Solomon and Jadzia

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This is a work of fiction. All characters engaging in sexual activity are over 18.

“Hey, dad. Just hanging out?” Jadzia Zahn asked her father as she walked out of the house to the pool. She was a 22-year-old beauty. She’d finished college last year, and was working, though not in her career. She still lived at home, much to her father’s delight.

“Hey, sweetheart! Yeah, I’m just chilling. It’s the start of a four-day weekend. What better way to start than relaxing in the pool,” answered her father, Solomon Zahn. He was a lawyer, specializing in corporate law, taking care of clients all over the state. He’d built his practice slowly and put in the work. Now he was one of the more successful firms in Tampa Bay, and it afforded his family an extremely comfortable lifestyle. His wife, Carla, was also an attorney, though she practiced civil law, and she worked for a smaller practice.

“Want some company?” she asked. Her father was her favorite person in the world, and any time they spent together was time well spent.

“I’d love that. Come on in… the water is perfect.”

Jadzia answered, “Okay, let me change. Where’s mom?” she asked, looking towards the house.

“Who knows? Maybe one of her imaginary clubs she goes to. All I know is, she’s not here to bitch at us right this moment. So let’s just enjoy that.”

Jadzia chuckled, “I know that’s right. I’ll be right back.” She left to go change into a bathing suit. If her mom was going to be around, she was going to wear a conservative one-piece suit. But since it was just her and Daddy, she thought she’d debut the new dark blue two-piece with the extra-short boy shorts on the bottom, that hugged her ass like a second skin. She was sure Daddy would approve. Honestly, she knew she could do no wrong in his eyes. She brought another top just in case her mom showed up before she could run and change.

“Jesus, Jazzie,” Solomon breathed as she walked back out and he laid his eyes on her. The satiny dark blue of the tight, revealing bikini gave stunning contrast to her creamy, peach-hued skin. Her soft natural hair belied her almost Caucasian appearance. The top part was simply some string and two circles covering her nipples and areolae, and not much else. The bottoms, while not entirely skimpy, were very formfitting and showed off her tight butt to indecent perfection. She walked to the edge of the pool and said, “Hi, Daddy. You like?”

Solomon said, “Oh, my god, yes. Daddy likes very much, sweetheart!”

She slowly turned all around so he could see all of her, then walked seductively into the water. She, came right up to him and he wrapped her in his arms, holding her close. “Mmmmm…,” he moaned as he held her close. “My girl.”

“Always, Daddy,” Jadzia answered, returning his embrace.

They both knew that their flirting and teasing was way over the line. That they’d blown past improper, flew right over inappropriate, and were now standing at the precipice of taboo, each daring the other to be the first to step over that final line. While they had not yet even kissed, they both knew it was only a matter of time.

Jadzia pulled away and sat on the wall. “Dad, I have to ask you something. But I need a real, honest answer, okay?”

“Sure, sweetheart. What is it?”

“Dad… look, how do you know I’m yours? I mean, what makes you so sure?”

“Aw, this again? Jadzia, you are my daughter. I’ve-“

“Dad, look at us. Look at this whole family. You’re like that rich dark chocolate from Europe. Mom is milk chocolate, and me, I’m white chocolate at best. I don’t really look like anybody in the family. How are you so sure?”

Solomon looked at her thoughtfully and sighed. He said, “Alright. I’ll tell you how. But what I’m about to tell you, you can’t ever tell anyone. Only two people in the world know this, and—”

“I know, you and mom, and it’s some big dark secret, right?” Jadzia interrupted.

“No, your mom doesn’t know this. And I don’t really want her to find out,” warned Solomon.

Jadzia’s eyes got big as she asked, “Wow, what is it? And why can’t mom know?”

“You’ll see. So when we were pregnant with you, your mom’s OBGYN was a woman you’ve come to know as Aunt Kattie. When we met her, we found out that she grew up in the same town as me, and she actually went to the same high school.”

“Wow! Small world. Did you know her back then?” asked Jadzia.

“No, she was like five years older than me, so by the time I got into high school, she was already out. Anyway, we talked, and it turned out we had a lot in common, and we became friends.” Jadzia gasped. Solomon continued, “No, nothing like that. Just good friends from the same hometown, with a lot in common. Well, one time we were joking about delivery-room surprises. That’s usually about white women unexpectedly having mixed kids, stuff like that. We didn’t think anything about that, because that could never happen to us, right?”

