Summer With Mom

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Alexis Grace

Summer was always a time for freedom. Without school to worry about, I always indulged myself in whatever suited my fancy. After my freshman year of college, however, that indulgence took on a whole new meaning, largely thanks to a few very important members of my family.

My nineteenth birthday had passed just a week before summer break began. Just leaving adolescence, I was at my physical peak. My dark brown hair was cut short, and I’d developed quite a nice build during two semesters biking from class to class. I’d tried my hand at being something of a ladies’ man, but mostly found myself too polite to go too far. My grades had been solid, my social life frankly abysmal. While I was good-looking enough, according to my female friends, I was too much of a “nice guy”. I fell face-first into the friend zone every time.

Coming home was something of a respite. For all my academic success, I had been disappointed with my social life. At home, I could relax, be myself and not worry about trying to score. Plus, I still had that huge cache of porn magazines under my bed. Hopefully. For all I knew, Mom had cleaned the whole thing out while I’d been gone.

Mom had been an even more perfect mother ever since my father had left. None of us, not me, not Mom, not my older sister Cynthia, had spoken to him since he’d run off with a local country singer four years previously. For my part, I knew I’d never be able to understand. Mom was sweet, a great housewife, a tremendous cook, and had been teaching math at the local high school for nearly twenty years. Plus, although I’d never have admitted it aloud, she looked incredible. Despite being 46 years old, Mom was one of the sexiest women I’d ever seen. Her auburn hair framed a beautiful, heart-shaped face. Her tits were large (38DDs…all right, so I looked through Mom’s underwear drawer a few times when I was younger)., her hips wide, her ass nice and round. My cock had probably gotten hard to Mom more than any other woman I’d ever known…which had caused me both a great deal of embarrassment and pleasure over the years.

For the first time ever, Mom and I had the house to ourselves. Cynthia had graduated college the year before and moved several cities east to begin graduate work in clinical psychology. Mom was delighted to have me home, having been quite lonely during the school year. Since she teaches school, she got summer off herself, living just off the alimony and savings rather than taking a summer job like a lot of teachers. This gave us the chance to talk and really bond in a way we never had before. I told Mom about my difficulties with women and my near-painful shyness. Mom told me about how heartbroken she’d been by Dad’s betrayal, and about the struggle to find happiness as a single woman in the middle of her life. These long talks would often last into the middle of the night. Many times, they ended with the two of us hugging and in tears. I thought there was no way I could get any closer to my Mom than I did in those first couple of weeks.

Of course, I couldn’t have been more wrong.

One afternoon, while Mom was out getting some groceries, I decided I might as well take the opportunity to relieve a little sexual tension. With frantic hands, I lifted up my mattress and pulled out my magazines. I’d already stripped down to my boxers, allowing my cock to dangle from the slit in the front. While I’m not quite pornstar quality, my cock is not too shabby, if I do say so myself. Right around seven inches and a nice thickness, with just a little hint of foreskin. I was already hard in anticipation, but, as I flipped through my magazines, I noticed something was wrong. Something was missing. After a quick mental inventory, I realized what it was: my incest magazines.

After visiting our local adult bookstore right after my eighteenth birthday, I’d stumbled upon the magazines almost by chance. With titles like “Family Fuckfest” and “Naughty Relatives”, I’d just laughed them off at first. But something deep inside me kept drawing me back to that rack on every visit. I found myself flipping through them and, as I read the stories of families locked in incestuous lust, I found my cock throbbing harder than it ever had. On impulse, I’d bought four or five. Each night, I’d jerked off furiously to them. At first, the scenarios were purely third person in my mind, voyeuristic. Over time, however, the mothers in the stories took on the appearance of my own beloved Mom. The sisters became my busty sister, Cynthia, with her blonde hair and her cool demeanor. Even as I flushed with shame, I’d shoot what seemed like gallons of cum into my hand each night.

I’d left the magazines at home, fearing the mockery should my roommate discover them as part of my stash. Now that I’d returned, however, they’d turned up missing. With a frown, I realized that my Mom must have found them. Whatever shame I’d felt from masturbating before, I felt two-fold now…and yet I was doubly aroused. Mom had gaziantep ateşli escort likely read some of the stories, probably noticed the most folded and stained pages were the ones related to mother-son sex. With a rush of instinct, pure impulse, I got up and ran to her bedroom, my cock bouncing stiffly between my legs. It only took a few moments searching to discover my instinct was right. In Mom’s underwear drawer, tucked toward the back, were all of my incest magazines…plus a few new ones, apparently purchased during my time away.

