That 69s Show Ch. 02

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“Big Tits, Big Dicks and Fantasy Fucking

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Episode Two:

In Which Eric’s Adventures Keep on Cumming

“Thanks,” simpered the young blonde, “I had a GREAT time. You are AMAZING, you know? Simply amazing.” Her voice dripped with meaning as she gave him a hot, good bye kiss.

“Yeah, I had a good time too, Pam. Maybe we can get together, again, some time.”

“Any time,” Pam Macy breathed. “Just call me, okay?” She jumped out of the Vista Cruiser and sauntered up the driveway to her home.

She had approached Eric at the Hub asking for a ride home. But once the sexy blonde had slid across the seat and nestled up to Eric he quickly realized she had another agenda.

“I’ve heard about you, Eric. And I need to find out if it’s true.” Her hand slid into his lap as she spoke

And since she was pretty, blonde, something of a tramp and had a very healthy bust line, Eric hadn’t resisted too much. He had driven to Look Out Pointe while Pam had stroked him to full length thru his pants.

“It’s so big!” she exclaimed time after time. “So hard, so long! They were telling the truth! I’ve never seen such a big dick! It’s so THICK! I LOVE IT!” And she had shown how much she loved it while using every position the cramped confines of the Vista Cruiser would allow.

Pam had gloried in three massive orgasms while Eric pumped his now eleven and an eighth inch pole as deep into her buttery snatch as he could. Almost three-quarters of his immense pole had been forced into her! And afterward a very grateful Pam Macy had used her 32 Double D’s and her mouth to coax a second load from his straining, rock hard dick.

Now, almost two hours after leaving the Hub he was finally on the way home.

Eric was still smiling as he pulled into his driveway and parked.

“Where the hell have you been?” Her voice sounded angry.

“Oh, Hiya, Donna,” He smiled at the pretty red headed neighbor. They had been a couple for a while but she’d almost sorta broken up with him after he’d fallen from the water tower. Now she was standing between him and his house, one hand on hip and the other pointing at him accusingly.

“So, answer my question!”

“Oh, I just gave Pam Macy a ride home.”

“That TRAMP! And you left the Hub almost two hours ago. What happened? Did you get lost?”

“No. I didn’t get lost! And it’s none of your business, remember? You told me to take a hike, remember? You didn’t want anything to do with me you said. Or was that just one of those things you say from time to time?” he asked as he moved closer to her.

“Oh, I don’t know. I’m so confused recently,” she said as she allowed herself to be drawn into his embrace.

Despite the recent duet of orgasms with Pam, Eric felt his dick begin to grow harder as Donna’s body moulded itself to his.

“Well, I wish you would make up your mind.” As he spoke he shifted his hips so she would be sure to feel how he was reacting to her. Her E-cups were some of the largest in the school. Besides her being so damn cute, her bust line was her best feature Eric thought. And those long, long legs!

“Why don’t you two get a room?” snapped the gorgeous, slender brunette who had been standing behind Donna.

“Oh, Jackie, I didn’t see you there,” said Eric as he pulled back from Donna.

“Oh, I’m SURE!” she responded. Being the most beautiful girl in Point Place, Jackie was convinced she was the center of everyone’s life.

As Eric and Donna parted Jackie couldn’t help but allow her attention to focus on Eric’s crotch. Remembering her phone call with Donna the previous week she was interested in what she… MY GOD, she thought to herself. He’s hung like a race horse!

“Well, maybe I’ll come over to, um, visit, tonight,” said Donna as she turned to go. “Are you coming, Jackie?” she asked the still gawking girl.

“Huh? Oh, sure. See you later, Eric” She bestowed her most dazzling smile on him.

“Yeah, whatever,” responded an uninterested Eric.

“What’s wrong with Eric?” wondered Jackie as she and Donna returned to Donna bedroom for some girl time.

“Why? What do you mean. He seemed the same to me.” Donna responded.

“Well, I mean, I gave him my A Plus smile! And he didn’t even look at me. How rude!”

“Well, Jackie, I hate to burst your bubble but you haven’t got anything Eric is interested in.” Donna commented, she was looking thru her dresser for her sexiest undies. She was going to visit Eric later that night and remind him why she was his true love! And she knew she had the equipment to make it stick!

“What are you talking about? Every one know’s I’m the prettiest girl in Pointe Place! I mean, really, look at me! I’m gorgeous!”

