The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 45

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The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 45

Wanda’s Tales — Part 4

After working long hours all week at the store, Wanda finally could enjoy an entire day without having to worry about work. It came none too soon, as she was beginning to feel the stresses and strains affect her health. She was only in her mid-forties, 46 as it was, and yet there were days when she’d get home and all but collapse into the sofa, or across her bed. It was only her and Frank at home, with their son Luke grown and on his own, yet Frank was of the old school and expected a hearty meal waiting at home each night. It had been one of the stipulations he had insisted on when Wanda had insisted she return to work, after Luke had hit his teens.

It was a wonderfully beautiful mid-July day, and Wanda wanted nothing more than to spend it relaxing in the sun. Although she enjoyed the beach, she wasn’t up for the crowds. Besides, she had a new bathing suit she wanted to try on, with an exposed back and narrow front. Her hips and breasts, matronly and well-rounded, were also prominently on display in the reflection in the bedroom mirror. Her dd-cup breasts spilled out from either side of the triangular-shaped material designed to cover them. The valley of her cleavage was long and deep, even exposing her naval. The “V” of the suit’s front seemed to point at her pubic mound, itself barely covered. The hips were cut up high, in a French-style, and at the back, most of her buttocks were on display. Except for a triangle at the base of her spine, covering her ass-crack, her broad back was fully exposed to the sun, and the eyes of those nearby.

“Definitely not wearing this to the beach,” Wanda sighed. She gathered up a long beach towel and headed for the back yard, where Frank had recently set out a new set of lawn and lounging chairs on the patio and in the yard. She had asked her husband to place one near the tall spruce which dominated the center of the yard, and which would protect her from most of the hottest hours of sun.

It was only 10:45 in the morning, and yet the sky was cloudless and the brilliant sun had the temperatures up into the upper eighties already. Frank had left little more than half an hour ago, bitching as he always did about having to run the A/C in the homes he was showing. Otherwise prospective buyers wouldn’t feel inclined to take a leisurely tour. It was hard enough getting them off the beaches and into the houses in the first place, he always griped. As it was, he was heading up to Portland for a Northwest Regional Realtors Association meeting and wouldn’t be home until Friday evening, giving her all of two days to enjoy a bit of relaxation on her own.

Wanda relaxed into the new lounger, which had a green-blue-and-orange striped cushion, and reclined it fully. Her sunglasses protected her eyes, but a broad-brimmed hat she had brought along added more protection. She’d wiped on a healthy layer of sunscreen in the house, though she had brought the bottle along, leaving it in the recently trimmed grass beside her chair. Her cell phone and a bottle of cool water she slipped beneath the chair to keep out of the sun as she tanned. Once settled, she let herself relax until all she felt was the sun on her flesh, and all she heard were the birds in the trees.

Wanda’s phone chimed beneath her, and she realized that she’d been asleep. Her skin was very warm and with a quick check she found that she had not burned. She had been asleep, but for only about twenty minutes when the phone’s muted alarm had gone off, alerting her to an incoming call. It had stopped by the time she retrieved it, and a quick check of the missed calls list found an unknown number. Not worried, Wanda dropped the phone back beneath the lounger, and then rolled onto her belly. She reached up and untied the strap from around her neck and laid her head on her crossed arms. Again, she relaxed under the son’s warming rays, now on her back.

“I thought you would be home,” a woman’s voice aroused Wanda from her latest nap. She found Michelle McGregor standing near-by, having slipped into the back yard through the side gate. Wanda rolled over and propped herself up on an elbow.

“I saw your car in the garage, but when you didn’t answer the bell, I thought I’d slip back here and see if I might find you working in the yard. Instead I find you half-naked!”

Wanda had forgotten that she’d released her top and now she sat with her large, dd-cup breasts out in all their glory for her neighbor to take in. “I’m sorry,” she muttered as an apology while lifting her top to cover as much of her ample cleavage as she could one-handed.

“Don’t worry about it, Wanda! We’re all girls here!” Michelle was herself dressed for the sun, in loose white shorts and a white blouse decorated in a false tie-dye pattern in reds, whites, and pinks. It did little to hide the fact that the younger woman was going without a bra that afternoon. Wanda noticed the heavy swing of Michelle’s breasts as she dropped canlı bahis into the second lounger.

