Satisfaction with a Stranger Ch. 02

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John could not stop thinking about Emily. All he wanted to do was fuck her over, and over again. It has been several months since John had seen Emily. He was a little nervous to call her- thinking she might reject him for waiting so long to contact her.

John was sitting by the lake one evening and decided it was time to contact Emily. John had put Emily’s number in his phone after she had left, now all he had to do was push the call button. John took a deep breath and pushed the button.

The phone rang, and went to voicemail. John knew that he had to leave a message to be able to see Emily again. “Hi Emily, it’s John from the lake.” John continued with, “I would really like to get together soon and catch up with each other, give me a call.” Then John left his phone number, and hung up.

Emily didn’t recognize the phone number on her phone when it rang so she let it go to voicemail. When she heard the alert that there was a message she was curious who it was. Every time an unknown phone number was on her phone, she hoped it would be John. She couldn’t stop thinking about him.

Emily listened to the message, and heard it was John. She got extremely excited. She instantly put his number in her contact list so she would know when he called her. She dialed his number, and John answered, “Hello?”

“Hi John, it’s Emily!” Emily said

John voice changed with excitement, “Hi how are you doing? I’ve been thinking about you, and was wandering how you were doing?”

Emily responded, “I am doing good, keeping busy. How are you doing?”

John chuckled, he knew this could go on all day like this so he just opened right up to why he called. “I’m very good thank you, but I would be much better being with you.” John said, “I can’t stop thinking about our night together, and want to see you again.”

Emily sighed, and replied, “Yeah, well I can’t stop thinking about it either, and I want to see you also.”

John, and Emily said at the same time, “What are you doing this weekend?” They laughed.

John said, “You go first.”

Emily laughed, and said, “I just wanted to know what you are doing this weekend?”

John replied, “With any luck…climbing in your pants!”

Emily was not shocked at all to hear John say that to her. Because she was hoping for the same thing. Emily asked, “Do want to come to me this time?”

“I will meet you anywhere you want!” John said

Emily laughed, “When do you want to come over?”

John replied, “Now!”

Emily was laughing, “Well I have to work tomorrow, but then I’m off for the weekend” “You can come over tomorrow after 6 pm.” Emily said.

John was very excited, he replied that he will be there. Before they ended their conversation, Emily gave John her address, and made plans to be together all weekend.

Emily was ecstatic about the upcoming weekend. She started making sure the house was clean, she ran to the grocery store to get a few things for the weekend, so they didn’t have to leave the house, if they didn’t want to.

The next morning when Emily got up she put clean sheets on the bed. Then while in the shower she shaved her legs and trimmed her pussy so it would be cleaned up for John. She went to the work for the day, and could only think about what was going to happen in just a few hours.

John was just as excited as Emily. He knew that he had to clean up his pubic hair, and make sure his balls are free of hair. So he went into the shower, and shaved all over his groin area, feeling clean, and ready for the weekend.

On Friday afternoon John put Emily’s address in his GPS, packed a small bag—with a special surprise for Emily, and headed to the city.

Emily left work a little early to make sure all was right at her house. John pulled into the driveway at 6:05 pm. She didn’t want to seem anxious, but she couldn’t wait to see him. She was at the front door waiting for him.

John saw Emily at the door as he was getting out of his truck. He smiled from ear to ear, knowing he made the right decision to come to the city.

When John walked up to the front door Emily let him in. Before she even got the door completely closed, John dropped his bag, and swept Emily into his arms, kissing her hard.

When he let Emily go she laughed and said, “I am so happy to see you too!”

John replied with another kiss. Emily wrapped her arms around his neck, and was kissing John right back.

John started backing Emily up against the wall. He reached under her shirt to touch her skin.

Emily moved her hands off John’s neck to start unbuttoning his shirt. They broke the kiss long enough to take their shirts off completely.

John leaned down to kiss the top of Emily’s breast. She held his head against her. John reached around Emily, and unhooked her bra. He slid the straps down her arms. Once the bra was removed. John leaned back, and looked Emily in the eyes, all he said was “Beautiful!”

John then leaned in to lick Emily’s nipples. Emily thrust her breast towards John, leaned her head back pendik escort moaning. Emily was running her fingers through John’s hair. She told John, “Suck harder!”

John responded by sucking hard on Emily’s tits.

