Spoiled Rich Brat vs. Lesbian Pt. 01

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All characters are over the age of 18.

My nickname is Fuzzy, they gave it to me because I wear my dark black hair in a short crew cut more importantly I also leave my short stubby cunt hairs in a-bit of a scratchy fuzz. Although all my dyke girlfriends seem to love it when I trib their bald pussy’s until they scream. It’s a real turn on for me when a straight bitch fights back and begs me to stop, but I know their all full of shit by the look in their face’s when they cum,even when they pass out I know they enjoyed being raped by me.

A little bit about me, I’m 39, weigh around 135lbs all of which is pure muscle. Height around 5’10” and as you probably figured out I’m a 100 percent bad ass Bull dyke who’s always on the prowl for straight innocent pussy.

It was on a late tuesday night when I got an emergency call asking me to tow a black Tesla out of a ditch on route 43 by mile marker 117. What really. surprised me was how the driver managed to get cell service up there. The car Itself was located at a remote side road that led to a corporate retreat owned and operated by the Ames company. When I finally showed up I was able to easily spot the disabled car as its emergency lights were still blinking. Upon getting out of the cab of my tow truck I spotted this absolutely gorgeous young blonde trying to climb out of a ditch. I began to wet my panties as this very fuckable bitch’s business skirt rose up her bursa escort shapely legs revealing a pair of white satin panties which was surrounded by a a white satin garter belt attached to some sexy looking nylons.

After listening to her story about a deer jumping out of nowhere and how it caused her to lose control of the car, but the only thing I thought about was ripping off her short black skirt and fucking her right here and now in the woods or take the bitch back to my place and rape her there. I could feel my hormones raging in my blood stream as I couldn’t take my eyes off of this great piece of ass, but business is business so I retrieved the stricken car and got it back onto the flat bed of my tow truck. All the time that sexy cunt couldn’t stop talking. She told me that her name was Tiffany but her friends called her Tiff and her Dad bought her the Tesla as a present for graduating from the. Wharton school of business. Tiffany then went on to tell me that she was youngest intern to ever be hired by the Ames company. I couldn’t take my eyes off her cute pink lips as she went on and on about how great she was. When Tiffany wanted me to guess how old she was I told her that I bet her pussy was as bald as a ping pong ball.

With that I pulled the stunned girl’s lips to mine and at the same time I tried getting my hand under her black skirt and up between her thighs. To my surprise she fought bursa escort bayan back like a wild animal. That little bitch was clawing at my face breaking the skin and at the same time she tried stabbing my boot with her high heels.

Tiffany made a big mistake by attacking me with her shoe as it gave me the opening that I needed to work my hand up her skirt until I reached the top of her nylons. I further wet my boxer shorts as my fingers touched some girl flesh. Next thing I knew her hand shot down and grabbed my wrist trying to prevent the inevitable. The more my hand made its way to Tiffany satin panties the more her cursing at me increased. She told me I was a stupid dyke bitch and her father would see to it that I would spend the rest of my life behind bars. I put my mouth by her ear and told her she was a rich spoiled brat that deserves a really good spanking.

Tiff yelled out, oh my god as my hand cupped her pussy. She struggled to remove my hand but soon my finger was stroking her tight little cunt. I was rubbing the crotch of her panty faster and faster as her grip on my wrist began to loosen. Tiffanys body was going limp as I continued my assault on her panty clad pussy. her breathing was now coming out of the pretty mouth of hers in short pants.

That stuck up bitch was just about to cum on my hand when suddenly I felt the high beams of an oncoming car hitting my face. At first I escort bursa froze but then quickly removed my hand from under her skirt and backed away. I hoped the car would keep going down the road but no such luck as the driver stopped. It turned out to be her boss from the Ames company who offered her a lift back to the lodge.

Tiffany and I hardly spoke to each other as I removed her luggage from the trunk of the Tesla and put it in her bosses car. When he became preoccupied with the suitcases she lifted her short black skirt exposing her white satin panties to me and whispered, eat your heart out pervert, she then gave me the finger and sped off with her boss to the lodge.

Needless to say how pissed I was at that fucking bitch but what was really getting under my skin was how badly I needed to be on top of that spoiled brat fucking her brains out.

Three days later I was able to return Tiffanys Tesla, there was still plenty of body damage but at least the car was now drivable. When I handed her the keys she started flirting with me knowing There was nothing I could about it because of all the people around.

As I was leaving completely frustrated and horny, make that very horny I ran into one of my old girlfriends Maria who worked at the lodge. I almost came in my shorts when she told me Tiffany will be here all by herself. She told me the princess from hell is in charge of us to make sure we clean the place to her satisfaction, it suppose to be a management lesson by her boss, and Fuzzy I have the master key to her room.

Any chance you could keep that spoiled bitch occupied this weekend. I smiled from ear to ear.

To be continued in part 2

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