Soldiering to Union

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There I was walking in the door to my office, right on time. Double checking the watch on my wrist, yep, 5:30 AM. I am thinking, “Who goes to work this early? Oh, yeah, that’s right, I do. Damn military contract.” Don’t get me wrong, I was very proud to serve, loved my job actually, but morning person I am not and the military does everything at “O” to early. Anyway, after I get to work I realize I do like this shift because I can get a lot of work done before the rest of the crew rolls in. Then, I am off work by 3:30 PM to enjoy the rest of my day. So goes the cycle of my life at work.

One day, I get a visitor to my office as soon as I arrived. I am a little annoyed by the fact he is hovering before I even get my morning coffee. I mean, come on. Can a girl have some coffee and settle in at her desk? Check some e-mail? I whipped around after setting my keys down on the desk, hand on my right hip. I turned so fast, I could tell his eyes hadn’t been focused on the back of my head. I was wearing my usual, “dress blues” uniform – skirt hemmed just below the knee, short sleeve shirt adorned with my name tag and ribbons, sheer hose, and black patent leather two and a half inch heels. Working among lots of men, I preferred being easily identified within my gender group and dressed accordingly.

My dark brown hair, trimmed to just above the collar freely swayed when I tilted my head toward my right shoulder, “Can I help you?” I nearly sneered.

Taken a back by my attitude, he stammered a bit flashing a pair of lovely clear blue eyes my way, “I…uhh…I am starting in the training office this morning and they told me to see you.”

Realizing I would be working closely with this man, I decided it would be in my best interest to ease up and be nice. I was just in a mood anyway and it wasn’t his fault now, was it?

A quick once over told me his name was last name was Lawman (no one used first names on active duty; even friends called each other by their last name), he was in the security field, and we were the same rank (E-5). That is one thing I liked about my job, you could tell all you really needed to know professionally just my checking out the uniform the troop was wearing.

“Oh, I see, “I said flashing a smile and trying to apologize with my glassy green eyes, “Let me get you started with the transfer packet.”

I turned around and pulled a blank set of forms from my desk file drawer. I was certain I could feel him checking out my rear as he had a full view of it from across the counter. When I turned around he quickly shifted his eyes back to mine. I felt the heat hit my face from the excitement.

“Here, you need to complete the highlighted areas on each page and sign,” I instructed.

As he got lost in the paperwork, I pretended to be checking e-mail, but was taking a closer look at my new co-worker. High and tight soft brown hair, over six foot tall, and slender. Damn, I hated the fact that fatigues hid so much of the body and it was near impossible to know his actual build. Oh yeah, then there was the wedding ring on the left hand. I had no idea who his wife was, but suddenly I realized I was very jealous of her. I also quickly returned to my work, he was off limits. Damn!

The days and weeks, turned to months. Lawman and I worked closely together, but we left it at that. Yeah, sure there was pendik escort the casual flirting. Me walking down the tiled hall, my heels clicking away; him peaking his head out just to watch me go by asking why I didn’t stop in to chat. Him tapping away on the keyboard; me half leaning against and half sitting on his desk watching.

Things began to get more intense when we were both working a late night. As I was on my way out the back door, I saw he was still in…and alone.

For the first time, I saw him in just his black t-shirt he wore under his fatigue shirt, which was hanging on the back of the chair at this hour, “What are you doing?” I asked.

Stunned at the sudden break in silence, he turned to me, “No, what are you doing?”

After some idle chit chat, things turned personal. He revealed he was having problems at home. He was working late so he had some time away to think. He just wasn’t focused on his marriage like he should be.

“Why? I thought she was a great wife? I thought you were very much in love with her? What ab…”

“That is what I want people to think,” he interrupted, “Truth is, I have been thinking about you for months. More and more. I wonder where you are, what you are doing, if you are dating someone. All the time, I am thinking of you. Not her,” he looked very sad by this revelation, but also finally relieved he had said it. Then he looked to me waiting for a response.

My head now reeling from this information and my heart racing. I walked over and took his face in my hands. I wanted so badly to kiss him, instead, I said, “I have a lot about you too, but you need to think this through. You need to be sure you want to do this. We won’t be able to stop once we start. There will no going back to just being friends.”

He stood up so he was now towering over me looking in my eyes with a fierceness I had never seen from him before, “I have thought about it.”

In one motion he bent over, grabbed each one of my legs just behind the knee and picked me up like I weighed ten pounds. Caught off guard, I wrapped my arms around his neck to keep from falling back. I giggle nervously and he quickly planted his soft lips on mine. His kiss hot and, oh so inviting.

Regaining myself, I asked him to put me down. Almost feeling rejected, he demanded to know why.

“I told you to think about this very hard. IF we are going to take this to another level, I don’t want our first time together to be here, at the office. Go home, look at your wife, have a conversation with her. If you still think you want more with me, you know where I live.”

I didn’t even give him a chance to respond. I turned and darted out the door certain our encounter was a fleeting moment and he would get himself together, go home, and make love to his wife. Me? Another night alone.

After arriving home, I took a long hot shower. Every time I closed my eyes and let the hot water run over me, I could see his face and feel his kiss. I did ache for him. Was that wrong?

I settled into bed, the coolness of the sheets felt good against my naked body after the long shower. “What a day?” I thought. I was just ready for it to be over and I thought it was.

Just as I was drifting off, there was a tap on my window. In the darkness outside, I could see him. My heart began to race. I grabbed my fluffy maltepe escort white bath robe and was tying it around my waist as I arrived at the door.