“Yeah, well, Eric’s a boob man! And you have nothing to offer him, not like I do!” as she spoke Donna took a deep breath which expanded her chest at Jackie. Her E-Cup boobs almost knocked Jackie over as she turned to look for something tight pendik escort and low cut in her closet.

Jackie looked down at the own slender body. “But I’m perfectly proportioned,” she pointed out. “I have a nice perky B-Cup rack, a booty to die for and terrific legs. And I’m gorgeous!” she repeated.

“Give it up, Jackie! According to Eric you’re an annoying, tit-less bitch! He likes girls with some meat on them. Particularly up top. Like me!” Again she emphasized her giant boobs, inhaling and causing her tits to jump to even greater prominence. “And sometimes I think even these big boobs aren’t enough for him! I swear, he’s such a tit man!” With a small smirk she plumped her generous rack in her hands, hefting and squeezing them.

“Well, I never!” responded Jackie as she stormed out.

“Yeah? I bet you have! Everyone knows about you, Jackie” Donna wasn’t sure if her friend heard her or not and didn’t really care.

Several hours later Donna snuck into Eric’s room through the half open window. It was their usual way of getting together. And as she expected Eric was awake and waiting for her.

“I was wondering when you would get here,” he said as she stood up next to his bed. “Geeze, you look terrific, Donna!”

“Glad you think so,” she had tried on several outfits before settling on this one. Her navel and trim abdomen were exposed below the skin tight, low cut knit top she wore. Her just a little too tight E-cup bra forced a drool inspiring cleavage! And starting several inches below her navel her flared mini-skirt was short enough to display most of her legs which ended in three inch heels.

She settled on the side of the bed, leaning over Eric and allowing her bosom to sweep lightly over his chest as she leaned in for a short kiss.

As they kissed her hand groped for a grip on his now fully erect penis. As the kiss deepened, she stroked and pulled, her hand not able to touch fingers around his circumference. Despite having what Jackie called “Lumberjack Hands” Donna could not encircle him. She had been able to do so prior to the accident. Easily.

Stripping the covers to his feet, Donna took a moment to examine Eric’s now very large penis. It was so much larger now than when she had seen it a few weeks ago.

“It’s bigger,” she hesitated.

“Too big?” asked Eric.

“I don’t know.”

“Well, I know one way to find out,” laughed Eric as he pulled Donna to him and started to kiss her neck.

After he pulled her sweater over her head she returned her questing hands to his crotch. Hand over hand she measured his length. When they first started dating she could easily enclose him in her hand. Now, despite having large hands she could neither touch fingers and thumb, nor cover the length of him. He was just over three hands long, one over the other, she found. Eric smiled down at her proudly as she played with his dick.

Eric was nude under the covers as usual and it didn’t take Donna long to be the same.

As Eric knelt in front of her on the bed she sat with her legs folded Indian style stroking him to full length. Leaning forward she took his dickhead into her mouth. Bobbing her head she allowed her tongue to slather over his dick head.

Each hand cupping a taut buttock she drew him deeper and deeper into her mouth. Slurping sounds and moans of passion escaped from her as she worked. Despite her best efforts she could not take him totally into her throat. Her attempts at deep throating were exciting to Eric but she could only handle about 9 of his almost 12 inch long dick. Her attempt to swallow him whole were defeated time after time. He was too long, too thick for her to succeed but she tried really hard!

For minutes on end the room was filled with the moans and sighs of Donna as she worked. Her hands wandered over his chest and stomach but always returned to cup his butt. She squeezed in rhythm as she pulled him closer toward her bobbing head.

Reaching out Eric played with Donna’s massive breasts. In addition to being very large, Eric had found that they were very sensitive. Both of the young lovers enjoyed what he was doing to her 38-E cup boobs!

Deciding the time was right, Eric pulled Donna’s head up off his pulsing cock.

“It’s time, time to find out.” He told the lightly panting girl.

He turned Donna around on the bed, positioning her in the classic doggie style position. Carefully centering his dickhead between her dripping wet pussy lips he slowly sank into the gasping young woman.

“Oh, Eric, oh, Eric.” she groaned as he worked. Unconsciously her hands gripped the bedclothes, pulling and tugging as her body was invaded farther and farther.

“Uh, uh, uh,” her grunts were in time with his thrusts.

Fifteen or twenty strokes and Eric was as deep into Donna as he could force himself. No longer on hands and knees, Donna knelt before him her chest crushed to the bed, her arms stretched out as she continued to pull on the sheets and pillows.

