Summer of ’79 Pt. 02

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Big Tits

Both Cheryl and I slept soundly that night. Deep and peaceful. Yesterday had been the most exciting day of my young life, as my cousin, 9 years older and, to me at least, the most beautiful women I knew, my dream girl, had started teaching me about sex and making love. I was staying at her house in New Jersey while my parents spent what they called “quality time” with my brother Alan before he joined the Navy, after knocking up a girl. I was sent to spend 2 weeks with Cheryl, and it was already turning into the time of my life.

I woke up a little before 9 in the morning, and my morning hardon was wonderfully nestled right between the cheeks of Cheryls panty covered ass as we slept in a spooning position. I could have stayed like that as long as it took before she woke up, but the honest fact was I had to pee like a racehorse. I eased away from her, got out of bed, and went to the bathroom to pee, letting out a huge sigh of relief. That took some of the pressure off my erection and it softened, disappointingly. I washed up as quietly as I could, brushed my teeth (I moved my personal items into her bathroom before we went to sleep the night before) and looked myself in the mirror. I looked the same as I did the day before, and yet there was something different about me. It was in my eyes. There was an additional sense of confidence that hadn’t been there before. And I still hadn’t gotten laid yet.

I snuck back into bed where Cheryl still slept, just in a pair of pink panties, and naked otherwise. I pulled the sheet over us and wrapped myself around her again. It didn’t take long for my cock to return to its hard as stone condition. Soon Cheryl stirred, slowly waking, and she stretched her body in a very feline manner. Then she looked over her shoulder and gave me a sweet and very sexy smile.

“Good morning, honey” I said softly as I held her from behind. “Did you have a good nights sleep?”

“I did, baby” she answered with a sleepy quality in her voice. “A very good nights sleep, better than I have had in months. How about you?”

“Best nights sleep of my life, I think. And it’s so great waking up next to you, Cheryl.”

“I can tell that’s what you think. You have a very nice way of waking up a girl” she said as she lightly, with just her fingernails, scraped along the shaft of my cock, which made me moan and shudder. “I have to use the bathroom. Wait here for me? I promise you won’t be sorry.”

“I’d wait for you forever, cousin” I said as I kissed her neck”

“Mmmm please don’t start something I can’t finish! At least not yet. I really have to pee and brush my teeth before I do anything!” She hopped out of bed and went to her bathroom, closing the door. I turned and laid on my back, my erection tenting the sheet impressively, if I had to say so myself. I was gently touching myself when Cheryl emerged from the bathroom. “Can’t wait for me? Don’t waste that jerking off, Robbie. I can do so much more with it for you. The only thing is we’re not going to make love, yet anyway. That’s going to be tonight. I want to make it very special for you. But tell me something first. How many times can you get it up in one day?”

I thought about the most times I had ever masturbated in a single day. “I came 4 times once in a day. Though that last time I was barely able to get out more than a few drops.”

“Well, I think 4 is a good number. I think we should keep those last two for tonight. Once now, and another this afternoon. That will give you plenty of time to recover. But lets just concentrate on now, lover.” With that, Cheryl stretched out on top of me, her soft, petite body with those fantastic breasts melding with mine as her sweet, moist lips touched my own. I held her tightly to me and soon our tongues were dancing together, in my mouth, in hers. Our bodies were moving against each other, and we were both gasping out loud. Then Cheryl licked her way down my body with one long stroke, moving steadily from my collarbone until she was at my cock and gently sucking me. I stroked my fingers through her hair as she bobbed her head up and down, nice and slow. When I was as hard as I could be, she stopped, causing me to let out a frustrated groan.

“Don’t worry, baby. I’m not going to leave you frustrated. I just want to do something different for you” Cheryl said as she lightly kissed me. She reached into her night table draw and took out a bottle of baby oil. “Watch me, baby.”

“You like to be watched, don’t you?” I asked her. “You’re a bit of an exhibitionist?”

“A little. I like my partner to watch what I do. And you’re going to love watching this” she said with a wicked grin.

Cheryl poured some oil into her hand, handed me the bottle, and slowly, so teasingly, massaged the oil into her tits, all around, in her cleavage, all over her magnificent globes, so her brown nipples and areolas were gleaming in the sunlight streaking through her soft white curtains. Her face was perfectly highlighted in the morning light. I could fall in love with that face, and escort gaziantep the soul inside her.

