Silas’ Baby Ch. 01

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Author’s Note:

The characters in this story are 18 years old, the legal age of consent in the United States. They are completely fictional. Any resemblance to any real person or persons is purely coincidental.

If you like what you see in this story, and would like to see more, please vote, and remember to comment, letting me know what you like and don’t like about the story itself

Chapter 1 – Unbeknownst to Him

Silas had loved Trinity from almost the moment he met her during their freshman year of high school. She had loved him almost as long. They had spent all their time together for most of the last 4 years and were as in love as two people can truly be. Now that they had both graduated high school, and were adults, they decided that they wanted to be together forever; they were even going off to the same college together in the fall. That is why, today, he agreed to go on a romantic picnic with her out in a meadow despite the fact that he did not really enjoy the wilderness.

She picked him up in her car. The entire picnic lunch was packed in a basket, which was now sitting in her back seat. A smile graced her lips as he took his place in her passenger side front seat. Her dark brown hair hung free, silky and soft against her fair skin. Her blue eyes sparkled with a fierce intensity. Silas just grinned back at her, knowing that she had planned this trip so the two of them could spend some special time together before college started next year.

“Hey Trin, you look so happy today,” he proclaimed, kissing her intently. His eyes gazed into hers and he knew then that he loved this woman so much that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Their lives twinned together as a single entity in eternal happiness. In that momentary gaze he could see within her the same burning love that he was feeling, returned to him.

“Sil, I love you so much, that is why I have planned this special time together. I have planned a lot of things for us to do today,” she said pulling the car back out into traffic and toward their destination.

It was a nice sunny day out, and the hour long trip into the countryside was a nice diversion from the day to day business he had going on which wasn’t actually that much since school had let out. Trinity was being quite secretive and quiet, so it gave him time to think about his life, and what he wanted to do.

Before too long he was pulled from his reverie as she pulled into a parking spot at the edge of a nice wooded area. They got out of the car, Silas pulling the supplies from the back seat, and began their hike to this meadow she wanted to picnic in. Silas put his hand into hers and they marched on, completely in loves sweet euphoria. They trekked hand in hand for almost 10 minutes before coming out in the meadow.

Silas spread the blanket out on a flat piece of earth, placed the basket upon it, and seated Trinity before taking a seat across from her. Over the next hour they ate, talked, laughed, and enjoyed their time in the warm sun. The scent of wild flowers floated on the gentle breeze that was blowing. They finished their meal about the time the sun reached its zenith above them. Trinity smiled again, as she stared deeply into Silas’ eyes. There was something in that smile that betrayed what she was thinking, but Silas missed it, and smiled back, grinning his boyish grin.

Before he realized what was going on Trinity had pushed him flat on his back, and straddled him, her skirt draping down around them. A look of utter surprise crept across Silas’ face as she held escort ataşehir him down. It was not in the character he had come to know of her, but despite the surprise he felt himself begin to stir with feelings of lustful desire for her. She leaned down over him, kissing him firmly upon the lips, her hair tickling his nose, eliciting a giggle from within him. He intently kissed her back; his hands caressing her legs starting at the knee, and gliding slowly up until they were firmly planted on her back. Silas could smell the sweet musky aroma of Trinity, and curious, reached his right hand between her thighs, feeling her plumping pussy with his soft fingertips. He was surprised to find that again, against her normal character, that she was not wearing any panties, nor could she have been this entire trip as she had no opportunity to take them off. Her pussy was practically dripping, as it pressed against his now expanding manhood. The crotch of his pants was now damp with her sweet juices, his cock was literally straining to be released from the confines of his tan cargo pants.

“Hey Trin, you are making me so hot. What brought this on?” He inquired, barely able to breathe now.

