The Erotic Resort Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Time had been going by since Liz and I had booked or holiday to The Erotic Resort in the Maldives. Liz had finished work a couple of days ago while today was my last day as it was a Friday as we were leaving to go tomorrow. I was tying up so lose ends in the morning when Ben came into my office and suggested we go out for lunch and have some beers down at the pub in the afternoon. I decided to call Liz and let her know of my plans and told her that I would not be home for dinner to which she said she will call Sally and go over to her place for the afternoon. An hour or so later Ben and I headed down to one of the numerous pubs within Sydney’s CBD ordered some lunch and started on the beers. I was tired but glad that I had finished work and was now on holidays. Ben and I started with the general small talk about our wives and wondering what they would be up to this afternoon as well as how the footy season was going. It was after a few beers that Ben asked whether I was excited to be going to the resort tomorrow with Liz.

“I am really excited for it, it has been ages since we have been away for a holiday and there seems to be some anticipation about it, that it will be more than we could imagine.” I said

” Pete, we had such a great time when we went and we felt the same thing. When we were there, Sally and I could not keep our hands off each other. The only time I could remember Sally and me fucking each other that much was on our honeymoon. It really opened our eyes to try new sexual experiences outside of our comfort zone.

“Sally hardly wore clothes, if you could them that cause the only times she did, she would be dressed up really slutty for me and at times she would not where any lingerie. If we went swimming, she at the most would only where a little g string. We met other people and we had experiences that I could only have ever fantasised about.”

“Like what? What were some of the things that you did?” I asked.

“When you get there and meet your butler and maid, they tell you they will help you with every want or desire you wish. They will dress however you want, so if you want them to be naked, they will be. They will do anything you ask them including a full body massage, wash you in the shower or dress you if you want.”

“So you could ask for the maid or the butler to join you and Sally in the shower if you wanted.” I enquired with a sly grin.

“Yes and we did ask them, both of them to join us and it was amazing. Essentially Sally and I had our first ever group sex with them.”

By know my dick was starting to get hard in my pants and my mind was going down different rabbit trails thinking of different possibilities and I think Ben knew this as he had a look on his face at felt like he was reading my mind.

“What was it like to see Sally with another man?”

“It was so fucking hot. There was one time our butler was fucking Sally from behind and she was looking directly at me while our maid was sucking my cock with full desire. What’s more, it was really hot to see Sally in a 69er with the maid, I could not help it but I got up and went behind the maid, I smeared lube all over my cock and her arse and slid my cock into her while Sally ate her pussy. I have not cummed so hard in my life. Not only that, but Sally started to eat her arse as my cum was leaking out of it and very quickly I was hard again and taking turns fucking them.

I was really getting turned on hearing about Sally and the maid going at it. I had always fantasised about seeing Liz and Sally licking and eating each other’s pussy in a 69er. I had let Liz know this and she had confided in me that she had secretly masturbated to the thought of having sex with Sally.

“And there are things I did as well. Things I never ever thought I would ever do, but in that environment I felt as though nothing was taboo and completely natural.”Ben said

“Like what.” I was really intrigued as I wanted to know how far Ben would go and to see if he had a bi sexual side to him.

“The resort also supplies clothes for us and toys as well, so for the first time I wore a g strings and loved the feeling of how it fits, more over I got a massage from the maid and she started the finger my ass. I never thought I would like it but it felt so good that during the massage, she inserted a vibrating butt plug into my arse which massaged my prostate. Fuck me it felt awesome and I could not get enough of it.

“There was also another time when Sally and the maid were going at it that I let the butler suck my cock. It was one of the best blow jobs in have ever had and it felt more primal than Sally’s.”

I was ready to cum in pants after listening to Ben tell me stories about him and Sally and Liz knew that if there was ever one guy I would blow it would be Ben.

“There was also other times that I fucked him in the arse and he would fuck me, and there were times that I would suck him and give him a blow job. I never knew if I would like the taste of cum or not, but I do have to say that I really enjoyed canlı bahis şirketleri it.” Ben recalled with a smile on his face.