Cheryl bent over and took my cock between her soft breasts, slick with oil, and she moved up and down, very slowly at first and gradually moving faster. Her cleavage was a perfect nesting place, warm and comforting and slick, for my cock to find a home. My cousin was titty fucking me, and it was an amazing experience. “How’s that feel, Robbie? Do you like my tits around your dick? Big and soft and slippery?”

“Fuck, Cheryl, it’s incredible. It’s almost as good as your mouth. You’re making my balls ache. I think I’m almost ready to cum already!”

“You can let it go whenever you’re ready, baby. I want to feel all that hot and sticky man cream all over my tits. Cum for me, Robbie. Shoot all over your cousins big soft tits. I can’t wait for it! Cum on baby!”

Cheryl knew what buttons to press, and I grabbed her big globes, pressed them tight as she pounded my cock, and I blasted her tits with a huge load, whimpering as I emptied my balls. The first shot went all the way up her throat, right into that gap between the chords of her neck, giving her a “pearl necklace”. More exploded all over her upper chest, slowly dripping down to her soft pillows, and some coating her left nipple. She pressed out the last of my cum which clung to the insides of her tits. All in all, she was a sticky mess when we were done, and she looked gorgeous, a sexual goddess.

While I laid there gasping for my breath, Cheryl came back up to rest on me, my cum mingling with the perspiration on both our bodies, making us both messy. I kissed her with all the love in my soul. I whispered “I love you cousin. So very much. So very much.”

“I love you too, baby. You’re such a wonderful man. You are, you know, You’re not a boy, not by a longshot. You’ve always been so much more mature than your years. I know you feel like you’ve missed out on things because of it. Most of your friends haven’t been virgins for a while, right? Well, you’re much more a man than they could ever be, and the things we’ll do together will make up for the time you think you lost.”

“How do you know so much about what goes through my mind, Cheryl? It’s like you can hear what I think and feel.”

“Because I know you. I’ve known you for years. I wished we were the same age for a long time, so we could spend time together as friends and more. Being in your parents house so much, I watched you grow up, saw how responsible and kind you were, and it made me melt inside. I don’t care that we’re cousins, obviously. But the age issue meant I had to wait to be able to be intimate with you. I was thrilled when your mom called and asked me to look after you. I was hoping you still had your eye for me.”

“Cheryl, you’re as beautiful as you were 10 years ago. How could I lose my desire for you? You’re perfect, because not only are you beautiful, but you’re sweet and loving, and I’m not talking about this, what we’re doing now. I’m talking about who you are.”

She blinked away a couple of tears and said “Who’s being sweet now? I’m so comfortable with you and proud as I can be. My genius cousin who’s also very handsome.” We kissed a few quick pecks that were still full of love. “Now, why don’t we get cleaned up? You can shower with me if you want” she said with a wicked grin. “Not a ‘dirty’ shower, so to speak, but it will be fun. You need to conserve energy for later. I want you well rested. Let’s go, then we’ll have breakfast.”

We showered, and the sight of my cousin all wet and soapy did get my cock raring to go, but Cheryl was firm about not playing for now. After we dried off and got dressed, my cock went back to normal, and we had a light breakfast of toast and yogurt. While we ate, we talked about how we would spend the day.

Cheryl said “I think we need to do some shopping. Not just for food, though we need to do that. But some things that I think you’ll like, you know, later” she smirked.

I was unsure of what she was talking about. “Things I’ll like? Like what?”

“If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the surprise will be all the better. We’re going to the mall.”

I was mystified. I guess my inexperience made me naïve as well. When we got to the mall, Cheryl had me go off on my own and we agreed to meet in the food court at 2.

I wandered into some stores, mostly music stores, and bought a couple of albums I’d been thinking about. A T-shirt store. The Gap. I found a book on celestial mechanics. I killed the time, spent a little cash.

I met Cheryl at 2, and noticed the two bags in her hand from Fredericks of Hollywood. I knew enough to know what that store sold. I wasn’t THAT naïve.

“I thought you said you were buying some things for me” I said, looking at the bags.

“Oh trust me, these thing are for you at least as much as they’re for me” Cheryl said with a knowing wink. “Why don’t you treat me to a slice of pizza and a Tab?”

“You don’t need the Tab, araban escort cousin. You’re perfect as is.”

She took my hand and said “You’re so sweet.” She kissed me there in front of hundreds of people. “Delicious, actually. Come on, I’m starving.”

