is something she fantasised about.

My pace quickened as I neared orgasm, she too seemed to be rocking faster to my beat. I grunted powerfully before cumming inside her ass, hot sticky cum shot into her. I popped my wife’s cherry and she fucking loved it.

Morning came and she acted like the night before hadn’t happened. When I asked her she didn’t remember being fucked in the ass. I hadn’t thought she was that drunk, but I figured she was embarrassed that she had enjoyed it so much. Unexpectedly so.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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