Jadzia glanced nervously at her own very fair skin fake agents porno and said, “I guess…”

“So time goes on, we’re in the delivery room, everything’s going fine, and then you pop your little high-yellow ass out with that almost blonde hair. Everybody in the delivery room looks at my black ass like, ‘What’s up with this?'” So Kathy shoots me this look, and I nod back at her just enough so only she saw it. They put you in your mother’s arms and she pulled me out of the room. She said, loud enough for everybody to hear, ‘Mr. Zahn, you don’t look well. I need to take some blood to make sure you’re okay. Don’t want you passing anything on to your baby. May I draw some blood?’

“We both knew she was gonna do a paternity test right there before any names could go on the birth certificate. She tested our blood three times to make sure. You are, without a doubt, my daughter. Period. And not only that, sweetie, you’re just plain black. Not mixed, not albino, you’re just a high-yellow black girl who looks damn near white. But you’re my kid. I knew all that before you were two days old. That’s why there’s never been any doubt on my part.”

“And mom doesn’t know? Isn’t that illegal? I mean, she didn’t give consent to be tested.”

“We didn’t need to test her. We know you’re her kid… we saw you come out. But I can certainly give permission to test my blood, and as your father, I could give permission to test your blood, too. Kathy just kept it quiet for us. And now you know.”

Jadzia though about all this. “So why can’t you tell mom?”

“Because she’ll think I didn’t trust her, and she’d have been really upset. Then and now,” explained Solomon.

“But look at me. She had to know you’d at least wonder.”

“Well I did wonder. But I found out so quickly that she never had a chance to see me wonder. So when I didn’t question her, she just thought I was the best man in the world.”

“Well she’s right about that part,” Jadzia said as she stroked his face. “So that’s why you’ve always been so sure. And mom has no idea that there was ever a paternity test.”

Solomon answered, “And now you know. And you also know why it needs to stay a secret.”

Jadzia came in for a hug and turned around, pressing her back against his front, pulling his arms around her. “Well, I guess there are worse secrets a father and a daughter could keep from an unsuspecting mother, don’t you think?”

Solomon moaned softly as he squeezed her firm body to him. “I guess so, baby.” He pressed against her as he felt her push back against his fully hard cock. It took every ounce of his will power to keep his arms around her midsection, not letting his hands wander. “It’s almost four, and I haven’t eaten since breakfast. Let’s drive down by the beach, watch the sunset, and grab something to eat, okay?”

“What about mom?” asked Jadzia.

“She’s at her ‘whatever club.’ Plus, even if she were here, she’d come up with a reason not to go.”

Solomon’s phone beeped, signaling the garage door was opening. “I guess we’ll find out. Pass me that other top, dad.” She put on a different, more conservative full-coverage swimsuit top, pulling it over her skimpy top. When she got out of the pool, she wrapped a towel around her waist. Solomon also exited the pool, his erection vanishing as soon as he saw his wife.

“Hey, babe,” Solomon greeted his wife, Carla. “I thought you were going to one of your clubs tonight.”

“I was,” answered Carla. “But h- they canceled tonight because, umm, Mindy got sick, and it was supposed to be at her house.”

“That’s a shame,” said Solomon, taking note of her somewhat dressy attire. “You look really nice for book club. I’m sure all the other books would have been really jealous.”

Jadzia laughed at her dad’s comment. “Since you’re already dressed, Dad and I were just gonna drive to the beach and have some seafood. Wanna come?” she asked innocently.

“No,” said Carla. “Why do you need to waste a hundred dollars on going out for seafood when we have seafood in the freezer?” she argued.

Solomon replied, “So spending a nice evening having dinner at the beach with my family is a waste? What the hell is wrong with you?”

“Nothing is wrong. I just don’t want to go to the friggin beach!” Carla exclaimed.

Solomon seemed to be mentally counting to ten. Finally, he said, “Fine. Jazzie, I’m gonna put on a dry shirt and some shorts. Go ahead and change and meet me in the car in 5, okay?” He walked into the house without another word. Jadzia looked back and forth between her parents, and then followed her dad into the house.

Ten minutes later, Solomon was pulling his Mercedes convertible out of the garage while lowering the roof. As soon as everything locked into place, he and Jadzia sped off for the beach. It was only a 20-minute ride; long enough for Jazzie to ask more questions about her mother’s behavior. She was particularly sensitive to the friction between her parents since the flirting and teasing between her and fake angets porno her father had reached a fever pitch… the long-time simmer threatening to boil over.

