Stolen Vows Ch. 02

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Thanks for the nice feedback. Here is the next installment. Hope you like it so far…


Gabriel was already soaking in the hot bubbles, his arms draped across the rim of the overly-large antique claw foot tub. He gazed possessively at Laura as she entered, carrying two glasses of red wine. The large, old-fashioned bathroom was lighted only by the dozen flickering votives that Laura had carefully arranged while drawing the bath. She handed him one of the glasses, as she deftly slipped her silk kimono off first one shoulder, then switching her glass to the other hand, allowed the robe to slide noiselessly to the tile floor. Gabriel let a contented sigh escape his parted lips. The sight of her nakedness excited him as nothing else ever had. A thrill rippled down his abdomen and he felt himself growing hard as she delicately stepped into the bath.

Even though the tub was large enough for two, it took some careful maneuvering to lower herself into the soapy water gracefully, she giggled nervously as she positioned herself around Gabriel’s body. He cupped her face with his free hand and pulled her lips against his – caressing them with his own rather than fully kissing her. He looked down at her erect nipples, now partially covered by the bubbles. The heat of the bath brought goose-bumps to her pale flesh. Brushing the soap from her right breast, he leaned his head down and gently caught the tip of her nipple in his teeth. Laura gasped, her head falling against his shoulder. Gabriel put his wine glass on the shelf by the tub and took hers from her, depositing it next to its twin.

They wound their arms around each other and he kissed her properly, the water in the tub splashing wildly onto the tiles beneath. Gabriel took hold of Laura’s hips and positioned her over him so he could slip inside her. The water and her natural wetness made it easy to push his entire length into her in one swift movement, causing Laura to nearly shout from the pleasure. It was like this that they made love, with his hands controlling her body’s movements. She surrendered to him, allowing him to thrust upward rhythmically while he pulled her body down to meet his pelvis. His rock-hard penis was hitting all of her sensitive places, and she knew that it would not be long before she climaxed yet again. Gabriel watched her face, reveling in the way he could cause her such pleasure. As he moved inside her, he realized that nothing in his life prior to this had ever given him the sense of belonging – the feeling of being precisely where he was supposed to be – that he felt when he was with this woman.

It flashed briefly through his mind that it must be his destiny to leave the church for this ataşehir escort bayan beautiful creature – that the path he was on had led him inexorably to this blossoming love. Nothing this incredible could be anything less than divine in its origin, he mused.

Laura opened her eyes and looked lovingly down into Gabriel’s eyes. The wonder and bliss glowed purely and unguardedly on her face. Her own eyes were wet with unshed tears as he leaned up to reclaim her mouth once again. As she came, he shouted triumphantly and met her climax with his own. Gabriel felt as if something magical had just taken place, as he held her cradled against his wet skin. They lay entwined together in the water until it began to cool. Reluctantly, Laura suggested they get out and dry off before catching cold. He pressed his lips to her forehead and agreed laughingly, saying that they would both be wrinkled as prunes if they didn’t.

As they stood on the cold tile floor and toweled dry, Laura looked up suddenly at Gabriel and said:

“Hey! I’m starving.” His eyebrows shot upward and he realized that he was likewise famished.

“Me too. I’m cooking.” He declared. “Do you have any eggs?”

A short while later, they stood at the kitchen counter sharing a buttery cheese omelet he’d whipped up.

“Wow…” Laura exclaimed, her fingertips pressed to her lips. “You have mad skills in the kitchen.”

“Thank you kindly.” He replied, as he scooped another forkful of eggs into his generous mouth. “Maybe this can be my alternative career.” He joked.

Her eyes clouded over and she suddenly became very serious, catching her lower lip between her teeth. She looked as if she might burst into tears. Gabriel immediately regretted being so flippant about the subject, and wrapped a comforting arm around her shoulders.

“Sorry – I didn’t mean to make light of this. C’mon – don’t be so upset.”

“How are you feeling about all of this?” She asked nervously. She began to pace around the kitchen, pulling at the belt of her robe with anxious fingers. “I can’t help feeling like some kind of thief.”

“A thief?” He asked, with a humorous gleam in his eyes. “What are you saying? Do you think you’ve stolen me from God?”

Laura stopped pacing, and stared down at the floor for a moment, before daring to look him in the eye.

“No… but I think I may have stolen God from you.” Her eyes reddened and she seemed near tears. Her face flushed scarlet. “How selfish am I? What have I done to you? What if you regret this some day? I don’t know if I can live with that…”

He crossed the distance to her in a flash and crushed her to him, stroking her hair and covering her face with escort kadıköy kisses. He could feel her body shaking. A tiny sob escaped her as she clung to him.

