She’s Gotta Have It

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Angelica is gorgeous.

She is half Black, half Dutch ancestry. Beautiful mocha skin color. Tall, breasts not huge but not tiny. More of an angular build than voluptuous, but still feminine. Like a model’s figure.

Which is perfect, because she is a model.

World class. Top brands. Nude for special occasions.

Spends weeks at a time jet-setting to the biggest shows. Magazine spreads. Interviews. Special events for special fans.

Big time. Big money. Big demands on her.

She has no time for anything but work work work.

When she finally makes it home for a week or two, she wants only one thing: sex sex sex.

Anything less than a Humping All Nighter simply would not do. When Angelica completed her client profile for Dr G’s escort services, she laid it out for him:

“I work 80-hour weeks, for weeks on end. I have no time for a vibrator, let alone a boyfriend. Sometimes I go months without having a man inside of me.”

“When I am with you, I will need to make up for lots of lost humping. I’ve gotta have it. You will need to give it to me over and over again, all night long.

“If you can do that, you’ve got a client.”

That was three years ago.

Since then he has given it to her, every time.

Everything is ready for tonight: food in the frig. Wine in the ice. Rose incense burning. Cappuccino up. Lights low. Seal’s greatest hits on the audio.

At 8pm sharp Angelica strides out of the elevator to Dr G’s penthouse. A smile. A kiss. A hug. No small talk needed.

She’s gotta have it. Now.

Dr G has Angelica standing in his luxurious shower, ataşehir escort bayan with her back to the rotating massage spray. It is pleasuring the back of her neck and shoulders while he pleasures her in the front.

He soaps the front of her neck and shoulders. Gentle rubbing, gentle massage. Rinse.

He moves to her breasts. Gentle rubbing, gentle massage. Squeeze one, squeeze the other. Squeeze them both. Caress her nipples with the palms, caress her nipples with the fingers. Gentle rubbing, gentle massage. Rinse.

He moves to her belly. Both hands on her belly. Gentle rubbing, gentle massage. Hands move to her hips, and around to her buttocks. Gentle rubbing, gentle massage. Squeeze.

Hands down to her thighs. First one leg, then the other. Caresses her crotch as he switches from one leg to the other. Gentle rubbing, gentle massage. Squeeze. Caress. Caress again.

As he washes her clit and the lips to her opening, he places his mouth on a nipple and sucks gently. Gentle sucking, gentle stroking. First one nipple, then the other. Sucking, stroking. Sucking, stroking.

He knows she is starting to take off, but he is not ready to let her launch yet. He gets down on his knees and fervently tongues her clit. Two stiff fingers easily penetrate her deeply. She places both hands on the back of his head and grinds her crotch against his mouth. He can tell by her breathing that she wants to cum badly…

… and that’s when he rises and in one motion presses against her, driving his enormous hard-on into her. She lifts her legs and wraps her thighs around his escort kadıöy pelvis, pushing him into her deeper and deeper. He wraps his arms around her buttocks for support. Feet planted firmly, he drives himself deeper and deeper into her, pushing her hard against the shower wall.

The shower spray washes over their heaving bodies like a wild fountain. Breathing gradually returns to normal. They untangle with smiles and affectionate kissing. They exit the shower and wrap themselves in big fluffy towels. Time for dinner.

She had to have it. He gave it to her. And the night is young.

It’s 12 midnight. The remnants of a delicious dinner are scattered about Dr G’s bedroom: dinner plates. Salad plates. Wine glasses Coffee mugs.

Dessert is in progress. Angelica is lying on her back on his bed. She is naked and tied spread eagle, each limb bound comfortably with a silk scarf to a corner bedpost. A soft cotton mask covers her eyes.

Her entire focus is on the penis that is oh-so-delicately beckoning at her opening. Her wide and wet opening,

She’s gotta have it. Now. But she’s gonna have to ache for it first.

Dr G takes the tip of his very hard penis and inserts it just a bit into her opening. Her very wet opening. It quickly becomes covered with her juices. He then rubs it over her engorged clit, up and down, and all around. Then around her vaginal lips, up and down, and all around.

Around her clit. Around her opening. Around and round. Then into her, just a bit.

Shallow, slow thrust, back and forth.

Shallow, slow thrust, back and forth.

Shallow, maltepe escort slow thrust, back and forth.


Then in deeper. Deep, and slow.

Deep and slow, back and forth.

Deep and slow, back and forth.

Deep and slow, back and forth.


Angelica’s entire body tenses. Strains at her ties.


… so he plunges in deep and hard

Deep hard fast deep hard fast deep hard fast

The echoes of their cries fade as their breathing returns to normal.

He removes her blindfold and unties her. They kiss, they cuddle.

She had to have it. He gave it to her. And the night is not over.

It’s 8am. Dr G is lying naked on his back on the bed. Angelina is also naked, and straddling his hips to lower herself onto his enormous hard-on, while facing him.

The limousine will be there in just thirty minutes to take her to the airport. She should be getting dressed and ready to leave.

But she’s gotta have it. Now.

With him fully inside her, she uses her thighs to ride him up and down. Vaginal muscles squeeze him to get him bigger and harder. Bigger and harder bigger and harder bigger and harder.

She leans forward to let him taste her nipples. Sucking, sucking. Squeezing, both hands, Sucking and squeezing.

He feels her start to vibrate and moves one hand from her breast onto her clit. Very swollen clit. Rubs it as she rides, rubs it as she rides. Still sucking and squeezing.

Their night of humping ends with a glorious climax together. Still savoring the feel of him inside of her, she dismounts from him and speeds into the shower. Then a quick hug, a quick kiss, and a quick exit to her waiting ride.

But definitely time to book him for their next night together. No doubt she’s gonna wanna have it, and he’s gonna give it to her, as he always does.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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