Sharing Sandy’s Soak

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After a long, grueling week, the only thing I wanted to do was get home, shuck my clothes, and chill out in front of the television with a tall cold drink until bedtime. I parked my car in the garage next to Sandy’s car, gathered my coat and briefcase out of the backseat, and trudged heavily into our three-bedroom, two story home. I stood in the kitchen for a second, listening for sounds of my girlfriend. Hearing nothing, I assumed she was out as usual. She usually arrived well before me due to her earlier work schedule and shorter commute. She tended to exercise or putter around in the garden until I arrived home.

After dumping my briefcase and coat on a kitchen chair, I filled a tall glass with ice and added a bit of diet coke. Stopping at the liquor cabinet to add a liberal amount of bourbon, I left the drink to chill on the table next to the easy chair. I headed upstairs to change out of my work clothes. Dragging my weary body up the stairs, I felt the aches and pains of a long week. Those bastards don’t pay me enough, I thought to myself. I made a mental note to myself to probe the boss for a raise on Monday.

As I reached the top of the stairs, I heard a faint moaning sound. I stopped and cocked my head to the side, listening intently for a few seconds, but heard only silence. I assumed it was my imagination playing tricks on me and resumed heading down the hall to the master bedroom. Upon entering the room, I noticed that the door to the master bathroom was ajar, leaving just a sliver of light between the door and doorframe. This was odd. My girlfriend and I are quite open with each other and usually leave the door open, even when one of us is using the bathroom.

I heard the faint moaning sound again, and could tell it was coming from the bathroom. At first, I thought it might be a moan of pain, but something in the back of my mind told me this was a different type of moan. Silently, I kicked off my shoes and tiptoed to the bathroom door. Creeping along like a black-clad ninja, I edged close to the door and put my eyeball up to the sliver of light. I could see the bathroom counter-top and part of the sink. A heavy fog obscured the top third of the large wall mirror above the sink. I felt a moist heat from the small crack waft across my face, bringing with it the flowery fragrance of Sandy’s favorite bubble bath.

Looking into the bottom half of the mirror, I caught the reflection of the bathtub. There in the bathtub was my lovely girlfriend of two years, her head tilted back against the wall, eyes shut, and mouth slightly parted. My eyes went directly to her large breasts displayed just above the water, sudsy bubbles clinging to the underside of each creamy white mound. Her tanned arms stretched downward between her legs, pressing her breasts up and together, framing them beautifully, each nipple stiff and erect. One of her legs rested comfortably on the edge of the tub while the other pressed up against the tiled wall. Her heavy breasts rose and fell rhythmically as she panted excitedly. The bubble bath kept me from seeing the activity below her breasts, but it was obvious that her hands and fingers were extremely busy between her spread thighs.

I gasped and quickly put a fist up to my mouth, hoping she had not heard me. My other hand unconsciously dropped to the front of my pants, squeezing the bulge that had sprung up almost instantly upon seeing my girlfriend pleasuring herself in the tub. I stood still as a stone statue, lustily staring at my naked, masturbating girlfriend. Another passionate moan escaped her open mouth, causing me to bite my fist to keep from moaning along with her. I breathed noiselessly through my nose, trying to remain silent so she would not hear me.

I squeezed my throbbing prick harder as Sandy started to gasp and whine softly, her head rocking slowly from side to side. Her face and upper chest flushed a bright red from the heat of the water and her vigorous actions between her smooth thighs. I could tell from the pace of her breathing and the desperate sounds she was making that I had arrived just before she was about to explode in orgasm.

I began to pull on my stiffness through my pants as her hands churned the water between her thighs. She was on ataşehir escort the verge of cumming and I held my breath in anticipation, my heartbeat pounding loudly in my ears. I had watched Sandy masturbate two other times. On both occasions, it had been during a mutual masturbation session, her sitting in front of me describing her darkest, most secret fantasies while I slowly stroked my slick aching cock. She had cum several times while watching me stroke, finally allowing me to spurt my creamy cum all over her breasts.

Those had both been extremely pleasurable and enlightening experiences, but catching her like this, unaware of my presence, was incredibly thrilling for me, a self-proclaimed voyeur. I doubted Sandy masturbated all that much to begin with, so to me, this was tantamount to having this weeks winning lottery ticket. She looked glorious, her smooth skin wet and glistening from the soapy water, and her face contorted with pleasure and concentration. Seeing her this aroused, I had to wonder what or whom she was fantasizing about as her fingers played with her pussy.

I bit into the side of my fist harder as I watched her suck in a huge gasp of air, her entire body tensing up, every muscle locking up tight, teetering on the edge of her climax. In another situation, the look on her face could easily be mistaken for one of intense pain. Her orgasm was announced first with a high pitched squeak that was filled with both desperation and extreme relief, then a deep guttural moan that came from deep down in her chest and passed through her tightly clamped teeth as the waves of her powerful orgasm swept through her shaking body. She grunted repeatedly, the water splashing over her legs and belly as her body twitched and jerked uncontrollably.