As an answer she just placed a single finger upon his lips, and began unbuttoning her blouse, exposing her firm, b-cup breasts to the breeze, her nipples becoming slightly erect. Silas was so entranced at her forward behavior, and the beautiful sight before him, that he reached his arms up and pulled her to him, her nipples within reach of his mouth. He sucked on one, eliciting a growl of approval from her; the wetness leaking on his pants increased practically soaking him to the skin. He moved to the other and sucked it hard, causing it to firm up completely in his mouth. Trinity was panting, writhing in pleasure at his attentions.

Trinity sat back up some, and began to pull Silas’ shirt from his body. She stripped it off expertly, revealing the taut, toned torso of a skater. Reaching up, her spread fingers grasped his long blond hair, tugging gently; she leaned over him, biting gently on his own nipple. Silas was in heaven, he had never seen her so aggressive during sex, let alone control things like this, and it turned him on even more. He found that he like it when she took control, as much as he wanted to tackle her now and please her, he liked it more that she was showing such initiative.

Trinity moved with graceful ease, sliding down his body until she was nose to nose with the button of his pants. Deftly she unbuttoned them, and in a single motion, pulled both his cargos, and his boxers down, sliding them off. His 7.5 inch uncut, erect cock stood straight up, his foreskin pulled slightly back due to his complete arousal. Trinity wrapped her mouth around his cock, inserting her tongue between the foreskin and the head, swirling her tongue. Using her teeth, she gently nibbled his foreskin before rolling it back and forth over his head. Copious amounts of pre-cum began to leak from the tip of his cock, and she savored the taste. She removed her mouth from his now fully engorged dick, and began to stroke it, pulling the foreskin below his head, and then letting it pull back into place. The mechanics of it made her so hot, and she knew how good that cock felt when it was inside her. Deftly, and in one move, she took his cock back into her mouth, sliding down completely to its base, deep throating his meat. As if on autopilot, he began to try face fucking his sweet love, but she restrained his hips, and just teased him. Her hand massaged his shaved kadıköy escort balls, causing him to spasm a little.

Wanting more, and knowing he was too close she stopped suddenly. Trinity then laid back onto the blanket, and pulled Silas on top of her. Pushing the top of his head, she adamantly urged him to move down and taste her sweet crevice.

Silas didn’t need any prompting here, he loved this part, eating her sweet, tangy pussy, feeling her clit with his tongue. He was in heaven, swirling his tongue around her engorged nub, sending shivers up her spine. Silas slid his tongue down her slit on one side, and back up the other, before inserting it into her tight hole, the tang kicking his taste buds, driving him wild. Re-acquiring her clit with his tongue, he prodded her slick channel first with one finger, then two, stretching it out, preparing her for later. She gasped with pleasure as he found her g-spot and massaged it in time with his tongue. It wasn’t long until he was rewarded with her sweet nectar, while she tensed with a strong orgasm. Silas always gained some vicarious pleasure from making her cum this way, and it caused him to grow lustful, almost losing his mind in the moment.

Without waiting for her to completely recover, he knelt between her legs, his uncut cock, rigid with yearning, sitting at her well-lubricated opening. He brushed the tip against her clit, eliciting another shudder from her, before he penetrated her with great enthusiasm. She welcomed the feeling of his large cock entering her tight pussy, pulling him inside her as fast as she could. Silas didn’t worry about a condom, because Trinity had been on birth control since they first got together, and being monogamous with each other, there was no risk of disease. Even if this were not so, they were so intensely occupied with their lustful feelings that neither would have stopped to consider the consequences of their actions.

His cock deep inside her, he reached his head downward and grabbed a nipple in his mouth, massaging it between his lips, while licking it. His deep thrusting and talented mouth threw Trinity into another orgasmic explosion, which soaked them both. Trinity grabbed Silas by his long blond hair and pulled his lips to hers, tasting her juices upon them, and kissing him deeply as he continued to fill her so divinely.

“Silas, I want you to cum in me, I want to feel your virile seed splashing against my cervix!” she exclaimed wildly.

