She Got What She Wished For

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It had been almost six months since Kim’s husband had left her to satisfy his masochistic fetishes with a select group of sadistic women and men operating throughout the country. Jane smiled; it was now nearly four months since Kim, her stunning Afro-American lover, and she had begun their lesbian relationship. Jane was nervous, but thought of Kim, as she busied herself needlessly tidying the lounge in preparation for Kim’s daughter’s visit. She knew Kim’s daughter well, she had been her teacher at school, and, sometimes it had took all her willpower not to beg to suck her cunt in class. Jane guessed Elle must be nearly twenty now and shivered involuntarily, as she remembered the countless rumours that Elle was a dominatrix.

As the doorbell rang, Jane had a moment of panic as she thought, “God I hope she hasn’t brought a slave!”

Kim got up from the breakfast bar and moved to answer the door, but as she glanced at Jane, she stopped, turned, and walked towards her. Kim smiled, kissed her passionately, and whispered, “She will not have brought a slave.”

Kim finally opened the door as Elle rang the bell for the third time and Elle exclaimed, “You took your fucking time, mom. What were you doing, sucking each other’s cunt?”

Kim smiled and replied, “Actually we were kissing, Jane was nervous you may have brought a pet.”

Elle laughed loudly and said, “God no, he is tied up.”

Jane opened her mouth intending to ask politely what her pet was doing, when Kim said, “She means that literally.”

Jane’s mouth fell open as she gasped, “Oh!”

The three women sat down on the veranda for coffee and Kim asked Elle if she had a permanent hapless male at present.

“No, but it will not be long. I can smell real sub missives.” Elle answered.

As they drank, Jane was intrigued at how Elle got sexual satisfaction from dominating a man and nervously asked, “How often do you let then, eh, you know, fuck you?”

Elle looked horrified and replied, “Fuck no, never! I get my kicks from seeing them degraded, punished or fucking themselves. Obeying my orders without question, that is what turns me on.”

Jane looked perplexed and asked tentatively, “So that makes you orgasm?”

Elle smiled and said, “God no, no man has ever even got me wet!”

Jane was mystified and looked at Kim, but Kim just shrugged her shoulders.

Confused, Jane asked, “So when do you react sexually? When was the last time your pussy spontaneously ran with your juices? Go on tell us. You can’t shock us.”

However, Jane was wrong.

Elle, after a long silence, said calmly, “I think the last time must have been watching you sit on the desk and sexily cross your legs, remember, you did it every class. It was so sensual, I fucking near orgasmed, I so wanted you to suck my cunt.”

Both Jane and Kim stared at Elle and then at each other. A burning desire to suck and finger Elle’s cunt swept over both of them.

Elle knew what her mother and Jane were thinking and blurted out, “I’m not a lesbian though, I’m not, I can’t be.”

Kim almost imperceptibly nodded at Jane and Jane stood up and walked towards Elle. Jane held out her hand, Elle took it, and slowly Jane guided Elle to her feet.

Elle was still protesting that it was impossible that she was a lesbian, when Jane’s lips and then her tongue brushed Elle’s lips. Elle parted her lips, and as Jane’s tongue entered her mouth, she sucked on the invading tongue. Jane slowly moved her lips down and began to kiss Elle’s neck. As Elle’s breathing quickened, Jane began unbuttoning her blouse. Elle offered no resistance as her blouse slipped off her shoulders and fell to the floor. As her bra followed the blouse, Jane gently tongued Elle’s nipples, and she moaned with carnal desire.

Kim moved behind her daughter and, lifting her skirt, gently caressed her daughter’s ass, before gently pushing her hand between her thighs and then upward towards Elle’s vagina. Almost imperceptibly, Elle opened her legs slightly, giving her mother access to her most intimate parts. Kim was shocked how wet her daughter’s cunt was, and pulling her panties down, she spread her ass cheeks, started to tongue her daughter’s rosebud and guided her fingers to play with her daughter’s clitoris. Elle was panting, but as Kim’s fingers entered her daughter’s cunt, Elle screamed in ecstasy and her cunt began to spasm.

Jane held Elle as finally she said, “Fuck that was fucking awesome.”

Slowly Elle took her mother’s hand and guided both women towards the bedroom.

Dawn found Kim sat at the dining table drinking her coffee. She was deep in thought, she had lost count of the number of times fingers, and tongues had penetrated her cunt and anus invariably inducing extreme orgasms. Neither could she remember the number of cunts nor anus’ she had fingered, licked and sucked, but she thought that the vaginal nectar of her daughter was a gift from the ancient goddesses.