I was in total awe of the scene I was witnessing and at the same time extremely aroused. I could feel a small wet spot forming on the front of my tented trousers, the precum flowing steadily from the tip of my raging erection. A wicked idea hit me at that second. I quickly stepped back from the door, and stripped off my clothes in record time.

I took a deep breath, steeling myself, and approached the door, stepping into the bathroom quickly and silently. Sandy was still drifting aimlessly, reveling in her afterglow. Her unthinking hands were moving lazily, one still down under the water stroking her vagina and the other cupping a breast and squeezing it tenderly. I stepped close to the tub, pulling the soft skin of my cock up and down in long steady strokes from the base to the tip. I continued watching her as she sank down into the tub with a long contended sigh, eyes still shut, an angelic look on her face.

In my mind, I leisurely counted to three and then cleared my throat loudly. She jerked upright, squealing in surprise and fright. The bath water splashed in all directions as her hands shot up out of the water, her arms crossing together over her bare breasts. Her eyes shot open and her head snapped up to look at me with a shocked expression on her face.

“You fucking bastard!” she screamed, as she suddenly recognized who stood over her. Her face flushed a bright red crimson. “Goddamn! You scared the living shit out of me.” She wiped her forehead with the back of one hand and took a deep breath, her other hand fanning her glowing, embarrassed face. “What on earth possessed you to do that?” she asked, finally looking up at me. Her eyes flickered over my body, noticing the lack of clothes and erection in my hand.

I chuckled softly, inching closer to the tub. “What were ya doing there just a second ago? A little playtime all by yourself?” I asked with raised eyebrows. I was not going to let her off the hook that easily.

“Uhhmm, well I got off work early and decided to relax by soaking in a hot bath,” she said as she pushed little mountains of foam around with her hands. “I started thinking about that one weekend we spent at that cabin in the mountains. The one where we were snowed in for a week. And then, well, you know…”

“No, I don’t.”

She blushed again and whimpered softly, “Stop.”

“What? I’m just wondering what you were doing in here,” I teased mercilessly, a boyish grin stretching across on my kadıköy escort bayan face.

“You know what I was doing,” she replied, her face burning redder with embarrassment. “H-how long were you standing there watching me?”

“Mmm, not that long, maybe two or three minutes.”

“Ah hah! Aren’t we just a little voyeur? You are a naughty boy. Shame on you!” she said in mock anger. “And it seems you have a serious problem on your hands too. Why don’t you bring that juicy thing in here so I can take care of it,” she said as she leaned forward to pull me into the tub.

Her wet warm hands felt comforting on my cool skin as she pushed and pulled me into a kneeling position between her spread thighs. She hooked one foot over the edge of the tub and the other into the soap dish on the wall of the bathtub. Her hands snaked around my body and gripped my ass, her nails digging into my cheeks, pulling me close to her until my thighs were pressing into her wet pillowy breasts.

“Hmmm.” she moaned as she stared hungrily at my throbbing cock, a heavy flow of precum already oozing out of the small slit at the tip. I had once asked her what her favorite sexual act with me was and without a pause she had blurted, “Sucking your cock.”

She leaned her head forward, turning her cheek to nuzzle her face against the side of my cock. I groaned softly as she let it rub and slide up against the soft flesh of her face while her hands squeezed and pulled my ass cheeks apart. She always loved the feel of my thick cock against her face before taking me into her talented mouth. It was something I had never experienced until being with her. Nevertheless, I quickly came to love it. She also did it after she finished me off.

I reached up with both hands and gripped the towel bar on the back wall of the tub for support as she pushed and pulled me around eagerly. I gasped as her tongue flicked out to spread her warm, wet saliva up and down the sides of my cock. She leaned her head back away from my cock, taking one hand off my ass and wrapping it around the thick shaft of my prick. She stared at my cock with rapt attention as she gripped it and squeezed lightly.

I stared down at her with total lust as she stroked it a few times before sliding her fingers all the way to the base, pulling the loose skin taut, and squeezing the base tightly. My cock stood proudly at attention, every vein straining and bulging, and the mushroom head glowing a bright angry red.

Her eyes glowed with the delight of a little girl finding a lost treasure. She looked up at my face, her eyes fiercely locking on mine as she brought her face forward. Her mouth opened as her eyes brazenly dared me to be the first to break the eye contact. Her soft lips pressed into the fat head of my prick and ever so slowly slid downward over the head and onto the shaft. She took more of my cock into her mouth, her blazing eyes staring into mine with an unbreakable hold.

“Oh hon–” I gasped as she swallowed the entire six and a half inch length of my cock, relaxing her throat to take the last inch. I stared in fascination at how stretched her lips were around the base of my pulsing cock. Her throat swallowed, eyes fluttering briefly as she exquisitely massaged the head of my cock. Keeping a strong suction, her lips slid back up my root, causing a shiver of goose bumps to rush over my entire body.