Emily reached down, to the front of John’s pants, and felt that his cock was rock hard. She undid the button, and zipper of his jeans. She then reached inside to touch his cock. As soon as she touched it John groaned.

Emily started pulling down John’s pants, and underwear. His cock sprang free, she grabbed his cock, and started moving her hand up, and down.

Emily started whispering, “God, John your cock is so beautiful!” “I can’t wait until all of this hard cock has been inside all of my holes!” Emily started going down on her knees.

John put his hands in Emily’s hair. Emily started licking John’s cock. She put the head of his cock in her mouth, and ran her tongue around the head.

She inserted the tip of her tongue in his piss slit. John groaned, and told Emily, “You have a fantastic mouth!”

Emily started going down on John’s cock, he pushed her head closer to his pelvis. Emily had John’s cock in her throat. She made swallowing motions with her throat. John groaned, and told her, “God Emily, if you keep doing that I am going to cum!”

Emily looked up at John with a smirk, and kept sucking his cock. John started thrusting into Emily’s mouth. Emily was applying just enough pressure. John started pulling Emily harder onto his cock. “I’m going to cum, Emily!” John yelled.

Emily deep throated John’s cock, and started swallowing when she felt the cum squirt onto the back of her throat.

John pulled his cock out of Emily’s mouth, and helped her up. She had a sly smile when she looked at John. “That was fabulous!” “You have a very talented mouth on you.” John told Emily.

Emily laughed, “I have been waiting to do that again ever since I had to leave your house a few months ago.” Emily said.

John finished taking off his shoes, and jeans- grabbed Emily’s hand, and started walking down the hall. He turned to her, and asked, “Where is your bedroom?”

Emily told him, and he walked them to it. Once they were in the bedroom, John placed Emily by the bed, and started taking her pants off. Once her pants were off, John pushed Emily onto the bed.

Emily was laughing, “A little impatient?” She asked John.

John, smiled “Only for you.” John replied.

John crawled on the bed, hovering over Emily. He started kissing her on the neck, moving down to her tits. While he was sucking on Emily’s tits she was moaning. John moved down to her stomach.

He remembered that she really enjoyed it when he licked in her bellybutton. So when John inserted his tongue in Emily’s bellybutton, she started squirming under him. He smiled, and kept teasing her for a few more minutes.

John then moved down to her pussy. He spread her legs open, and laid in between them—looking at her pussy. He took his fingers, and spread open her pussy lips. John took his index finger, and thumb to pinch her clit. Emily moaned, and told John, “I want your tongue in my pussy, now!”

John chuckled, and said “Now, who is impatient?”

Emily groaned, and replied, “Just do it! Please?”

John looked at Emily, and told her, “No need to beg, I am going to give you everything you want, in due time.”

John leaned into Emily, he started licking, and sucking on her clit. Emily moaned loudly. John inserted a finger into her pussy. Emily started moving her hips up, and down to meet John’s strokes.

John decided to add a finger into Emily’s ass. He had a finger in her pussy, and one in her ass. Emily kept grinding into John. She had her hands in his hair holding him in place. Emily started breathing harder, and told John, “I am going to cum!” She then had an orgasm. John lapped up her juices, which tasted so sweet to him.

John got up on his knees, lifted Emily’s legs to his shoulders, and thrust into her pussy. John was thrusting hard into Emily’s pussy. Emily yelled at John, “Pound my pussy!”

John leaned over Emily, and started kissing her while he was fucking her.

John had Emily’s legs spread wide while he was thrusting hard. Emily was moaning, while kissing John. He started grunting, and moving faster.

Emily felt his cock expand larger in her pussy. She knew he was getting ready to cum. She wrapped her arms around his back, and started grinding harder against John.

John started cumming, and it triggered Emily to have another orgasm. John laid on Emily until his cock softened. Once it slipped out of her pussy, he rolled over bringing Emily over to lay her head on his shoulder.

“Wow!” “That is the only way I can describe what we just did.” Emily said.

John chuckled, and agreed. “This was nothing compared to what I have planned for this weekend.” John told her.

All Emily said was, “Good!” Then they both fell asleep.

Emily woke up alone. She thought maybe she dreamed everything that had happened this evening. Then she heard escort pendik John out in the Kitchen.

Emily got out of bed, put on a robe, and walked to the kitchen.