“Sounds like you did have an amazing time.” I said with a part of me wishing that he would blow me and let me fuck him.

“Yes, we had the most amazing time and experience that we have incorporated a lot of what we did there into our sex life at home. Now when we have sex, Sally will dress like a slut for me and when we go out somewhere, we dare each other with what we do in public. The last time I got her to wear a dress that just covered her arse making sure she did not wear any lingerie. She made me wear a g string and had a butt plug in my arse all night. We fucked all night when we got home and we are now planning our next holiday.

“How is your cock now that I have told you this?” asked Ben.

I was taken aback by his boldness in the question but since he was honest with me, but knew I had to be honest with him.

“My cock is so fucking hard and it is hurting just thinking about what you and Sally got up to and looking forward to what is installed for us. Imagining Sally and how she is sexy as sin and I have seen you in the shower at the gym so I know you have a good size cock; having group bi sex is such a turn on. I am more excited now after hearing that to have those experiences as well. I have never been with another guy before, but I am looking forward to doing it there.” I told him in disbelief as I was saying it.

“I am glad you are going to be very opened minded about it, and we thought you would be and that’s why we told you about the resort. Now go home and fuck Liz to your heart’s content and enjoy the holiday and do whatever it takes to live out your fantasies and we will have to catch up when you get back so you can tell us all about it.” he said.

I got up and ran to get the nearest taxi as I thought my cock would explode and my pants would be full of my cum at any moment. As soon as I got in the taxi, I called Liz, “I am in the taxi and I will be home in 15 minutes”

“That’s great, looking forward to seeing you and I have a surprise for you when you get home.” Said Liz in her sultry fuck me voice.

I have always known that when Liz and Sally get together for a few hours and have some wine it makes Liz horny for action, it is like Sally has that influence on her so I am always excited to see her. I was waiting for anticipation to get home to see what the surprise would be and in no time I got through the front door and my cock was aching to get free.

“Hey, welcome home baby” said Liz as I walked through the door.

The lights were dimmed and some light music was playing in the background. She walked over to me slowly with her hips swaying from side to side and hearing the click of her stilettos as she walk sent shivers through my spine as Liz handed me one of the two glasses of wine she was carrying. I took in Liz and she was a sight to behold. She had her hair done in a soft curl and light natural looking make up on except for the red hot lipstick which was a contrast against her very light complexion. She wore a sheer black bra that clearly showed her erect nipples straining to break free. Looking further down she had a matching g string that had just enough material to cover her bald leaking pussy. It appeared her juices had been flowing for some time before I got there as they appeared to be very moist. What really topped it off were the black suspenders and stockings with black stilettos. My jaw dropped down to the ground and I went to grab her there and then and fuck the lights out of her, but Liz had other ideas.

“Slow down baby, I want to hear about your day so I can tell you about mine. We have all night.” Liz which takes a sip of her wine and leads me to the lounge and pushes me down to sit and then she sits on my lap with her back to me as if she is giving me a lap dance.

I start to tell Liz about my day and the conversation I had with Ben. As I started to tell her about how Ben and Sally had group sex she started to rub and tweak her nipples through her bra which started her to moan softly at her own touch. I wanted to help her, to cup her breasts and massage her nipples but she would not let me, it was like she wanted to masturbate to the story. I started to tell her how Ben and Sally also enjoyed anal and bi sex and that they had incorporated it into their sex life since they got home. By know Liz was playing with her clit through her g string and moaning in pleasure as I provided the details of the conversation.

“And what did you say to Ben about this?” Liz struggled to ask as she was getting off on the story.

“I told him that it made my cock extremely hard thinking of them having group, bi and anal sex and I thought it was sexy that they were pushing the boundaries of what they thought they could ever do.”

My cock was getting so hard and it was hurting that it was still constrained within my pants but with Liz rocking back and forth motion with her hips while massaging her canlı kaçak iddaa clit through her g string. It did not take long for Liz to reach an orgasm and she screamed so loud I would have thought the whole neighbourhood would have heard it.

