The Downfall of Donna Reed Ch. 10

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As the days passed, I fell more in love with Michael. My world revolved around him and I wondered how I had ever existed without him. On the days we couldn’t meet, we would talk endlessly on the phone or chat online, sometimes even chatting while we talked. I didn’t think I could ever get enough of him. I considered myself the luckiest woman alive. Michael continued to teach me and allow me to grow. We talked of anything that entered our minds, he was never judgmental or shocked. I could share all my innermost desires with him and know it would be accepted lovingly.

Michael had to make a business trip and I began missing him as soon as he told me about it. He suggested that perhaps I could get away and join him, if only for a few days. The possibility thrilled me. Spending whole nights with my lover, not having to worry about being overheard or seen by someone. I carefully checked schedules and found a way I could spend several days in the other city. I casually started mentioning a conference in that city and commenting on how interesting the topic was. I said that several of my associates were attending and that it would be invaluable information for my job. Jim accepted the idea of the trip easily. I guess I was expecting suspicion or at least some questions. It can’t be this easy to go off with a lover, and yet it was.

On the appointed day, Jim drove me to the airport. He was in a great mood, very generous. He bought me magazines for the trip and reminded me to call home whenever I liked. My mom had offered to take the kids, so Jim was pretty much free to do as he pleased. On the plane, I tried to read, but all I could think of was meeting Michael at the airport and riding back to our room….OUR ROOM! Jim had been so unconcerned about this trip that he had not even asked about my hotel. I sat in my plane seat, fantasizing about my upcoming adventure and wondering what Michael had in store for me. I liked the idea that we would be together for several days, spending realtime doing normal things, such as eating and shopping. The best part was the idea of returning each evening to our room and spending a whole night wrapped in each other’s arms.

The flight finally ended and we were released into the sunny airport. There was Michael, so handsome that I nearly lost my breath. He strode toward me, confident and smiling, taking me in his arms and holding me close. Another thing I liked about him was the way I felt totally wrapped in his being, so tiny and special. He kissed me hello and took my hand while we collected my bags and went to his car. I sat beside him, out in the daylight, not worrying about being seen by anyone. It was heady. We went to lunch and enjoyed teasing each other throughout the meal, our fingers and hands quite busy under the tablecloth. Michael brought me to the edge of orgasm repeatedly, always stopping short of letting me come. I could feel his erection pressing hard against his slacks throughout the meal. In fact, we had to have dessert to allow him time to “relax” before leaving.

I loved it, all of it, the teasing, the excitement, even the lack of release, because I knew we would eventually be going to our own private room and be together in our own bed. Next, Michael took me shopping. He had done his homework on this town. This store was called DALLIANCE and was discreetly tucked away in a little shopping center. We pulled into the parking lot, approached the store and entered. It was filled with displays of the most beautiful clothes. The colors ranged from the palest pinks to vibrant reds. I walked around, gathering garments, selecting items for their colors, beauty, and appeal.

My arms were full. A saleslady approached and introduced herself as Carolyn. She offered to show me to the dressing room, then turned to Michael and told him that he was welcomed to join me. Carolyn opened the door and we entered the most beautiful room I had ever seen.

Beautiful wallpaper, soft music, a mirror pendik escort that could be positioned to catch anyplace in the room, a deep comfy chair with a footstool, a long double chaise with many pillows, even a small fridge. In the corner, there was a large screen for me to change behind. Carloyn smiled at my amazement and helped me take my selections behind the screen.

She handed Michael a glass of wine and said to call if we needed her, then left. Michael settled into the armchair, smiling. “THIS is shopping,” he sighed. I went behind the screen and changed into my first outfit. It was a lovely blue gown, silk, with a matching robe. It tied snugly around my waist, reaching the floor. The cool silk made my nipples pucker and harden. I came out, pleased to see him watching for me. I modeled for him, dancing about the room, swirling and turning, the silk clinging to my legs. I untied the robe, letting it drop to the floor. Then I modeled the gown. It gently followed my body, my nipples obviously erect. My arms were bare. The gown just skimmed over my hips and flowed to the floor. Again I swirled for him. The gown billowed from me and then returned to caress my curves. He smiled. “Yes, let’s get that.”

My next choice was a full slip, so delicate and dainty. Made of cream silk, the entire bodice was the finest lace. It was so beautiful, so gossamer. I pinned my hair up so only tiny curls framed my face, sprayed on some vanilla scent and left the protection of the screen. The lace was so sheer, he could easily see my dark brown nipples through it, stiffened from the lace. My dark curlies were faintly visible through the thin silk, my legs were bare. I moved to Michael, turning, allowing him to run his hand over my silk-clad ass, feeling the incredible smoothness and coolness of the slip. “Yes”, he said, “that is something you need. Let’s get that.”

