Surreptitious Love Ch. 11

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Chapter 11 — Interlewd

I was lucky in many ways. The affair between me and Nguyet had gone undetected, and a new girl had fallen in my lap in June. Tuyet was 18, had just graduated high school, and was preparing to leave for college. She was friends with some of my former students and had been part of our lunch group that we had set up to keep their English from getting rusty.

When we started seeing each other in June, we knew she would leave by the end of August to attend university, which gave a us a nice time frame to become lewder and lewder. It all had started at an empty country house that her family was selling. There, we just stopped short of having intercourse, as she was a virgin and wanted to save herself for another month. Next, we had an afternoon encounter at a friend’s apartment, during which she got her period, and then a little outdoor session in the mountainous area west of our town. The climax of our little fling was a night at a hotel in the next big city, during which I deflowered her in the most memorable way. Over those two months, she became more self-confident and bolder.

Tuyet was even more daring than Nguyet. When we went to a coffee shop once, on our last adventure before she left to college, she took off her panties right at the table and presented her pussy as the most natural thing in the world—which it is, in many ways. The funny thing was that we forgot her underwear on the bench at the café when we left to go across the street. In other words, I was busy over the summer with a very young, bold, slender woman and didn’t miss Nguyet much. She and I chatted a little here and there, but she didn’t know of Tuyet, nor did I know much about what she did over those months. Had she gone out with the dude at work?

As Tuyet was at college in Hue now and Nguyet and I hadn’t heard from each other for a month, I ask her to meet for coffee. She was working on a regular schedule again, and we found it difficult to meet. I worked a lot on weekends, while she was rather busy during the week. One day she called me, though, asking if I would mind meeting her on Thursday next week in another town 40 miles away, as she had business there in the morning but would be free in the afternoon. We could be certain that no one knew us there, and it would only take about an hour to get there on a motorcycle. We could have lunch at the beach and then go to a nice hotel for a few hours. I asked her if that would be a good time, ovulation-wise, and she replied that her period had just started that day, so that was a yes.

We probably were going to talk lot, so it would be good to have a lot of time. However, it was quite difficult to make up an excuse why I had to be away for seven hours that day. Luckily, there was a branch of our English Academy in that town too, so I paid them a visit in the morning under some pretext. Nguyet and I would meet at the war monument on the main square at 11 and then drive to the beach together for lunch.

I was excitedly smoking a cigarette when I saw her already from the distance. She pulled up, and we negotiated whether we should go and have coffee first and then lunch or the other way ’round. We settled for lunch, as we were both hungry. I followed her through the town and then the stretch to the beach. There were several restaurants that were open. After we ordered, I finally took a good look of her. She was wearing a dark-blue business outfit, consisting of a relatively short skirt that ended several inches above her knees and a blazer. Underneath, there was a cream-colored thin blouse and the whole arrangement was complemented by flesh-colored tights (not stockings, I assumed).

She looked as beautiful as ever. Her hair was shiny and up on the back of her head. She had taken her jacket off and was rolling up her sleeves now. Her breasts looked perky and one could sense a white bra underneath her shirt. As we were sitting on low chairs, I had a good view of her legs. I now remembered that she had worn a similar outfit once at a school function three or four years earlier. I actually had pictures of her from that day. I asked her if that was the same outfit, but she said that this one was new. Her mother had made it specifically for her new job at the real estate company.

“It’s good to see you again. How have you been?” I asked.

“Not too bad, but things aren’t going well at home,” she said.

“Your mother?”

“No, it’s more like both of them. My brother was home from college for a few weeks, and they were all buddy-buddy, but everyone pretty much ignored me. My mom also seems to have told my dad something about our affair. Now listen to this,” she alerted me.

I knew something good was coming, so I lit a cigarette.

“She saw the picture.”

“No way! What picture?” I was racing through my memory.

“Creampie with black stockings.”

I coughed. “Ouch. I told you someone will see it eventually. As great as it is to have a photo of this memorable canlı bahis moment, you gotta bury that on your computer or an external hard drive. How, though? Did your brother go through your phone?”