We sat and had a couple of slices and then headed towards home. We stopped at the supermarket and picked up groceries for the next few days. Cheryl was a good cook, a talent she learned from my mother and her other aunts, and I was comfortable using the grill. Between the two of us, we wouldn’t need to leave the house much over the next few days.

It was a little after 4, and after putting the groceries away, Cheryl put her arms around my neck and drew me in for a very big, sexy kiss. “You know, Robbie, I’ve been horny since this morning. What do you say we do something to take care of that? I’ll take care of you too, another lesson for you. But not the big one, not until tonight. Let’s go to our bedroom.”

I caught that. “OUR bedroom?”

“Yes, our bedroom. You are staying with me while you’re here, right? Your personal things are in the master bathroom, right? So it’s our bedroom while you’re with me. You’re my man, and I’m your woman.” I kissed her this time. Her lips were tasty, full and moist. I could kiss her all day and night.

Cheryl led me to our bedroom, and she peeled off my shirt, kissing my chest as it was bared to her. I tilted my head back and ran my fingers through her hair. Then I unbuttoned her blouse, filling my hands with her breasts, encased in a beige bra. I reached back and undid her bra, and it fell off her chest and arms so those lovely orbs were bare and in my hands. She got my shorts off and I unzipped her skirt, leaving me in just my white briefs and she was in a black pair of skimpy panties. “Lie back on the bed, baby. Right in the middle.”

I laid back, and she climbed on facing my feet, with her panty clad ass and pussy in my face. The crotch of her panties was pulled up tight, tight enough so I could see the folds of her lips even though they were covered. “Eat my pussy through my panties, lover” Cheryl moaned. “I’m so wet already. Taste me, baby.”

I didn’t need to be asked again. I ran my tongue up her gash, from where I figured her pubic hair was all the way up to her asshole. I could taste her through the material, a flavor I was already coming to love. Cheryl moaned and her thighs tightened next to my head, telling me I was doing something right, I kept licking her, my tongue probing as best I could. She was breathing hard, and reaching into my briefs to grasp my dick. Cheryl ground her pussy into my face as I held her sweet cheeks in my hands, and she blew warm air right onto my cock, making me whimper. Then she swirled her tongue all over the head, not licking the shaft at all.

“You can run your hands all around my ass, massage it, however you like” Cheryl said in a husky voice. “You can even spank me, just not too hard. It should titillate, not hurt. But you should know, not all woman like being spanked. You can try it very lightly with a partner, but if she objects, don’t do it again, and apologize. Now, lets continue.”

She went back to licking me and I was tasting her juices leaking through her panties while I kneaded the soft round cheeks of her ass. Cheryl moaned while she gave my cock a tongue bath and stroked the shaft up and down with her skilled hand. “Fuck, Cheryl, honey that feels so good. You’re gonna make me cum if you keep that up.”

“That’s fine, baby. I want you to cum, in my mouth this time. But I need to cum too. Pull my panties aside and lick me. Remember what I taught you yesterday and what I just told you, and try not to cum before me.”

She eased off her ministrations on my dick while I attacked her pussy with hunger, her juices freely flowing on my tongue and lips. As she shook her hips back and forth, I gently swatted her cheek, not hard at all. “Harder, baby. I can take it” Cheryl moaned. I slapped it this time, hard enough to leave my hand marks on her ass, and she moaned a lot louder while she licked my dick eagerly. I sucked her pussy while I spanked her a few times, on both cheeks, and she cried out “Yes! Suck my cunt, then suck on my clit! I’m almost there!”

I alternated between her clit and her pussy, and when she used the word cunt, my cock twitched in her face. She sensed I was there and she engulfed my cock while grinding her sex in my face, and I got a reward of a stream of her sweet honey while her thighs tightened on the sides of my face. I shot what felt like a quart of cum into her mouth, and Cheryl swallowed it all easily. I felt her moaning on my cock, which vibrated down to my balls.

I held onto her body while tilting my head to the side so I could breathe easier. Cheryl kept my cock in her mouth until every drop of my semen was drained from my vesicles. She moved off me and turned around so we were face to face. “You don’t mind if I kiss you, right, baby?”

“Of arap escort course not. I thought we settled that last night. The pleasure I get from kissing you greatly surpasses any discomfort of might have about tasting my own cum. So let me kiss you.”

