Susie’s Awakening Ch. 04

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Susie’s Awakening (On the Road)

Susie’s life was in a constant turmoil. Her father had shown a website he had created with the pictures of her on it. They showed her tiny legs pulled wide open and her cunt, mouth and ass filled with not only his cock, but also Jim’s. He had shown it to her smugly, daring her to say anything about his fucking her to anyone, saying that if she ever told anyone, he would make sure that millions of people would see the pictures. As he closed the web page, she even noticed a link at the bottom that would provide the videotape of her little body being raped.

“Now, go to your room, whore, shower and change into the clothes laying on your bed. You have one hour.” His tone displayed he wouldn’t be argued with.

Susie walked into her room, almost despondent. She had been half hoping that her father would fuck her then and there. Seeing the pictures of his cock buried deep inside her always left her ashamed and yet ravenously horny at the same time.

She showered and went back into her room. Laying on the bed was a black leather miniskirt, a tight halter top, black nylons with a garter belt, and a pair of 5 inch stiletto high heels. She quickly applied some makeup and twisted her hair into pigtails before slipping into the ensemble he had left for her.

“Perfect” he said as she walked into the living room. “You’ll do just fine. Now put on your coat.”

After they got the car started, they pulled out onto the road and started driving. Tom opened his pants and pulled his semi-hard cock out of his pants. Susie gazed at it in a mixture of fear and excitement, not quite sure what to do.

“Lean over here and suck my cock a little, slut.” he said coldly.

Susie whimpered, wishing he wouldn’t call her things like that. In the beginning, he had forced her, but now she almost wanted his cock. It made her little pussy tingle to know that he was going to let her suck him in the car as they drove to an unknown destination with people going on about their lives just a few feet from them in other cars or on sidewalks.

She leaned forward and opened her mouth over his cock, flicking her tongue at it as she noisily slurped it into her waiting mouth. Instantly, she could feel it start to harden as she guided her lips down around it, flicking at the underside with her tongue. Occasionally his hand would slide down and force her mouth all the way down on his cock, pushing it into her throat and gagging her.

“Enough” he said “Fix your makeup.” Susie sat up and realized they were out on a stretch of road a ways outside of town. They were in a parking lot of a bookstore that had pretty neon signs, but she had never been inside before. She had asked her mother to take her there once before she could read and had been answered with silence. Now she knew why. The sign said “Moonlight Reader, adult books, gifts and videos”.

Her father grabbed her wrist and walked her to the back door of the shop. Knocking gently, the door opened. Susie tried to take in everything she could see, but the dark hallway was just a row of doors. She could hear music and the sounds of men and women groaning. Dimly lit, she was in a daze as her father led her to a door and spoke softly with the man who had opened the door.

Opening the door her father pushed her in ahead of him and followed closing it behind them. The room was small, maybe 3 feet by 4 feet. On one wall held a video screen and a mechanism for taking money. The opposite wall had a hole cut into it just over a padded bench for sitting on, and the remaining wall had 2 holes cut into it about 8inches around. One was about waist high for an adult canlı bahis and one about 2 feet off the ground. One of these walls had a large piece of glass set into it.

Her father put some money into the machine and on the screen a movie started. It was a woman being fucked by three men at once and a large group of naked men standing around her waiting for their turn. Susie gasped audibly, having never imagined something like this. The woman’s pussy and ass were stretched by the huge cocks plunging in and out of them, yet as the camera showed her face, Susie saw only pure pleasure as the woman’s lips wrapped themselves around a massive cock shoved into her mouth. Susie could feel her cunt start to get wet.

“You like that little slut?” her father asked.

Susie nodded silently.

“Good. Now here are the rules. You do whatever you’re told. You do NOT leave this room unless I am with you. Do you understand?” he asked.

Susie nodded silently, her cunt getting wetter by the minute. She wanted him to pull his cock out and let her suck it. Let her feel it sliding into her cunt, her mouth, her ass. Anywhere.

Sensing this, Tom asked “You want some cock little whore?”

“Yes, Daddy, please!!!! I want it so bad!” she begged.