Jane, wearing only panties, disrupted her thoughts as she came into the dining room. Jane anime porno stopped besides her and French kissed her, before making her way to the kitchen for her coffee. Kim’s pussy almost orgasmed with the greeting and as Jane returned, Kim found herself wishing that Jane would crawl under the table, between her legs and suck her cunt once more.

“Maybe,” she thought, “if I commanded her to suck my cunt, she would obey!” Kim looked at Jane and shook her head slowly.

“Where the fuck did those fantasies come from! I’m not into taking Jane against her will!” Kim thought as she flushed slightly.

Jane looked at Kim, she sensed she was having a mental battle, and asked, “Are you worried we should not have had a threesome with your daughter?”

“Shit no, I now realise she is definitely a lesbian like me, but,” she paused, and then added, “I also know she is dominant; much too dominant for you or me, but that is not a problem, we just say no!”

They were both laughing as Kim stood up and said, “I suppose I should go and wake her.”

Kim crept into the bedroom and gazed at her daughter. She was just thinking how beautiful her daughter looked, when Elle rolled over, displaying her naked body. Kim’s cunt tingled as thoughts of caressing her daughter’s tits, her cunt, or her feet took precedence in her mind.

She looked down at her daughter, as an urge to suck her daughter’s beautiful toes overwhelmed her. She knelt down at the end of the bed and slowly lowered her mouth to her daughter’s toes. Separating the toes, she began to lick and suck each toe in turn. Kim realised that her cunt was rapidly dampening and thought I never would have guessed I had a foot fetish.

“Neither would I,” Elle said nonchalantly. Then she added, “However you asked for it, I ordered you to do it, and so you did it!”

Kim just stared at her daughter as if petrified.

Elle laughed and said, “I have a mind gift, I can read minds and question them. I can then direct them to do what I want. The problem is my pets will only do the tasks I set, if he or she, deep down inside wants to do them. Oh, and I must be talking to them personally. It does not always work at a distance, like this morning when I ordered you to get Jane to crawl under the table and suck your cunt.”

Elle sighed, before continuing, “Yesterday, deep inside you wanted to fuck me, so did Jane. Therefore, I ordered you to, surprise, you two did, and it was fucking great. Now, I prefer my rosebud licked to my feet.”

Suddenly Kim had a crushing urge to lick her daughter’s ass.

Kim jumped up and screamed, “No, you can’t make me.”

Elle laughed and said, “It is so much more difficult when a pet knows what I am doing.”

Kim stood and went to sit at the dressing table, her head in her hands and asked, “Can you tell my deepest darkest desires?”

Elle laughed and said, “Usually something you have hidden remains hidden. You have to be thinking about it for me to know. Now your problem is, having asked that question, all your darkest desires came into your mind.”

Kim gasped, “Oh Fuck No!”

Continuing Elle said, “You really want to taste Jane’s piss? I will see what I can do!”

Kim groaned, buried her head even further into her hands, as her daughter left the bedroom, and joined Jane at the table, she kissed Jane passionately and said, “Thank you for last night.”

The girl’s conversation through breakfast ranged from the latest fashions, particularly in intimate apparel, to what they would like to do after breakfast. As Jane indicated that she would like to go shopping, Kim said, “Well, we can all take the masochist’s inheritance out for a spin.”

Elle screamed, jumped up, and yelled, “Shit! He’s still tied up!”

She took her iphone from her handbag and looking up, she called, “Shit you have a visitor; I’ll do this from the bedroom.”

Jane looked out of the window to see their next-door neighbour walking up the driveway and both Jane and Kim scrambled to get dressed.

Elle soon organised another dominatrix to release her slave and take him home for the weekend. Dressed only in panties and t-shirt, Elle crept out of the bedroom and surreptitiously watched and listened to the conversation with the neighbour. Elle could only describe her as very attractive, voluptuous; she guessed she was in her early forties, even very late thirties, but she sensed something was being left unspoken.

“Why,” she asked herself, “was her makeup as though she was going out on an important dinner date, and why was she wearing black stockings and four inch heels, this early in the morning.

The neighbour, Camille, suddenly looked nervous as she said, “Yesterday I watched you have a lesbian orgy on the back deck.”

Elle gasped, “She wants to indulge in lesbian sex! Well I’ll give her one.”