“Listen carefully to me now.” He tilted her chin up to force her to look into his eyes, which were serious and full of tenderness. “You didn’t do anything to me. This happened to both of us – and I have to believe that it was meant to happen. We – neither of us – had a choice in this. The moment I saw you I knew what I wanted from my life. I knew what fate had intended all along.”

“How?” she asked, clearly wanting to believe him. “How do you know for sure? What if I’m like the serpent in the garden, dangling forbidden fruit, and I’ve just tempted you away from your true path?”

He laughed gently at this dramatic analogy, shaking his head as he ruffled her auburn curls.

“Do you honestly believe that?!” he demanded, teasingly.

“Don’t laugh! It doesn’t matter what I believe – I’m not the one who had a calling – I’m not the one with faith. Passion is a powerful thing, but it doesn’t always last.”

Now it was Gabriel’s turn to be serious. “What are you saying? Do you want me to leave you? To go back to the church?” His eyes became troubled and his brow furrowed. “Is this just a passing thing for you?” He demanded, grabbing her by the shoulders, he looked searchingly at her face.

“Oh… no, no! That is not what I’m saying at all.” She paused, as if struggling to find words. “I feel crazy for saying this after just a few hours, but I’m pretty sure that I’m in love with you. This has never happened to me before. Yes, I physically crave you like no man ever before – but it’s much more than that. I can’t really explain it.”

He relaxed, wrapping his arms around her waist and tugging her to him. “I feel exactly the same way, I’m falling in love with you, too. So isn’t that enough? What is the problem?”

“I don’t know… I’m just scared, I guess…I’m also significantly older than you are.” She trailed off miserably as she rested her head against his hard chest. She could feel the vibration of his gentle laugh against her cheek, which soothed her rather than annoyed her. The desire to give herself up to him and to the feelings he stirred inside her were just too great to fight.

Making one last attempt at reason, she lifted her head and asked: “What will we do? How will this all work out? What if–“

Gabriel stopped this stream of questions by putting his fingers against her soft lips.

“Shhh, baby. Don’t be scared. I’m here, I’m not going anywhere, and this is all happening for a reason. It feels too right to be a bad thing. This must be part of some great plan, don’t bostancı escort you think?”

As if to punctuate that last thought, he leaned down and kissed her, softly at first, and then more deeply. She sighed and leaned up to return the kiss, winding her arms around his neck. Her robe slipped open from the friction of their bodies, and he looked down at her breasts as they rubbed against his bare chest. His eyes grew dark and his hands moved down to cup her round ass, pulling her lower body hard against his own.

Through the thin silk, she felt his growing erection against her inner thighs. He trailed hot kisses down her cheek, jaw, and neck as she clung to the lean muscles of his back. Lifting her effortlessly, he sat her on the scrubbed wooden table in the kitchen, roughly pulling her robe open to cover her breasts with feverish kisses. She fell back on the table as his teeth and tongue probed her almost painfully sensitive nipples. Her back arched against the smooth wood, and she felt his hands move down her ribcage to her waist. He pulled her body closer to the edge of the table, burying his head between her legs. She cried out as he pulled her legs over his shoulders so he his mouth could plunder her soft, moistening folds completely. His tongue slipped inside her, moving from back to front as she moaned softly. Knowing her body already, he slipped two fingers inside her as his tongue flickered over her swollen clitoris. He alternated between teasing her with his tongue and gently sucking until she was almost screaming from the intensity of the pleasure.

Just as she felt herself on the brink of climax, he suddenly pulled away. Before she could utter a protest, he replaced his fingers with his hard cock. She cried out his name over and over as he rammed himself into her. Gabriel took her like a man possessed; every muscle and sinew straining to the act. This was different from their previous lovemaking – there was an urgency to it that surpassed all of their previous sessions. His mouth crushed hers with a violence that was almost bruising, as if he could scarcely control himself. Laura was deeply thrilled by this roughness, giving herself up to it with equal abandon. They scarcely noticed as the plates and glasses on the kitchen table shook and finally tumbled to the floor, breaking to pieces around them.

He raised his head commanding her to look at him as he thrust into her. “You belong to me.” He declared. “Say it!” he commanded.

Breathlessly, Laura complied: “I belong to you, Gabriel. Body and soul.” He shouted her name as he came violently, shooting repeatedly into her likewise pulsating depths. She lay quivering and spent beneath him, as he nuzzled her neck. He felt her hot tears splashing against his cheek, and slid gently up to lick the salty wetness from her flushed and beautiful face.

“You could never steal God from me, my love.” He said softly. “You’re proof that he exists.”

*** to be continued.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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