Tanya’s Christmas Wish

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Tanya sighed as she flopped down into bed and pulled up the sheets, covering up a taut, sexy body sadly clad in an old t-shirt and a pairs of drab shorts. No use dressing up pretty tonight, she thought, looking at the empty space next to her on the bed. She had told herself she would enjoy the holidays this year despite being single, but now it was Christmas Eve and she just felt so…lonely.

True, she had spent a great day with her family, and several of her wonderful friends had practically begged her to spend the night so she wouldn’t be alone. So it wasn’t some kind of pathetic, depressing holiday. She just wished she had someone cuddle up with on the couch to watch some Christmas movies.

Well, maybe that’s not ALL I wish for. There was a persistent little tingle between her thighs. Reflexively, she reached down and lightly rubbed herself. Though it was just a brief touch, her body reacted instantly. Her clit throbbed and both nipples stiffened against her t-shirt as Tanya moaned in frustration. No, better not start that! The Latin beauty grabbed her extra pillow and clutched it tightly to her body as she rolled onto her right side. I’ve been nice this year, why doesn’t Santa bring me a nice, hard cock? She giggled at herself, and she was sure she was blushing. What’s gotten into me, thinking stuff like this! Feeling a little embarrassed, Tanya drifted off to sleep, visions definitely dancing in her head—but it wasn’t sugarplums she was picturing!

* * * * *

Tanya woke suddenly, and found her legs, strong and toned from years of dancing, wrapped tightly around her pillow, her strong thighs trying to pull the pillow close enough to generate some pressure against her pussy. My god, I’m molesting my pillow! What on earth is in the air tonight? She looked at the clock on her nightstand. 3:30 a.m. If I sleep for a few more hours maybe I’ll wake up with a clear head. She certainly hoped so. She was a bit timid about pleasuring herself anyway, but it definitely didn’t seem right to do something like first thing Christmas morning. She closed her eyes and tried to ignore what her body was asking for, but just before falling asleep she heard a quiet rustle from the family room.

It didn’t sound threatening, but she decided to go take a look. She glanced down at her clothes. The shorts were actually cute: they barely covered what she thought was a very nice butt, and the showed off what was maybe her best feature—her long, shapely legs. Then she noticed the shirt. Strictly functional, it simply did not flatter her tight tummy and firm breasts. But she saw that her nipples were plainly visible, straining against the cotton. As she walked down the short hallway to the family room, her breasts swayed slightly, causing her firm nipples to rub against her shirt just the smallest little bit; just enough stimulate them even more. God, what I wouldn’t give to feel a nice, strong set of hands giving my breasts a little attention.

Shaking these obscene thoughts from her mind, she stepped into the family room and stopped abruptly.

Tanya gasped in surprise. Next to her small Christmas tree was….well, was Santa Claus. Some wacko dressed as Santa, ataşehir escort that is.

The Santa stood watching her, as if he had expected her to come in at that moment. Despite the strangeness of the situation, Tanya wasn’t alarmed. He just didn’t look dangerous.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Delivering your present, of course. You wished for…let’s see, what was it?” He produced a long list and scanned down it. “Ah, yes. You wished for a nice, hard cock. I’m here to deliver.”

“Yeah, right!” she exclaimed. I mean, I know I’m desperate, but I’m not about to bang some old guy who broke into my apartment dressed as Santa! Then the meaning of his words hit her. “Wait a minute, how did you know that I wished for a nice—I mean, how did you know what I wished for?”

“Well young lady, I am Santa Claus. And I know, young ladies just aren’t into older men like they used to be. Such a shame. But, easy enough to fix.” He snapped a finger through his black gloves and was instantly transformed. Suddenly, Tasha found herself looking at very cute—and very naked—young man. Younger than Santa, at least, but still about 10 years older her. She blushed furiously, unable to take her eyes off of his penis.

“Santa!” She covered her mouth with her right hand in a gesture of complete surprise.

“You should call me Chris, I suppose. ‘Santa’ seems to be such a turn off for your generation.” He shook his head sadly, then raised his eyebrows. “Oops, I didn’t get his quite right. You wished for a nice, hard cock. Again, easy enough to fix.”

Santa, make that Chris, snapped his fingers again and now Tanya’s clothes were gone, replaced by a red bra and panties, with white trimming to complete the Christmas theme. The bra was sheer, and she was embarrassed to see that her erect nipples were clearly visible. In fact, they were so hard they actually ached a little.

“That ought to take care of the ‘hard’ part,” Chris said cheerily. As Tanya watched, Chris’ flaccid cock twitched and began to swell. She gasped audibly, flushed a deep red and folded her arms across her enflamed nipples in a failed attempt to preserve her modesty. Chris just grinned and dropped his eyes lower. She followed his gaze to see that her panties were sheer as well, and the fabric was clinging tightly to her pussy, leaving nothing to the man’s imagination. His rod was fully erect now.

“Let me help you relax, Tanya.” He snapped that finger again and Tanya instinctively looked around to what had changed. Nothing? We both look the same!

Then she felt it. A warmth rising in her crotch, and a strong pressure against her clit. It was as if some invisible tongue was ravaging her with expert skill. Within seconds, she was shuddering in uncontrollable climax. Her panties were noticeably darker where they had soaked through.

“Well, now you’re feeling the Christmas Spirit!” Tanya was over the edge and ready to receive her Christmas wish, all of her shame and reluctance vanished. Chris strode quickly toward her, and she thought he was leaning in to kiss her. The dancer closed her eyes and tilted her head to one side to accept his lips and tongue, but instead of kadıköy escort bayan the gentle press of his lips, she felt only his firm hand on her left shoulder. He gently but insistently pushed her to her knees and thrust his engorged member against her lips.

