Supermarket Sex

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As you enter my supermarket our eyes meet. You see me as your eyes dart away from my gaze. You whole body tingles as you can feel there was a strange drawing attraction from me. As you begin your grocery shopping your mind explodes with thoughts and visions of me. I start to follow you quietly around the store several steps behind. I know there is something different as you are walking through the aisles with an empty basket not even looking at the shelves of product.

As you turn you see me and your mouth open as to say something to me but not a word escapes your lips. Slowly I walk towards you and take you by the hand leading you towards the back room not saying a word. As you feel my grip your resistance weakens as I lead you some of your fear starts to go away. Your heart beats at an incredible rate wondering where I am taking you and what will happen.

I open the door to the back and roughly push you in causing you to fall I turn closing the door and locking it. You look up to me with a look of lust and desire and I know now you escort are the submissive type. As you start to get up I push you back down.

“Stay right there you cunt.” I slowly undo my pants lowering them down revealing sheer white panties.

“Now lick and suck my panties you whore.” I say to you in a commanding stern voice.

You slowly lean forward the tip of your tongue lightly touches my pantie covered crotch.

“Suck it.” I yell at you and grab your head holding it forcefully over my cunt.

Realizing you have no escape you submit to my desire and begin to soak my panties with your mouth. Your eyes gazing up at me and you suck the crotch of my panties.

“You stay right there.” You watch as I walk over to a knapsack and take out an 8 inch strap-on dildo and strap it on over my panties and walk back over you.

“Do you like my cock?” I ask you.

You say nothing but nod your head slowly, lust and desire taking over your body.

“Suck me off slut. Service my cock.” I say.

You lean forward your bursa eve gelen escort lip slowly go around and seal over the dildo your head moving down slowly and back up. You start to build up the pace and start bobbing your head up and down on the fake cock. I hear you letting out soft moans as you suck the fake cock.

“That’s enough.” I say as I pull your to your feet by your hair. I start to unbutton my shirt revealing a matching sheer white bra. Your eyes gaze over it as your breathing gets faster. “Now soak my bra bitch.”

You lean in and begin to lick and suck my bra you can see my nipples getting hard poking out beneath the sheer material. I start to breathe heavier my hands cradling your head over my tits.

“Yes that’s it good girl. Stroke my fake cock as you suck my bra tramp.” Your hand reaches down and begins to stroke the cock while your saliva still continues to soak my bra.

I spin you around bending you over some boxes in the back room. I lift up your görükle escort plaid skirt and take off your panties. “No please…” is all you manage to get out before your panties are stuffed into your mouth.

I lean in to you and whisper in your ear. “Be quiet my pet and take it like a good girl.”

I line up the fake cock and begin to slide it in your cunt fucking you slowly. I hear your soft whines escaping from the panties in your mouth. I start to build up speed going faster, deeper and harder. I grab your hair and pull your head back as I continue to pound your cunt.

“Does my slut wanna get fucked in her ass?” I ask.

A high pitched scream goes through to panties as your shake your head no.

Ignoring your cries I pull out of your cunt and slowly slide the dildo and your tight ass. You scream and begin to cry through the panties as you ass is assaulted by the fake cock. I feel your body start to convulse and shudder and I know you are close to cumming. I place my hands over your cunt as you scream through the panties and cum all over my hands. Turning you around to face me I take your panties out of your mouth and rub my cum covered hand all over you face. Then I open the door and leave the back room back into the supermarket as you stay there with your face covered in your cum and your make up running.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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