Spring Break 1987 Ch. 04

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Anal Orgasm


The following is a “true story of my imagination” and continues the lurid debauchery amongst the Loring family.

In chapters one through three, we witnessed Lynn seduce her grandfather, as well as, her brother, Ted. We’ve also seen Ted fuck his mother, Beth, who also fucks her daughter’s boyfriend, Leo.

And in this chapter, Lynn almost makes a pass at her mom and also gets double-teamed by her brother and boyfriend! We have some ass-to-mouth by Beth and hot, quick sex between Ted and his mom!

A shout out to LadyCibelle for editing the story. Thank you!!




Lynn woke parched. She was momentarily disoriented before she realized she was lying naked next to her brother in his room. The memories from hours earlier flooded her mind as she recalled her brother’s talented pussy-eating abilities. Lynn rose quietly from the bed and ran her hands over her face momentarily. A glance at the bedside clock read 3:52AM. It was Wednesday.

Naked, Lynn exited her brother’s room and checked in on her boyfriend, Leo. He was sleeping soundly in her bedroom. Lynn wondered if he had seen her and her brother together earlier. Closing the door to her bedroom, she turned and headed downstairs to the kitchen. She wasn’t worried about prancing around naked at this hour of the day, since everyone was asleep. Her pendulous, milky-white breasts jiggled with every bounce down the steps, as her blonde hair fluttered in the breeze. Turning the corner, she headed into the kitchen and poured herself a large, ice-cold glass of water from the automatic dispenser built into the refrigerator.

“I thought I heard something,” Lynn’s mother, Beth, whispered hoarsely as she appeared from the corridor leading to her bedroom on the main floor.

Lynn jumped at the sudden sound and then, realizing she was naked, nearly chocked as she coughed into the glass before lowering it from her mouth. “Mom!! I…I didn’t think anyone was awake,” Lynn said, “uhm…let me go slip some clothes on,” she added.

“Oh, honey, don’t worry about it,” Beth said, trying to sound casual about it but secretly hoping her daughter would remain nude in front of her. “After earlier tonight in the hot tub, I think it’s okay for you to be naked in front of me,” she said with a wink.

Mother and daughter gazed at each other deeply for a long moment.

“Did I wake you?” Lynn asked in a hoarse whisper.

“That’s okay, I was having a fitful night’s sleep anyway,” her mother replied. Beth was dressed in a simple, silk slip that ended at mid-thigh. Spaghetti straps held up her large bosom as the low-cut garment afforded Lynn a glimpse of the swells of her mother’s breasts, whose nipples were now hardening through the thin material.

“Oh,” Kim whispered, her own nipples hardening as a spasm shot through her groin. “Sorry,” she added, gazing into her mother’s eyes and drinking again. The alcohol from earlier in the night had left her mouth dry and raspy, as Lynn gulped the remaining water.

Beth watched as her daughter hastily drank her water, drops of the ice-cold liquid dripping onto Lynn’s chest, cutting a wet path between her succulent breasts. Beth licked her lips unconsciously as her daughter brought the glass down and gazed at her mother and licked her own lips. Noticing her mother’s gaze, she looked down between her breasts at the droplets of water.

“Oops,” she said coquettishly, before rubbing the droplets into her glistening skin. Beth watched her daughter’s nipples harden from her cold hands and ached to wrap her lips around them. Her own nipples ached as they pressed prominently against her slip. Clearing her throat, she whispered that a glass of water sounded good to her also, as she moved in closer to her daughter, who stood in her way. Mother and daughter were only inches apart as they gazed at each other, their chests heaving. Their lips were only inches apart, and just as Lynn began to move her head closer to her mother’s lips, Beth whispered.

“I need some ice honey.”

Startled, Lynn moved aside as Beth grabbed an empty glass and filled it with ice and water from the fridge door. Lynn sucked an ice cube into her mouth from her empty glass, all the while staring at her mother. She longed to bring her hand to her pussy and rub it but did not.

When Beth was finished drinking, she placed the glass in the sink and headed toward her bedroom.

“G’night,” Lynn whispered, still standing near the fridge.

“Oh, I don’t think I’ll fall asleep again,” her mother replied, “wanna come in and chat?”

Lynn wondered why her mother would invite her into her bedroom naked but didn’t question it any further. “Okay,” she whispered, following her mother into her bedroom.

In the bedroom, Beth slipped under the covers while Lynn lay discretely at the foot of the bed. Mother and daughter chatted casually about the week, their drunken misbehavior, and Lynn’s plans with Leo moving forward.