“OH, GOD. Oh, God, God, God! Don’t maltepe escort stop, Eric. Don’t stop!” Her first orgasm washed over her causing her to bury her head in a pillow to try to stifle the scream she emitted.

“I’m not going to stop, Donna, I’ve just started.” responded Eric. His breath was under control. He felt like he could fuck for hours.

“Is it too big?” He asked. “Is my dick too big?”

“Ohhhh, NOoooo!” the convulsing, orgasming girl moaned. “It’s PERFECT! Don’t stop, harder, harder!”

“My pleasure,” responded Eric.

Minutes later, still in the doggie position Donna was pushing back at him as hard as she could, trying to take more and more of him deeper and deeper into her clutching cunt. She had experienced several orgasms. Each one more powerful than the last, building one upon another until she could only feel his gigantic dick deeper inside her than she had ever thought possible. There were still a couple of inches between her pussy lips and the root of his massive cock.

Hearing Eric start to groan and pant Donna knew that he was close to cumming. Reaching between her legs she used her finger tips to stroke his ball sack each time it came in reach. This accelerated his orgasm and as he started to speed up, going even faster, as Donna cried out.

“Cum all over me! CUM ALL OVER ME! I want to feel your cum on me!”

Feeling Eric pull out, Donna spun onto her back and wrapped her legs around his. Reaching out with both hands she helped him jack off. The first several spurts reached over her to land on the head board, the next several landed in her hair and on her face. The last several reached between her tits, spattered on her stomach and finally, his now almost limp dick rested on her abdomen and she milked out the dregs of his cum from his dick.

Pulling on him she urged him to straddle her while she suckled on his cock head. Finally having pulled every drop out of him she allowed his limp dick to slide from her mouth.

Now that ought to keep him satisfied for a while she thought to herself as she snuggled up to Eric.

The next morning, Donna having gone out the window the same way she came in just as dawn was breaking, Eric slowly came awake. The events of the night were fresh in his mind and his dick was rock hard.

Rather than relieve himself as he had so many times before he decided to see what the day might hold in store for him.

Mid-morning found him at the local mall shopping for some needed slacks and shirts. The changes his body had gone thru meant that almost nothing he had fit properly anymore. It was time for a wardrobe update.

“Is that Eric Foreskin? I swear it is!” The voice behind him caused him to look back. Standing in the aisle was a tall woman. Hand on hip she was smiling as she looked him up and down. “Now, I know I haven’t seen you in a few years but you have really filled out, haven’t you?” She was grinning at his confusion. “You don’t remember me do you” she asked.

“Um,” was all he could muster. She was drop dead gorgeous, almost exactly his height with long flowing brunette hair. Hurriedly, he tried to pull himself together.

“I’m sorry. I don’t usually forget beautiful women,” he offered in response.

“Nice recovery, kid!” she laughed. Putting out her hand she introduced herself. “I’m Pam Burkhardon, Jackie’s mom!”

“Hello! Are you back in town?” Eric knew she had left her husband and rumor had it that she had gone to California and then Mexico. She had something of a wild reputation.

“Well, yes, for a while. I thought I’d hang around and see what was up here in Pointe Place.” The truth was that she had spoken to Midge on the phone from Baja Mexico a week or so ago. And as usual, Midge couldn’t keep a confidence. In the course of a twenty minute conversation she had related almost every thing that had happened between her and Eric.

And Pam, ever interested in the other sex, particularly the well hung kind, had decided to return and see if Eric was everything that Midge had suggested. The first impression she had was that Eric had great promise. And if only half of what Midge had told her was true… Well, Pam felt the need to get to know Eric better.

“So how come I run across little Eric Foreskin at the mall on a lovely day like this?” She asked.

“I’m clothes shopping. Ever since my accident I’ve had to redo my wardrobe. I’ve been putting on weight. But my doctor thinks I’ve about finished. So, well, here I am.”

“Oh, I heard about that. Fell off the water tower, did you? That must have hurt!” She giggled. “Suffered any after effects?” As she smiled at him she ran her gaze up from his feet to his head, stopping significantly when her eyes reached his groin.

“Would you like some help shopping? I’m something of a fashion expert. I could help you put together outfits, coordinate colors, that kind of thing.”

The prospect os spending some time together with a knock out like Pam appealed to Eric and so they set out.

“I don’t kartal escort know Pam, these shirts are a little tight on me.”

“Nonsense! You have filled out quite nicely! Displaying a little muscle will help attract the girls. You do like girls don’t you? I know you do. So here, try on these pants, too.”