John was making something to eat for them. Emily came in, and John smiled when he noticed her.

“Hi, there sleepy head.” John said has he walked over, and kissed her.

“What time is it?” Emily asked.

John pulled out a chair for Emily to sit on. “It is 4 am.” John told her.

Emily replied, “Really, I didn’t think we slept that long?”

“Well I did wear you out.” John answered with a smirk.

Emily laughed shaking her head. “I think I wore you out.” “I could have kept going, but you crashed out.”

“You think so, eh?” “Let’s just say that we wore each other out'” John said with a chuckle.

John made omelets for them to eat. They sat together eating breakfast, and making small talk, learner more about each other.

Emily asked, “Do you want to do anything special today in town?”

John replied, “I don’t need to go anywhere.” “I am very happy to stay right here.”

Emily smiled, and replied, “Well if you change your mind let me know.”

John looked at Emily, smiled, and told her, “You will be the first to know.”

After they got done eating the both of them cleaned the kitchen together.

Emily said, “I am going to go take a shower.” Then she asked, “Do you want to join me?”

John smiled, and replied, “Of course, let me get my bag it is still- I will meet you in there.”

Emily went into the bathroom, slipped off her robe, and got the water running for the shower. While she was in the bathroom John went into her room, he tied some ties on the headboard, and left one the nightstand to be a blindfold.

John slipped his shorts off, and joined Emily in the shower. They each lathered up soap in their hands, and started washing each other. When Emily got to John’s cock she made sure to pay extra close attention to it. She gripped his cock, and moved her hand up, and down. Getting John’s cock hard. Then she moved to his taint, and asshole.

John flinched a little when she first touched him at his opening. Emily looked at him, and said to him, “Relax, I am only making sure all your cracks, and crevices are clean.”

John replied, “Oh really, I will definitely have to return the favor.”

Emily Kept rubbing John’s asshole, then slowly inserted her finger. She could see that John was uncomfortable, so she started kissing him to distract him. While Emily was kissing John she started moving her finger in, and out of John’s ass. He started moaning, and pushing back on her finger. Emily smiled, and went a little deeper. John tensed when she went too far.

Emily was able to find, and probe John’s prostate. John has never felt this wonderful sensation before. He started moving faster on Emily’s finger. Before John could say anything he came so hard. He was amazed that she could get him to cum without even touching his cock.

After John came, Emily pulled her finger out of his ass, and rinsed the soap, and cum off of him.

John looked at Emily, all he said was, “My turn!”

Emily’s eyes got large, as John came closer to her. John lathered more soap, and started rubbing Emily’s pussy. John told her, “I have to make sure your thoroughly clean.”

Emily laughed, and replied, “Make sure you clean me up really good then.”

John leaned down to kiss Emily, and told her, “Oh I will.”

John inserted a finger in Emily’s pussy, and was finger fucking her. When he felt that she was on the verge of an orgasm, he quickly inserted a finger into her ass as well. Emily was hanging on to John’s shoulder’s grinding against his hand. She came so hard Emily’s knees buckled. John wrapped his arm around her waist to hold her up.

When Emily straightened up they stood under the spray of water, and kissed.

The water was starting to turn cold, so they decided it was time to get out of the shower.

After turning off the water, they both grabbed a towel to dry off. Emily dried John’s back, and John dried Emily’s.

They both decided not to worry about clothes right now, knowing that they would be fooling around again soon.

When they both sat on the bed, Emily noticed the ties. She asked John, “You brought the ties with you?”

John smiled at her, and told her his idea, “I thought we could try using a blindfold this time, while you or I are tied up.”

Emily looked at John, and replied, “No sight or touch, only feeling?” “That sounds very interesting. I am definitely willing.”

John had Emily lay on the bed, and tied her wrists with the ties. Then he put the other tie around her head covering her eyes completely.

Then John asked her, “Can you see anything?”

Emily responded with, “No, I can’t see anything.”

John then got off the bed, and went to his bag. Emily felt John leave the bed. “Where are you going?” She asked hesitantly.

John chuckled, and replied, “No worries, I am not going anywhere.”

John retrieved a large pendik escort bayan white feather from his bag. He came back over to the bed, and sat next to Emily’s side. John moved the feather lightly over Emily’s stomach. She jumped not excepting it. Emily shivered, and asked John, “What do you have?”