“I’m not sure where Leo and I are headed, gaziantep escort Mom,” Lynn said.

“Well, honey, you’re a grown woman, and I’m not gonna tell you what to do. I’m sure whatever decision you make is in your best interest,” Beth replied to her daughter. “But, let me just say that Leo seems like a very nice guy, very genuine and a gentleman.”

“Yes,” Lynn replied, “that, he is.” She lay staring into space momentarily before adding, “I’m just not sure where I want to take my romantic life, Mom.”

“What do you mean, dear?”

“I dunno,” Lynn answered. “Some times I think I want to be free and single and enjoy life! And other times, I like the security of having someone around.”

“Mmmm, I see,” Beth replied sympathetically.

“I…also don’t think Leo would appreciate my desire for multiple sex partners, Mom. I have to have sex regularly and with different people! I can’t explain it, but I get very bored, very quickly with the same person, you know?”

“Does Leo know this?” Beth asked.

“No,” Lynn answered, “not really. I mean…we’ve had a threesome but never talked about what we really want from the relationship. I’m afraid it would hurt him if I told him.”

“Well honey, seems like you have a decision to make because it takes a strong man, a very strong man, to see his partner with other men.” Beth said, suddenly staring into space and recalling her countless arguments and screaming matches with her ex-husband over accusations of infidelity.

“Or women,” Lynn added in a hush whisper.

Beth’s trance was broken at her daughter’s words as she gazed into Lynn’s eyes. Her heart skipped a beat and her pussy spasmed as she watched Lynn rise into a lotus position. Her daughter’s pussy came into full view, as Beth licked her lips again, this time subconsciously. “Or…women,” Beth repeated in a show of understanding. Gazing into her daughter’s eyes, she asked hesitantly, “Are you…bi?”

Lynn shrugged. “I’m not sure, Mom. That’s what I mean. I want…need…to explore my sexuality, and can’t do that in a monogamous relationship. I dunno…I’m very attracted to women, so I guess…yes, I am bisexual.”

Have you…ever been with…just a woman or has it all been threesomes with Leo?” Beth asked hesitantly again.

Lynn nodded affirmatively. “I’ve been with women by myself.”

“Oh,” Beth said, as her eyes darted around the room, momentarily embarrassed, before they met Lynn’s unwavering gaze again. “How…many…women have you been with?”

“I dunno,” Lynn answered honestly, her gaze never leaving her mother’s. “Half a dozen maybe,” she added. “Leo only knows about one, my hairdresser. He thinks that was my first and only. The famous ‘threesome’ that he still talks about to this day!”

“But it wasn’t?” Her mother breathed the question.

“No,” Lynn replied, “last semester, I caught the hint from my Spanish teacher and paid her a visit to her office after office hours were over.”

“And?” Lynn’s mother asked anxiously, her pussy moistening from her daughter’s tale.

“And, I proceeded to eat her pussy for an A”

Beth gazed at her daughter and shook her head incredulously, as she brought her knees up under the covers and squeezed her thighs. She glanced at her daughter’s pussy momentarily before continuing. “Others?” She asked.

Lynn longed to pinch her nipples or stroke her pussy but withheld in fear of rushing this moment with her mother. So, she continued. “My roommate my freshman year. She was a drop-dead, gorgeous, incredibly intelligent pre-med student who seduced me one night when we got drunk in our dorm. I can’t tell you how many orgasms I experienced that night, mom. More than any I’ve ever experienced with a man!” Beth nodded in acknowledgement as Lynn continued. “After Tracy there was a student teacher who was helping me with calc. She was kind of nerdy, but cute behind her glasses and conservative hair.

“She was a lesbian?” Beth asked, somewhat surprised.

“Not when I met her!” Lynn cracked, as both women smiled. “That time, I was the seducer. I invited her over for a tutoring session in my apartment one night, except I became the tutorer! I convinced her to unwind and have a few drinks. I turned the conversation to sex and she became very curious about boys. I don’t think she was very experienced. Well, I used the excuse of teaching her how to make out to seduce her. I can still hear her moans of pleasure as I split her pussy lips with my tongue!” Lynn gasped, uttering the obscene words in front of her mother intentionally to rouse her.

Beth swallowed hard several times as she squeezed her thighs together. Her eyes fluttered.

“How ’bout you?” Lynn asked her mother. “Have you ever been with a woman?”

Beth’s heart pounded in her chest as she slowly nodded affirmatively.

“Glenda?” Lynn guessed.

Again, Beth nodded affirmatively.

“Yeah, I thought so. Doesn’t surprise me. She strikes me as a pussy licker. How’d it happen?” Lynn asked.