Here was one of my favorites. Tap panties and a camisole top in a beautiful shade of rose. The panties fit like shorts, long and loose on the legs, elastic hugging my waist. The camisole did not quite meet the shorts, so a thin strip of my tummy was exposed. The camisole was so lovely, with small buttons up the front, the thinnest straps holding it up over my shoulders. Again, an outfit of the smoothest silk, with embroidered flowers along the bodice. My tanned skin looked so lovely in this color. I let a few more curls frame my face and walked out to my lover. His eyes lit up and he beckoned me to sit on the arm of his chair. I leaned over to kiss him, licking his lips and caressing his cheek. He lightly ran his hand up my bare thigh, slipping his fingers inside the loose panties, just barely brushing my inner thigh. My eyes closed. I wished he would do more, but he moved his hand to my naked back and ran his fingers along the tiny straps, back to front, just the faintest touch of him on my bare skin. “Yes”, he whispered, “definitely get this one.”

I went behind the screen again. The music was great, kind of low keyed and throbbing. There were vanilla candles burning on the shelves. I had the prettiest baby doll jammies for him. It was in pale yellow, panties of soft silk, with gathered legs, high on my thighs. The top just barely covered my panties, little puffed sleeves, tiny pearl buttons at the front. I loved the feel against my skin, the softness of the silk, the coolness of it. I let my hair down. It was skimming my shoulders now, curling softly. I felt the beat of the music. I danced out to Michael, moving in time with the music.

He was still sipping his wine, smiling at me as I approached. I move slowly and sensuously closer to him as he relaxed against the chair. I saw he had slipped his shoes off, stretched out his legs. I stepped over his legs and leaned down to kiss him. He tasted like the wine, sweet and delicious, and yet so like Michael, a taste all of his own. His hands reached up and cupped my breasts in the fabric, massaging them as I kissed him. I wanted maltepe escort him to continue touching me, feeling me, exciting me. But he moved his hands safely to my arms, holding them, rubbing them. “Yes, you need to have this,” he said.

So far, he had refused me nothing. The stack of things to buy grew with each trip out to him. Some of my favorites remained. I was puzzled by his lack of ardor. In the restaurant, we had played with each other, brought each other to nearly total excitement several times. Now, in total privacy, he was behaving so well. I had a glass of wine with me in the dressing area and I was feeling the effects of it. I wanted to play with him. I wanted him to want me too. I looked through the remaining items. Ah, I loved this one. I felt a little wicked now.

It was a lovely lace and satin bra, peach, with matching bikini panties. My curlies were pressing against the satin. My nipples were rigid against the lace. I wanted to drive him crazy, make him want me and say it. I slowly sipped some more wine and then moved out from behind the screen. Michael’s eyes were watching for me. It made me smile to see how intently he waited, how his eyes glowed at me as I approached him shyly. I stood before him, waiting to make sure he saw how lovely I looked. It fit just right. My nipples were begging for his warmth. A few curlies had escaped and were so touchable. I moved closer to him. I heard his breathing quicken and felt the need to be closer still. I sat down on the arm of the chair. His arm circled my waist and pulled me closer, into his lap.

Hmmmmm, I loved it there, so snuggly and perfect. His hand seemed to touch all my exposed flesh, moving slowly up and down my spine, my side, my tummy. Never an improper touch, and yet, I knew how much he wanted me. I knew how I was affecting him. His hand on my tummy moved slowly upward to the single hook holding my bra closed. We looked intently at each other as he unhooked my bra. It separated, just a little. and his finger moved gently up and down between my breasts. I had goosebumps all over my arms from his touch. My back arched and I pressed closer to him. Ah, kissing him was such a joy. I licked his lips and touched his mouth so slowly with my hot little tongue. Sucking his lower lip into my mouth…hmmm..I loved his taste. His finger finally found my aching nipple and I moaned into his mouth. As the kiss ended, Michael moved his finger and whispered to me, “Please, I want you to have this too.”

There were only 2 items left. I reached for the red teddy. I liked it. It was not something I would normally choose, but there was something about the styling that appealed to me. As I stepped into it, I was reminded once again of why I chose it. It was form-fitting red silk with delicate embroidered flowers along the bodice, gentle gathers across my breasts, tiny straps over my shoulders. It fastened with dainty pearl buttons and snaps between my legs. I pulled my hair back in gold clips with curls around my face and exited my screen. I found him riveted on me, anxiously awaiting the next fashion.

