Spring Break in the Sun

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There is sometimes a wonderful relationship that happens between an aunt and her niece, and develops in a way so secret from her mother, my sister, that the deepest, strongest taboo feelings have risen into her consciousness… risen in such a way that she has become my very own pet.

She is 18, so she is youthful and so filled with the desire to please that she jills almost every day, and often tells me what she has imagined me doing with her as she does. One of those things is that she is so aroused by being shared with others my age, other women who also have a craving for someone young, fresh, full of erotic energy. Since I’m not always able to see her, I sometimes write to her and tell her what is on my mind, before I pleasure myself with the thoughts as well. Today i have an image of my young 18 year old niece, and this is what I’m writing to her.

So this is what would happen to YOU… my darling niece, visiting me on spring break from your senior year in high school, and celebrating your recent 18th birthday. We flirt and hug at the airport and in the car, erotic feelings flowing already as you trail fingers along my thigh in the car, and tell me about your most recent jilling, and how you flirted with the flight attendant on the plane, leaving buttons undone on purpose and catching her looking.

After getting settled inat my rental condo I put on a modest auntie two piece bathing suit and head out to the patio…nice sunshine, a back yard wall… one side wall to the street with an iron gate that is about 8 feet wide, open in the center with bars so it is see-through. On the other side the windows of three, maybe even four other condos can see onto the patio and little strip of back yard.

“Put on your teen slut uniform for me, darling, and fetch your leash.”

I see the glimmer in your eyes before they close to half mast and the sudden intake of breath. I can tell that your heart jumped a beat, and you retreat to your room. soon you emerge, with your cutout bra in hand, and a skimpy pink pair of thong panties, allowing a few of your brown pussy curls to show outside the triangle, and in the other hand your collar.

The black velvet one that says “Leslie’s” on it, in pink script.

Ahhhhh… I see that the holes in your bra need a little attention… I take it as you sit obediently beside me on the couch, watching me use a scissors to enlarge the holes. When we put it onto your sweet body, and I use my fingers to pull your already rigid nipples further out, it serves the purpose even better (sometime, my darling becks, i want you to use an old bra and make one of these for yourself realtime. it would make me go crazy to think of you wearing it when u chat with me, or when u jill thinking about us!)

Your areolas are pulled thru the holes as well, and the tightness of the fabric around your firm teen tits makes the ends of them isolated and poking out furiously, altering their real shape, as if being presented for play.

I fasten the collar around your neck as you hold up your brown hair. I attach the leash to the ring on the side, and we stand. I walk around you, admiring your bare ass cheeks, pinching each one. “Spread your feet, darling.”

You slide them apart, and as I circle you again, dragging the leash across your nipples, I admire your firm round bottom even more.

slipping one hand along it, and down, onto your inner thighs, and up, from behind, to see if my darling is getting ready.

“Ahhhhh, so moist you are, already, my pet? Is your pussy weeping in anticipation?”

You nod,

“Mew for me.”

I hear a soft whispered kitty-like mewling, and i let my finger run a little harder over the thin fabric that covers your pussy lips.

“Such a good kitty girl you have become for your Aunt Leslie. Now let’s go outside.”

“Go outside??… but Aunt Leslie… I… ahhhh…I’m nearly naked.” Your voice is barely above a whisper.

” But darling, that is just the point. And it would excite me soooo much.”

I move to stand in front of you, pulling you closer with your leash, until your bare pointed nipples rest lightly on my round full woman tits, encased in the fabric of my swimsuit top.

I lean closer, letting my warm open mouth move to your lower lip, capturing it, sucking it lightly, biting it just a little, and then whispering into your ear. “I have two very special friends who will be, most likely, the only ones to see. I’ve told them you were coming to visit. I’ve told them what a delicious teen pet you are for me. Be my slinky kitten girl. Show them.

While I whisper, I slide my tits back and forth, scraping across your rigid nipples, caressing them with my fabric covered breasts, even as the movement slides my stomach against yours, my thighs against yours, my mound against yours. I feel you press your hips forward, opening your legs automatically, heeding my unspoken thought. You mew again for me, licking my bare shoulder as we stand, and I know you are ready to please me.