I opened the door. I could tell he was freshly showered now in blue jeans, logo t-shirt tucked in, Dr. Marten’s boots, and brown leather bomber jacket. In the moonlight I could see his hands were buried in his front pockets and those blazing blue eyes looked at me almost in apology for showing up at my house. That was the first I had seen him in anything other than a uniform and was pleasantly surprised. I invited him in offering him a seat in the living room.

He sat on the edge of the couch, elbows on his knees, hands clasped together, starring at the floor. I was curious if he could see I was as nervous about his presence as he appeared to be. I sat in the chair across from him, much in the same pose he was, but looking at him.

I didn’t know what to say, neither did he. Finally, he met my gaze. I tossed my hands out to the side and shook my head in a gesture of, “What happened?”

He broke the silence, “I don’t know. I had to come. I tried not too, I did.”

“You’re sure,” I asked a final time.

“Yes,” he replied almost pleading.

Without another word, I took his hand and led him to my bedroom. He sat on the down comforter at the foot of the bed in the still dark room. I grabbed the book of matches off the vanity proceeding to light the three candles that would add a soft glow in the room.

Once they were lit, I walked over to him, placed his face in my hands, and pulled his head toward me. He held my hips in his hands and rested his forehead against me. I could almost hear him smell my freshly washed skin. I bent over slightly and pulled his face to mine. Our lips met will the same intensity and passion as earlier that night, this time we stayed locked and I didn’t pull away. I offered my tongue and he was quick to accept it.

His hands moved to my head to ease me out of our kiss. He opened my robe to reveal my body to himself for the first time. He blushed when he was greeted with toned soft curves, large full breasts, and a neatly trimmed pussy.

He sensed I felt vulnerable to him now. He pulled me back to him and brought his lips to my right nipple. He kissed it lightly, then took the now fully erect nipple into his mouth. He cupped the other breast in his hand gently kneading it. He then moved his lips to the nipple he had been neglecting. I gave a couple of groans to show my approval.

He placed his free hand between my quivering thighs. My heart racing and my breathing heavy in anticipation. He slowly moved up the inside of my thigh, the side of his index landing squarely on my throbbing clit. Pressing against me harder, he could feel the wetness oozing from me. He looked at me, mouth still on my nipple, but smiling knowing he was the cause of it.

After a few minutes of rubbing my pussy and flicking my clit in a methodic rhythm with his fingers, he brought me to the edge cumming all over his hand. He stopped, saying if he couldn’t cum yet, neither could I.

I laid down on the bed now very frustrated, yet so horny I couldn’t lay still. He stood up to undress. I had fanaticized about seeing him fully naked for months. As he revealed himself to me, I realized every second had been worth the wait. Solid, kartal escort well defined chest and arms, six-pack to boot. He even had definition in his oblique muscles that were reminiscent of shark gills. Long strong legs, tight ass, and a perfect seven inch long, thick, and very hard cock.

I couldn’t contain myself when he asked if I liked what I saw, “Fuck yeah! You can stand there all night for all I care. Looking at you will easily send me over the edge.”

Pleased with my response, he settled on the bed, his face between my now open legs. I was always nervous when being eaten, but now I craved it. I grabbed the back of his head and grinded my hips as his tongue danced with my wet hole. Taking my clit gently between his teeth, yet still flicking it with his tongue, he allowed me to cum. There wasn’t a doubt I was going too. My moaning and grinding had increased to a forceful pace. I felt my juices flow out and run down my crack headed for the sheets. Before, the stream made it, he took a long lick from back to front taking as much as possible into his mouth. He sucked it down like he had a thirst to quench commenting on how sweet it was.

No longer able to contain myself, I pushed him on his back and wrapped my hand around his awaiting cock. I stroked it at a moderate pace while I kissed him tasting what was just between my legs. I made my way down to his chest and stomach. I had to kiss and tongue him all over there before I made my way further down.

I stopped briefly to look at him in the soft light. He looked at me almost begging to be sucked. I opened my hot mouth and placed his shaft inside. In a single motion, I took all I could at one time. I couldn’t take all of him in my mouth, but damned if I didn’t try. He gasped with pleasure. I kept at it, long slow strokes, using my hand stroking below my mouth to compensate for the portion I wasn’t able to suck in. I began to twist my hand slightly while stroking and fastened my pace, sucking even harder. The cut head was now very purple ready to explode. I wanted to feel him in my pussy, but more so, I wanted to taste him as he tasted me. He tried to warn me and pull out before he shot his load in my mouth. I dove my mouth deeper and held him there while he shot the hot cum filling my mouth full. When I felt the convulsions stop, I sucked all I could off of him with the last stroke up. He looked mortified that he let go in my mouth, until I swallowed every drop.

I positioned myself next to him thinking we were done. I had never been with a man that could go more than once in a single session. I soon learned different. Placing his hand around my waist, he scooped me so I was under him. He worked his legs between mine and held my eyes in his as he slid his still hard shaft in me not stopping until he was all the way in. I felt my lower lip tremble in ecstasy. I tilted my head back, exposing my neck which he planted with a hot warm kiss. Each thrust was amazing. He touched spots I had never knew I had. Feeling his body against me and the muscles flex with each stroke was more than I had ever hoped for in a lover. I buried my face in his shoulder and dug my heels in forcing him deeper.

His pace quickened as I demanded more, my pussy tighten and my thighs held him against me. I felt his body tense and he grunted a few times as he came a final time, draining everything he had left to give me. He remained on top holding me as we both were now exhausted.

Before giving in to sleep, he had no choice but to dress and head back home to his wife. At the end of the day, she was still his. For now anyway.

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