Despite her neighbor’s assurances, Wanda still tied up the top of her suit to cover her breasts, what little they covered. As she did, Michelle said, “I was hoping to catch you home. I’ve been wanting to talk to you for some time now about some things that have come to my attention.”

“Oh? And what would that be?” Wanda asked, even though she thought she could guess.”

“Wanda, I want you to know that my sons don’t hide much from me,” Michelle told her. “We have a very close family, Brian and I, and our sons are very open about their lives with us. Even with Todd in the Army now, he manages to call home and we talk for hours on end, at least once a week.”

“That sounds wonderful, Michelle,” Wanda said. “I wish Luke and I had had that sort of relationship. It’s only just recently gotten better, more than just a grunt in passing. With him out of the house now, we’ve begun to talk a little more. Strange how that happens.”

Michelle was looking at Wanda, as if trying to read into her words what her face was showing. Wanda felt uncomfortable then, recalling what Todd McGregor had told him weeks ago, on the afternoon she submitted to his advances.

Even before Michelle replied, Wanda asked, “You know about Luke and me, don’t you? Our affair?”

Michelle smiled and nodded. “I do, as a matter of fact. Todd told me about it, what he had been told by Luke.” She gave Wanda a sly smile and then added, “Todd also told me before he left for Korea that he had been with you, as well. That you and he had made love in your bed.”

Wanda couldn’t deny it, and nodded. “I don’t know what I was doing,” she sighed. “It was so wrong of me.”

“Nonsense!” Michelle laughed. “I know that boy well, and I know he has a thing for older, attractive women. He’s told me stories you wouldn’t believe, so it wasn’t hard for me to believe that he managed to get you into bed. And he’s had a crush on you for years, you know. Or maybe it’s just those fabulous tits of yours.”

Wanda looked down at her chest. Michelle was a beautiful woman, with hints of Asian features from her Hawaiian mother. She had green eyes and brown hair that she wore just at shoulder length. Wanda noticed that she’d had the ends frosted as well. Michelle was a smaller woman than Wanda, maybe only 5’2″ to Wanda’s 5’6″. And when it came to the breasts, Wanda’s dd’s greatly outdid Michelle’s much smaller c-cups. Yet Michelle was a few years younger than Wanda, and in her eyes, Michelle was much more attractive.

“Wanda, I wanted to tell you something else,” Michelle said. “I’ve been with your son, Luke, in the same way.”

Stunned, and yet not so surprised, Wanda shook her head. “What are you saying? Have you had sex with Luke?”

Michelle smiled and nodded. “Yes, a few times now, in fact. It just happened. We ran into each other at the super market, and one thing led to another. He invited me to his apartment. We had drinks and talked. When he asked about Todd, I told him some of the stories Todd had told me, and that’s when he admitted that he felt the same way about older women. I don’t know how, but the next thing I knew we were in his bed making love. I really hadn’t planned it at all, it just happened.”

Wanda sat silently for a moment, looking at her neighbor, and then admitted, “The same thing happened to me. We hadn’t really been talking much up until then. I was surprised when he called and asked me over. Somewhere along the line, Luke kissed me, and I liked it. And then we kissed again. Next thing I knew, we were in bed making love. I don’t know how or why. And we haven’t stopped. I still visit with him, and sometimes he comes over. I’m ashamed, Michelle, but I don’t want to stop, either. He makes me feel so good.”

“I understand you completely, Wanda!” Michelle replied. “I’ve been having an affair with both of my sons since they were in high school. And Brian knows all about it now. We’re just an open and loving family. We don’t flaunt it or anything, I don’t sleep with Eric in his bed when Brian’s home. But he knows all about me.”

Michelle continued. “Did you know that Brian and I are swingers? We’ve swapped partners since we got married. In fact, it’s how we met, at a beach party where everyone hooked up with anyone.”

“I didn’t know that still went on,” Wanda said. “I thought swinging went out in the seventies.”

“Oh, you just don’t hear about it, but it still goes on,” Michelle laughed. “There are a few couple around Regal Bay that swing. Brian and I have dated them on occasion.”

“Dated? Is that what it’s called?” Wanda asked.