“Gaahh,” she croaked unintelligibly as she pulled back and my cock left her lips. She stroked me a few more times, spreading her saliva all over the soft stretched skin of my cock, a pleased smile on her face at seeing my eyes close in pleasure. Her eyes returned to my cock as she leaned forward again, using her hand to bounce my cock on her outstretched tongue several times, the wet slapping sounds echoing in the small bathroom. She loved to tease me this way, mimicking the actions of the women giving blowjobs in the porno movies we often watched together.

I gripped the towel bar tighter as she took my cock back into her mouth. Her head began moving up and down on my shaft, her hand and mouth working together in perfect unison. I absolutely loved her technique. Of all the lovers I have had, she was by far the best cocksucker. She escort maltepe stroked and sucked me for a few minutes, slowly picking up the pace, making my balls tighten as I approached orgasm.

She pulled back once more and said, “God, I fucking love your fat cock!”

I reached down and gripped her by the hair, pushing her face back down on my cock, impatient with her teasing tactics. I could see the faint trace of a smile on her lips as she took me back inside her sucking mouth. I gripped her hair tightly, pushing and pulling her mouth on and off my aching prick.

“Yeah baby, that’s it. Take it all the way down. Suck it good. You like that don’t you?” I asked. Talking dirty to her turned me on even more. “You love me fucking your mouth like this, don’t you? Huh?!?” I urged. The more forceful I got the harder she sucked. “Come on, slut! Tell me!”

She squealed around my cock and nodded her head vigorously as her hand came off my ass, disappearing under the water between her legs. She moaned on my prick as she sucked strongly, her pace never faltering. Her cheeks sucked inward so that the insides of her cheeks slid back and forth along my length. As her head plunged up and down on my manhood, every inch of it felt pleasure, from base to tip. I began to thrust my hips into her face while holding her head still. I could feel myself quickly approaching a huge orgasm. My cock muffled her squeal as she rubbed her pussy hard and fast, frantically trying to cum with me.

I could feel myself about to go over the edge and said in a hoarse desperate whisper, “Oh baby, your gonna make me cum. Oh, yes. Fuck. Please don’t- Oh. Don’t stop baby!”

She moaning was almost hysterical now, sending mad vibrations shooting through my quivering body.

“Oh fuck yes!” I said in a long drawn out moan. “Here is comes baby. Now, now, NOW!” I wailed, causing her to squeal and look up at my face intently to watch my expressions as I went over the edge.

I pulled my hand out of her hair and removed my cock from her mouth. Grabbing my cock, I stroked it madly. She gulped in a breath of air, as I jacked my slick cock millimeters from her opened mouth. I could feel her hot breath as she panted on my cockhead, her fingernails tickling my tight ball pouch softly. I grunted gruffly as I felt my brain explode with pure ecstasy. The first thick spurt of cum landed inside her open mouth, leaving a white trail along her tongue and lower lip. I faintly heard her high-pitched squeal and the loud sloshing of the water between her legs as her climax ferociously slammed her body. The next two spurts of cum landed on her lips and nose, causing her to blow little cum bubbles from her nostrils as she panted madly through her own intense orgasm.

The last few small spurts of cum landed on her chin and quickly dripped off onto her heaving breasts as she moaned in relief. I squeezed my cock at the base and slowly slid my hand forward, milking the last bit of cum out of my cock and onto her out-stretched tongue. I let the air out of my lungs in a rush, leaning forward to brace myself against the wall, the tile cold against my forehead. Her small hands came up and gripped my cock as she rubbed it back and forth across her cheeks, spreading my thick cum around in white trails before pushing it into her mouth.

“God. I never get over how yummy your cum tastes,” she said softly as her eyes opened and she grinned up at me.

“And I never get over how good you suck me,” I replied.

“Mmm, anytime you want it lover, you just let me know!”

“I’m gonna hold you to that,” I warned.

“You do that,” she giggled. “Now shut up and hold me.”

I chuckled and put my hand on her head, stroking her wet, matted hair gently. Her arms wrapped around my waist as she pulled me into her tightly, her breasts pressing into my upper thighs and balls while her cheek grazed my lower belly. I gripped the wall, fighting to stay up, feeling weak and exhausted. She pulled one leg in toward her and I got each of my legs up and over hers so that I could slide down into the tub next to her, causing the water to overflow and splash onto the bathroom floor. Our wet bodies slid sensuously back and forth against each other as we cuddled. She laid her head in the crook of my arm, her wet hair laying over my shoulder and chest.

“We should have gotten a bigger tub,” I laughed as we slowly drifted off to a relaxed slumber, both of us warm, satisfied, and extremely content just to lie there as long as we liked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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