“No, luckily, only my mom’s seen it. I was looking through my photos for a specific dress with her up in my room. I wanted her to make one just like that. But then she came over, thought she saw it, and tapped the screen. And then my cum-filled pussy, framed by my black stockings, came up.”

“Oh, gosh, that’s beautiful. It makes me horny,” I admitted.

“Yeah, but my mother was shocked.”

“Shocked? What does she think pussy looks like after a good fuck? No, seriously, I think it’s just gorgeous. Can I see the picture one more time?” I asked.

“No, I’ve deleted it. My mom actually made me delete it right then,” Nguyet told me.

“When was that?”

“A day before my birthday. So that day was pretty much ruined too.”

“Wow, you have no idea how much this is turning me on. Anyway, what else is new?”

As the food was arriving, her answer took a little.

“All I’m doing right now is work and watching films or playing stupid computer games in my free time,” she summarized.

“Now what about the dude at your office?” I was curious now.

“Oh, we went out twice, once for lunch and once for dinner. But he’s really quiet, and I can’t imagine being married to him,” she told me.

“Why not? Being quiet doesn’t sound bad to me. Were you thinking about having sex with him?”

“Hmh, he’d be handsome enough, but there’s no spark, really.” She seemed to want to close the issue.

The grilled fish was excellent. After she was done, she went the bathroom and then sat down next to me with her legs fairly wide open. Her skirt didn’t cover much of her thighs, which looked gorgeous in her stockings. We finished our beers and paid up. We both seemed eager to get a hotel room quickly. Perhaps we could get some coffee at the hotel, do it twice, and talk some more in between. I asked her if she remembered our afternoon when she was wearing her pink dress with tights.

“Of course, what about it?”

“I feel like fucking you in a similar way today, at least the first time. I just wanna pull your tights and panties down in the back and ram my dick in,” I told her as horny as I was.

“I’m not sure about it. I have a hunch that I need a little foreplay first,” she advised me.

We went to look for a hotel and checked in at a rather tall, modern tower with balconies that faced the sea. The sun had just left the front of the hotel where the balconies were, so it was nice and breezy up here on the ninth floor. We had bought three iced coffees downstairs, as I needed two, and were now sitting on the balcony across from each other but with no table in between. Seeing her in her pantyhose and business skirt was hot.

“You always want me to take off my underwear and see my pussy, but I’ never get to see your dick first,” she chuckled.

“That’s because I can’t whip my dick out at a café,” I said.

“You can do it now,” she suggested. As I was too lazy to get up to check if there were any people nearby, I just listened but it was all quiet. It must have been close to one o’clock, and the hotel didn’t seem to have many guests. I opened my pants and took them down together with my underwear and arranged my shirt so she could see my cock, which was half-erect and pumping itself up. The glans was pushing itself through the foreskin, while Nguyet was looking at it. I bent down briefly to pick up my pants from the floor and put them on the coffee table next to us.

“Nice. It feels good to be alone with you, finally. That summer was a complete waste of my time,” Nguyet said in a somewhat somber tone.

She was right. It felt hot to be sitting here with my dick unencumbered, admiring her. There was no need for her to get naked immediately. Her legs were relatively wide open, and I could now see her crotch area. Her tights were blocking the view though. The whole area looked like pixelated Japanese porn. Unlike porn with pixels, though, I was gonna see everything in a minute. She was unbuttoning her blouse now and reached under her skirt to take off her pantyhose. When she was done, she hesitated for a moment and took her skirt off too. She sat back down again. Her panties were white with a red pattern of little triangles and rectangles or so. No polka dots. They still looked like young girls’ underwear.

She pushed her shirt back at her waist to expose her belly. I could sense her black bush through her girl’s panties. Everything was hot, even looking at my own dick, which was more erect now and pointing above her face. She didn’t seem to want to come over, so I lit another cigarette and she took off her shirt. She slipped out of the shoulder straps of her bra, but then reached behind her back to snap it open. A woman opening her bra has always been one of my favorite moments, although I also like to snap them bahis siteleri open myself.