My mind reeled, my knees almost buckled. Mom had not only read the magazines, she’d liked them enough to keep them, to buy more of her own. Part of me tried to explain it away, to say that she just wanted to understand it, that she was going to try and get me help. But my cock knew the truth better than my mind did. Slowly, I sat down on Mom’s bed and opened one of the new magazines. This one came with illustrations. While the first story was something with a grandfather and his granddaughter, something that didn’t quite get me going, the second story was amazing. The woman rode her son six ways from Sunday, fucking his brains out with a lusty abandon that was amazing to read. My hand flew over my cock wildly as I finished the story. Unable to hold back, I groaned loudly and shot, seven, eight, ten ropes of sperm, splattering my stomach, staining my mother’s soft silk sheets. Exhausted and spent, I lay there, dazed, my amazement growing even greater as I read the byline. “Submitted by: Janine D., Andersonville.” My hometown. My mom’s name. Stunned as I was, I found myself doing something I shouldn’t have…I drifted off to sleep, passed out in a pool of my own sperm, with the incriminating magazine lying open and near at hand.

I awoke several hours later to the feel of a soft hand on my shoulder, shaking me. As I stirred to consciousness, I realized my position with alarm, memories flooding back to me. I sat up with a shock to find Mom sitting on the edge of the bed, looking at me with a mixture of curiosity, amusement and fear. One hand rested slightly on my bare knee. My cum was sticky-dry on my belly now, my soft cock hanging loosely from my shorts. I struggled to find something to say.

“Mom…” I croaked.

“Shhhhhhhh…” she said, shaking her head. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, honey. It’s perfectly natural for a man to masturbate. I rather wish you’d thought to bring tissues, though, I just washed those sheets,” she says with a smile.

“Sorry,” I blushed sheepishly, feeling more like a little boy than I had in years. Mom and I just looked at each other for a long moment, unable to say anything.

Finally, she broke the silence, “I see you found your magazines. I hope you’re not too upset that I borrowed them.”

“No, not at all, Mom. I mean, I guess I was just afraid you’d freak out. You’ve always been really open about sex, but this was…this was different,” I said.

Janine reached out and touched my face, her long nails stroking softly along my cheek. “I know, sweetie. I bet you’ve been dealing with a lot of shame about it. I know you, you always want to do everything right, everything proper. And yet you couldn’t help getting turned on by these stories.’

God, she knew me so well. I couldn’t even look at her, I was so ashamed. Even though part of me knew that she had done the same, had looked at them, perhaps even written a story herself, my own guilt would not be assuaged. The fingers on his cheek slid down, cupping my chin. Where I expected her to look into his eyes, to murmur something soothing, instead I found her mouth pressing to mine. Her lips were soft, softer than I could have imagined, red and moist. I felt myself melt even as my cock sprung to life, my mother’s tongue sliding into my mouth.

Instinctively, my hands came up to her shoulder, squeezing and drawing her near. How long we kissed, I couldn’t say. It seemed like eternity. Finally, we broke apart, my mouth aching in the wake of her kiss.

“Mom…I…oh god…” I whispered. In spite of jerking off just a couple of hours earlier, I was hornier now than I’d ever been in my life.

Mom’s hand roamed over my chest, her nails brushing over the downy hair she found there, seeking until she found my nipple. She tweaked it lightly, “Chris, I need this. I’ve dreamed of this. Ever sine your father left, I’ve been alone. Please, son, let me have your cock, if only for just this afternoon.” Her voice was so sexy I could barely breathe. I could only manage to nod, and then her mouth was on mine again, pushing me back onto the bed.

Our hands worked in tandem to strip off her clothes. I broke our kisses occasionally so I could look at her body. It was better than I imagined. Her tits were ripe and pale, almost bursting through the top of her lacy black bra as she tossed her blouse aside. I cupped the heavenly mounds through bakımlı gaziantep escort her lingerie, squeezing them, making her cleavage plump temptingly. Her hard nipples pressed to my palms as she groaned aloud. Her skirt had risen on her hips, allowing her to press her panty-clad sex against my bare thigh, grinding greedily.

“Yes, baby, touch Mommy’s tits,” she moaned.