He sped up his thrusting, wanting to give her what she wanted. He loved cumming deep inside her pussy, pretending that he was impregnating her, even though he knew she couldn’t be, since she was on the pill. There was one other thing he loved about it too, which he thought about while he continued.

“Trin, I am gonna cum, here comes my seed, filling your womb!” he proclaimed seconds before the first explosion of white cream erupted from his cock, splashing against her cervix. He didn’t slow until he had release several more shots of his potent sperm deep inside her. They rested in each other’s embrace for a minute, his cock still inside her.

Eagerly, he pulled off of her as he regained his energy, and brought his head back down to her pussy, taking in the wonderful aroma of their mixed sex fluids. His cum mixed with hers, leaking out of her. He tentatively tasted it, before fully engaging in eating her out. He savored the flavor of their combined juices. All the while, he massaged her clit with a finger, managing to make her to cum one more time.

Finished with his dessert, maltepe escort bayan he pulled himself up next to Trinity, and they kissed passionately for what seemed like minutes. Each completely naked and covered in the fruits of their sexual encounter, they cuddled. If being naked, outside bothered either of them, neither one of them showed it. Before long they fell asleep in each other’s arms right there in the meadow on that blanket.

They awoke that evening, and the ride home was one of quite contentment. Trinity had gotten exactly what she wanted, and Silas was just as happy.

“Trin, that was amazing. I am glad you got me to come out of the house and spend time with you. It was an experience I will never forget. I love you so much, and I am glad we will get to spend the rest of our lives together.”

“Me too Silas. I am so happy that we are so good together. I am looking forward to a long, passionate relationship.”

Trinity dropped Silas off at his house just before dusk. They kissed one last time before she drove off, and he climbed the steps to his porch, entering the house.


It was several weeks later, when he came to pick her up for a date that she entered the car nervously. She wore a smile on her face, but something deeper than that showed through, Silas marked it as guilt when he looked at her.

“Trin, what is wrong?” he asked tentatively, unsure yet, what could be causing this distress in his love.

She broke out crying. “Don’t be mad at me Silas. Promise me you won’t be mad.”

“I could never be mad at you Trinity, just tell me what is wrong and we will work through it together, ” he assured her, putting his arm around her shoulders and pulling her closer to him.

Quelling her sobs as best as she could, she began to explain. “Silas, you remember that trip we took up to the meadow a few weeks ago?”

“I will never forget that day my love, it was amazing.” Suddenly Silas began thinking back, and wondering what about that day could be contributing to her guilty feelings.

“What you don’t know Silas is that I had stopped taking my birth control almost 2 months ago.”

Confusion crossed his face momentarily, and was quickly replaced with shocked awe and understanding of what she just said. He knew it instantly; she was pregnant with his baby. Despite what she thought though, he wasn’t mad, surprised sure, but not upset at all. It would mean a big change in their life. He would have to get a job, and a home for his new family. He could probably start community college in the fall instead of going to university, but he was ok with it.

“Trinity, I am not mad at you, I could never be mad at you, but you didn’t have to hide your intentions from me. Do you have any idea how often I have fantasized about impregnating you? The only reason I didn’t bring it up first, was that I thought you weren’t ready.”

“Sil, I am sorry, I just wanted to have a baby so badly, and I didn’t think you would go along with it, since we were both supposed to go off to school in the fall.”

“Don’t worry Trinity. I am going to get a job, I have a lot of computer skills. I can land something decent even without a degree. We will get an apartment for the family. I will make sure both you and the baby are taken care of. I can even start community college in the fall. Baby, I am so happy you are pregnant, I can’t wait to be a father.”

“I am so happy that I met you Silas. You are one of a kind. I think you will make an excellent father, and I promise I will never deceive you like this again. From now on, I will be straight forward when I want something.”

Silas pulled Trinity in closer, and pressed his lips firmly to hers, then pulled away from the curb, and took the now mother-to-be of his child out for a wonderful evening of fun, while he still could.

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