Taking of Lou’s Innocence Further

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So now I had crossed a few things off my list, a lot quicker than I anticipated.

I never even considered that they would want to watch each other fucking, never mind trying to outdo each other.

Breaking in Lou, was an honour. But I didn’t want her to think that this arrangement was going to be longer than it had to be. The way she was going, it was going to be over even quicker.

There was a few more positions that I wanted to do, doggy style, her on top, Lou on her back, with me on my side. couldn’t remember what that was called. Anyway with the last one Lou could play with herself, while being fucked. I supposed that we could also try outdoors-well the back garden. Last but not least I would try to put my cock up her arse.

I could tell they were closer than I thought, so she could get Sue to give her any info if Lou felt unsure of.

It felt like an eternity since they were last here. Two days. But this felt like a new toy, when I was a kid. And I wanted to play.

When they arrived back at my house, Lou led the way in. It was her who I was lusting after, but to show respect to Sue I waited until she was in, so I could kiss Sue.

“It’s not me who your going to fuck, you should be giving her your kisses.”

“There will be plenty of kisses for Lou in a minute.”

“Well go on then, kiss her.” “She’s been desperate since yesterday.” “For your dick probably.”

Sure enough, I turned to give Lou a kiss too. Her hand was on me before our lips touched. “God I’ve wanted you to make me feel more like a woman since I woke up yesterday.” “I’ve never been so wet down there, ever.”

That just made me want to tear her clothes off even more.

“Well lets get to bed, so you can show me.”

Lou kicked off her trainers, and headed to my bedroom. I looked at Sue “Suppose you’re going to be ringside again?”

“I’ll just fuck off then, and leave you both to get on with it.”

“No no I didn’t mean it like that, having you here really helps.” “Imagine if you knew how to do it at that age?” “Being so good?” “It would have never happened without you helping to teach her.”

“Put that way, yes.” “I just think that its a little weird.”

“Don’t think about it.” “And nobody will ever know, so no worries.” “Bet you suck me again today.”

“Not now that you bet me, I wont.”

Lou, still fully dressed, lay on the bed. I lay beside her, slipping an arm under her.

Our lips locked together, before her tongue found mine. With my free hand, I began groping her boobs. No bra again. Feeling how firm her tit flesh was, teasing her nipples. Fighting the urge to feel how wet she really was.

Somehow it was ok for her to rub her hand over my cock, through my jeans. With that not being too good, she tried to undo my jeans, being a novice and men’s buttons opening on the other side, she almost gave up, until. “They open the other way round.” Thanks Sue.

Now that she had a good hold of me. It was time to get my hand in her knickers, and feel that barely used pussy.

Everything that was said about it was true. She was dripping wet.

If this was her mother, then she would have been on top straight away.

I wanted to impale Lou on my hard cock, and fuck her. But she was new to this, I should show some restraint.

Freeing my cock, I could get her top off. Then get her totally naked, so I could let my tongue feel her wetness, and taste her juice.

It didn’t take too long for Lou to begin to groan, her hips gyrating as I sucked and licked at her.

Forgetting how much of a novice she was, I moved her legs back. Exposing her arse too. Lapping away there, quite happily, the groans slowed down.

Back at her tasty slit, Lou began to moan softly at first. I then started sucking on her clit. Now she was louder. The more I carried on doing this, the more she gasped. Until she snapped her legs shut.

“All of a sudden I thought I was going to pee myself.”

Sue sat on the side of the bed. “Don’t worry about that, I think you were going to cum.” “Its the feeling that I get.” “Next time just relax and go with it…you’ll enjoy it.” “Honest.”

I moved myself up the bed. “Kneel over me a leg each side.” “Slide yourself down on me.”

She was so wet and tight, it took everything not to cum straight away.

“Then what?”

I took hold of her hips and slowly moved her. Giving her an idea of how to fuck me. In no time Lou was slowly fucking me. I could see in her face that she was enjoying it.

Sue added. “When he’s right inside, you can rub yourself against him, instead of only going up and down on him.”

“What like this?” Lou began to grind her clit against me. “Mmmm.”

“Yes that’s the way.”

By doing that I felt that Lou became wetter as she fucked me.

She started gasping and grinding more and more, pushing herself down harder on me.

It was now a lot wetter as she cum.

Now it was my turn. I switched my mind off to the beautiful thing on top of me and started fucking her. I held her hips to stop her moving and went as fast and hard as I could.

I managed bostancı escort bayan to make Lou cum.

This time I stopped going for it. I didn’t want to cum, not just yet. Lou dropped down on me. As I held her we kissed. The more she kissed back, I began to gently slide in and out of her again.

