Serendipity Ch. 35

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: Serendipity – 35 A wonderful day in the Harem

Many thanks go to RF-Fast for his editing and suggestions that enhanced the story. Any bad grammar left is wholly on me and my artistic style.

LEGALESE: Don’t read this if you are underage, if it is illegal in your area, if it is offensive to you, or if you cannot distinguish fiction from reality. This is a work of fiction. All characters active are 18 years of age or older.

Enjoy the teaser at the end…

Copyright (c) 2014 by Acup

OK guys, this is for all of you that haven’t managed to figure out that THIS IS A SERIES! If you want a wham bam two page graphic fuck ’em and leave ’em story… go find one.

If, however, you are enjoying a nice series with a decent plot and some nice sex scenes then read on.

One scheduling note, I will be taking a break between Thanksgiving and New Years. If time permits I will get one submitted before Thanksgiving.

And before you scream and holler, I am not dropping the series, just taking the holiday time for family and hope you do the same.



35 – A wonderful day in the Harem

I’m not sure if the girls drug or rolled me to the middle of the bed, but I woke to quite a contrast in days.

Through the window I could see it was a gray drizzly day. So much for the rest of the family weekend.

Inside it was a beautiful day, the most beautiful day I had been waking up to since I bought the house… beautiful naked women cuddled in against me.

Gladys was cuddled in front of me, my cock in the crack of her ass, her head under my chin. Nicole facing me on the other side of her and Brittany with her head propped up on her hand grinning at me behind Nicole.

With an arm over my waist, and nipple jewelry in my back Sam was behind me. There was movement above my head, and there was Maria, her full tits hanging from her chest with her on her hands and knees. I looked from her face to her full tits smiling, then stuck my tongue out. She grinned and then SLOWLY lowered a full tit to my lips.

She stopped when I could just touch her nipple with my tongue, feeling it stiffen and drip on my tongue. She moaned and Sam and Brittany giggled. Then she lowered her tit enough for me to take it in and suck that delicious milk from her. Feeling it flow effortlessly across my tongue and down my throat, I selfishly wished she would never quit producing…

She lifted before I was even finished, but lowered her other tit to me. Watching it come to me, a tantalizing drop of milk hanging from her nipple she was so full. I loved feeling it squirt into my mouth as her areola touched my lips, and flooded my mouth when I sucked it in.

I only had a few sips when Maya cried out. The girls chuckled as we all thought Maya was crying foul I was stealing her breakfast. Maria lifted away from me smiling at my mock scowl, then picked up the protesting rug rat and headed for the kitchen.

“Good morning Master.” I heard softly in front of me.

I cupped Gladys’ tit for a second, then slid it down to her mound. “Feminine issues…”

I heard her snicker, “Well it was… I had an itch.”

I closed my eyes and groaned, the girls had a healthy giggle, and then pealed away with a kiss, all except Gladys.

I opened my eyes to see her looking at me. I slowly scanned down her body, watching her nipples harden as I stopped and took a close inventory. I slid a finger down her shoulder to the side of her tit and came up under her nipple rubbing my finger back and forth under it.

“So did you get your itch scratched?”

Gladys used her hand to bring mine up to cover her tit, then rolled a little to give me a soft kiss. “Mmmmmm, well scratched…”

“Those dildos worked pretty good, but you might need to go one larger, You were good starting off, but you closed down on me toward the end.”

Gladys got up on her hands and knees then turned to kiss the tip of my cock before looking back at me, “Poor Master…” then gave it another kiss and then a lick before turning back to give me a deep kiss. I groped her ass for a second as she got up, making her smile.

I watched her walk to the kitchen, her pussy peaking out in her keyhole. She looked over her shoulder and wiggled her ass at me before going around the corner.

I rolled over and got standing, taking in the leftover aroma from last night. A nice mix of my girls…

Maria was still nursing Maya, so Sam was doing the cooking this morning. It was scrambled eggs of course, but since it was Sam it was sausage links instead of bacon.

I watched Gladys getting dressed, seeing her smile as she pulled her jeans up tight against her pussy. “A little better than the last time?” I asked.

“DEFINITELY!” she grinned, getting some chuckles from the girls.

“Heading out already?”