My cock bucked against her stomach as I complied. Oh, god, how I complied. My hands ran over the fattened melons, testing their weight. The clasp was in the front on this particular design, allowing me easy access as I unhooked it, her bare breasts spilling free. Each of Mom’s tits were capped with delightful dark brown nipples, hard as rocks, the pebbled areola encircling them engorged with desire. Without hesitation, lost now in this forbidden embrace, I leaned up and locked my mouth around one, sucking at her tit as I hadn’t since I was an infant.

“Oh fuck,” Mom groaned, her body writhing as I worked her tit. Her hands were busy undressing herself, her skirt and panties tossed aside. A glance from the corner of my eye revealed that Mom was wearing a thong to match her sexy bra, a surprise that probably shouldn’t have been one, given where I was at the moment. I opened my mouth wide, taking as much of Mom’s tit in my mouth as I could, sucking her for all I was worth. I looked up into her eyes and saw a lust that matched my own there, her mouth open in a constant gasp of pleasure.

Mom’s 5’10” frame was deliciously voluptuous, with a mature woman’s curves. While she wasn’t skinny by any standard, Mom’s body seemed perfectly formed to me, shaped to welcome my body as I began to make love to her. Her warm hand searched out my cock, the first electric contact of her grip making me jump. Her fingers locked around my dick and began to wank slowly up and down, working me with an expertise I’d never imagined she’d possess. Her thumb grazed softly at the foreskin below my head, teasing up to the cleft in my glans. She used my natural lubrication, my precum, to her advantage, distributing it slickly up and down the length of my cock.

“Oh Chris, honey, your dick’s so fucking big. I knew you were grown up now, but I never imagined.” She whispered. Slowly, she dragged her body away from me, making me whimper, thinking she was going to withdraw. Stupid me.

Mom dragged her tits down my chest, her fingers tugging my boxers off my thighs, leaving my prick utterly exposed. She kissed down my body, pausing as her luscious bosom enveloped my shaft.

“Ooooh, you’re going to have to titfuck me sometime, honey. But right now, I’ve just got to get a taste of that dick. It’s been too long since I sucked a cock,” she groaned. I could hardly believe it. Mom not only wanted to fuck me, but she had the nastiest mouth I’d heard on a girl ever. I was no virgin, but she put every girl I’d been with to shame times ten. I’d never seen my cock so big. I swear I grew an inch or two just from her words, from the presence of my mother hovering over my meat.

Her soft titties teased and brushed along the side of my shaft, urging out more precum as her hand softly nursed and stroked me, painting the valley of her cleavage with droplets of boycream. Finally, she pushed her way further down, until her lips hovered near the crown of my cock. She inhaled deeply, her nostrils flaring.

“Smells so fucking good. I love the smell of cock,” she murmured sluttily. Her fingers were wrapped tight around the base of my cock as she began to work me slowly, her palm nuzzling against my balls. Her lips parted and I felt her tongue dart against the slit in my cocktip. It made me find my voice again.

“Oh god, Mom, yes!” I cried.

Hearing me cry out for her, calling out for her, apparently energized Mom’s hunger. Her mouth opened further and she pressed my cock deep in her gullet, swallowing me with shocking ease. She began to slurp up and down my prick with languid delight. Her throat was warm and welcoming, a velvet sheathe tailor-made for my cock. I propped myself up on my elbows and watched in pure, erotic delight as my mother sucked my cock beautifully. The shaft gleamed as it slipped out from between her lips, her lipstick staining it a bit in placed, adding a crimson dash. Her tongue swirled over the knob of my dick, making me squirm, and then she’d piston her mouth back down, taking me deep. She alternated between shallow sucks and long, building me to a frenzy of pleasure in such a short time.

Normally, after I jerk off, my second orgasm takes a while, but I could feel the pressure rapidly building with Mom’s eager blowing. My grunts must have warned her, my hips bouncing helplessly on the mattress, half-fucking her face. She apparently wanted it that way, though, because she sucked all the more fiercely, using her hand and mouth in tandem to push me over the edge.

“Oh fuck, MOM!” I cried as escort gaziantep I came, firing a thick rope of jism into the back of my mom’s throat. She swallowed the first few shots like a professional, her throat gulping noisily, then pulled off and aimed my cock at her tits, splattering herself with my load. She shook and jerked my cock lustily, making sure to get every drop out of my rod. I panted and collapsed back onto the bed in amazement and satiated lust.