Jadzia took his hand in hers and their fingers automatically intertwined. She asked, “So what do you think is up with mom?”

Solomon shrugged and shook his head. “I don’t know what’s going on. At least not for sure.”

“What’s that mean?”

Again, he just shook his head.

She let go of his hand and asked, “Dad, tell me the truth… did you cheat on her? Because that’s how she’s acting. Like she’s really mad at you. Is that what happened?”

“No. I’ve never once strayed. Never even came close, well, except for you,” he admitted. That was the first time either of them had ever mentioned their actions out loud.

Jadzia took a deep breath and asked, “You think that’s what it is? Us?”

Solomon scoffed, “No, that’s definitely not it. If she even suspected that her husband was fooling around with their daughter, she’d be way more hostile. No, she’s actually acting like she’s the one cheating.”

Jadzia groaned, “Ugghhh… that sounds like projection, dad. That’s not like you at all. I’m kinda disappointed in you.”

Solomon looked his daughter, impressed. “That’s what you think? I guess my tuition dollars weren’t wasted after all.”

“Hey, I graduated with high honors. Almost 3.9. But stop trying to change the subject and tell me why I’m wrong,” she challenged back.

“Okay, smarty — pants. First, and this is a fact, cheating, infidelity, is not about sex. Or at least, it’s very rarely about sex.”

“That’s not true. The sex is what makes it cheating. It’s all about the sex.”

“No, baby,” countered Solomon. “Cheating is about someone in the relationship not getting their needs met.” Jadzia looked utterly confused, so he continued, “Look, think about those Disney movies you love so much—”

“Don’t you dare ruin those for me!” she declared.

“I won’t. Just hear me out. Those movies all have songs in them, right? Sometimes, those songs are the best part of the movie, right?”

She nodded warily, still daring him to mess up her precious Disney flicks.

Solomon continued, “Well, no matter how many songs there are, or how great they are, those songs are not what the movie is about. They’re not the story. Those songs just help tell the story. That’s how it is with cheating. One person’s not getting what they need, and they finally start getting it outside of the relationship. Just like with those songs, sex is a big part of cheating, hell maybe even the best part. But it’s not the whole reason why.”

“Okay, but that doesn’t explain why, if she’s the one cheating, why is she so mad at you? Shouldn’t it be the other way around?”

Solomon replied, “Good point. This part isn’t scientific. It’s more like my observations over the years. It goes back to needs. Men are simple. When we’re getting what we need, we’re happy. With everybody. So a guy who’s having an affair is quite happy, at least while he’s getting away with it. I’ve actually seen guys get caught because they’re suddenly too nice. They stop being an asshole, wife gets suspicious, boom, they get caught.”

“Seriously?” Jadzia was fascinated by what her dad was explaining.

“Absolutely. But women are more complex. Some women are like guys… if they’re getting what they need, everybody’s happy. Those women never get caught. You know why?”

Jadzia thought about it for a moment, and answered, “Because their men are getting THEIR needs met, so they’re happy, so they don’t look any deeper into it. Am I right?”


“Guys are so stupid!” Jadzia proclaimed.

“I know, right?” agreed her father. “But some women overthink it all. Their logic is ‘YOU’RE not giving me what I need, I have to get it somewhere else, now I’m a dirty cheater, I feel guilty as hell, and THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!’ and they take it out on the guy. In this case, me. I think that that’s what’s going on with your mom.”

While Solomon found a parking spot, Jadzia considered what he’d told her. She thought about her one serious boyfriend from college, who she dumped once she found out about his cheating. She remembered that the best he ever treated her was when he had a ‘side piece’ or two. One roommate she had, complained that her mom had gotten really nasty towards her dad. It turned out, the mother left her family for another man just before the Winter Break that year. Everything Solomon told her seemed to add up. That led to a whole other question…

Solomon glanced at his watch and said, “It’s too early for dinner right now. Let me see if they’ll hold a table for 6:30, and we can watch the sunset, okay?”

“That sounds really nice, Dad. We can finish our conversation.”

“I’d like that,” he answered. Solomon walked across the street to the little restaurant, coming back a few minutes later and opening the trunk. As he took out a thick blanket, he said, “We have a reservation fake cop porno for 7:00. Let’s walk to the beach.”

“They take reservations?” asked Jadzia.