“Sure. Usually, we go out as couples, to dinner, maybe a movie,” Michelle explained. “Nothing strange about that. If everyone is comfortable, we usually end up at one or the other’s home, although sometimes a hotel is more convenient if there are children. After drinks, we exchange partners and enjoy ourselves. bahis siteleri Sometimes we all stay together in the same room, other times we find someplace more private. After, we have more drinks or just talk. If everyone is happy, then we might make plans to do it again.”

“I wouldn’t know how to even bring anything like that up with Frank!” Wanda laughed. “He’s such an ass at times. He always has his eye out but if I glance at another guy, he gets shitty pretty quick. He’d never let me slip off to a bedroom with another guy, even if he’s balls deep in that guys wife!”

“What about Luke?” Michelle asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, what does Luke think about you and another guy? “I’m, sure you know he sees other women beside his mother!” Michelle laughed.

Wanda hesitated, and then admitted, “Luke has brought it up a couple of times, me being with another of his friends. I think he wants a three-way or something like that. I don’t know how I feel about that, but he’s asked a couple of times.”

“What I meant was something more like what I was talking about. With you and him swapping with another couple.”

“You mean, like a married couple?”

Michelle shook her head. “No, I was thinking more like you two. A mother and son couple to swap with. Maybe even swapping with Todd and I, you two.”

Wanda was having trouble grasping what her neighbor was suggesting. “Are you wanting to do something together? You with your son, and me with Luke? Some sort of sex thing?”

“Well, I was suggesting that you and your son join me and my son for dinner and drinks, and then we’ll see where it goes from there. After all, you’ve already been with Todd, and I’ve already been with Luke. We might as well enjoy a swinging lifestyle together. Add a little something to our relationships, don’t you think?”

Wanda was hesitant. She wasn’t sure she wanted to chance doing anything more than what she and Luke had been doing. They have been together a few times, but only at his apartment or in her home. They’ve never been out together. In fact, until Michelle had admitted it, Wanda was sure nobody knew about Luke and her, other than Todd. Suddenly, she was being drawn into a world of sin and sex she only fantasized about before. It was enough to make her head spin.

“I really don’t know about this,” she said. “I’m going to have to think about it, okay? I don’t know what Luke would say.”

Michelle laughed again. “I can tell you exactly what he’d say! He’s a young man with a hard-on, ready to stick it in any wet snatch he can find. It might as well be yours, or mine.”

“I thought Todd was in Korea,” Wanda said.

“He’s coming home next week for ten days,” Michelle smiled. “At least, he’ll be here for three of them. He’s got some training thing he’s going to up in Washington. I don’t know the details, only that he’ll be stopping in for a few days. He wanted me to set some time aside for him. I thought that this would be a wonderful time for all of us to get together. Maybe see where it leads?”

Wanda again said, “Let me think about it, okay?”

“I will.” Michelle stood and started to leave. “By the way, I’m headed over to Luke’s right now. Want to join me? Or tell him anything?”

Wanda wanted to tell her not to go, to leave her son alone. Instead, she said, “No. Have a fun time.”

“I will!” Michelle left her sitting in the back yard, her mind spinning from what she’d heard and said. In that moment, her phone rang. She feared it would be Luke, but instead it was Frank.

“Things got cancelled, so I’ll be home for dinner,” he told her. So much for her relaxing evening, she thought.


A week later, Wanda had all but forgotten about Michelle’s visit, and the conversation they had had when she paid her son a visit at work. She and Frank had gone out to dinner and stopped in at the casino. Frank made his way over to the blackjack tables while Wanda made hers up to the bar, where she found Luke tending the dozen or so patrons who sat drinking, talking, or watching any one of several sporting events on the televisions above the hundreds of spirits bottles in the pit.

“What are you doing out here?” Luke asked, placing a bottle of his mother’s favorite beer in front of her.

“Your father wanted to come out, so while he’s losing at cards I thought I’d come up here and flirt with the bartender.” Wanda gave the bottle neck a stroke with her fingers, and a flick across the top with her tongue, before taking a drink. All with a sly grin towards her handsome son.

“Well, look who the cat dragged in!” Wanda turned to find Michelle standing next to her, a drunk smile on her face and a tall glass in hand. She took the next stool over and leaned into Wanda. “Out catting around?”

“I’m here with Frank,” she told her neighbor.

“And checking out the fine young men behind the bar, as well?” Michelle laughed. “I told Luke about our conversation the other day.”

Wanda looked at Michelle. bahis şirketleri “I don’t think we should be talking about this here.”