“Just a minute, want to try doggy style?”

“Which way is that then?”

Sue piped in. “You on all fours, where he could either put it in your fan or up your bum.”

“But I don’t want it in my bum.”

“Not today, he won’t.” “But you will have to try it there, you will like it after a few times.” “Now lean further forward, bum up high.”

Lou felt tighter, in this position. Sue lay behind us, having a good look at the action from below. The purple dildo on her clit.

As I fucked Lou, I thought of her mother being that close. “Could I get Lou to drip my cum from her pussy into Sue’s mouth?” “Would Sue be up for it?”

I tried to forget about it, and please Lou as much as I could.

Grabbing Lou near her hips I noticed that I had parted her cheeks further apart. Her virgin ass looking at me. I was going to be fucking her there very soon.

The thoughts of that had me spurting my cum well inside of Lou. I don’t think I could have got myself any further in her.

Out slipped my cock. Expecting Sue to be there to clean it. She was lost cumming with the dildo.

Lou didn’t move for a few moments. Catching her breath.

Until she said. “Must go to the loo.”

“What for?” “Just let it dribble into your mam’s mouth.”

“I can’t do that, it’s dirty.”

I bet that she would do it to you next.” “If you wanted.”

“I am here you know.” “Has anyone asked me if I want to do it?”

So Lou asked if she wanted to try it out.

“Wait I’ll get underneath you.” “Then sit yourself up.” “Don’t sit on my face.”

I got out of the way and Sue slid very close to Lou’s pussy.

Sue pushed at Lou’s ass, and Lou lifted up for Sue to get right under her pussy.

Sue had placed herself in just the right place.

All my cum slithered out of Lou’s pussy, into Sue’s waiting mouth.

When it looked like there was nothing left. Sue ran a finger down Lou’s lips, and gave that a suck. Giving Lou a start.

“There, no need to clean up in the loo today.”

I reckoned Lou would lick her cunt clean, if she done that.

“Is everyone happy?” I asked.

“Why shouldn’t we?” from Sue.

“I don’t know, just a saying.” “I’m away to clean this, then I’m having a smoke.”

“No don’t do that, I want it in my mouth.”

“You don’t have to do that every time you know.” Said Lou before closing her mouth around my wilted cock.

Once she was done. “Anyway I like the taste of it.” “If I sucked you and you cum, would it taste the same?”

Sue told her. “More or less, just without your own taste on it, obviously.”

“Oh, I’ll have to try that soon.”

In the kitchen, all of us still naked. Sue and me standing, having a smoke. Lou sat there on her phone.

I said to Sue “What would you like to do next?”

“Have something to eat I’m starving.”

“Burgers?” “Chips?” “Shakes?”

“Yeah all that for all of us.”

“Lou you coming with me?”

“What for?”

“‘Cos I would like your company.”

Lou reluctantly agreed.

Once we were in the car.

“Are we doing ok helping you out?”

“It’s great, I didn’t think it would be this good.”

“You do realise that you can never tell anyone about this, and what we all do.”

“I know, I’m just gonna say I had an older guy, fucking me for a while. Until his wife found he was cheating.”

“That’s good, keep to your story.” “Don’t brag about it to your mates either.”

“Trust me please.”

“Ok, Is there anything that you want to do, or see?”

“So far no, apart from I love seeing you licking my mam, I think she has the cutest fan.”

“Is that it?”

“Will it hurt if you put your dick up my bum?” “I really want to try it.”

“You should ask Sue about that.” “I have never hurt anyone, don’t intend to start either.” “Want me to try after you watch me go down on your mam?”

“Mmm, maybe.” She had the most coy smile when she said that.

On the way back. “I forgot there is a couple of things that I would like to see too.” “One of them is a bit kinky.”

“What’s that then?”

“I want to see you having a pee, probably in the bath.”

“Ok I’ll do that.” “It’s not that bad.”

“And the last thing.” “I want to see you bring yourself off, just using your fingers.” “Well I say me, Sue will probably be watching too.”

“That’s easy, I play with it all the time.” “Have done for ages.”

“How come?”

“It started with my friend, when we played together, she showed me how she done it.” “Then done it to me.” “I done it to her after that.” “It used to be pretty often in the end.”

“Anything else?”

“Well that pretend willy?” “We did put it in each others bums, as well as our fans.”

I was lost for words then.

After we ümraniye escort ate, I took Sue out of earshot. “She wants to watch me licking you, and also she wants it up her arse.” “I also said that I wanted to see her fingering herself, well playing with herself.”