“No, but they take twenty-dollar bills, so same thing.” Taking her hand, he walked across the soft sand towards the gentle surf line. He stopped and laid out the blanket, putting their shoes on it. Taking each other’s hand, they walked slowly along the beach, splashing in an inch of water as they went.

Jadzia began, “So with everything you said about cheating and getting what you need, what does that mean for us? What is it you need? What are we really doing, dad?”

Solomon looked at his daughter, admiring her beauty. Her sleek, flowing figure with her understated curves, so unlike her shorter, more voluptuous mother, was so alluring. Nothing about her was excessive. Her small B cups were just the perfect size. Her hips and butt flared gently, more suited to a fashion runway than a rap video. But on her, it was perfect. Although he had yet to kiss her, really kiss her, Solomon knew she was the perfect height for them to kiss, or even get more physical while standing together. She was simply perfect.

“Well?” Jadzia prompted him. “What is it you need?”

“Baby, I need only two things. As your father, I need you to be safe and happy. But as a man, well… I need you.”

“What? You need me to what, dad?” Jadzia asked, confused.

Solomon stopped walking and turned to face his daughter, talking her hands on his. “Jadzia, I’m your father. I’m supposed to love you, take care of you, and protect you. I’m not supposed to fall in love with you. But I have. I know I can’t ever get what I need, and I can’t get it from anybody else. What I need is you,” Solomon told her.

“Dad, you already have me. All this teasing and flirting with you has been me offering myself to you. All you’ve ever needed to do is accept what I’m offering,” Jadzia said, bringing her face closer to his.

“I always thought the right thing to do was to resist going any further.”

Her nose touched his as she whispered, “Stop resisting. This is where it was leading to. We’re here.”

Solomon pulled back his face just an inch and said, “I’m gonna want it all. All of you.”

She whispered, her lips barely touching his, “That’s what I’m offering.”

He touched her face and whispered, “Forever.”

“That was always my plan, Daddy. Now kiss me.”

Solomon embraced his daughter and kissed her. He offered his tongue and she took it eagerly, giving hers in return. Their first kiss lasted maybe thirty seconds, or several years, they weren’t sure. But it felt as natural as breathing. Jadzia just knew that when they made love, he would fit into her like a missing puzzle piece.

By now it was almost fully dark. They found their blanket. Solomon sat down and Jadzia faced him sitting across his lap, and they resumed kissing passionately.

Jadzia moaned, “Mmmmm, Daddy, I want to do it right here!”

Solomon chuckled, “Getting arrested for having public sex on a public beach, with your own daughter, sounds legendary, but I think that would be ill-advised.”

“Yeah, you’re probably right. Just keep kissing me!” And her mouth sought his out again. After a few more minutes of very wet kisses, Solomon heard the sound of an ATV approaching.

“Time to go!” he declared and pushed her up as he got up after her.

“What…?” she began, just as she saw the Beach Patrol officer in the distance, heading in their direction. Solomon picked up the blanket, waving at them as they passed by. “Wow. Good ears, dad!”

They walked back across the sand to the car and put the blanket back in the trunk. Then they went across the street to dinner. The meal was perfect, and they were relaxed, knowing they’d finally crossed a line they’d been toying with for months. Solomon knew more lines would be crossed by sunrise. He ordered a bottle of wine, wanting to toast the occasion.

After dinner, they got into the car. But instead of heading towards home, Solomon drove one block away and pulled into the luxurious Marriott Beachside Resort Hotel.

“We’re not going home yet?” asked Jadzia.

“Would you rather go home? We don’t have to go any further. I just thought we could—”

“NO! I want to. I’m just surprised that you’re ready,” she answered quickly. “I told you… I’m absolutely sure about this. I just assumed you’d need more convincing.”

“No, baby. I’ve never wanted anything more. And I figure why wait? But Jazzie, know that once we do this, I’m never gonna want to stop. I’m never gonna want to go back to the way it was. You know that, right?” Solomon promised as he parked the car.

As they walked into the building, she took his arm, saying, “Right here at your side is my place from now on.”

The lobby was fairly busy. There seemed to be some sort of event going on. She hoped they’d still have a room. But just a few minutes later, Solomon motioned to her to come with him to the elevator. They got on the elevator with an older white couple.

“They had room?” she asked. “The place looked pretty full.”

“Well it’s a big hotel, and it’s still the off season. There’s some kind of national cyber-geek meeting, but there’s still plenty of room. Plus, I booked it while we were at dinner, so I knew there’d be something.”

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