The Meeting Ch. 2

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Eventually he rolls off of her onto his back, he smiles happily at her as she makes her way to the bathroom. Inside she looks at her flushed face in the mirror feeling a little better now that the first coupling is out of the way, decides it is time to give him some of the special treatment he has given her.

He is still lying on his back, relieved that he has given her the pleasure he has been promising her for so long. First time nerves now over, he anticipates what will happen next.

She approaches from the end of the bed and kneels between his legs, he asks her if she is alright, she answers with a sultry smile. Placing her hands on his thighs she bends her head and tentatively begins to lick his scrotum, he groans and parts his legs, signalling to her that he finds this a pleasure. Her hands begin to massage the tops of his thighs her forehead brushing against his stirring penis her tongue continuing to tease him. She places a hand under his balls and takes each one into her mouth and sucks them tenderly, his hand gently stroking her hair to give encouragement. He is hardening rapidly, canlı bahis she takes him in one hand and strokes him to full hardness enjoying the sound of his soft groans.

Her tongue now traces a path along his balls to the base of his penis, stroking him still her tongue follows her hand licking up and down his shaft. She reaches his swollen head and takes her hand away letting her tongue do all the work licking up and down his shaft, then around his head, teasing until he strains his hips upwards, his cock seeming to beg for the feeling of her lips. Once again she takes him in hand and gives him what he wants….her lips enclosing his head, tasting him for the first time. She sucks gently, her tongue swirling round and round, her tongue darting in and out his hole, his breathing getting faster she asks him if he would like to come in her mouth.

He would like this very much he decides, but wants her to feel pleasure too, so he silently shakes his head.

She kneels up and at looks at him, her hands move over his belly then onward to his chest. Her thumbs brushing his nipples. She bahis siteleri turns around now, opens her thighs, straddles his, and slowly backs towards him until she can feel his hot hardness against her arse. Taking him in her hand she guides him toward her, slowly lowering herself inch by inch, savouring the feeling of having him inside her again. She leans forward and holding his ankles she begins to slowly rock back and forth, enjoying the sensation of him she begins to rotate her hips varying the speed and tempo.

His hands knead her arse urging her on , until he knows he will not be able to contain himself for much longer. His hands lift her from him and with a swift movement he pushes her forward on the bed, on her hands and knees she pushes her arse back invitingly. He drinks in the sight of her taking a few moments to stroke her arse, reaching a hand under to feel her wetness and swollen clitoris, judging that he can soon give her another orgasm. He leans down, and licks and kisses her tempting rear causing her to sigh and moan, this giving him increased pleasure of his own.

He bahis şirketleri parts her thighs further, edging his way forward, cock in his hand he places a hand under her belly and pulling her quickly back towards him he thrusts into her, she crying out with shock and ecstasy he lets out a groan of his own. Taking her hips in his hands he pumps her, harder and faster now , she pushing back to meet him, the urgency building inside her. “Oh fuck how good it feels!” She thinks to herself . He places a hand on her back and forces her head to the pillow bringing her arse up higher. He reaches under her and finding her clitoris furiously begins to rub , her moans getting louder and faster now saying “fuck me, fuck me” under her breath, this in turn making him pump harder, feeling the spunk surging from his balls.

He screams “Now!!” at her, the sound of this triggers her orgasm, the waves begin to wash over her, she screams his name, pushing back, grinding her hips, his finger frigging her hard, his balls slapping against her, screaming she comes, and comes, and comes, a never ending succession of contractions, the suction draining every last drop of hot come from his throbbing cock. As their orgasms begin to subside still he moves within her feeling every last nerve- tingling sensation…wondering, will they meet again?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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