“Just feel what I am doing.” “I will not do anything that will hurt you. I promise.” John replied.

It was such a light sensation that tickled. John moved the feather to Emily’s breasts. He was moving it slowly across her nipples. Which caused them to harden. Emily sucked in her breath, from the feeling it was giving her. She had never noticed her breasts to be overly sensitive, but this was driving her crazy.

John was watching Emily’s facial expressions, and could tell that she was totally enjoying this.

John then moved the feather to Emily’s pussy. Once he placed the feather there Emily sucked in her breath.

John was moving the feather lightly all over Emily’s pussy. He then opened her pussy lips, and touched the tip to her clit. Emily bowed her back, begging for more. John kept going, and did not stop for a few minutes.

John then spread Emily’s legs wide, so he could see her pink hole. When her asshole was exposed, John ran the tip of the feather over her pink pucker. Emily’s hole automatically tightened then relaxed. Emily had a huge orgasm that made her squirt.

John put the feather down. He started licking, and kissing all over Emily’s body. He licked each nipple, moving down her stomach. Kissing down Emily’s legs getting to her feet, and sucking on each toe. John then started kissing back up her legs, pausing at the back of her knees. Then traveling higher to her pussy. John spread her legs wide, laid between them. John spread apart Emily’s pussy lips, kissing her lips, blowing on her pussy. Every time he lightly blew on Emily’s pussy, she got goosebumps all over her body.

John spent a few minutes sucking on Emily’s clit, Emily was squirming finally she screamed, “John, put your cock in me now!”

John crawled up Emily’s body, and put his cock into her pussy.

Emily instantly came. She was so hot, and bothered by all the sensations that John had given her. John kept thrusting into Emily. “Is this what you wanted?” John asked Emily in a whisper. “Do you want more?”

Emily screamed, “YES!” “Give me more!”

John was thrusting over, and over again. Emily had wrapped legs around John’s back, and met every one of John’s thrusts. Emily, and John were both moaning. John held Emily’s head, and started kissing her passionately.

Emily knew she was going to have another orgasm, and could feel John starting to tense up getting ready to cum himself. After a couple more thrusts, John came deep into Emily’s pussy while she had an orgasm.

John laid on Emily trying to catch his breath. Once his cock softened, and slipped out of Emily, he continued to lay on top of Emily lightly kissing her.

After a few minutes John rolled off Emily. Emily turned her head, and smiled at John. “Every time we fuck it is better than the last time.” Emily said to him.

John looked at Emily. “I couldn’t agree more.”

John untied Emily’s wrists, the two of them embraced, and they both fell asleep.

Emily woke up to John holding her. She could feel his erection up against her ass. Emily started grinding her ass against John. He squeezed her tighter against him.

Emily decided that she wanted to suck John’s cock before getting out of bed. She rolled out of john’s arms. John reached out for her. Emily went lower on the bed. She put John’s cock in her mouth. She felt his cock get completely hard in her mouth.

John was lifting his hips up, and down. Emily wrapped her hand at the base of his cock while she was sucking on the head. She then went down, and sucked on his balls. Emily loved that he kept them hairless.

Emily went back to his cock, and kept sucking on it until he came. Emily tried to swallow John’s cum, but she could not swallow all of it.

Emily looked up at John who had a smile on his face. She crawled back up the bed, and laid next to John. He pulled her close to him.

They laid together for a little while. John said, “Let’s go out.”

Emily laughed, and responded,” I thought you just wanted to stay here?”

John shrugged, and smiled. “I was laying here thinking that I want to take you out, and show you a good time.”

Emily replied, “I am having the best time ever!”

Emily got out of bed to go get cleaned up. John stayed on the bed. Emily turned, and said to him, “Separate showers, so we can get out of the house?”

John laughed, and agreed.

After they got showered, and changed – they left the house in search of some fun.

While they were driving around, Emily made a comment that there is festival downtown.

John asked, “What kind of festival is it?”

Emily responded, “I believe it is an eats, and beats festival. There should be all types of food, and different kinds of music.”

John said, “That sounds perfect, let’s go.”

Emily agreed, and told him where to go. They got to the festival, and had a wonderful time. John bought Emily anything she wanted. He was spoiling her, and she was loving it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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