As Camille continued, evidently worried about the effect of such sexually explicit displays on her son and daughter, Elle raced into her mother’s bedroom, discarding her t-shirt, she grabbed asyalı porno the highest pair of heels she could find. Elle noisily left the bedroom dressed only in panties and heels. She stood sexily at the top of the four or five stairs leading down to the lounge. She was in full view of Camille, her mind feverishly communicating her orders.

As Elle walked provocatively down the stairs, Kim smiled, as Camille slowly stood, unmoving. Kim realised Camille was obeying her daughter’s instructions.

Elle sat down at the table, crossed her legs, and said, “Carry on.”

Slowly Camille lowered her hands to the sides of her tight skirt and wriggling her ass she started to ease the skirt past her voluptuous hips. Mother, daughter and lover watched Camille reveal more and more of her thighs, as inch by inch her black lace topped stockings came into view. Camille turned around and bent forward and her skimp red thong appeared, the material of the thong buried deep between her ass cheeks, although Jane gasped at the almost perfect camel toe.

Finally, the skirt was bunched up around Camille’s waist and she stood up and at the same time turned to face Elle. Camille bent her knees, spreading her thighs wide and, holding her thong away from her pussy, she began to rub and squeeze her own clitoris as Elle watched dispassionately. Suddenly Camille tore the thong from her body and cast it towards Elle. Elle smiled and picked it up, smelling the saturated material, before nodding to Camille.

Camille was now rubbing and fingering her cunt ferociously, but she turned away again, knelt down, her head on the floor, her ass held obscenely high. Her free arm reached around and Camille drove two fingers into her own ass.

Jane almost at the point of orgasm gasped as three, then four fingers replaced the two fingers until finally Camille was fisting her own ass. Camille screamed as the orgasm began to build and she rammed her other fist into her cunt. Moments later Camille’s cunt and ass were engulfed in an extreme orgasm, she collapsed quivering on to the floor, uncontrollably pissing, and squirting. Camille lay in her own bodily juices as the last convulsions raked her body, slowly painfully withdrawing her fists from her cavernous anus and from her swollen cunt. Camille lay panting on the floor for several minutes before she got to her feet and stood unsteadily in front of Elle.

Elle already knew that Camille desperately wanted to be fucked by her son and to suck and finger her daughter’s cunt, but in addition, she had the fantasy of her son and husband fucking the ass and cunt of her daughter while the daughter sucked on her mother’s cunt.

Elle asked sharply, “How old are your son and daughter?”

Camille replied, “Michael is twenty and Pauline was eighteen yesterday. George, my husband, and I are having a family get together tonight to celebrate.”

Elle paused then said, “Invite me! Now listen carefully, you will wear the shortest flared skirt and the highest heels you possess, together with a half-cupped bra and a top with a plunging neckline. That type of stockings is okay but no panties. Now leave.”

As Camille closed the front door behind her, Jane and Kim were stunned. Kim stood up folding her arms and in that stern voice only a mother can use, said, “If you ever make us….” but Elle interrupted and said, “Remember, she wanted to, I am not my sister’s keeper!”

Their followed a long silence before Kim and Jane got up to shower together. Elle smiled and whispered to her mother, “You are in luck.” Then smiling, and in a much louder voice called, “And remember no pissing in the shower.” However, both women were experiencing the urge to piss on the other and Kim smiled, shaking her head.

Later as Jane and Kim left on their shopping expedition, Elle settled back on the lounge, pondering what she had to do before the party. Her number one priority was to establish all the other supposed participants actually wanted roughly the same as their mother. Elle smiled as she thought men think a lot more about their inner sexual ambitions when staring at a woman’s naked breasts.

Elle was soon sunbathing topless in the garden and she soon confirmed the men’s intentions were similar to the mothers. As Elle was talking to Michael, Pauline approached them wearing her bikini. She was pretty and her body, although not fully developed was voluptuous like her mother’s. Michael’s shorts twitched as his prick responded to his sister approach but Elle just smiled, she knew Pauline wanted to sunbathe topless.

“Hi, why don’t you come over here and join me.” Elle asked in response to Pauline’s nervous nod of her head. The two girls were soon on sun loungers, topless and talking aimlessly. That is until Elle said, “What’s your boyfriend up to today?”

Pauline flushed and replied, “I don’t have one.”

Elle smiled, an impression of mock horror on her face, and said, “You’re not into girls are you?”

“No!” Pauline shouted and then she realised Elle was joking and giggled.

“Good” backroom casting porno Elle said nonchalantly, “I thought you may want oral sex!”

Both girls laughed before Pauline said, “I’ve never had oral sex,” she paused and added, “In fact, I have never had sex!”