Mom, however, was just getting started. She licked her lips and climbed back up my body, her mouth finding my nipple as her hand toyed with my cock. “Now, I always taught you to do unto others, honey. Come on and show Mommy what a good boy you are.”

I took the hint. With a laugh, I rolled her onto her back and began to lick her body, my tongue darting swiftly. I started with her tits, loving those huge orbs. I bathed each one in my tongue as my fingers reached for the first time between my mother’s legs, touching her pussy. Her quim was absolutely swimming with juice and she squealed as I touched her.

“Oh fuck, Chris, oh baby, ummmmmm, Mommy’s cunt’s so wet for her little boy!”

Amazingly, my cock was already rising to attention at her words. I lapped at her nipples lustily, making them shine with my spit, the dark buttons standing proudly atop her titties. I’ve always been a breast man, probably due to being around such a gorgeous rack all my life. I squeezed and mauled her tits, burying my face in the soft place where they met. My teasing only made her squirm all the more. My fingers stroked up and down her slit, assiduously avoiding her clit, fingertips soaking in the oozing honey of her cunt.

“Oh fuck, baby, oh please, eat my cunt, Mommy needs her pussy licked so badly!” How could any son refuse a request like that?

I cupped her generous, round ass in my hands, squeezing the delectable cheeks as I gazed at her pussy. Mom kept herself shaved (“It makes me feel sexy,” she told me later). Her pink lips were swollen with lust, her clit poking free of her hood visibly. I’d never seen such a big clit. While it wasn’t obscene or gargantuan, it left no doubt about the intensity of her desire. Mom needed this, wanted this, as much as I did. Maybe more.

I began to eat her out with a slow tongue-kiss, delving into the slick folds of her pussy. I allowed my tongue to do all the work first, slowly bringing in my fingers to help part the valley, giving me deeper access to her pink. It was wise that she’d made me cum first, I realized. Spent as I was, I took my time with her cunt. Before, I would have likely just tongued and frigged her cunt like a rabid beast. My tongue, instead, now swirled in the heady pot of her desire, sticky strings of her juices clinging as I licked her out.

Mom grasped at the bedsheets, one hand stroking through my hair, nails teasing my scalp. Her red lips released a torrent of filth and lust, telling me how good her cunt felt, how she loved my tongue, how she needed her baby boy to suck her twat like the good mommy whore she was. When my lips finally touched her clit, the result was electric. Her back arched, her hips thrusting forward to bury my mouth against her twat as she came. Her juices were like a flood, the Hoover dam opening up, soaking my chin and tongue. She was sweet, sweeter than any woman, and I drank from her like a man fresh from the desert. Her orgasm hadn’t reduced her desire any more, though, as she tugged at my shoulders.

“Fuck me, baby. Mommy needs to be fucked, please, give me that cock. I need it,” she groaned earnestly. Within moments, I was scrambling back atop her, her spread legs opened wide to accept my entrance.

My cock sank into Mom’s cunt, drawing a loud cry of pleasure from both of us. Her pussy was pure heaven, wrapping tight around my shaft, oozing the juices of her orgasm around me until they slathered my nuts. I began to fuck her at a slow, shallow pace at first, savoring this first fuck as best I could. Our mouths sought each other out, tongues dueling lewdly. My fingers sought out her tits, my weight braced on my elbows as I began to piston back and forth.

“Oh God, Mom, your cunt’s so tight, oh shit,” I groaned.

Mom thrust her hips back to meet me, grinding in a torrid rhythm that we built together. Our hips crashed together again and again. Her wet cunt swallowed me effortlessly now, her earlier orgasm having lubricated her to an incredible degree. I felt her fuck-muscles milk and suckle at my cock, making her tits bounce now in my grasp.

“Yes, yes, baby, yes, fuck your mother, fuck me hard, fuck me like the nasty whore I am, yes, baby, yes, YES!” she squealed. Mom began to cum violently again, her second orgasm following so swiftly on her first I could barely breathe.

I tried to last as best I could, never wanting our fuck to end, but raw sensation and the forbidden joy of this fuck was more than I could bear. With a roar, I threw back my head, pounding my Mom’s cunt, riding her as hard as I could until I stiffened and shot. My cock swelled beyond its usual limits, unleashing a torrent of cream, draining my balls until they ached. Her cunt swallowed every drop of my cum, leaving it sloshing and soaked, a bit dribbling out the bottom of her slit over her asshole. I collapse atop her, clinging tightly, our bodies bathed in sweat.

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