Sue began to undress me, before kissing me and eventually taking me in her mouth.

This was one of her best blowjobs, probably due to having Lou watching.

And as Lou watched, she started to take off her clothes.

Now Sue sucked me, and I watched her daughter start by caressing her breasts, then sliding her hand down to gently stroke her pussy, and every now and then tease at her little landing strip of pubic hair, just pulling at it, in little strands.

I had to pause for a second. “Right bedroom, I’m going to do the same to you Sue.”

Luckily Sue only had on my dressing gown, she slipped that off on the way.

With Sue on the bed, her legs wide apart, I moved in-between them and began to kiss around her lovely bald pussy.

I felt Lou sitting down on the bed near us.

To give Lou a better view, I pushed Sue’s legs back, now exposing her asshole. This time I knew that I would get a response when I got round to licking her there.

Sue’s pussy was slick, all she had so far, was to watch me and her daughter having fun. As well as a mouthful of cum out of Lou’s cunt.

I realised I should have asked Sue if she would have licked that dripping pussy that was over her face when we were alone.

Bollocks missed that chance. Now I couldn’t ask her in case it spooked Lou, right beside us.

I pulled Sue’s lips wide apart, I heard Lou’s breathing change when I did.

now I could get my tongue deeper inside of Sue’s delicious pussy, I could feel I had her juice all over my lips and mouth.

Sitting up, I leant over and kissed Lou, pushing my tongue in her mouth, so she could taste her mothers juices. Lou tried licking it all.

Turning my attention back to Sue. I left her pussy and went to work on her ring. Letting my tongue flutter all around it. Before trying to fuck her with it. Once I thought that there was enough for Lou to taste I kissed her again. Then returned to Sue’s pussy, now sucking hard on her clit. I knew that I could get her off by doing this. I wanted to get her as close as I could.

It didn’t take too long before Sue was bucking away at my mouth. Giving her pussy a few more licks. I stopped.

“Sorry it’s starting to make the underneath of my tongue sore.”

“I’ll do it by myself then, I was so close as well.”

Turning to Lou. “Right you, on all fours there.” “If you want to watch a pussy being played with.”

Lou was now between Sue’s legs, quite close to the action. her arse up again.

I could stand on the floor, on one foot. With the other on the bed I would be able to take Lou’s virgin ass, while she was inches away off Sue’s cunt.

The problem was I couldn’t lick away at her ring too much. After all I had just cried off from licking her mothers pussy.

I ran a finger along her crack, circled her tiny hole, as lightly as I could. Keeping at it Lou would give out the odd sigh or groan. I must be doing ok so far.

I had to go and grab some lube. I thought about putting on a condom, and decided against it. Thinking it may be a bit tight where it was going and might split anyway.

With a good dollop of lube on my finger, I played with her hole. Easing it in little by little, until it was fully inserted. Pausing a second, before gently finger fucking her. Then I began with another finger. Doing the same.

Lou’s arse accepted both fingers, with even more lube.

With more all over the tip of my cock, I took position.

The tip of my cock against Lou’s ass. “Are you sure you want me to do this?”


“If it hurts or you don’t feel comfortable tell me straight away I’ll stop.”


With a little pressure, my cock began to penetrate her anus. I did expect it to be tighter, but to be safe I still edged my way up her.

“There it’s in, are you ok?”

“It feels ok.”

Slowly at first, I fucked her. I think her and her friend had done this more than once.

Sue asked how it felt, first to Lou. “Its a lot nicer than I thought it would be.”

Then she asked me the same. “Fuck it’s nice, and it was my cock that was the first.”

Other than that I thought all asses felt the same when you fucked them.

It seemed to please Sue, who rubbed at her clit faster.

I had to lean right over to watch her wank. Lou had her head right in the way.

The gasping Sue was doing, said that she was close.

I fucked Lou harder. She never complained. I pushed at her harder. Lou’s face must have been millimetres away from Sue’s pussy. Fuck it I thought. I pushed the back of Lou’s head onto Sue’s pussy.

What Sue done next surprised all of us I suppose. She grabbed Lou by the hair and held her there until she cum, and she did cum.

Lou must have tried to stay at Sue’s pussy after she had cum. But Sue was having none of it. “It’s too escort kartal sensitive.” she gasped, trying to pull away.

Without being able to see much I guessed that Lou had her mouth on Sue’s pussy.

To me this was very important. I must not cum or even think about it.

Keeping a good steady rhythm I carried on at Lou’s arse. Sue had not moved, I guessed that the time was now.