Liz came down from her orgasm and I asked how her day was.

“It was amazing.” said Liz with a cheeky grin on her face.

“Why, what happen?”

“I arranged with Sally to meet me at the mall to have lunch and do a little shopping afterwards. I had to decide what to wear because as you know every time I meet up with Sally we talk a lot about our sex life and it always makes me so horny telling stories about us and hearing about them. All I want to do is see you so you can fuck me nice and hard. I love nothing more than to feel your hard cock inside and then cum exploding in my insides. So I decided to wear my short summer white dress without a bra and a satin black g string. It made feel sexy and slightly slutty knowing that in the right light my dress is see through and would allow anyone to see my nipples and my very small underwear.”

By know Liz was off my lap sitting next to me and was tracing her fingers around my cock within my pants. She knew I had been hard for too long that it was hurting, but this is the game she was playing, to seduce me, to give me blue balls and mind fuck me.

“I saw Sally, she looked hot in a long following dress that showed off all her cleavage with her D cup tits, the bra she was wearing were pushing them up for everyone to see and she knew it. The dress hugged her hips and arse and flowed long down her legs. I swear the whole time I saw her I wanted dive first into her tits and play with those fun bags. There was even one point that she stopped what she was saying and asked if like the view because I was staring too much and I replied of course, I fucking love looking at your tits, they are the most glorious set I have seen.”

By know Liz was tracing her finger along my cock. She stopped for a moment and started to undo my belt buckle and fly. She reached in and pulled my cock out and started to stroke my already engorge, hard, thick shaft.

Liz went on to say,” we started to talk all girly and she shared with me the experiences that she and Ben had on their trip which was making me very wet at the time. She shared with me how incredible the clothes, lingerie and sexy bikinis made her feel. She also went on to tell me how much they loved to experiment with toys and bi and group sex and they hoped to find a like minded couple here in Sydney that they could trust. This gave Sally an idea to take me to one of the lingerie shops in the mall that also sells sex toys. The lingerie assistants in the shop wore short black dresses with open cleavage so that you could see how the bras fitted by having a good quick perv. Each assistant also wore stockings and heals and i swear that part of their job was to flirt with you the whole time. That made feel so sexy and hot and it was so amazing and I bought this set for you. Do you like it?”

“I course I fucking do.” I replied.

“You see, not only did I buy this for you but Sally bought a butt plug for me and we decided to go back to her place so she could help me use it and show me some of the things they brought home with them. Once we got back to her place, we cracked a bottle of champagne and went up to their bedroom so she could show me what she got. I was sitting on the lounge chair in their room and Sally got undressed in front of me and guess what?”

“What?” I replied while trying to focus on not cumming.

“She took off her dress in front of me and she was not wearing any panties. Her pussy was beautiful and bald like mine; just the way you love it she started to model the different items she brought home including latex underwear that had both a dildo and butt plug incorporated into it which was one of her favourites. She told me that it allowed her to leak her pussy juice and constantly cum without it running down her legs. Not only that, but she showed me some of the male g strings and butt plugs for Ben and she went on to say how he loved the feeling of his arse being stretched not just by a toy, but also a real hard dick”

I could not control myself any longer and cummed all over myself and Liz’s hand. Rope after rope of white cum came flying out of my cock and I let out a large deep groan. It was one of those orgasms that made my toes curl and Liz leaned down and started to suck my cock and cleaned it all up. Once she had finishing cleaning me, she went back to stroking me and continued to telling me what happened this afternoon to get me hard again.