I canlı bahis step back, and lead you through the hall to the kitchen, with a sliding glass door to the back patio. We stop by the counter, and I pick up a tube of lipstick, the old fashioned kind that rubs off easily. I smear my lips with it, and then lean down to each of your protruding nipples, suckling, mouthing, depositing a red circle around your exposed areolas, making them more vividly visible against the light color of your cutout bra. I turn you, and paint a heart on the left side of your bottom, a large red mark with “L” in the middle. You are marked. You are mine.

We step out into the bright sun, though the patio has a lattice cover over part of it, for a bit of hot day protection. I slip an oversized pair of sunglasses onto your face, making you look saucy, sexy, young and full of life. We walk back and forth on the patio, letting you get used to the feel of it under your bare feet. Then I step out into the small grassy yard, pulling you along. My hand is held high, daintily, like at a show, like one leading her prized possession. You follow with delicate, balanced, measured steps, hands at your sides, but fingers a bit nervously flicking at the sides of your bare thighs.

We walk towards the black iron gate at the side, vertical bars spaced wide enough to easily see through, and about 8 feet wide, with a center opening to the street beyond. As we approach it, you notice a few cars cruising slowly by, on the lightly traveled suburban street. I Lead you to the gate, and stand behind you, pressing you to it, until you feel one of the bars between your tits, each fantastic young round orb sticking lewdly out through the openings. I press my mound into your bottom, and you feel the vertical bar all the way down, over your belly, over your barely covered mound.

“Rub it back and forth,” I whisper into your ear, and I feel your hips move as you slide your pussy mound back and forth against the iron. A few cars pass. A few people glance, but move on, probably not even sure of what they think they saw.

“Do you feel exposed, my pet?”

You nod.

Reach your hands up high, grab the bars.

As you reach upwards, I slip my arms around you, through the gap in the bars outside your exposed teen breasts, and reach inward, just with fingertips, to find your nipples, tugging a little, twisting just a little.

“Ahhhhhh, Auntie… uuuhhhhh,” I hear your little moan.

“Good kitty… they are still aroused… they are still rigid for me.”

One finger moves to your mouth. “Suckle.”

You open your mouth willingly, eagerly sucking on my finger, then two fingers. I move them in and out and your tongue curls around them, kissing them, sucking them, using your mouth on them in a wicked darling way.

When I remove them, coated with your saliva, I smear it on your face… your cheeks, your chin.

“I’ll be licking that from you later, my love…”

We turn parading across the very small yard, until I stop you in front of a bright bougainvillea, its red flowers decorating it tall green bush-like branches. I pluck one and slide it into the waist of your panties, so there is a flower decorating your mound. I pick another for the cleft between your tits, and let it rest there. Standing back to look at you… “So pretty. My young kitty is so verrrry pretty. She should have flowers around her always, and be naked, or almost… always.”

I reach into the waistband of my suit, and pull out my cell phone…

Putting it on speaker, you soon hear a woman’s voice, “Well well, Leslie, what do you have out there?”

I turn to face across the yard to an upper balcony. “Why don’t you step out onto your balcony, Jodi, and see for yourself.”

“Is this the niece you have been telling us about?”… and then… “OOHHHH my GODD Leslie, she is gorgeous! And she is soooo… well… so exposed.”

“Of course, Jodi. I have been wanting to show her off for some time, and it is only since I’ve met you, and learned of your appreciation for sweet teen pet girls that I knew I would take the opportunity.”

I look at you and notice a slight blush as you stand facing the balcony, obediently letting my friend look at you, talk about you.

My phone buzzes, and I take the other call.

“Hello, Hello Leslie, this is Marge. Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?”

“Why, yes, Marge, this is my niece Rebecca, come to visit me. Step out on your balcony for a better look.”

The second floor door next to Jodi’s condo opens, and another woman, looking to be in her late 40s steps out.

“My goodness, Leslie,” the speakerphone crackles, “you were certainly not stretching the truth when you told us about her.

“Of course not, Marge.” I walk around you, turning you with the leash until your naked bottom is facing them.

“Of course, she’s older now…growing…and in many ways that is good, because her training has led her to understand how wonderful her body feels bahis siteleri when she performs for her auntie. You should see just how wet her pussy is, even now!”

I hear your sharp gasp as you realize what I’m telling my friends.