“So sweet” she murmured as our lips met. I got a slight taste of a salty, sticky substance, and I just darted my tongue into her warm inviting mouth. “That was delightful, baby. You’re really a fast learner at everything, not just your classes. You’re going to make those girls very happy when you get to school.”

I felt a pang of, I don’t know, jealousy or something, when she talked about me and other girls. In some way, as impossible as it was, I was feeling I wanted to be with Cheryl for the rest of my life. It wasn’t just the thrill and joy from being with a person who was so sexual and affectionate with me. I had loved her for years, a deep crush that had been inside me for a long time. But I knew better than to bring it up and create an uncomfortable situation.

“You’re a great teacher, cousin. And we still have tonight, right?”

“Of course, lover. And since you’ve already cum twice today, you’re going to be able to control your climax easily. It’s going to be so good, baby” she said as she nuzzled against my neck and shoulder. A couple of minutes of that and I’d be ready for her now. “Are you hungry, Robbie? We should start dinner and then we can take showers and get ready for later. A nice romantic, sexy date night with my sexy man.”

“Sounds great, honey. A date night with the most beautiful woman I know.” I kissed her tenderly.

“You really mean that, don’t you, Robbie?”

“I do, Cheryl. I really do.”

She sighed, not from frustration or resignation, but from contentment. “You’re a beautiful man, you know.” She was up on her elbow and she placed her hand over my heart. “Inside and out”, mimicking what I had told her yesterday. She kissed my chest and said, “Now throw on some clothes so you can man the grill and cook a couple of steaks. I’ll work on the salad and corn. Do you want a beer while you cook?”

“I could go for a cold one. Join me?”

“I’m not a big beer lover, but I’ll have one with you.”

We threw on some clothes and went downstairs. I threw some charcoal in her grill and lit it, letting the briquets get white-hot while Cheryl seasoned the steak, a nice thick T-bone, easily enough for two, a cut from a butcher shop. My cousin knew how to shop for the best.

When the salad was done and the corn was ready to go in the pot, I put the steak on, and took care to not overcook it, grilling it to a nice medium rare. My dad had taught me for years how to grill food, so I had some skills. I took it off the grill and placed it on a warm plate to finish for 10 minutes. After it rested, Cheryl put the corn in the boiling water for a few minutes while I sliced the steak.

Dinner was great, and Cheryl took my hand when we were done. “You’re a great cook, cousin. Women love a man who’s good in the kitchen, as well as the bedroom.”

“I don’t expect to be cooking a lot at college. There’s a communal kitchen in the dorm, but I would think it’s difficult to get time in there.”

“Maybe you won’t be living on campus the whole time. Maybe” she said softly “you can transfer to somewhere closer to home after a year.”

It wasn’t hard to pick up a message there. I squeezed her fingers in mine, looking at her. “Anything’s possible. I could have gone to Princeton, but I got a better scholarship offer from Virginia.”

“Maybe you’ll get a better offer if you do well your first year. Maybe a relative with money could help you.”

There was a lot being said here. Before I could answer, Cheryl’s phone rang. She went in the kitchen and answered it and called to me “Robbie, it’s your mom.” My mother had some sense of timing there.

“Hey mom, how’s it going? How are you and dad and Alan?”

“We’re ok” she said, but there was an edge in her voice. She lowered her tone, and said “I think your brother is having second thoughts about joining the Navy. But since he signed the enlistment papers, and had us sign them too, I don’t know if he can get out of it. I’m so worried about him”

We talked back and forth, and I told her she really had to contact an enlistment office and find out what Alan’s rights were. Then we switched to lighter subjects,

During this, Cheryl had cleared the table, put things in the dishwasher, and sat at the kitchen table watching and listening. Then a smile grew on her face. She started by blowing me a kiss with an exaggerated sexy expression. I blew a kiss back and tried to pay attention to what my mother was saying. Cheryl stood up and slowly ran her hands all over her body, caressing herself, massaging her breasts. She definitely had my attention.

“Robbie? Are you there?”

“Huh? What mom, I didn’t hear you.”

“I asked if your cousin was tiring of you yet” mom asked jokingly.

“Not a chance, mom. We’re getting along great. I think the next two weeks are going to fly by too fast.”

Cheryl then stopped teasing me, looked all serious and blew an affectionate kiss to me. She then stepped forward and into my free arm so she was snuggled against my body. God, she felt great. Like she was made to fit there.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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