Elle looked at Pauline, her nipples were hard, and her legs moved constantly trying to relieve the ache in her pussy.

Elle concentrated as she thought, “Michael, get your ass over here.”

After a pause Elle asked, “Are you a virgin?”

Pauline nodded, and asked, “Does it hurt when a boy breaks it?”

“Yes, it stings, but it soon goes away, especially if the guy does not keep banging you just trying to ejaculate,” Elle replied with a smile.

Just then, Michael arrived and said, “Hi guys.” He hesitated for a long time, while he stared at his sister’s naked breasts, and then added, “What you two talking about?”

Elle said casually, “Oral sex!”

“Oh, I’ve never had that!” he said.

Elle laughing asked, “Never had a blow job, or never sucked pussy?”

“Neither,” Michael replied.

Somewhat astonished, Elle said, “Okay, let me teach you how to really satisfy a woman with your tongue!” She paused and added, “Pauline, take your panties off!”

Pauline hesitated, but as Elle, thought, “Take your panties off, and spread your fucking legs,” Pauline obeyed and quickly slid her panties down, cast them aside, and spread her legs.

“Now Michael, lie between your sister’s legs, your mouth close to your sister’s pussy,” Elle instructed. As he complied Elle continued, “Now with your thumbs gently, I said gently, separate your sister’s pussy lips. You see that button just above that heavenly hole?”

Michael nodded as he croaked “Yes.”

Elle giggled and then said, “Lesbian literature says that you now pretend the tip of your tongue is a pen and you write each letter of the alphabet on and around that button. Do it in script!”

Michael began to tongue his sister’s cunt. By the time, Michael had reached the letter ‘e’, Pauline was moaning with pleasure. Michael realising the effect on his sister, dedicated himself to her and by the letter ‘q’ Pauline’s body convulsed continuously with ecstasy. Pauline, panting, finally pushed Michael’s mouth away from her cunt and pulled his mouth to hers, where brother and sister began kissing passionately.

Elle, coughed politely and thought, “To thank your brother properly, I think you should give your brother a blowjob.”

Elle looked for any sign of resistance to her order, but there was none. Michael quickly led on his back and Pauline, taking out his prick, hungrily began to suck it, taking more and more into her mouth with each stroke. It was only seconds before Michael ejaculated into his sister’s mouth. Pauline held the spunk in her mouth and looking up she tried to ask Elle what she should do as spunk trickled from her mouth.

Elle smiled and said, “You can swallow it, you can let it dribble on to your tits, or, I suppose, you can kiss your brother and share it with him!”

Brother and sister began to kiss passionately. As spunk trickled down both their faces, Pauline reached down to Michael’s prick and fondled the hardening phallus.

Michael looked at Pauline and said, “Can I fuck you?” Pauline smiled and replied, “Please, please fuck me!”

Michael jumped up desperately trying to remove his shorts, while Pauline lay down, and opened her legs.

Michael took hold of his prick and guided it to the entrance of his sister’s pussy. As Pauline felt, her cunt lips being stretched, she whispered, “Be gentle, I’m a virgin!” Michael stopped his onslaught for the space of a heartbeat, before he tried to push his prick into his sister’s cunt. His penis had only just entered the lips when Michael felt the resistance of the hymen. He pushed, but the hymen refused to break, he pushed again harder, but again the hymen refused him entry. Stealing himself he pushed again even harder, but his sister tensed and he stopped pushing.

“For fuck’s sake,” Elle screamed, and with her foot she push Michael ass toward his sister’s cunt as hard as she could. Pauline yelped, but her brother’s cock slipped smoothly into her cunt. Elle kept pushing on Michael’s ass until she saw his sister start to move her hips.

Elle turned away and walking into the house she thought, “Michael, long slow strokes, very slowly getting faster and harder”

Elle slumped onto the lounge as the sound of brother and sister orgasming echoed around the garden.

That evening, Elle had chosen to wear stylish clothes in contrast to the slutty apparel Camille had been told to wear and soon she was standing at the door of the neighbour’s house. Elle rang the doorbell, she was excited, and felt as though something momentous was about to happen. Elle laughed and thought I am hardly going to meet someone special at an incestuous orgy.

However, Elle was wrong!

As the door opened, her mouth opened in shock, she was face to face with a stunning blonde girl, slightly older than she was. The woman smiled as Elle, unable to take her eyes off her thought, I wonder if she is in a relationship, a lesbian, does she like me, would she have sex with me, my life would be complete if I could have a long relationship with her!

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