Quickie In The Afternoon

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The karaoke music resonated from the patio across the lawn on that hot Fourth of July Weekend. It was late in the afternoon and the party had been on for several hours.

“Your wife is very pretty,” said the girl in the light blue bikini from which her rather large breasts were pushing up and out to the sides a little. Her dark eyes peered into his in a way that aroused his interest, even more than she had already done when she walked slowly toward him from the pool, a plain white towel wrapped casually around her hips.

“Thanks,” he said. “You two have been talking in the pool for over an hour.”

“Yes,” she replied. “And now, I know all about you. And I am jealous.”

“What? No way,” he laughed. “How could a pretty young thing like you be jealous of my wife?”

“I could tell by the way she talked about you that you are a very sweet and thoughtful man. That means a lot to a woman,” she responded.

“Well, it’s been my experience that women go for the tall, handsome, or rich type. And I am none of those.”

“I have a thing for older men.” She said in a seductive voice as she moved closer.

“Really?” he replied, wondering why.

“Besides, men who are all caught up in themselves, always bragging or expecting to be waited on hand and foot; they are not attractive to me at all, no matter how rich or good looking,” she whispered.

He looked away, uneasy, “I met your husband. Seems like a decent guy. He is a great singer, too.”

“He is nice,” she continued. “We get along well and he’s a good provider. But sometimes, I just want a little more, in the romance department; if you know what I mean. Can I have a sip of your beer?”

“Sure”, he said as she stepped up close to him and held the beer that was still in his hand. Her hand was soft and warm against his as the bare cleavage of her tanned breasts brushed ever so slightly against the back of his hand.

Slowly she tilted the bottle to her full sensuous lips, all the while with her eyes fixed on his in a narrowing suggestive way. She drew just a small swig from the frosty bottle then licked a drop of beer from her lip as she pushed the bottle back ankara escort to him. Instinctively, he put the bottle to his lips without taking his eyes off her and savored the taste of her lip gloss from the rim of the cold bottle.

Nervously, he glanced over his shoulder, relieved to see his wife busily talking to two other ladies at a table over by the pool.

“Why don’t you come inside for a minute? I want to show you my mother-in-law’s collection of ceramic cats,” She said in a soft whisper.

He followed her behind a nearby hedge and around to the side of the house where there was a door to a small studio attached to the sprawling ranch style home. Inside, the room was cool and kind of dark to his eyes after being out in the bright sun. The room smelled of paints and crafts.

“She collects these things from all over the world, but my favorites are the ones she molds and fires herself,” she said as she turned and stood boldly in front of him, taking the beer from his hand and setting it on a nearby table. Looking up she leaned so close he could feel her breath as he gazed down into her beautiful dark eyes, her lips slightly parted and so inviting.

Gently, he reached his hands to touch her face, holding it tenderly there before pulling her to him and meeting her opening lips with his. The passion surged in them and he felt the kind of excitement he hadn’t felt in years, the breathless thrill of arousal, and the sensual touch of smooth velvety skin.

Gasping she pulled back from him and asked softly, “Can we fuck?”

Head buzzing, he collected enough breath to reply, “Hell yes, my god, I want you so bad.”

She took his hand as she turned toward a red velvet sofa at the far end of the studio. “Please don’t think I’m a slut. I just need this right now. Let’s get undressed. I’ll lock the door. I just need to be fucked so bad.”

As he undressed, he watched her unclasp her top, releasing her beautiful bronze breasts. They were full and tanned except for a narrow stripe sweeping up across the nipples.The white towel fell to the floor before she bent to pull down the small bikini bottoms. Stepping out of elvankent escort them, she looked expectantly at him as he pulled off the white jockey underwear. His cock flipped up hard and bobbed from side to side. It was thick and brown with a large round head, a slight droplet glistening on the tip.

He came to her, pulling her up in his arms as they kissed, their bodies pressing tightly together in a rush of lust and desire. His hands slide down her back gliding over her drastically curving ass. A powerful sensation swept over him as he felt the tactile beauty and shapes of her ass while his face slid down over her breasts. Both his hands came quickly up and held her thick, heavy breasts as he gently but desperately brushed his lips over her brown nipples, then licked and sucked them; alternating and finally burying his face between them. “God babe, you are so fine,” he gasped as he laid her back gently onto the sofa.

Slowly, he kissed down over her slender tummy, ran his hands along side her hips then over her thighs, gently spreading them as he nuzzled her neatly trimmed bush, anxious to taste her wet fragrant pussy. She raised her legs and spread them wide for him.

His hands slid down her inner thighs, his fingers gently opening the glistening wet lips. Impatiently his tongue flicked and explored the folds of her vagina, lapping and stroking upward to her swelling clit. His mouth went over it and carefully sucked and licked it.

“I want you inside me, pleassse…,” she moaned as she pulled his head up from between her legs.

She raised her head and looked down between their bodies as he mounted her, watching with desire and anticipation as his long swollen cock wagged there briefly then pressed against her. Impatiently, she reached down to grasp it and guide him in.

He was surprised at the resistance her swollen lips gave against the pressing head of his cock as he moved side to side then back and forth a little, each movement pressing insistently against her wet swollen pussy. Suddenly, the bulbous head snapped into her tightness as if an elastic band had slipped around it.

“Oh otele gelen escort my god,” she called out as her hips rose up in lust and pleasure. From that moment, it was all a blur. His hands slipped down beneath her ass and spread her wide open as the length of his cock inched deeper with each needy movement of his hips.

“Ahhh….you are so big,” she moaned, her voice sounding at once wanting and fearful. As the full length of his shaft reached all the way in she could feel the warm weight of his balls laying against her asshole.

Finally, he began long rhythmic movements, sending wave upon wave of ecstasy through her writhing body, her breasts bobbing as she gasped desperately for breath against his incessant stroking. “Shit….oh fuck…,” she muttered, her hands clasped around his neck.

Their bodies moved together as one powerful expression of arousal and wanton desire, pulling and pushing at each other, responding in vocal and physical responses to the waves of pleasure they shared.

Soon she began to call out in words almost unintelligible, her legs raised high along side him. Her hands now grasped at his butt pulling him deeper with each long stroke of his cock; the sound of his balls slapping against her wet drenching ass.

“Ohhhh God….Ohhhh…Ohhh….ahhhhh….oh no…oh no…..ooohhhh……,” she wailed as she jerked and convulsed in wild orgasmic pleasure.

The sounds of lust filled the room with their breathing, her crying, and the sloshing of her wetness.

His red face dripped with sweat as he called out in pleasure from the powerful surging; the squeezing, shooting pleasures of his ejaculation.

As their passion slowly subsided they fell together on the sofa, now fully covered in each other’s sweat and juices.

A sobering awareness soon came over them and suddenly her demeanor changed. “Shit,” she exclaimed. “What am I doing? We better get back out there. I don’t hear any music and it sure seems quiet.”

Quickly she grabbed tissues, wiping herself, then gathering up her bikini to hastily dress.

He pulled on his shorts, threw on the t-shirt and ball cap while slipping on his sandals.

Filled with gratitude, he pulled her close for one last kiss before they walked out of the studio door in search of the others outside.

“I’m sorry……what is your name? Will I see you again?” he asked as he followed after her.

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