I stood at the screen, suddenly so shy and unsure. He extended his hand to me and I crossed the room to him. My eyes never left his. My hand stretched out to him. Our fingers met and the heat flowed through my body. Now he stood, taking me into his arms and we started to move slowly together. All I heard in my mind was, “Shall we dance….. Shall we fly?” Yes, I flew when in his arms. I felt his warmth against me. I felt his need. He took my hand and swirled me from him and pulled me back into into his arms, where I was quite sure I belonged.

We danced for a long time, nestled into each other, touching our fingertips lightly over each other, inhaling each other. Now his hands were holding my buttocks, pulling me even closer to him. We moved as one, then we kissed and moved not at all. His hands massaged me slowly and gently. Everywhere he touched belonged kartal escort to him. Michael’s fingers worked their way into my hair, holding my face against his. I was tasting him as if for the first time. Then his hands discovered the snaps and his eyes lit up. I heard the snaps open, one at a time. His fingers brushed against my curlies. One finger lingered deeper, moving inside me as we kissed.

My hips were moving against him, starting our dance. The feeling that had been with me all afternoon loomed so large now. I wanted him! I wanted him inside me now! I wanted to feel his fingers and tongue and lovely cock in me. He took his hands and placed them on my shoulders, kissed my nose. Then he said, “Yes, I like this one, let’s get it.”

I went behind the screen, so disappointed, so sad. I wanted him so much, but he kept toying with me and sending me back for something else. I had one more outfit for him. It was my absolute favorite, a silver gray gown. A silky bodice with yards of the lightest fabric I had ever seen. It just floated to the floor, only my little pink toenails were visible. My curlies were darkly seen against the fabric, my nipples were hard and aching. The daintiest straps crossed over my bare back.

I felt so beautiful and ethereal. I started to apply some blush to my cheeks and saw quite clearly my last meeting with Michael had put the pinkest glow on my face. I looked in the mirror, tousled my hair a bit and smiled. I wanted him and I planned to get him. Now. Here. I had been so good and now it was my turn. I exited the screen. He was waiting with his shirt loosened at the neck, his sleeves rolled up. I danced over to him.

“Shall we dance, on a bright cloud of music?” He smiled and his smile entered my heart and warmed me. I sat on the arm of the chair and started to unbutton his shirt. One button, one kiss on his throat. Next button, one kiss on his chest. Next button, one kiss on his left nipple. Fourth button, one kiss on the right nipple. Finally, his shirt was opened and I could touch all of his chest with my eager fingertips. I stood and moved across the room, stopping in front of the chaise, holding my arms opened to Michael, swaying gently as I waited. He crossed to me, never breaking eye contact. He walked directly to me, stood before me, and I knew he was mine.

I removed his shirt and started to unbuckle his pants, but he chose this moment to kiss me and my hands stopped. I lost myself in his touch. His hands were on my arms, pulling me close, holding me there. Then he was kissing me, as they say in romance novels, thoroughly. Suddenly, he stopped kissing and stood before me, naked and aroused. He sat on the chaise and I moved slowly before him, humming and floating dreamily, thinking of Michael and what was about to happen.

“Shall we dance, on a bright cloud of music, shall we fly?” Oh, I wanted to fly with him. I danced for him now, the silver gray fabric floating about my legs, my arms outstretched, the melody in my head, and Michael waiting for me.

Then I heard his voice. “Come to me now, please.” I went to him, my sweetest love. The lovely gown was removed and we were together. He knew I wanted to make love; slow, sweet love. He obliged, kissing my lips and neck, licking and loving my erect nipples, moving his way slowly down to my wet curlies.

His tongue was the magic key. He touched me so softly and gently, moving his hot tongue inside me, opening my pussy. Then, when I was begging him to fuck me, he slowly moved his way back up my body. Covering me completely, Michael held me in his arms. Then he entered me so completely, I gasped. He moved slowly and deeply within me, in his home, his safe place. He had prepared me so well, I came almost immediately and he followed, first swelling and then exploding within me, deep within me. We remained locked together, our arms about each other, our hearts together, pounding. The music was constant in my head.

“Shall we dance, or perchance, when the last little star has left the sky, shall we still be together with our arms around each other?” He was holding me tightly, resting his weight on me. His face so near mine, I felt his breath. “Oh, yes, we must take that one!”

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