Leaning over, I took hold of Lou’s wrist, and rested her hand on Sue’s pussy lips. Lou instinctively began to poke Sue’s hole with two fingers.

There was no complaints off Sue.

I made my hand visible to Lou and gestured three fingers, then four.

Sue was groaning now.

Then I showed Lou how to shape her hand so she could fist fuck Sue.

When Lou’s hand was inserted Sue howled with delight.

Both mother and her daughter, were close to orgasm. I began to pray that they beat me to it. Sue started first, before grabbing Lou’s hand to stop her fisting. I started, pushing myself deep in Lou’s arse, which set her off. Even after I had shot my load deep in her, I still carried on sliding my cock in and out of her.

Finally Lou removed her now slimy hand, she gave the pussy in front of her face a kiss. Sue moved out of the way, to stop any more attention to her cunt. I withdrew my cock from Lou’s arse. Taking a look at her ring. It didn’t look as tiny like before. I resisted pulling her cheeks apart to look inside of her. I could always do that another time.

Sue told Lou that she had best go to the loo, to get rid of my cum.

I lay down beside Sue. “Wow, enjoy that?”

“I shouldn’t have let her do that to me.”

“But you cum.” “Twice, didn’t you?”

“Yes I know, but it’s a bit illegal isn’t it?

“Only if they find out. Lou won’t say a thing… ever.” “Trust me.”

“Are you gonna clean that when she gets out the bathroom?”

“Don’t you want to suck it clean?”

“Not when its been up someone else’s arse no.”

“You know, sometimes after a good session I could just cuddle in to you.”

“But it was Lou that you fucked just then, not me.”

“I don’t think I would be able to sleep with one on each side, the heat.”

At last Lou come out of the bathroom, I could clean my cock.

When I got back to my bedroom, Lou was cuddled into Sue. beaten to it!

Sue did manage to wriggle free, and join me for a cigarette.

“Enjoy that then?”

“Yes, obviously and. no.”

“She helped to get you off, stop complaining.”

“It’s still wrong though.”

“But if you enjoy it, like you seem to do…I don’t see why you shouldn’t carry on.”

“You just want to see some girl on girl action, don’t you.”

“There’s that, yes.” “But you seem to have a better orgasm when it’s her bringing you off.” “Bet it would be the same if you made her cum.”

“What if it’s you I want?”

“Then you can have exclusive use of me.” “Only you and me.”

“What about Lou, does she not have to learn some more?”

“I think she would get by already.”

“No, we’ll give her a few more lessons.”

“So you want to fuck her then?”

“Can’t possibly say.”

“You having a drink before you two go?”

“Not want to go again?”

“Can we not give it a couple of days?”

“Only joking.” With that she stuck out her tongue.

I had to give it a couple of days, so my cock could have a rest. Perhaps the break would make them two more keen also.

I got stuck into the drink. Sue woke Louise.

When they were dressed, I kissed them both, and Justas they were leaving I kissed Sue again. As we said our goodnights.

Time flew by, both of them were back.

Sue seemed in a mood, when she walked in. Lou kept her head down.

“Something wrong?”

“Ask her.” Said Sue. “No wait I’ll tell you.”

Things didn’t look good for some girl on girl somehow.

“You know her friend Lisa?” “Course you do.” “Madam here had a message off Lisa to meet at hers.” “But Lisa was running late, according to Lisa’s dad.”

“Lisa’s dad gave Princess Lou a few drinks while they waited.” “He gave all the talk about how gorgeous she had become and was all grown up.”

I looked as concerned as I could.

“Then he said that he would do anything for a go with her.” “The dirty fucker wanted to have sex with her.”

I told myself to shut up well before my mouth had the chance to say it.

“So, she said ‘even pay’ ” “He asked her for how much.” “So she told him five hundred.”

Now I was interested, five hundred. Fuck. Wonder what she would have charged for her virginity. “Carry on.”

“So he comes back with he doesn’t have that much in the house, how about three hundred.” “She says ok then.” But there’s more, now he wants her in Lisa’s old uniform, while he does it.”

Now that would be good. Both of them dressed as schoolgirls. mmmm. “So did she?”

“Yes she went up to Lisa’s bedroom, and found the uniform.” Then put it on.”

Lou added. “But I didn’t have a bra on and hers are way too small.”

“Shut up I’m the one who’s talking.” “No fuck it you tell him what you done.”

Lou tried to look so innocent as she began. “Well I went back downstairs.” “He said that I looked perfect, and this was our little secret.” “I said it would be.” “Then he said that I had to stand by the kitchen sink and he would do it.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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