“Why not? Todd comes home tomorrow,” Michelle grinned. “So, let’s get together and have some fun.”

“I don’t think Mom’s ready for that,” Luke said, leaning across the bar to keep their conversation tight between them. “Besides, why should I share her?” He gave his mother a wink and grin.

“She’s already had Todd, once,” Michelle reminded. “And you’ve had me now, what, three or four times?”

“Just this month?” Luke laughed. “That sounds about right.”

“Luke!” Wanda gasped. “I had no idea. What are you, some kind of gigolo?”

“Oh, he’s much more than a gigolo, Wanda,” Michelle told her. “Luke here is one of several young men around here, a stable if you will, of studs that tend to the needs of us older women.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Wanda asked.

“Let’s talk about this later, okay?” Luke insisted. “Someplace a little more private.”

“Absolutely!” Michelle replied. “How about tomorrow night at your place, Luke. Just the four of us?”

Luke gave his mother a look. “Well, Mom?” he asked. “Are you ready to swing?”

Wanda saw Frank heading for the bar. She looked to Michelle, who was smiling, and then her son, who was waiting. “Sure, why not?” she shrugged. “What have I got to lose?”

Wanda had to work the next day. She opened the store and by five was ready to leave. She hadn’t thought much about the plans for that night, plans she still was very unsure of, until she drove home. Frank was home when she got there, but had plans to meet with a couple of friends to play poker out at the Golf Club. He was gone before she stepped out of the shower. She dressed in slacks and a blouse, and gathered up her purse.

“What the hell am I doing?” she asked her reflection in the hallway mirror. She’d made the trip to Luke’s on several occasions, always expecting the sinful delights her son promised, and always fulfilled. This time, however, there would be another couple, Michelle and her son Todd, in attendance. And it wasn’t Luke who she would be made love to. It would be Todd. That was the plan.

“What the hell am I getting myself into?” she asked the empty house. Dressed in a blue strapless dress that accented her large breasts, and slip-on heels, she headed for her car, pushing herself along, and drove over to the apartment building where her son lived, and where he had taken her so many times over the past year. For well over ten minutes Wanda sat in her car, contemplating all that was about to happen. She’d never swapped partners, and really had no idea how to. Michelle had made it clear that she had been to several parties, and had been a swinger for a while. But that was with her husband. This time, she and Wanda would be swapping sons.

Again, she asked herself, “What the hell am I getting myself into?” She started to reach for the ignition, to start the car and go back home. She hesitated, her hand poised.

“Are you ready, Mom?” Wanda just about screamed when Luke suddenly appeared at her side window. She was startled, to say the least, and looked up into his warm brown eyes. He was grinning, having recognized that she had been about to leave.

“Michelle and Luke are waiting for us,” he said, and then came around to the passenger’s side door. He climbed in and told her, “Michelle thought it’d be best if we met somewhere else. Somewhere a little more private.”

“Luke. What are we doing?” Wanda turned to look hard at her son. “Why are we doing this? Why are we doing any of this?”

Luke took his mother’s hands in his and said, “If you don’t want to do this, or anything, just say so. I know how things used to be between us, and they’ve changed. Sure, what we are doing, the sex and all, it’s wrong in so many ways, but who gives a shit as long as what we do make you and I happy? Dad hasn’t been there for you for years. The way he ignores you and pours his attention on those broads he hires, it’s wrong. I know it and you know it.”

Luke looked out the front of the car. “I have no idea why, or even when, I started to feel excited by you. I didn’t use to, you know. Only after I moved out, when you weren’t there day in and day out, riding my ass about every little thing I did or didn’t do. I know I never became the man you wanted me to be, not going to college, not really having a good paying job, either.” He turned back to her and continued. “But now that I opened Pandora’s Box and started this, I don’t know what to call it other than an affair, now that we are enjoying each other as never before, I sure as hell don’t want to stop. I love you as my mother, and always will. But I also enjoy you as my lover, and as such, I want to explore the boundaries for as long as we can. This is just another one of those boundaries, sharing each other which others in such an intimate way, that we should explore together. We’ve each been with others in the past, and in particular I have been with Mrs. McGregor and you’ve been with Todd. This afternoon, all we are doing is revisiting them with each other. Two mothers and two sons enjoying an afternoon together.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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