Taking His Rightful Place Ch. 01

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School was over and I was celebrating late into the night down at Morris Park. I suppose I can thank the resiliency of youth that I was up for it, since I’d really tied one on not three nights earlier at a surprise party (for me!) for my eighteenth birthday. Ginny knew a way to hook into the electricity at the base of one of the streetlights that lit the park’s pathways, so there were party lights and there was music. There was other stuff, too, of course: box wine, plenty of beer, and some of Humboldt County’s finest herb.

With the end of the school term came the end of my daily training for the swim team. Of course, part of me didn’t mind that at all. I like to compete, and I appreciate the discipline of training, but kicking back has its place, don’t you know.

Anyway, there were about a dozen of us just lounging about, reminiscing, talking about plans. Maybe some of them would come true. At the time, it didn’t seem to matter much.

Rachel was lying on the grass beside me, her head propped up on her hand. Before you know it, we’re making out. Rachel has a full, pretty mouth and a gifted tongue, and I was getting into it. Soon I was lying on top of her, and we were dry-humping. She whispered to me about how she loved the way my cock felt inside her, and all I could do was agree about that. We’d fucked a handful of times, and I never had cause to regret any of them. I had plans for the next day, so when three o’clock rolled around, I made my exit. But not before I arranged to be in Rachel’s bedroom two nights later. Her folks would be away, so we would have the entire night to get high and have sex.

I tiptoed when I got back home, not wanting to wake anyone. As I began up the stairs, I heard some muffled crying coming from the direction of the kitchen. I knew it was my mom, but I wasn’t sure that I wanted to find out what the problem was. Actually, I already knew. I just didn’t want to be pulled down into her distress when everything was going right for me. But, in any case, I walked toward the kitchen.

She heard me coming and she looked up.

“Conner. It’s you.” she said, wiping tears away with her hand.

“What is it, Mom?” I asked, putting my hand on her shoulder, though I knew pretty damn well what was wrong.

“Your father… he… he says I disgust him!” Mom blurted out, then fell to crying. I could feel rage rising in me. I felt murderous.

“He’s wrong to say that, Mom.” I said. “Who knows why he gets disgusted, the twisted fuck.”

“He’s your father, Conner.”

“Right. And Sal Morrisey is my car mechanic. Dad got lucky when he met you, and you got a raw deal. Case closed.”

“Nothing is that simple, Conner.” Mom said, drying her eyes.

I looked closely at my mother in her distress, wondering how a kind and beautiful woman could be so disrespected.

“Leave him.” I said, though I knew it was unlikely that she would.

“Where would I go? This is my home as much as it’s his. Jesus, he’s just wearing me down.” she moaned as her head slowly fell into her hands.

“You don’t have to go anywhere, Mom.” I said, feeling a righteous anger building in me. That fat fuck, I thought. I was not going to let my mother, who had given me so much, be run over by that loser.

“Let me take care of this.” I said, not quite sure what I could do, but determined to draw a line. My mom wasn’t going to be a prisoner in her own home.

“Conner, don’t do anything you might regret.” Mom said, looking up to me, her eyes red from crying. I stood beside her and drew her to me.

“Don’t worry, Mom. Just don’t worry.”

“He hasn’t touched me in months. I guess I’m not much of a wife.” she said, crying into my shirt.

I hunched down so that we were face to face.

“Mom, you are a very beautiful and desirable woman. You’re hot! Don’t forget that, okay?” I said, stroking the side of her face.

And I wasn’t just being nice. Mom is a real looker. She takes care of herself, but she was blessed with good looks (and a rad body!). I was proud of the way she looked, and I could see my friends were impressed with her, too. I would sometimes notice them checking her out. I got a tissue from the table and patted the tears from her face. Then I did something that kind of surprised both of us. I kissed her softly on the mouth.

“Conner! Please!” she cried. “You mustn’t. Oh, this is all so confusing.”

I took both of her hands and drew her up to stand before me.

“Sorry, Mom, but I just couldn’t help it. You’re so damn pretty.” I said, taking her into my arms. I could feel her relax and soften against my body, and I could feel my cock shifting about in my pants.

I kissed her on the forehead, then whispered in her ear.

“You’re foxy, Mom. you deserve something more than what he’s got.”

My hands were at the small of her back, and I pulled her close so that my awakening loins were pressed up against her crotch. I could feel a warmth spreading from her there.

We just stood there for awhile, rocking gently. Then this bursa escort action became more of a mild thrusting and I thought: Jeez! I’m getting it on with my mom!!