“Wiggle, I command.”

You look at me over your shoulder, and I cock my head…waiting.

You smile, understanding, and spread your feet just a little, leaning forward just a little, and wiggling your firm teen ass back and forth for the women to see.

“Reach back,” I command, and you reach one hand back between your legs, letting your fingers slide over your lips… further, reaching upwards into the groove between your cheeks along the string of your tiny thong. Back and forth you rub yourself, until your fingers are coated with the ample juice flowing from your young pussy.

“Feed me.”

You stand and turn, offering your wet fingers to my mouth. I suckle them, lick them, clean them, smacking the wet sounds into the phone. “But you two, my dear friends, are so far away. It must be hard to see. Why don’t you come over for a glass of wine. Rebecca will be glad to serve us, won’t you my dear?”

I put the phone to your mouth.

“Yes, Aunt Leslie. I will serve you.”

My friends Jodi and Marge disappear into their condos, and I lead you back into the kitchen.

“you are such a sweetheart, Becks! I know my friends will be so delighted to…meet you… I mean… SEE you, close up.”

Stopping to press you back against the counter and rub my thighs against yours… slipping one leg between yours and leaning in to kiss you. So obediently you open your mouth, knowing what your wicked auntie likes… we kiss.. tongues mesh, and I let my saliva slide into your mouth… pulling away a bit, I watch as you taste it, mix it… get it ready with your own, and we kiss again. Opening my mouth I take it all back, mine mixed with yours, the wetness from our mouths turning us on with the huge intimacy that kissing, tonguing, sharing body fluids does for us.

I find a bottle of red wine on the counter…a nice Italian montepulciano…open it and find some glasses as I hear a knock on the door. Pour three glasses of that, my pet, and I’ll answer the door.

Eagerly, Marge and Jodi step in, both dressed in shorty tops that button, thin for the warm weather, clearly no bra as Marge is a D cup, Jodi is a C cup like me, full, rounded, swaying as they walk, and with nipples already extended. Marge has on a pair of athletic type shorts, loose in the legs. Jodi has on a shorty denim skirt that just covers her bottom…buttons down the front, the bottom one undone so when she sits, a bright green patch is visible when she parts her knees.

Jodi is blonde…bottle blonde, very light. She wears her hair in a pony tail today, pulled back as if to make herself look younger. She is a bit younger than I am, early thirties. Red lipstick and not much other makeup. I think she got herself a little bit dolled up for us. Her fingernails and toenails are bright red. Marge’s hair is darker, with highlights and green fingernails, and toenails that show thru her sandals. She sits in the corner of the couch where Jodi landed.

I give them both a big hug and a kiss on the lips, knowing you can see me from the angle of the doorway…I ask if they are ready to be S E R V E D by my teen pet, and they giggle.. .”Of course… all the serving she will do… if she really does…”

Sort of a dare in their voices…

I walk back to the kitchen and you pick up the glasses of wine… I take your leash, step up to give you a kiss, teeth on your lower lip…They are my very best friends, darling… I hope you are ready to continue the little show you did outside. My fingers slide over your nipples, find them still hard… and down to your curly mound, showing around the edges of the tiniest thong patch that mostly covers your groove…

As I lead you into the living room, their eyes get wide, following your careful steps, and recognizing how beautiful you really are, closer up… how pink and rigid your nipples are, how firm and lush your thighs and your rounded teen bottom are. You hold the tray of glasses carefully as I stop, then circle around, turning you as if for inspection.

“Don’t worry, ladies, my little niece Becks will be…ahhhhh… available for closer inspection shortly. Are you ready for some wine?”

I take the tray from you, setting it on a coffee table, and then lift one glass, holding it at your waist level.

“Dip,” I command.

You giggle, then as I tug your leash, you lean over, bent at the waist until your nipples point straight down. I lift one of the glasses of cool wine until the tip of your teen tit is immersed in it, and then hand it to Jodi.

“OHHHH godddd.” she croaks.

We repeat, using your other nipple for Marge’s wine, and she asks if this is the way I always take my wine when you are around.

I answer that any way I can use the body tastes from my darling teen is bahis şirketleri how I take it…

As you stand, the drops of nectar drip from your tits and run down your belly, glistening, until I use my forefinger to slide upwards, collecting it and raising it to your mouth, where you eagerly clean me with your tongue.