She was heaving, and now it seemed to be a contest who could hold back longer. I weighted my dick in my hand, and it was erect and throbbing. The wind playing around it felt nice. I took of my shirt, knowing that my upper body wasn’t as hot as hers. Over the years, I had put on some weight, but she knew that already. I wasn’t embarrassed or anything. I still compared well to most men of my age cohort. Seeing her over there in her girlish panties, I was wondering where and how we would do it. Her nipples looked stiff, and we both were aroused.

I extinguished my cigarette and took another sip of my coffee. She folded her arms behind her head and stretched, which made her ribs show. I moved my chair a little closer. It was difficult to contain my arousal. My dick wanted to disappear inside her.

“Shall we go inside?” I asked.

“It’s so nice out here, though,” she replied.

“My dick wants to get inside you somewhere,” I challenged her.

“Well, then,” she said, got up, and took off her panties. I have always liked the sound of that. She got close to me and was now standing over my dick. I reached for her pussy and slid my finger between her lips. It felt so good to be reunited. She lowered herself straight onto my purple tip. My dick was now a brush, and she was going to paint her pussy. Eventually, she took it all in and was now sitting on my lap with my dick fully inside her.

“Aahh, this feels so good,” she said as she started moving up and down. As I had had a hard-on for half an hour now, I was afraid I would come right away. But, then, she had said she didn’t wanna move inside and I didn’t have any qualms if she could make me come here on the balcony. I massaged her breasts and took one of her nipples in my mouth. Looking down from time to time, I could see my dick reappearing every second below her black bush. She smiled and then kissed me profusely. Her hair had grown longer and was in her face.

“I’m about to come,” I alerted her.

“Please do so,” she said panting.

I was holding on to her butt cheeks, prying them apart to diddle her butthole. When I came a minute later, I pressed them together, though, to make sure everything stayed inside her. I was still holding her down, when she put her hair back behind her ears and said: “That was a nice load.”

“Yeah, we could take another picture if you want,” I quipped.

When she got up, cum was dripping from her lips onto the chair. We collected our belongings and went inside the room. I asked her if she needed A/C, but she just shook her head. As it was September and still hot, we decided to take a shower and chill on the bed.

In the shower, we caressed each other tenderly but there was no way to fuck again in such close succession. We soaped each other, kissed, and enjoyed the warm rain. When she said she needed to pee, I encouraged her to do it right there. She hesitated, but why not? Now, there was some more warm rain. I extended my arm close to her thighs and let her pee on my hand. It felt good but not any different really from the water, which had the same temperature.

“Can you pee, too?” she asked me. “I’ve never seen it,” she added with a smile.

I just let go. It hadn’t been urgent but if she got a kick out of it. She seemed really happy to see it and also held her hand under the stream. There was nothing kinky about it; it was more like child’s play. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she had gone down on her knees to catch some of it with her mouth, but she didn’t. Maybe someday. We let the water run for another minute and rinsed our hands, before we stepped out of the shower to dry. We both had gotten up early, so we wanted to rest a little. We also were happy just to be together for a few hours, as our last time had been almost four months back.

I propped my head up on my forearm and looked at her. Her belly was heaving a little but otherwise she seemed completely calm. Her nipples still seemed erect, and I put my hand in her crotch. I started playing with her pubic hair and my dick was gaining a little in size again already. She noticed and began playing with it, but only like you play with a pen while you have to listen to someone on the phone or in a boring meeting.

“Did you at least masturbate a little during the last four months?” I asked.

“Yes. Once in a while, I would remember one of our afternoon sessions and get horny,” she told me.

“Did you manage to give yourself an orgasm?”

“Yeah, sometimes. It never seemed to be a complete thing, though, like my whole body is shaking. I can only diddle my clitoris; my fingers are just no substitute for a dick.”

“Masturbation is an art and, yeah, it’s not like having sex. I still like it a lot, though,” I told her to make her feel better when she jerked off. “Which time we fucked together was the best?” I asked her.

“I don’t know. The first one is hard to bahis şirketleri top, but I’ve found out I like being fucked better. So, any day we did it in the missionary position and you came inside me is high on the list,” she summarized how she felt about the issue.

“So, you really liked our first time at the hotel, huh?” I thought.