“Well here’s what you’re going to have to do for it.” He replied “Those holes in the walls have rooms just like this one on the other side. Most of them have a man in them watching movies like this and I bet they’d just love to sample a good little cocksucker like you.”

Susie gasped as the implications of what he meant sunk in. She shook her head softly. Tom slapped her and pulled his cock out of his pants. “You do it NOW, cunt, or you get no more of this.” I can find another piece of meat to fuck. Your little friend Jenny was looking at me the other day.”

Susie shuddered. The thought of Jenny getting her Daddy’s attentions while she was left out scared her. Susie slowly bent down on looked through one of the holes. Sure enough, in the glow of the video screen she could see a man’s cock standing up from his body, his hand moving up and down it slowly.

“Pssst,” Susie whispered “Can I suck your cock?” The hand stopped and turned towards her. Slowly it moved towards her, it’s owner looking at her little painted face. Silently he pushed it through the hole at her mouth. Susie tried to pull back a little, surprised, but Tom held her head firmly. Opening her mouth, the stranger’s cock slid past her lips and touched the back of her throat. It wasn’t as big as Daddy’s, it was significantly smaller, but she gagged lightly when it hit her tonsils. She envisioned what she must look like on her hands and kneels like this, her tiny ass pressed against the opposite wall with her skirt ridden up, her panties exposed through the opposite hole as she let this stranger fuck her face.

Her father took his hand off of her head and reached down to slide a finger into her panties rubbing her clit. Suddenly he ripped the panties from her little frame a cool blast of air hit her dripping hairless cunt. Susie concentrated on the cock in her mouth, but she could hear her father whispering through the hole on the other side and activity in the booths around her. Without warning, she felt something brushing up against her cunt. With no ceremony she could feel another cock sliding into her cunt slowly. In sudden horror, she realized it couldn’t be Tom’s as her cunt was pressed against the opposite wall. It must be the man in the other booth. She started to pull her mouth away to protest to her father, but his hand was back on her head, forcing her to pay attention to the cock in her mouth.

For bahis siteleri what seemed like an eternity, the two cocks sawed in and out of her soft tiny body. Occasionally, her father would reach down to rub her clit, pinch her nipples, or slide a finger into her ass. She lost count of how many times she came. Without warning the cock in her mouth started to shoot into her throat filling her with hot sticky cum. Surprised, Susie pulled her head back and the rest of the strangers cum landed on her face and hair.

“Nice” she heard a strange voice say. Looking to her left she saw an older man’s face in the hole. He had been watching the young girl’s efforts. “Maybe you can help me out too?” the man asked.

“Sure she can” her father quickly answered. “Can’t you bitch?” He chuckled cruelly, knowing she’d never dare to disobey.

The booth that the man she had just sucked was empty now. After a moment or two to older man appeared in it, and quickly forced his cock into the waiting young girl’s mouth. The cock in her cunt suddenly exploded sending jet after jet of hot sperm into Susie’s quivering cunt. Susie came again, moaning around her mouthful of cock. As her soaked pussy gripped at it, the cock pulled out and she could hear the door opening as the stranger who had just fucked her tender underage cunt disappeared. Susie realized she had never even seen his face, or the cock that had just raped her.

Susie could hear her father whispering to the older man as she slid her lips up and down his shaft. Suddenly the cock pulled back through the hole and the man exited the booth. Susie stood and saw her father sitting on the bench his throbbing cock standing straight up. Susie crawled over to him and took him into her mouth. As she started to work her father’s thick cock into her throat, the door behind her opened to reveal the older man. He smiled taking in the scene of this girl on her hands and knees sucking her father’s cock. Her mini skirt had ridden up again and he could see the cum dripping down her thighs out of her recently fucked pussy.

Her father pulled her reluctant mouth off of his cock and stood her up. Lifting her again he had her placer her heels on the bench, straddling him and he guided her down to squat on his cock. Susie squealed as her father forced the head into her tiny tight asshole. He moaned gently as it slid up into her. She started to struggle lightly, but his hand clamped over her mouth as she could feel his ball gently resting against her asscheeks. She looked pleadingly, helplessly at the older man who was watching her fathers cock slide into her ass and he looked back at her with a blank expression.