“I have some things to take care of at home.” She said with an even bigger grin.

“SURE,” Brittany said. “The cock hungry woman just wants to get kartal escort home and stuff George down her throat a few dozen times or so today.”

Gladys gasped and the girls giggled, then she stepped forward and inhaled my soft cock down. “There’s one!” she said as she turned to leave, and stuck her tongue out at Brittany as she went out the door.

The girls were chatting over breakfast while I just sat and listened. I really was listening, really. Just because I was looking at all those lively tits and nipples moving and jiggling as they were waiving their hands describing what they were doing. Seeing Brittany sway whenever she turned to Sam… and the ripples across the top of Maria’s tits when she jumped and turned. Nicole’s nipples standing out oh so chewy in their natural state, no nipple bands on yet… What was it you were saying?

Nicole, Maria, and Brittany were happy for the ‘day off’ before Monday, all wanting to catch up on things that got behind from taking Friday off.

Since Dean dropped off the phone system Friday when he and Jean came over, I thought I’d get a jump on it. Sam gave me a hand pulling the big phone cable through the conduit that had the old power feed between houses before she headed off to the airport to get some more simulator time in.

I had talked with Justin a few times when she wasn’t around, and she was flying, literally, through all the simulator tests and trials. He also found out that Sam had been flying many years before she had her solo license. Being out in the country they weren’t too worried about the rules as most country folk are. There was a farmer a few miles away that had a dwarf son who was a pilot. He had a Cessna 170 custom modified and re-certified for a dwarf pilot, and they let Sam and her Grandpa take it up a few times when she was begging him to let her fly… at ten years old!

Sam got a summer job to pay for avgas at eleven, and she began officially logging hours when she was twelve, had her solo on her sixteenth birthday, and her private on the morning of her seventeenth, skipping her first two classes at school to get it. Six months later she had her dusting certificate. If I knew Sam, she was pestering anybody she could back then to get up flying.

She had a few more things she could do on the simulator, then it would be flying with Justin and Jason a few times for in flight training, then she would be able to take her flight test for her ATP.

I barely had the end of the cable through and Sam came running back over to make sure I didn’t need her anymore, gave me a kiss, and headed out. I heard my van pulling out in a hurry and had to chuckle at her loving to fly. Good thing I had already taken most of my tools out of the van…

I spent the rest of the day getting the cable between the buildings punched down and a few extensions in each house working. The best part was it functioned perfectly with the gate controller… AND WE HAD AN INTERCOM! No more calling from one line to another. The girls were of the opinion I was abusing the system over the next few days, but hey guys, you have to make sure there isn’t any problems… RIGHT?

Dean and Jean were in on Tuesday and Wednesday setting cameras and hooking up recorders. We had all of the pool and outside cameras set, as well as all of the ones in the main house. Somewhere in there she also managed to rip out my big bathroom, so for the duration we were using the three front bathroom showers, two bodies only…

Maria and Brittany were busy with their own projects, but I came in on several ‘meetings of the girls’ in Maria’s workroom. When I asked what was up it was ‘Nothing Master’. But there was a twinkle in their eyes when they said it, so I was going to be in for a treat somewhere down the line.

It was a typical fall week, nice days, but too cool to have many naked women laying out. A few tried it, but after a few cool breezes and shivers trying to make goose bumps compete with hard nipples, even they gave up. For it being too cool to lay out, it was perfect for enjoying the spas. We spent almost every evening out enjoying them watching the stars come out, getting up to cool off a little every once in a while, but sitting back down and soaking up the heat.

Bob’s little run in with the delivery driver Monday afternoon went well. At first the driver was all bluster, telling Bob he didn’t know what he was talking about. When Bob pulled my box with the priority AM delivery label still in pace and suggested he would have to look into why his partners box was labeled one way and his another, he broke down and begged Bob not to do anything. Once Bob informed him he didn’t care about the other deliveries, just his own, he readily agreed to make sure Bob was an early AM delivery from now on.

Thursday afternoon was a bit wild with Sam. Seems Justin had a flight out to New York Friday, and he was Pilot in Command for the trip out carrying passengers, but since the trip back would be dead heading, Sam was going to be in command.

