Scenic Envy: Cyberotica

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Dear Readers:

This is a scene, which is rather different than a story. I enjoy writing scenes. Scenes, for my purposes, are not as developed as a story. While they do explore the details of a sensual encounter between two (or more) lovers, they do not always depict multi-dimensional characters with fully formed backstories. They may not always end in resolution, but they do often end with the titillating suggestion that there is more fun to be had between these characters. Having said that, I hope that you enjoy this scene for what it is intended to be.

= = =

Me: So I see you are decidedly not asleep.

Him: I’m on my way there. I’m having a little cyber sex, it’s my nightly ritual.

And by cyber sex I mean catching up on the news wire.

Me: Okay seriously. That used to be a regular habit of mine, specifically when I was probably way too young to be thinking half the things I was describing. Have you ever actually?

Him: Read the news wire? Only when, you know… I need a distraction.

Me: Hah, that’s one way to put it. So you have tried it?

Him: Most definitely — with varying degrees of success. It’s online where I learned to talk dirty anyway. But if I’m going to confess something…

Me: *suspense*

Him: I often think about you. Talking dirty to you, I mean.

Me: Is it because of all the “that’s what she said”s and other inappropriate innuendos?

Him: It’s probably because I’m attracted to you and you’ve been in a sex dream and bla bla bla.

Me: I see – tell me about the sex dream.

Him: I had the dream sometime ago, I think around the time we went to orientation. It wasn’t really a sex dream, it was… a sexy dream.

Me: Boring. but seriously, I’m curious.

Him: Okay, well.. In the dream I was about to walk out the door of my house when you stopped me and pulled me to the side near the wall. You said, “can I just… try something?” I raised an eyebrow at you but didn’t pull away as you pulled me closer to you. You seemed to just want to see what it felt like pendik escort to be close to me for a moment. You put your lips to my neck and kissed gently. You slowly breathed a line from my jaw to my shoulder, kissing where the line ended. You touched my arm, every sensation was electric. You stood with your mouth at my neck, breathing warmth along my skin as your hand traced lines down my arm and onto my hip. You flatted your palm and curled it around to my back. Mmm, it really felt… amazing. Sexy. Sensual.

Me: And with my hand curling around your back, I’d pull myself closer, aligning my body with yours.

Him: well… if you did that, then I’d probably be unable to resist responding.

Me: I can feel you responding against me right now.

Him: Yes.. I certainly am. I’m surprised by how quickly you’ve gotten me aroused. Suddenly I ache with how badly I want your wet pussy around my cock.

Me: That is dirty..

Him: You like it though, don’t you? Your slow, tender touches don’t hide the fact that you want me to take you. You want to be fucked. You deserve to have me fuck you. So when I press you toward the wall behind you, I know you won’t resist.

Me: No, I feel my back against the wall and your body pinning me in place and I find myself so wet for you I can hardly stand it. I reach my hands up under your shirt and press my nails against your back, then I lift my chin and find your lips with mine.

Him: What are you wearing?

Me: a black mini skirt with a long jacket over my button up blouse and knee high boots.

Him: No. What are you wearing right fucking now.

Me: um, pajamas. Sorry.

Him: Take off your pants. Don’t think, just do it.

Me: You have no idea how hot you’ve got me.

Him: Tell me what you’re wearing.

Me: Black lace panties and a pink tank top.

Him: While you’ve been undressing, I’ve done the same. I reach down between our bodies and gently trace a finger along the edge of that black lace. I slowly lower my hand, moving toward the heat between your legs. escort pendik I find the first bit of moisture against the fabric and slip my finger over you, carefully rubbing back and forth.

Me: I wrap my hand around your shaft, stroking out to the tip and delicately thumbing the end. I want you inside me. I move your fingers away from my crotch and tug my panties down my thighs. I pull gently on you to guide you between my legs.

Him: I slide forward and feel your wet arousal on my throbbing dick. Oh yes, I’m going to fuck you. But not yet. I move back and then forward again, letting my cock caress your clit and watching you squirm.

Me: My nipples harden under my tank top. I lift the shirt up over my head and toss it aside, running my fingertips over my breasts and briefly pinching a nipple.

Him: My hands can’t resist doing the same. I run them up your torso and cup your breasts in my palms, bringing your nipples between my fingers and thumbs. How hard do you like it?

Me: This hard. I reach down and squeeze your cock, then I lift my thigh up to wrap a leg around your waist. I guide the head of your cock to press against my wet opening and I pull your hips toward me.

Him: Demoness. I slide into you, feeling how hot and tight you are. With difficulty I try to resist ravaging you.

Me: I moan as you enter me. You said you were going to fuck me, you said I deserved to be fucked. Why resist now?

Him: Because I know you, Kera. I know that you’d like it if I pause now, if I lean down and kiss you while my cock is inside you. You love lying there, filled with my thick length as I move my mouth to your neck. I press my teeth into a careful bite against that perfect spot. And when I time my thrust to the pressure on your neck…

Me: Dear god.

Him: Yes. And when I pinch your nipples, just so, you arch your back. I wrap you in my arms and cradle your body against me. I flex my hips and… I start a nice… slow… rhythm.

Me: I rock my hips to match you and a heat rushes through my body. This steady pendik escort bayan pace, the feel of you – if you’re not careful, you’re going to bring me.

Him: Oh I know exactly what I’m going to do to you. I move you off of me and turn you around, bending you over the desk nearby. Now tell me: what is it that I’m going to do to you?

Me: Fuck me.

Him: Good girl. I shove my cock into you and pull your hips back against mine. I fuck that pretty little cunt of yours. I force our bodies together again, again, feeling the pressure building up.

Me: That familiar warmth is spreading through me again. I grab the edge of the table and moan your name. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.

Him: Yes, you’re mine now, aren’t you?

Me: Please

Him: You’re mine. And now you’re going to take my cum, take every drop of it into that hot, sweet cunt of yours. Baby…

Me: Cum for me. Oh fuck, yes, I’m coming- god!

Him: Yeah baby. Now… this is what you deserve… Oh, yes!

Me: Hey, that was hot.

Him: Way hotter than my dream.

Me: If I tell you I actually came…

Him: Did you?

Me: I’ve had my vibrator out since you told me to take off my pants.

Him: Interesting… If I asked you for a photo of you, something sexy… what would you say?

Me: I’d say, what’s your email?

Him: You would?

Me: I think yes. I’ll tell you a secret: I have kind of done this self-portrait thing for a few years, and I may or may not have a fair number of scandalous photos. My face is obscured in most of those though. For internet-fears.

Him: I know what your face looks like. Quite well actually.

Me: What are you going to do with this photo?

Him: … you want me to tell you?

Me: Yes.

Him: Sell it.

Me: Hey.

Him: That probably wasn’t as funny as I thought it would be. I’m going to put it on screen and think about what you’d sound like moaning for me as I fucked you. Perhaps I’ll picture your wrists tied to my headboard and your body stretched out beneath me on top of my sheets. I’ll probably fantasize about fucking your dirty mouth and pumping each orifice full of my cum. And then I’ll probably turn off the computer and go to bed.

Me: Approved. Photo sent. Sweet dreams, sir.

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