Sexy Sisters Ch. 01

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Caitlyn pulled her sister into her closet.

“Come on, Jessica! I bet you’ll look great in this one.” She screamed excitedly, showing her sister a very sexy lacy black and hot pink lingerie set

“Ooh, that one’s really sexy: it’s gorgeous!” Jessica giggled back

Caitlyn and Jessica always tried on some of Caitlyn’s lingerie set and strutted and posed and danced around the house when their parents weren’t around. Caitlyn was a sexy 20-year-old with dazzling blue eyes and golden blonde hair to match it. Her wavy golden blonde hair dived down to her back and shone in the bright sunlight. Boys had always been attracted to her especially for her big, full 32DD-sized boobs and her round, but not-too-big butt. reality kings porno Her naturally tanned skin only made her more of a bombshell! Caitlyn was hardly a slut though (you’d expect her to be as she was extremely overly beautiful). In fact, she’d only dated two boys in her whole lifetime and she wasn’t looking to date anymore.

Jessica had just turned 18 and she wasn’t any less gorgeous than her sex-goddess, older sister. She had glamorous bluey-green eyes and also had blonde hair (more of a dirtier shade than her sisters’). She also had always been a boy-magnet but, just like her sister she really wasn’t into them that much. Her boobs were slightly smaller at 32D but, that sexmex porno didn’t make her less hot. Many people called the two sisters “The Sacred Sisters”; however, they weren’t really into following the bible’s rules and they were definitely not holy!

Jessica freely stripped naked in her sister’s large walk-in closet. Caitlyn looked down to her sister’s glowing pussy as Jessica took off her panties.

“You’ve shaven?” Caitlyn asked her sister

“Yeah, I shaved it yesterday.” Jessica replied

Caitlyn and Jessica had always been free about their lives and they frequently talked about their selves and as Caitlyn was older than Jessica, she would often advise and teach her a few things. sindrive porno

Caitlyn kneeled down and rubbed her sister’s shaven pussy and smiled.

“Nice and smooth. I’ve shaved mine too. 3 days ago though.” Caitlyn said

“Cool. I love it when it’s shaved.”

“Yeah. Ok, so…try this one on.” Caitlyn showed Jessica the black and hot pink lingerie set again

“Ok.” Jessica said, pulling it on

“I’m gonna out this one on.” Caitlyn said, putting on a very sexy and revealing black and turquoise lingerie set

The two lovable sisters giggled and laughed as they finally got ready in their smoking lingerie. Jessica followed Caitlyn into her bedroom and sat on the bed.

“Did you get the removable stripper pole?” Jessica asked

“Yep. Right…here, Jess.” Caitlyn replied, pulling out the pack out of her chest of drawers.

“I’m so happy Mum and Dad are gone to France for a week! We can do this as much as we like now!” Jessica screamed happily

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