“Oh,” gaziantep escort bayan Beth replied, seemingly lost thought. Her nipples ached and her pussy throbbed, as she longed to take her daughter’s head and shove it between her moist thighs. But she resisted. “We were drunk and horny one night. One thing led to another and we…came together. That’s it,” she added.

Lynn nodded in acknowledgement. “That’s all it takes. Did you like it?”

Beth stared through her daughter in deep thought. “At first no, not really. But over time, we learned, watched movies, read books…and it got better.”

“You mean you still get it on?” Lynn asked a bit surprised.

“On occasion. It’s very hard for an old fart like your mother to meet a nice man, honey, and I just don’t have it in me really to bring guys home.” Lynn nodded in understanding. “Oh honey, are you cold? You have gooseflesh!” Beth asked, suddenly the concerned mother.

“Yeah, I’m freezing,” Lynn said standing from the bed.

“Honey, grab a t-shirt or something from my drawer then,” Beth said, pointing to her dresser.

“I have a better idea,” her daughter replied, lifting the bed covers and slipping naked into bed beside her mother.

“Oh!” Beth gasped in surprise.

Lynn gazed up at her mother, who was holding herself up on her elbows. “You don’t mind, do you?” Lynn asked, somewhat coquettishly.

“Uhm….no…no, I guess not,” Beth replied lying down next to her daughter.

“Good!” Lynn added, spooning herself back into the crook of her mother’s body and immediately feeling the warmth emanating from her body. “Ah! You’re so warm! This feels great!!” She added, taking her mother’s hand and bringing it over against her bosom, so that Beth’s arm hugged her daughter tightly. Lynn held her mother’s hand in place as Beth’s palm lay precisely over her daughter’s hard nipple. Beth longed to squeeze her daughter’s breast but resisted again.

Lynn’s breathing remained shallow in the hopes that her mother would squeeze her breast, but Beth did not.

Before either woman realized it, they had fallen back asleep.


Beth woke with a startle. She was still cradling her daughter beside her, a breast filling her hand, its nipple soft. The soft sound of the radio brought her attention to the alarm clock. She had less than one hour and ten minutes to be at work! She had slept right through the music that normally awoke her. She panicked slightly, as she quietly and gingerly rose from her bed and turned off the music alarm. Lynn rolled over, still asleep. “If any of the boys find her in here, we’ll have to make something up I guess,” Beth thought staring at Lynn sleeping. She didn’t have time to ponder the situation now. She was late for work.

As she showered, she recalled the sensual and intimate moment with her daughter only hours earlier that morning. She recalled her daughter’s pussy lips and how they had slowly blossomed open as she told her explicit tales of Sapphic seduction. In the seclusion of her bathroom, Beth couldn’t help bring her hand to her pussy and stroke it. Within a minute, she orgasmed, her mind picturing her daughter eating her partners’ pussies until she found herself imagining Lynn eating her mother’s pussy. And that thought pushed Beth over the edge into an incredible climax!

Thirty minutes later, she was dressed and about to head out of her bedroom door when she heard Lynn rustle and speak. “Where’re you going?” Lynn asked, in a dry, raspy, morning voice.

Beth turned and looked at her daughter. A bare breast hung invitingly as Lynn raised her head and rested it on her hand, supported on an elbow.

“I’m very late for work,” Beth said turning back to the door, but adding, “you should get up and have a quiet breakfast.” She was hoping Lynn would heed her advice and exit her bedroom.

“Yeah, that sounds good. I can use some quiet time,” Lynn replied, standing naked and following her mother into the kitchen. Near the door leading to the garage, Lynn spoke. “Have a nice day , Mommy,” she said coquettishly, opening her arms and surprising Beth with a sudden hug.

Startled, Beth hugged her daughter and relished in the feel of her daughter’s hard nipples poking into her own huge breasts. “Thanks honey,” she said, “but I gotta go!”

Mother and daughter broke their contact and glanced at each other momentarily before Lynn said, “Okay,” in a coquettish voice and kissed her mother on the lips. The kiss was not brief but did not linger either. It was just long enough to stir sensations deep in Beth’s groin, as she glanced at her daughter after the kiss and cracked a smile.

“See ya later,” Beth said in a dry whisper, as she turned and headed into the garage, shutting the door behind her.