“Sally had changed into an amazing one piece swimwear that was white mesh that allowed her erect nipples to poke through. The one piece was cut very high and formed the string above her pussy which went right over her clit and parted her pussy lips. As it came up and out of her arse crack it went all the way up to her shoulder blades where it split and each strap went over a shoulder. Sally canlı kaçak bahis said that this one piece would make her orgasm as she walked with the string over her clit. It was so hot and sexy seeing her in it that my juices really started following. Sally came over to and walked around behind me and undid the zipper on my dress. She started to peel my dress off me from behind and as it started to fall, the dress got held up on my tits. She reached around and deliberately lightly touched my nipples to get the dress down. My nipples went instantly hard and erect as electricity was sent through my body with her slight touch. She then started to take my dress off from my hips and she ensured that she would run her hand over my arse and caress the black satin covering my pussy. By now Sally could clearly see the wet spot on my panties which she smile and raised an eyebrow about. She told me she was very happy that she had that effect on me to which I replied that of course she did. I wanted her at that point so bad as I could see that her nipples were clearly erect through the mesh and her wet pussy was leaking pussy juice and it was clearly visible running down her legs. Sally got up and came around in front of me and got down on her knees. I was hoping that as she took my g string off, she would play with it or eat my pussy, but she slowly slid my g string down my legs ensuring she ran a finger over my clit and slid it down my wet slit.”

I was completely hard again and I was salivating on every word Liz was saying. At this point I reached out to play with Liz’s nipples through her bra and she did not object.

Liz continued, “Here I was standing in front of her, naked and wanted to be taken by her, but I restrained myself and I was caught up in the eroticism of it all. She started with helping me into me suspenders and stockings. She deliberated took her time on each leg as she got it high up into my inner thigh, only millimetres from touching my pussy again. Next she got the g string and put it on me one foot at a time. As she brought it up she pulled the string as high as possible up my arse crack as well as the front so that the g string would part my pussy lips and rub against my clit. Lastly, she got behind me and started to put on my bra and once it was on, she reached around and grabbed each nipple and gave them a pinch and a pull to ensure they stuck out. But guess what happen after that?”

I decided to start playing with her pussy through her g string at this time and I think I have never felt her so wet in my life, we were both trying to concentrate on the story instead of each other but it was clearly starting to become a losing battle.

“What? Please tell me you fucked her?” I asked

“No, but I asked Sally what about the butt plug and that I would love it if she inserted it for me to which replied to me that she would love to do it. She got back on her knees in front of and started to take my g string off. Once it was off, she brought it up to her nose to smell and let out a nice mmmmmmm sound to savour the scent. She asked me to go over to the lounge chair and bend over for me. I went over and Sally grabbed my new butt plug from the bag and went and got some lube. She came over walking slowly and her hips swaying side to side as I am watching her over my shoulder. She got down on her knees again and applied lube to the plug and started to apply it to my arsehole. She first inserted one finger than two to get used to the sensation. While she was fingering my arse, she started to lightly kiss and lick my pussy, it was the most intense moment I have ever had with her and I was moaning with pleasure. I was about to cum, but after a few moments she stopped playing with my pussy and had inserted the plug with ease. I was so focused on what she was doing to my pussy; I did not feel any discomfort while she inserted the plug into my arse.

“Fuck me I said, how could you not grab her and force her to eat your pussy and cum after that?” I enquired with a sense of desire and frustration. I could not believe this had happened.

“I don’t know either” said Liz trying not to cum while I played with her. “I told her that I wanted to repay the favour so that when Ben came home you could tell him how I inserted a butt plug into your arse so he could fuck your arse nice and hard. Sally replied that she would love it if I did and she went to her dresser and pulled out one of her favourites. It is so wide that she almost fainted the first time she ever tried to use it. She bent over the lounge chair for me and I got behind her and started to apply the lube to the plug, but instead of lubing her arse, I started to lick and rim her. I pulled her arse cheeks so wide apart that I was able to insert my tongue into her arse and she tasted delightful. I started to insert the plug with one hand and fingered her pussy with two fingers with the other. As the plug plunged into her, she started to cum on my fingers which I pulled out after her screaming out her orgasm and licked my fingers clean. It was at this point she told me that we need to stop there and for me to go home and fuck your brains out and enjoy out holiday. I put my dress back on and left and it was when I got home that you called. I left there having never been hornier in all my life.”

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