Mom kissed me on the cheek and began to slowly pull away.

“You’re such a good son, sweetie, but I don’t think this is right.”

I kissed her on the mouth again, and this time we kissed for awhile. I slipped my tongue between her lips, then sucked her sweet, soft,lower lip into my mouth. Shit. We were making out!

“Conner,” Mom said breathlessly, “Please.”

But her protest seemed half-hearted and I was not about to stop. I slid the straps of her dress from her shoulders and unzipped her in the back. The dress fell and bunched up at her waist. I could feel and smell the warmth emanating from her bosom. I spontaneously let my face rest against her breasts, and I made quick work of undoing her brassiere. This, too, fell away, and her full, perky tits presented themselves. I held each one softly in my hands, stroking them and watching the brown nipples become taut and firm.

“Come to my room.” I said. “I’ve never wanted to fuck someone so bad before, Mom. I want you to know how turned on you can make a man. What do you think? I know it’s more than a little strange, but…”

Suddenly, mom pulled my shirttails out from my pants and ran her hands up my back. Damn! She was getting me so hot!

“Come on, sexy girl.” I whispered, and Mom sort of giggled nervously. She replaced the straps of her dress and, taking my hand, she began to lead me to the staircase that led to the bedrooms. I couldn’t help looking at her gorgeous ass as she preceded me. I reached out and grabbed one juicy butt cheek, and Mom gave a small, delighted cry. I could see she was getting into it.

“Don’t be so fresh, young man!” she playfully admonished. Then she whirled and planted a kiss on my cheek.

“What if he wakes up?” she said worriedly.

“After all he drinks in an evening? Not likely.” I said, contempt clear in my voice. I reached out and put my arms around her waist from behind.

“I’ll bet you could even scream if you wanted to.” I whispered.

Mom blushed a bit and hushed me, and we made our way to my bedroom. Once inside, I thought I would set the tone by undressing. As Mom watched from where she sat at the edge of the bed, I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it onto a chair. My room was disheveled, the bed not made. Mom leaned back, propped by her hands, and watched. I felt that I was giving a show, and I began to do a striptease to cheer her up. I pulled off my socks and tossed them into her lap. We were having fun, and I was pleased to see her smiling.

Next came my jeans. I undid my belt with the Nirvana buckle, then unfastened the top button.

“I need a little help,” I said. “I always ask my bedmate to pull down my zipper. Sort of for good luck.”

I approached Mom, moving slowly. When my zipper was in easy reach, I watched as Mom’s slender fingers bent to the task. By this time, I was packing a first-class hard-on, and I was excited to see how Mom would respond to it. I have to admit that by this time I was a bit nervous. Mom took her time with the zipper. I could almost hear the click of each tooth as it descended. When she was done, what had been cooped up in my pants eased forward, and my erection was clear beneath my briefs. To my surprise (and delight!) Mom leaned forward and planted a kiss on my penis through the cloth. I drew her head closer, and she rested her face in the space between the zipper. Thinking that my disrobing first would put Mom more at ease, I proceeded to let my jeans fall to my ankles, and I stepped out of them. I kicked the pants across the floor and turned to Mom.

She was eyeing the bulge in my shorts.

“Dear me, Conner. I didn’t realize you were so, how do they say…endowed? Is that the right word?”

“That’s one word.” I said, feeling a bit proud of my package. “You could also say “hung”.

“Hung. Yes, I’ve heard that term, too. Well, it’s BIG, in any case! My goodness!”

“Would you like to see it? ” I said playfully taunting her and flexing my cock so that Mom could see it move. She ran a finger down its length, and I moaned.

” I think that’s a capital idea, Conner.” Mom said. “As your mother, I’d like to see how it is you attract the girls the way you do.”

With that, I pulled the waistband of my briefs out and slowly down. At first, my pubic thatch came into view. Mom’s eyes were fixed on my groin with concentration and wonder. I inched them down further, exposing more of the shaft as I did. Soon the helmet would come into view. When it did, the cock came free of its constraints and bobbed energetically inches from my Mom’s face.

“It’s beautiful, Conner.” Mom said, looking into my eyes. ” I can see why you’re so popular!”

“You can touch it if you like, Mom. I mean, you can do whatever you like with it. Play with it! Come on, let yourself go.”

I took her hand and guided it to my shaft. The feel of her fingers wrapping around bursa escort bayan my cock was exquisite, and I grew harder and more full by the second. I stepped out of my underwear, hooked them on my foot, and lifted them into Mom’s lap. Mom immediately brought them to her face. She breathed in their odor, then began folding them. I took them from her and draped them on the lampshade.

