She Stood Too Close

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She stood too close

“You are way into my personal space girl; you know that don’t you? I don’t mind really, I actually like it, but I cannot be responsible for the consequences. Ah, I love your perfume.”

“You are kidding, this isn’t close. This is close!”

“Your eyes are so inviting, so kissable. Would you mind?”

“Do I have to close them, like this? Hmm, that is so nice and tender. Do it again, they have not been kissed like this in years.”

“If you come closer it is even easier. Yes, that’s it. Oh, is that your breast I feel against my arm? You smile, so it was on purpose!”

“Hey! Take our hand off! You said I could trust you.”

“Trust me to do what? Not react to your breast rubbing my arm. How can I not, I am not made out of stone. I know you are married, and so am I, so you can trust me not to tell, but that may be all you can count on if you don’t move away. You are pretty, tall, and lanky the way I like women. And you have great legs that I would love to slide my hands up on to that sweet butt of yours.”

“You wouldn’t dare! Would you? It is incredibly quiet here in the corner of this park. Do I need to worry? Hey those are my breasts!”

“Yup, and I like them a lot, both of them. I love touching them and would love to kiss them. So unless you tell me clearly not to do something I am going to continue!.

“But, but …..”.

“Just say “no” or “stop’ if I do anything you don’t want. But silence or lack of protest I will take as consent for what I do! ataşehir escort Like palming your breasts right now.”

“But I am a married woman.”

“Does that mean I cannot like your breasts? They feel lovely! Here let me slip my hand under your sweater. By the way, I am a married man.”

“You popped my bra! That is my nipple! Ooh!”

“Just stay close, and I will pop more than just our bra.”

“You like me more because I am married? I have a child too, so you are too late to pop my cherry.”

“Did you read my mind about what I want to do with you? I know I am too late for your cherry, nor do I care. All I want to do is have you the way you are right now, lovely, mature, experienced, and delicious. Let me taste your lips!”

“You cannot just … Ooh.”


“See that was not so bad. I promise I will not tell your husband how deliciously you move your tongue.”

“Then I will not tell your wife…. Is that your hand on my bum? Why are you lifting my skirt? “

“That is just so I can hold you better when we try this one more time ……..”


“Ok, let’s try one more time to make sure we both like it.”

“Are you sure? And why is your hand now in my panties? Where is this going to stop? Oh, hmmmm.”


“Ok, now please stand still, and don’t move!”

“What are you going down on your knees for? Why are you raising my skirt? That’s my slip you are pulling on!”

“Lift your foot, now the other. So that was easy. Oh, I love a pussy with just a kadıköy escort bayan bit of hair.”

“What are you doing? Don’t lift my skirt! Those are my thighs you are kissing!”

“Shhh, just stand still if you can, lean your shoulders against the tree behind you and move your bum a bit forward and spread your legs a bit. Yes, that’s it!”

“What? Oh! Don’t kiss me there! My husband doesn’t do this to me anymore, he says it is only for young people. So maybe you should not either. Oooh that is nice!”

“Do you want me to stop? I have not heard a “no” or “stop” yet. Just say the word. Otherwise I will keep going.”

“Is that your tongue? Don’t lick me there. You are making me wet. Hmmm, yes, yes!”

“Isn’t that amazing? I love the way you taste, so clean, so delicious. Let me just suck your clit a bit. Oh yes, yummm.”

“Yes, there, a bit more. Yes, yes, that is delicious. Oh hmmmm. Yes, go, go! …….. Why did you stop?”

“When I get up I want you to stay like this, ok? With your legs spread a bit and you hips forward.”

“Did you take out your penis? No, you cannot do that! I am a married woman, and I have never been with another man. Oh wow, that looks big! Will it fit?”

“Time to find out, sweetie. I bet it will.”

“Oh no, the tip went in just like that! Oh wow, that feels wonderful, how it stretches me, I can feel it. Wow that is warm!”

“Just stand still, and let it happen.”

“Are you going to make love to me, fuck me? I have not said yes, because I am married!”

“What escort maltepe do you think? You did not say no, and I am already an inch inside you.”

“I think you are too. If I said no now, would that stop you, or will you have your way with me anyway? Oh, that was a bit of a push. I can feel it slide in a bit more just like that.”

“You can still say “stop” or “no don’t do that”, but I would prefer if you just hold me and kiss me. Do you feel my hands on your naked bum? Yes, move forward a bit and take me deeper into yourself. Yes move forward and down like that. Do you feel it go deeper? And now I’ll take you all the way.”

“Nooohh. Yes, yes, oh wow, you are all the way in! Pull it out a bit, and in. Oh yes, stroke me deep and hard, and hold me close!”

“I am so smitten with you. I wish we could do this for hours, but right now I won’t last long.”

“No worry, I am close too. Please just do it, take me, give me.”

“If you talk like that, move like that, I may come in ten strokes or less.”

“Ooh, yes, please do! Go, go, go!. Kiss me and do it, do it, do it now!”


“Two, one, Ooooh, ooh, aahh. Do you feel it”

“Aah, yes, yes, that is so deep, it feels like it went all the way into my womb. Ooohh wow, wow.”

“Aah yes, come with me, milk me!”

“I love squeezing you so deep inside me.”


“Now you know you what happens when you are way too close.”

“Well you were quick to take advantage of that, I should have said no, but I am happy you did! I can still feel you throbbing inside me. Aah, this was so delicious, the best sex in a long time. We should do this in a bed sometime.”

“I hope there is a next time too. Now kiss me, please, one more time.”

“Ok, as long as next time I get to taste you too!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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