Marge observes, “She certainly seems to know just what you want her to do! Is she always so willing?”

I repeat my action, this time sliding my fingers upward over your wet nipples, and feeding you the tiny bits of red wine. I take my time, noticing how the red stains your light cutout bra a bit. It will be a good reminder of our adventure today, I think to myself.

“Ohhhh yes,” I finally respond. “She is ever so willing, always, aren’t you, my pet?”

It isn’t really a question, but you smile and nod your head, shaking your wavy brown hair that frames your lovely girl face.

As I sample my own wine, I tug your leash again, leading you closer to my friends… they sip their wine as if casual participants in a pageant, or at a party, and I lead you past them, one by one, turning you…then back to stand in front of Jodi.


Your feet slide apart, stretching the limit of the tiny thong patch that covers your teen pussy. Again it slips inside your lips, almost disappearing into your groove.

After a moment, I whisper, “Turn.”

You turn your back to her, and I back you up a step or two until you feel Jodi’s knee between your own.

“You may explore her, Jodi,” I offer. “She rather enjoys a bit of exploring, don’t you my pet?”

Again you nod, even more eagerly this time, and without hesitation Jodi reaches out and palms your taught ass…one side, then the other, kneading each supple half almost like a massage. We both notice that Marge, watching intently, has begun to caress her nipples through her top.

Jodi caresses your ass, the insides and backs of your thighs, the small of your back, and then with a sigh, she sits back and begins to unbutton her own top.

I tug your leash, leading you to the next station, in front of Marge. Her turgid nipples clearly on display now, and she shamelessly pinches and tugs at them through the fabric.

“You can take the girls out, darling. My Becks rather likes the look of full heavy woman tits, and if I wish her to, she will make them feel ever so good for you.”

I hear a little whimper from you, deep in your throat at the thought, and I position you, standing first with your back to Marge.

“Bend,” I command.

Your feet move apart and you bend at the waist, exposing your ass to my friend as she sips her wine, caresses her own nipples, and murmurs how absolutely wicked and taboo it is to have a niece so well trained.

I slide a large square hassock in front of you, so that you can rest your hands on it, supporting yourself so bent over.

“it’s a shame she is so covered though,” Marge offers. “The string from that thong is soooo in the way.”

I hand Marge the leash, extending from the front of your collar through your legs as you stand bent over with your feet spread, and I quickly retrieve a scissors from the kitchen.

“You are sooo right, my friend… here… this will do.” I slide the blade along the top of your ass, and SNIP… the thong string is released, and falls away, still fastened to the triangle of cloth that is wedged into your pouty pussy lips.

“Ahhhhh,” Marge mutters, immediately reaching out to spread your ass cheeks wider, exposing you even more to her close inspection. “How delicious she looks.” Tugging on the leash a little, which pulls your head further down, she reaches down and grasps the hanging string, pulling the remaining triangle slowly from between your pussy lips. We notice you shiver at the feeling…the feeling of the fabric sliding against your most intimate parts, and the knowledge that you are now completely exposed, feet spread, leaning over for inspection. you can almost feel the heat of their eyes as they look at you.

I step up and take the leash from Marge, and standing at your head, I slide it tight again, against your ever so exposed rosebud, covering it much like the string from your thong had hidden it.

“Sssssss,” I hear… a hiss from Jodi…”she is SOO overdressed when you hide her that way!”

“Ahhhh,” I counter, pulling again on the leash, “but look how it snugs into her sweet teen pussy, rubbing her clit a little. Why, my young FOX is almost dripping. Would you check her out, Jodi?”

I release the leash momentarily, and Jodi leans forward to run her soft hand up your thigh until the back of her knuckles makes contact with your pussy, pushing the leather of the leash further into your slit. She rolls her knuckles sideways, again, and again, pushing your swollen lips further apart.

I hear you whimper as I stand at your head, stroking your hair. “You may move your hips, darling, if it pleases you.”

Immediately I see your pelvis dip against Jodi’s knuckles, pushing, lifting, settling as if seeking it. Jodi hold herself still and gasps as she feels you fucking her fist, rolling your slippery pussy against it, the leather of the leash trapped against your clit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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