The dirty old bastard wants a blowjob! Tanya opened her mouth to protest, but Chris quickly filled it with his manhood. This isn’t really what I had in mind! But she obediently went to work.

She sucked hard on the head of the cock and began swirling her hot tongue around the tip. Wanting to show this man that she wasn’t a little toy he could just use, suddenly grabbed the shaft of cock with her left hand and squeezed it hard. The man groan obscenely. Maybe I have a few surprises of my own! She thought.

“That is a nice surprise, but I am indeed going to use you like a little toy.” The sonuvabitch could hear her thoughts! She began pumping her fist up and down rapidly, squeezing hard while grazing her teeth against the cockhead. Let’s get this over with.

“Not so fast! You kids are always in such a hurry.” He roughly withdrew his cock from Tanya’s mouth with a gentle plopping sound. Next he reached below her arms and hoisted the young woman to her feet. He pushed her over to the side of the couch and seemed to wait a moment.

Tanya wasn’t sure what he expected her to do. Just as she was about to ask, Chris shoved her in the back. She tumbled over the arm of the chair, her face pushed into the couch cushion. Her beautiful ass, covered only by the sheer red panties, was propped neatly in position for Chris, and he gave it a firm spank—not enough to really hurt, but it definitely stung a little. She was surprised to find that it made her pussy throb with arousal.

“I thought you might like that. I guess I need to take you off my ‘Nice’ list and move you over to my ‘Naughty’ list.” With that, he hooked his fingers in the side of Tanya’s sheer red panties and pulled them quickly to one side. The cool air of the room breezed over her exposed pussy.

Her face still pressed against the couch cushion, Tanya tried to push herself up. Before she could, she felt Chris’ hands grab her hips. With one long, hard push, he buried himself inside her, penetrating her completely in one quick motion. Tanya bit her bottom lip hard to keep herself from crying out in a combination of pleasure and subtle pain.

“Ungh, I’m not ready!” She didn’t hear a reply, but she felt a hand snake it’s way into her hair, clench, and twist. Chris jerked Tanya’s head back and began plunging into her with reckless abandon. Tanya knew she should feel dirty and used—outraged even. But she was smiling wide and beginning to breathe heavily. In fact, if she had any leverage she would have pushed back to meet his powerful thrusts. But she was suspended over the arm of the couch with that ass she was so proud of straight up in the air, and her feet couldn’t quite reach the floor. All she could do was lie there while this strange man fucked her, and Tanya found herself aroused by that helplessness.

As the relentless pounding continued, Tanya felt a satisfying warmth building inside her. She bit down on her escort maltepe lip again, tasting a little blood from her earlier bite, as Chris gave her hair another playful tug. She wanted to reach between her legs and touch herself—she knew if she could just get a little pressure on her sensitive clit she would quickly have another orgasm. But the armrest blocked her hand. Just keep it up a little longer and I’ll get there, she thought.

“As you wish” Chris responded. He let go of her hair and returned both hands to her hips. Thought Tanya didn’t think it was possible, fucked her even harder and faster, and each time he hit bottom the air sang with the sound of their flesh slapping together. Tanya could feel her orgasm building. Given her helpless position couldn’t have stopped it if she had wanted, and stopping it was the last thing on her mind. Just as the first wave of orgasm crashed over her, Chris reached a hand around her waist and got his first two fingers directly on her swollen clit, rubbing furiously. It was too much for Tanya, who began moaning and groaning lewdly, and bucking her hips wildly. Chris’ moans immediately joined hers and he emptied his seed deep into her pussy just even as she writhed in ecstasy beneath him. Both let the waves of pleasure roll over them for a few moments, Chris’ member still lodged inside the dancer’s ravaged pussy.

Finally, he withdrew his softening shaft and walked around the couch, into Tanya’s line of sight. She still lay sprawled over the armrest, face resting on the seat cushion.

“Okay, I admit it,” she said, still breathing heavily in the afterglow of her powerful climax, “That was a great Christmas gift. Thank you, Santa.”

“Young lady, I’ve only just started giving you your wish.” He snapped his finger, and his cock began growing rapidly. Chris walked around behind Tanya, who closed her beautiful brown eyes. She didn’t need to watch, because she knew what was coming. First, the stinging smack of his open hand across her vulnerable ass. Then the now-familiar grip of his strong hands on her hips. And finally, the hard, sudden thrust of his cock plunging into her tender pussy. He resumed his assault and she felt a tug on her hair—

* * * * *

Suddenly, Tanya was awake. She was in her bed, no couch anywhere in sight. Back in her t-shirt and shorts with no sign of the sheer Christmas lingerie she had soaked with her juices before they were ripped forcefully out of the way. Coming completely awake now, Tanya realized that her left hand was firmly cupping her left breast, one fingernail pulling against the nipple through the thin cotton of the shirt. And her right hand was plunged obscenely into her panties, two fingers lightly pinching her clit. Startled, she jerked the hand out of her panties and realized the fingertips were wet with her own lust.

A dream? she asked herself. That had to be the most intense dream ever! And her body agreed. She was completely aroused, as if every inch of her body aflame! She closed her eyes and sighed at the memory of the dream interrupted. If only I could have slept a little longer…

After a moment of this reverie, her right hand began inching slowly toward her thighs. What the heck, I deserve a great Christmas! Sometimes I guess we have to make our own wishes come true. Her fingers quickly found their target and Tanya moaned a little through smiling lips, knowing her cheeks were flushed with embarrassed excitement…

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