Lynn grinned wickedly as she heard her mother’s car come on and pull out of the garage. She turned and ran upstairs. She showered, dressed and made her way back into the kitchen, all the while Ted and Leo slept. She made coffee and gaziantep bayan escort sat thinking about the intimate conversation she had earlier that morning with her mother. She hoped her mother had realized the signals Lynn had sent, first spreading her legs for her mother’s view, then talking explicitly about eating pussy and finally putting her mother’s hand right over her nipple. She thought that would have done it, and her mother would have initiated a night of lovemaking. But to Lynn’s disappointment, her mother had not. So Lynn decided it would have to be up to her to seduce her mom. She began to formulate a plan as she cooked breakfast for her boyfriend and brother.

Nearly an hour later, Ted and Leo both shuffled into the kitchen, sleepy-eyed and disheveled. “You’re cooking?” Ted said with a wiseass tone.

“Fuck you, dipshit,” Lynn remarked. “Leo loves my cooking, don’t you Leo?” She said more rhetorically as she whipped several eggs in a bowl.

Behind Lynn, Leo gazed at Ted and said nothing, choosing instead to let his stare answer. Ted burst into laughter as Lynn turned and looked first at Ted then at Leo. Turning back, she said “You guys can cook your own shit, then!”

Leo laughed and rose. He kissed the nape of his girlfriend’s neck and said, “I’m just kidding, Lynney. I love to eat you….I’m mean, your cooking!” He said with a grin.

“Sit down,” Lynn replied waving him off with a spatula as Leo poured himself some coffee.

Halfway through breakfast, Lynn asked Ted if the old city amusement park was still there. When Ted said it was, Lynn asked if they wanted to spend the day at the park. Both men shrugged as if they didn’t care.

“Cool,” Lynn answered, “you guys get dressed while I clean up.” She stood and began clearing the table as Leo and Ted looked at each other, wondering if they really meant that they didn’t care to spend the day at the amusement park. Neither rushed to rise and get moving, a signal that neither was particularly looking forward to it.

Finally, Leo rose and headed upstairs, followed by Ted. Ninety minutes later, they were all dressed and ready to go. Ted was disappointed to discover their mother had to work, as he was hopeful that she could attend also. This way, he could ride with his mother while Leo rode with Lynn. Not to mention, he would be able to cop feels of his mother, too. As it was, they would have to share Lynn on rides, which didn’t bother Ted either. He hoped to cop feels of his sister just as much as his mother, too!

And so, they headed to the city amusement park for a day of rides and games. Ted and Leo tried not to look over enthused.

After several hours of games, rides and stuffing their faces with the typical amusement park cuisine, Ted and Leo found themselves having more fun than they anticipated. Lynn had diplomatically shared rides with each of them, joking that it was too bad there weren’t any rides where both of the men could enjoy her at the same time, and also remarking on the need to keep two men satisfied.

With each ride that Lynn shared with her brother, Leo noticed their behavior changing the moment they were on the ride. Brother and sister acted more like lovers, as Leo watched Ted groping his sister, feeling her breasts and thighs under her short, trademark mini skirt. For her efforts, Lynn just smiled and looked flush most of the time, acting coquettishly and demure but always allowing her brother’s hands to sneak into her private areas.

And so it was just the same on this next ride that Ted and Lynn found themselves. It was the Ferris wheel, and Lynn had squealed in delight upon seeing it. It was Ted’s turn to ride with her, and he made the most of the tall structure that provided much privacy.

Leo watched from a far as Ted ran his large hand across his sister’s bare thigh over and over as she coquettishly and repeatedly slapped it away. Brother and sister were giggling and cuddling in the car of the Ferris wheel, waiting to start its next run.

As Leo watched his girlfriend and her brother, he recalled the events that had unfolded in the last few days, since his and Lynn’s arrival. First, Lynn gave both he and her brother, Ted, blowjobs in the backseat of her car, in the parking lot of a nightclub. Leo had rationalized the incident as that of three very drunk people, until he discovered Ted fucking his mom, Beth, who also happened to make a pass at Leo, himself. By mid-week, Leo had fucked Beth too, and Ted had also fucked his sister. Leo also remembered his conversation with Beth, who admitted to being sexually attracted to her daughter, Lynn. And, he also remembered how he offered up to have Ted take him out on a ‘boy’s night out’, so that mother and daughter could be alone.

Leo had broached the subject to Ted on their way to the amusement park. Ted had been lukewarm to the idea but Lynn was very enthusiastic about the two of them having a guy’s night out. Leo smiled as he recalled the knowing glint in Lynn’s smiling eyes as Ted finally agreed. Lynn had even remarked that it was going to be nice to just hang out at home with her mom and relax. They tentatively planned the boy’s night out for Friday night. Lynn seemed disappointed that it was two nights away, but changed her demeanor when she spotted the amusement park in the distance.

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