Reaching for his wallet, he handed her father some money and pulled his still hard cock out of his pants. He moved forward and in one push, buried it deep into Susie’s tiny, wet, hairless slit. Susie bucked against the two iron hard cocks pumping her. Her father reached up and suddenly the glass on the wall was a window!! She could see a man in the other booth. He turned slowly and looked carefully at the trio. He smiled at her little slutty form almost obliterated by the two men filling her cunt and ass.

He turned to reveal his cock. It was huge. Susie’s eyes grew wider as she looked at it. Standing at least 12 inches long and as big around as a soda can. The stranger pushed it through the hole in the wall and Tom took one of Susie’s little hands and placed it on the erect monster. Guiding her tiny fist, which couldn’t even reach all the way around, Tom forced Susie to start pumping the hard cock slowly up and down.

Dealing with all three cocks at once, Susie felt the tingling starting bahis şirketleri in her cunt again. She looked past the old man to the video screen to see the woman she had been watching earlier in a similar position. Concentrating on the screen, Susie felt her father’s hand grasp her other wrist and guide it to another cock sticking through the wall. Susie needed no more urging as her tiny fingers wrapped around it and began to jack it off.

For what seemed like an eternity, Susie stroked the two cocks with her hands and felt the old man and her father pummel her cunt and ass. The old man’s cock pulsed with every stroke into her wet cunt. She could feel him pumping his meat deep into her little cunt, and her cunt responding by clutching and sucking it greedily. She moaned as another orgasm washed over her, her legs dangling helplessly in the air as her father’s cock attacked her ass. She was in their control now. The cocks around her guided her every move.

Her father held a small brown bottle under her nose, and at his urging, she inhaled deeply. She felt light headed and the blood pounded through her ears. Suddenly the old man moved off of her and her father lifted her. Placing her on her knees, he forced her mouth over the smaller of the cocks she had been stroking. She attacked it trying to force it all the way into her belly and after just a few seconds, her father pulled her head away. Her hand flew up to stroke the cock and it started to shoot it’s reward all over her tiny opened mouth and face covering her for a second time this evening. The old man stood next to her and as he watched her lap up the gooey cum he grabbed her hair and added his to it.

It spurted into her cheeks and hair as he grunted holding her head steady by her pigtails. The old man composed himself and left quickly.

Tom turned Susie’s attention to the huge cock still begging for attention. Susie stared at it in disbelief. She’d never be able to suck it. She could barely imagine getting her mouth around it. Tom forced her forward and instinctively her mouth opened to accept it. Her tiny jaws just barely able to open around it as her father pushed viciously forward, forcing it deeper into her mouth. Tears squeezed down her face as she painfully, helplessly took the huge piece of meat into her throat. Unable to resist or to breathe, she felt like she was suffocating when suddenly the huge cock pulled out affording her a gasping breath. Just as quickly it plunged back in again forcing more of itself into her throat. Over and over again the huge cock fucked her throat pulling all the way out and driving back in, each time a little deeper. Susie found the rhythm of the vast ram that was raping her throat and took deep breaths between every stroke.

Opening her eyes, she realized that she finally had the whole thing in her throat. She had been able to suck the entire length into her greedy little mouth! The scene he had witnessed finally became too much for Tom, he mercilessly plunged his cock deep into the little girl’s ass. She squealed around the cock lodged in her throat as the stranger finally pulled it out and covered her face with another batch of sticky cum. It seemed to blast forever out of his huge member coating Susie’s face and tits. Out of the corner of her eye, Susie could see the video and the woman on the screen was getting the same treatment.

Cock after cock spewed forth covering her in man cream. Finally her father pulled out of her ass and grabbing her hair roughly forced his cock down her throat. In humiliation, Susie could taste her own ass on it as he pulled out and shot his sperm onto her awaiting tongue. He pushed his cock back into her mouth and pulled out again to award her ravaged face with another blast. After he finished, Susie took it back into her mouth eagerly, licking her father’s cock, wondering if she’d ever be the same again.

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