She maltepe escort bayan also had to show off her new uniform. The skirt and jacket were the same, but since she needed to put on a little more professional look, Maria had made her a ‘special’ top. With her jacket on it looked like she had a regular top on. I say looked like, because when she took her jacket off it was actually a skimpy halter not even covering the outside of her tits. Nothing more than the shirt collar, part of the front panel, and a wide band just below her tits leaving everything else bare. And it was thin enough to let her nipples and nipple jewelry show through, only her jacket kept them from showing any other time.

Maria had been working late and called for a pizza delivery. As usual, she had asked for Chocheta so the girls could giggle as I gave her the cash instead of them getting a young man to pop in is pants. So there we were lounging in the spa when our lovely Indian delivery girl came around the corner. Unlike previous visits she was in a light blue wrap around dress instead of her usual company polo shirt and slacks.

But just like previous visits I gave her the twenty with my hard cock standing straight out after handing the pizza to Maria, and kissed the back of her hand before asking her if she wanted to join us.

Unlike previous visits, she took her other hand and gripped my hard cock instead of lightly touching me, taking me a bit by surprise. “I think I’d like that…” she gave me another squeeze, then reached for her dress tie and pulled it open.

Under that light blue dress was a tiny green thong cupping her pussy nicely. Her bronze braless tits standing out begging to be cupped and fondled as she dropped the dress and stood there letting me admire her toned body. “WOW!”

She smiled and my girls snickered. “I even brought extra napkins.” As she turned and bent over at the waist to the pizza bag she had sat beside her showing me that tiny green string between her cheeks splitting her rosebud like an invitation.

I took her hand and led her to the stairs, letting her step down beside my hard aching cock. I’m sorry ladies, but even with my ladies around me it’s a natural reaction to seeing a beautiful female body.

But Brittany was being ornery as ever. Chocheta had just turned to sit as I was stepping down when Brittany stood up and sucked my cock down as far as she could. My girls giggled, and Chocheta just stared with open mouth.

Well since she was being ornery, I was going to get in on it. I enjoyed Brittany trying to stuff me down her throat a few times, then pulled her up as I stepped down to slide my cock between her thighs against her pussy lips and pulled her close for a long deep kiss.

I pulled back from the kiss and cupped her ass. “My turn,” and lifted her as I moved toward the edge of the spa. From the way her eyes went from twinkle to saucers it was not what she was expecting. I put her against the edge, and then lifted her up on the edge and lowered my head to her crotch.

I’ll give her this, she tried to resist, but I looked up between her thighs, “Open for me…” her eyes flashed open in surprise at her being commanded in front of Chocheta, then nodded and laid back spreading her legs and rotating her hips up to give me full access to her.

I spread her lips, dark even in the low light from the spa, and made an exaggerated inhale. “Delicious..” and ran my tongue slowly up through her pussy.

“YESSSSS…’ Brittany groaned as she put her hands on my head, encouraging me to continue.

I enjoyed a nice slow pussy feast, getting Brittany to flow a little right from the start as I nibbled and pulled on her lips with mine. Running my tongue up and around her clit standing up hard and proud, feeling her tremble when I sucked it in and flicked the tip of my tongue across it at the same time. That started a nice little orgasm making her release my head and reach up to cup her own tits as I covered her entire pussy with my open mouth drawing as much of her juices as I could, feeling her tremble in my hands. As Brittany’s moaning got louder I was also hearing whimpering from my girls beside me.

I stood up a bit to open up under my chin letting my fingers have access to her pussy. “OH FUUUUUCKKKK…” she screamed as I put my middle fingers up and onto her g-spot. Her legs came around my head trying to draw me in tighter to her squirting pussy. I took several nice drinks, and then pulled back enough to let her squirt the inch or two into my mouth, fingering her pussy while my pinkie was teasing her rosebud.

My girls were groaning and moaning around me, each having their own nice little orgasms while I kept going on Brittany, making her cum and cum, draining every drop from her I could manage.

When I pulled my fingers from her pussy, she screeched and then flopped, her ankles dropping over the edge of the spa into the water, knees still sprawled letting me enjoy the beautiful sight of her pussy dribbling escort pendik down onto the concrete.