Grumbling under his breath Eric returned to the dressing room and tried on the pants that Pam had given to him. Turning in front of the mirror, he wasn’t sure what to think. Did Pam really think he could wear pants like this?

“Oh, those are great on you,” she enthused. “Look how they fit. They have some Spandex in them so they mold themselves to your butt and stuff. Girls like a tight butt and your’ is, well, honestly, I haven’t seen a better butt in a long time.” As she said this she cupped her hand on his butt cheeks and took a grip. Eric jumped a little at the touch but his cock responded, starting to plump up as she caressed his tush. Rather than crushing his dick, these pants allowed his growth to become evident. The bulge ran down his left leg a considerable way.

Standing close to him Pam’s eyes took in the evidence that Eric was, in fact, “hung like a horse” as Midge had described.

Leaning forward a bit, Pam afforded Eric a glance down her blouse at her tightly packed brassiere. Her cleavage swelled and pushed flesh above her bra cups as she breathed in and out. Eric’s eyes were drawn to this display like iron filings to a magnet, just as she had planned.

“Well, come on Eric. I’ve got some shopping to do and then you can give me a ride home.”

“Sure, Mrs. Burkhardon, um, wait, what? Ride home? How did you get here?”

“Oh, Jackie dropped me off. She’s spending the weekend at her grandparents and I was going to take a taxi home. But if you don’t mind?” She dazzled him with her best smile while she waited for him to respond.

“Well, sure, I guess so. So what do you need to buy?”

“Well, I really came here to buy a swimsuit, so you can help me get that taken care of.” Again her smile was dazzling.

“Alright, I suppose. What do you need my help for?” he was confused.

“Well I always find it helpful to get a man’s perspective. I mean I helped you choose some really nice clothes. Turn about is fair play, right?”

Five minutes later Eric found himself outside a ladies dressing room waiting while his new friend tried on a suit. After some rustling the curtain was swept aside.

“Well, what do you think,” she asked the dumbstruck young man.

“You look enorm…I mean wow, you look great!” His eyes were locked on the twin cups of the top which cradled much larger boobs than he had expected to see. Much, much larger. Pam, in her bathing suit was showing off tits bigger even than Donna’s E-cup titties. Donna’s were the biggest boobs he had ever seen. Until now!

Pretending not to notice him staring, Pam pulled and poked, pretending to be adjusting the fit of the bra cups while Eric watched, entranced. Eric was almost drooling while she kept up the pretense, shaking, smoothing, cupping, tugging here and there, setting her boobs in almost constant motion for Eric to admire.

Very large and full, now that they were covered only by the bikini’s bra cups, Pam’s huge tits dominated her body, drawing attention from her legs and slender waist. The bikini was deeply cut, exposing the inner slopes of her boobs while allowing just a skootch of boob meat to escape to either side. Eric could tell that they were much bigger than Donna’s boobs!

“Well, kid, what do you think? Does this bikini make me look good?”

“I think you could make a gunny sack look good, Pam!” exclaimed Eric, still trying to memorize what he was looking at.

“Well, isn’t that sweet of you to say,” she declared as she stepped up to him and gave him a peck on the cheek. Standing so close she made sure to allow him to feel the tips of her dual dirigibles as they caressed his chest.

“Well, I think we’re done here. Let’s get me home so I can try this suit in the Jacuzzi.”

Twenty minutes later as they pulled up in front of the Burkhardon expansive estate Pam leaned over to again kiss his cheek softly.

“Would you like to join me in the spa? It’s wonderful this time of year. The warm water and the slight chill in the air is terrific.”

“Well, I don’t have suit,” he responded.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, I bought you one at the store. It’s the latest style. All the guys in Mexico are wearing it this season. Come on, I’ll bet you look great in it.” Her smile was inviting and Eric found himself changing in the downstairs bath.

“Oh, this can’t be right,” he thought to himself. “It barely covers me! It’s too embarrassing. She’ll see almost everything!” Indeed the banana hammock left almost nothing to the imagination. Even limp his dick and ball sack was stretching the fabric!

“Oh, right!” he realized. “She’ll see almost everything! And she bought it for me. Well, lets see if she likes seeing almost everything! Plus I’ll get to see her in that skimpy bikini! Yowser!”

Disappointingly, Pam was already settled in the hot tub when he emerged from the house. As he walked across the patio he could feel his genitalia bouncing and shivering, slapping his thighs, as he went.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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