“Anything goes in here, Mom. But leave your ideas of order and decorum at the door. Okay? We’re here to have fun.”

It felt strange to be telling my Mom what to do, but somehow it seemed appropriate. This was my bedroom. My realm.

I began to undress Mom. She stood before me, her eyes on my cock, which was at full attention. The dress slipped to the floor. I picked it up and draped it over my erection.

“Your clothes hook, M’lady.” I said, jerking the dress up and down. Mom giggled. I took the dress and threw it into a corner.

Take off your panties, woman.” I said, and Mom returned a favor by doing a striptease of her own. She seemed to like my being in charge. Cool!

She moved to the center of the room. With her back to me, she pulled up the panties so that the cloth was gathered between her cheeks, and her very beautiful ass cheeks took center stage. My mouth practically watered at the sight of them. I knew that Mom had a great ass. I was in the habit of checking it out whenever the opportunity arose. But to see it in the flesh, so to speak, was mind-blowing. I thought, what the fuck was wrong with Dad if he wasn’t pounding this fine pussy on a nightly basis. In any case, it was my pussy now.

We both heard the sound. I crept to the door, cracked it slowly and peered out. There was Dad shuffling his way to the toilet. I kind of snickered as I watched. The fuck-head clearly didn’t know which way was up. Mom was right behind me, nervous as a chihuahua.

“Don’t get excited.” I reassured her. “He’s just taking a whiz. Now finish up your act for me,” I instructed.

Mom returned to the center of the room, giving me another good look at her very fine ass in motion. Mmmmmmm. Tasty. Once there, she hooked her thumbs into the binding of her undies and pulled them down so that I could see the top of her bush. Her belly was flat and soft.

“Mind if I come over and help?” I asked.

“Well, I could use a nice, strong young man to assist me.” Mom said softly, and I saw her blush.

“Well, then, I’m your man, baby.” I said, and came toward her. My dick was rock-hard, and I saw my Mom’s eyes glance quickly at it, then quickly look away.

“Why are you blushing? I didn’t know you were so shy.”

I kissed her on the forehead, then leaned down to plant one on her neck. I reached behind her and began to stroke her ass.

“I…I’ve…never spoken like that before. I guess…”

I gave her warm ass cheeks a squeeze and she gasped with pleasure.We fell to kissing at once, and both our passions burst to life. Before I knew it, my hands were all over her ass, grabbing it pretty hard, though she seemed to like that. I gave her a slap there and felt the smooth flesh jiggle beneath my hand.

“Be a good girl, or I’ll give you a spanking.”

“Oh, I’m tired of being a good girl, Conner!” Mom said, and with that she grabbed MY ass. Now we were getting somewhere!

“Way to go, Mom!” I said encouragingly. We kissed ardently, each of us kneading the others butt. This was sweet, I thought, but I wanted to get to some other stuff before the night was through. I dropped to my knees and pressed my face into her crotch. She clearly was excited and her cunt had a lovely odor. I began rubbing my nose against the cloth of her panties.

Mmmmmm! Something smells good in there.” I said

“Oh, Conner!” Mom said, beginning to breathe deeply. Her thighs were quivering against my face as I explored between them.

I pulled the waistband of her panties forward and let my nose smell the warm air wafting up from her pussy. I led her to the bed and had her lie on her back, propped up by pillows. I slipped a pillow under her butt to raise her hips higher. Then I got between her legs so that my face was resting on her thigh. I worked the panties down to her feet and pulled them free.

“Mom, I want to eat your pussy. I think I can make you feel pretty good in the process.” I said, knowing full-well that I knew just what to do in this department. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made a girl go halfway out of her mind, screaming and moaning.

“I think that would be nice, Conner, dear. But, are you sure?”

With that I pressed my face into Mom’s bush and just rested it there. Mom stroked my head, and I could feel the heat rising from her loins.

“I can’t imagine anything I’d rather be doing.” I said, looking up to her. Our eyes met and I let my tongue graze the edge of her pussy lips. Her back arched and she shuddered. Damn! she was sensitive.

“Yum, yum.” I said as I slowly allowed my tongue to advance further beyond the outer lips.

“Fuck!!” Mom cried escort bursa out. I’d never heard her use profanity before. I loved it.

“Fucking comes later, deary.” I said. “Lots of it. For now we’re going to see if you have an orgasm or two in you to get things rolling. And I have a feeling you do.”