I took one more exaggerated breath between her thighs, then turned and sat down between her spread knees. All of the girls were cupping tits with one hand and the other in their crotches underwater, heads kicked back in the glow following orgasm. Well most of them, I would bet my girls didn’t even try to hide what they were doing, but Chocheta looked like she had been right on the edge when I turned around ‘interrupting’ her.

I sat there for a bit letting my girls come down from their orgasms, then got up and kissed each one of them with the taste of Brittany still on my lips. Nicole enjoying the taste for a bit with her arm around my neck, then quick kisses for Sam and Maria, stopping in front of Chocheta leaning over but stopping just short of kissing her.

She smiled and then leaned forward to complete the kiss. I cupped her side, barely on the edge of her tit. She rotated ever so slightly pressing my hand into the side of her tit a little and sighed into our kiss before pulling back and licking her lips grinning.

We sat back and dug into our pizza, not hot any more, but still warm enough. The girls were still in after glow from their orgasms, only little comments and noises along with the grinning at each other as they ate.

“How did you know how to pronounce my name? Nobody ever gets it right the first time…” Chocheta asked softly.

I smiled and answered slowly. “Well I grew up Up North around a few tribes. Mainly Sioux, but with several others thrown in. My girlfriend in high school was three quarter Apache. Even if her father didn’t approve…”

“Three quarters, that means that…” Chocheta said.

“Her mother…” I said.

“So it was good enough for him…” she said softly, a pitiful look on her face.

“Something like that. That and he was afraid his grand children would loose status with the tribe.”

“I know the type…” she stared off into space.

“He was a traditionalist in his own way.” I got up and walked over to her, kissed her on the forehead. “Go forward with courage..”

Her head came up quick, looked me in the eye, and then nodded slowly. “Then act with courage…” she stood up on the seat and slipped her thong down, letting us see her narrow landing strip before settling back down in the water, the girls giving her a light round of applause.

We settled back and enjoyed what was left of the evening. When we decided to call it an evening she dried off and then pulled her dress on but didn’t close it to cover herself. She kneeled and sucked my cock down, then stroked me enough to get me hard enough… hard enough to hang her thong on me before heading back out to her car, her hair and open dress billowing behind her…

The girls led me back into the house, not letting me take Chocheta’s thong off my cock.

Nicole, Brittany, and Maria stopped at the kitchen, Sam urging me on to the living room and the big bed.

Sam finished wrapping Chocheta’s thong around my cock and began stroking me with it while she lavished me with tongue and lips. She took evil pleasure in stroking me with the damp thong while flicking the tip of my cock with her tongue. Then she held me up and took as much of me in as she could, letting me feel her lips slowly descending on my cock, hitting the back of her mouth and working the tip of my cock into her throat. Then pulling me down to the bed after nearly choking herself.

She climbed on me, spreading her lips over my hard cock, sliding up and down working her clit on the underside of my cock after she pulled Chocheta’s thong off and tossed it at me. “What was that you said to Chocheta?”

I slid my hands up Sam’s side and under her tits, supporting them like an underwire bra. “Something from an old Indian saying…” bringing my thumbs up to her nipples. Sam moaned and then looked at me with ‘the eye’.

I smiled at her never ending curiosity, “It was something my girlfriends Grandmother always said to her. I don’t remember the whole thing, but that was the first line, and Chocheta repeated the last.” bringing my hands down to her hips and trying to get her to slide forward enough to slip my cock into her.

Sam leaned forward and planted her hands on my chest, stopping me from sliding her forward. “So what happened to your girlfriend?”

This was quite the conversation to be having with the hot babe using my cock on her own clit. “We dated for almost two years, and it ended on the night I took her virginity…”

Sam stopped cold, looking right in my eyes, “What did you do?”

“Not anything you think. She was amazed I loved her enough not to use a rubber. She was rather upset when I told her I didn’t need them because I was sterile.”

“Oh…” she said softly.

I smiled back at her, “It all worked out in the end. She married one of the tribal elders’ sons. He’s an engineer of some sort, and last I heard they had enough kids for a basket ball team working on a football team.”

Sam leaned forward with a grin, reaching down between us to line me up with her wet pussy. “Don’t you ever wish you could have kids?” as she slowly slid down on me, bottoming out with the last word, eyes locked on me as she said it..

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