“Yes, but I was not used to the idea of being at a cheap hotel yet. But then, at home, my mom’s usually there and that takes a little bit away from the experience, too.”

“Have Trinh or Quynh talked to you about the foursome at my house?” she was asking now.

“Well, I don’t know if I should tell you, but Quynh and I have made out in my classroom at the school, actually.” I just felt like sharing it, instead of lying. She might find out anyway.

“You fucked her in your classroom?” she asked incredulously.

“No, not really. Only with my finger, while she was giving me a handjob,” I told her.

“Phew. Weren’t you afraid of getting caught?”

“No, it was in the afternoon. Nobody was on the whole floor. And we had the door locked.”

“But there’s a big glass panel and a window?!” she cautioned.

“Yeah, I know. But you can’t really see what’s going on inside. And when you’re inside, you can see if someone is looking. Anyway, we got carried away.”

She cupped her hand like an excavator and dug out my balls. She weighted them, it seemed, but then went on to examine my glans. She let her fingernail run along the rim, until I told her to use to spit again. Instead, she just took my dick in her mouth and started sucking. Naturally, my dick got bigger, but I felt like doing something too, so we switched around a little until I could lick her pussy. As she was on top of me now, I admired her pussy more than I was doing anything to it.

Her small white butt provided the perfect contrast to her hairy butthole and pussy. Even though we had just taken a shower, there was her unique aroma again, yet very subtle. Her cock-sucking skills had improved vastly over the last year. She was so good at it that I wondered if she hadn’t practiced with someone else. I dipped my tongue into her butthole, which made her twitch and giggle.

I now let my tongue run between her lips and pressed her butt against my mouth. That elicited some stronger reaction; she seemed to love it. Now she was the one who pressed her butt backwards. As my dick was getting stiffer, I asked her if she wanted to lie down or if I should mount her from behind.

“Let me lie down. We haven’t done it this way yet,” she answered.

Unceremoniously, she got on her back and opened her legs. As we both were ready, I didn’t dive in her lap with my face again or tried any shenanigans. My glans made its way between her wet lips and with a little force, pretty much my whole dick disappeared inside her. I started thrusting, while she was heaving and writhing a little. I folded my arms behind her head and pressed her face against my chest. She wrapped her legs around me and lifted up her ass. I grabbed the pillow from under her head and placed it under her butt.

‘My dick must be rubbing her G-spot nicely’ I thought to myself, looking at the way she was positioned. “You like it when your pussy comes up towards me?” I asked, panting. She nodded and then looked to the side with her eyes closed. I was banging her fairly hard now, and her whole body was responding. With every thrust, she moved two or three inches up and down. She was biting my arm now, and when I came inside her, she was convulsing, screaming, and shivering.

She was still panting but asked me to remain inside her for a little longer. I let go of her head and supported my torso with my forearms next to her head. I kissed her forehead and waited what she would want. Eventually we rolled onto our sides and my dick slipped out. I had my arm on her back and held her closely. We kissed and I massaged her breasts gently. I let my tongue run around your nipple a little, until she collapsed on her back.

“Phew. Goodness gracious. What a simple, but good fuck that was,” I said.

“Yeah,” she said. “We need to do that more often. Let’s see if we can meet once or twice a month again or so,” Nguyet agreed, as our eyes were tracing each other.

“But, I guess, we can’t go to your house anymore?” I asked.

“No,” she said, “but I might move in with my friend, and we’ll be roommates.”

“Oh, where do you know her from?” I asked.

“High school, actually. She just got divorced and doesn’t wanna move back in with her parents.”

“Does she have a child?” I wanted to know.

“No, I think that’s one reason why she and her husband split up,” Nguyet surmised. “She believes she can’t have children. Or maybe its him, I don’t know.”

“Well, you keep me posted when you move in there. Let’s see what the situation is after a few weeks; perhaps we can meet there once,” I motioned.

“Sure. Let’s wait and see. At least, I can go out at night once I moved there.”

“But aren’t your mom and dad upset?” I was afraid I had to ask.

“They are upset anyway. So, I’m either there with them being upset, or they are upset by themselves,” she said in a slightly trembling voice.

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