“You’re so sweet, Conner. We will, um…well,… fuck later, though, won’t we?” she said, and I could see that she enjoyed the freedom of saying “fuck”.

“We are definitely going to fuck later, Mom. Believe me, we will fuck like dogs. First, though, forget about what’s his name down the hall. Both you and I are done with him. It’s time for us to become really good friends, okay?”

“I’m so happy.” Mom sighed. “I can’t believe I’m in my son’s bed and he’s about to…”

‘Go down on you? Yes, indeed.”

“Is that what you call it? That’s cute.”

“And so are you, you sexy little whore, you.”

“Conner! I’m you’re mother!”


“Well…I guess I can be your…your… whore , too.” she said. “Yes, I do want to be your whore, Conner. But only your’s.”

“It’s a deal. But instead of a handshake, how about if we seal the deal by me making you cum?”

“You look so sexy down there next to my puss.” Mom said, stroking my hair.

I let the tip of my nose run up and down between her labia, and I could feel the moist warmth of her delicate inner lips. I couldn’t wait to suck and pull on them with my lips. Chicks really dig that.

Before we knew it, we were in oral sex heaven. I had worked her clit and pussy lips to the point of climax twice. Mom was really digging it, pulling on my hair and cussing. It was wild. But the night had just begun. I rolled off of Mom and we stopped to drink some water. As we lay together, I noticed that Mom was looking shyly at my erect cock.

“It really is a nice penis, Conner.” She said, and she touched it lightly. Naturally, it sprang ecstatically at the feel of her fingers.

“My! Such a reaction!” Mom said, smiling. “Can I just touch it for awhile?”

“So, you like that, do you? Didn’t I say you were a whore?”

“I guess there’s no hiding it.” Mom replied softly, continuing to lightly brush her fingers along the shaft, seemingly fascinated by her power over it.

“Penis sounds so technical. Can’t you think of anything else to call it?” I said. “I’m sure you’ve heard other names for it.”

“Well… I don’t know,… there’s “cock”, of course. Let’s see…”

I could tell Mom was enjoying opening up to the pleasures of talking dirty.

“And there’s ‘dick’. I like dick. I mean I like the sound of the word.”

“But you also like dick itself, don’t you?”

“Your father…”

“Don’t call him that. Not while I’m around, okay, Mom?” I said, though I felt bad about rebuking her like that. I just wanted to keep his scurvy ass out of the picture.

“I was just going to say,” she went on “that he wouldn’t approve of me having anything to do with his. I thought it would spice up our time in bed and make life with him more tolerable. But he said it was a filthy thing to do, you know, putting it in my mouth.”

“Well, this cock, Mom, is dying to explore the inside of your pretty mouth. And I think you will love it, too.”

“Oh, I’m sure! I’ve often fantasized about it. About it being so warm, and swelling inside my mouth. And seeing the semen come out! I’ve never seen that.” Mom said dolefully.

“Well, that’s all going to change as of tonight. I’m going to show you how to make love to my cock, and when it’s time for me to cum, I’ll do it so that you can watch it up close.Okay?”

With that, I straddled her so that my cock was inches from her pretty face. I felt a surge of pleasure looking at my erection with Mom’s face as a backdrop.

“Now, take your time, Mom. First, kiss it for awhile. Just wherever you like. The head, as you know, is ultra-sensitive. It loves kisses. Are you comfortable? Would you like more pillows?”

In response to this, Mom leaned forward and planted the sweetest, softest kiss my cockhead ever received.

“No, Conner,” Mom replied, following this with another, longer kiss. “No. I have everything I need.”

Suddenly, Mom started crying, which was a bit uncomfortable, but in a way I could see that the puritanical constraints that a marriage with my father entailed were melting away. Mom was fully coming into her womanhood. And I was more than glad to be her man.

It was so cool giving my mom instructions on how to give head. And she was a motivated student, let me tell you! I figured, however, that deep-throating was something for further down the road. But I explained it to her, and she said she wanted to master that, too.

“I hope you teach me that, Conner, dear. Men must love it, I mean having their entire cock disappear into a woman’s mouth. Oh! it’s making me hot thinking about it.” she said, blushing once again.

“You’re such a school girl, Mom. Shy and all. But I think it’s cute.” I said, running my fingers along my shaft as Mom held the head between her lips. Jeez. I was as hard as a nine iron. She was digging on my helmet, and I wasn’t about to get in the way. She was exploring, relaxing into her role, and it sure wasn’t doing me any harm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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