The Minister’s Seduction Ch. 01

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Tom had been the minister at this church for about four years. Today he sat at his desk in his study daydreaming, or rather fantasizing. He had his pants unzipped with hard cock out and his hand slowly stroking it. Sitting with his chair pulled up and his legs under his desk, no one could see what he was doing. This wasn’t unusual for Tom; he had a very high sex drive and an active imagination and wound up masturbating in his study at least once a day, sometimes up to three times a day. Pictures of ladies popped into his head, like some of the members who had such nice tits and asses that wiggled so fine when they walked, his sister-in-law, models in the Penthouse magazine he had in his locked desk drawer. (He bought a new one each month.)

Tom especially fantasized about the church secretary, Julia. Damn! What a hot body. He tried to find reasons to stand behind her chair as often as he could so he could look down her blouse. And lately, she had worn blouses that seemed to hang open enough that looking down, he could see that she wasn’t wearing a full bra; perhaps a half or quarter bra. If only he could see her nipples . . .

It wasn’t as though Tom was fucking any of the women he fantasized about. In fact, he hadn’t had sex with any of them. He was afraid to make a move for fear he would be rejected, and perhaps even have the woman tell others that he had tried. He would lose his job as minister and this was the only kind of job he had any training for. He was something of a paradox, being very aware of a lot about sex learned from surfing porn on the internet, full of fantasies, but afraid to try to turn his fantasies into reality.

Tom was making preparations for another line of work, slowly working on a master’s degree in counseling at a university about twenty miles away. He was 37 years old and had been married for nineteen years and had no children.

That thought of school reminded him of his partner, Cathy, in the practicum class in which he was currently enrolled. Class members had been asked to choose partners to practice counseling techniques with. They were supposed to meet sometime other than class time and tape their practice sessions which would then be played and critiqued in class. Cathy was in her early twenties, about 5’4″ and had short brown hair. Her breasts were small, likely about a B cup, and her ass . . . WOW, her ass! She had a wonderful smile and Tom had been surprised when she asked him to be her partner. She had immediately become an object of fantasy and the cause of many loads of white cream being ejaculated in his study.

He thinking was interrupted by the phone buzzer. Pushing the button on the telephone, he said, “Yes?”

“You have a visitor.” Julia’s voice came over the speaker.

“Who?” Tom asked.

“She said her name is Cathy and that she is in your class in school.”

“Cathy?” Tom thought, quickly stuffing his cock back into his pants and zipping up. It was difficult as he was so horny and hard.

“Give me about two minutes and send her in, please.” Tom told Julia.

He tried to think of something else, anything but sex, hopping his cock would quickly become smaller and limp. But all he seemed to think about was Cathy and the fantasies he had had about her, fucking her, eating her pussy, being blown by her. It didn’t help matters that he had taken off his briefs in the private restroom adjoining his study so he could enjoy the free feeling and feel the accompanying eroticism. Now his cock pushed out on his pants making it unmistakable to any observer that he had a hard-on. Oh well, Tom thought, no time to put them back on now.

There was a knock on the door and Tom said, “Come in.”

Cathy walked in wearing a skintight bicycle jersey, form hugging shorts and carrying her helmet. “Sorry to just drop in like this, but I thought we might practice our counseling. I knew you would have your tape recorder and hoped you might have an extra tape for me to use.” She smiled at him.

Tom couldn’t take his eyes off her. Was that her nipples making those small bumps in her jersey? He didn’t realize that he hadn’t said anything until Cathy laughed and spoke again.

“I guess you’re wondering. I rode my bicycle over; it’s only twenty miles. I was hoping you could take me and my bicycle back in your pickup after finish.”

“Sure,” Tom gulped then regained his composure. “Hello, Cathy. This is a nice surprise.”

“Yeah?” Cathy responded. “You don’t mind?”

“No, not at all.” Tom responded quickly, thinking that it was Tuesday afternoon and his secretary always left early on Tuesdays. What a fantasy he could have about this later.

“Do you mind if I freshen up a bit before we start?” Cathy asked. She remembered a joking comment Tom had made in class about knowing he had made it to the big time when he was called to a church with a bathroom accessible only from the minister’s study. She also remembered him saying something about his secretary leaving Escort Bayan Esenyurt early on Tuesdays.

“No. Go ahead,” Tom motioned toward the bathroom door.

It wasn’t until the door was closed that Tom remembered his briefs on the bathroom floor. “Oh Shit!” Tom thought to himself.

“You have a shower in here!” Cathy’s voice came from the other side of the door. “Do you mind? I’m a bit sweaty.”

“No, go ahead,” Tom replied, wondering what Cathy was going to do for clothing. Perhaps shower and put her outfit back on. “I think you’ll find a towel in there.”

Tom heard the shower running and tried to imagine what Cathy looked like nude. How big were her nipples? Was she shaved, trimmed or did she just let her pussy hair grow? How big was her clit, and how sensitive?

Soon, the noise of the shower stopped and Tom thought about Cathy rubbing her sexy body with a towel – – what a nice thing it would be to be a towel at this moment, drying her breasts and rubbing against her pussy.

The door opened and Tom’s mouth literally dropped open a bit. Cathy was wearing his shirt, the extra white shirt he kept hanging on the door in the bathroom. It came down far enough that he couldn’t see if she was wearing anything else. The question was answered as she tossed him his briefs smiling.

“So we have something in common; I don’t like to wear panties either.”

Tom turned red but his eyes immediately focused below Cathy’s waist but he couldn’t see what he was hoping for because of the shirt tail.

“Where do you keep your recorder, Tom?”

Without thinking, Tom rose from his chair and moved toward a shelf on which his recorder rested. He suddenly realized that his very hard cock was pushing against his pants, making a sideways tent.

Cathy giggled, walked over to him, grasping his cock through his pants. “Nice . . and hard too.” Cathy began rubbing her hand up and down his dick. “I didn’t really come here to practice, Tom. One of my fantasies is to fuck a minister and I’ve seen you in class with that ‘I want to fuck you’ expression.” She laughed. “The one you have right now.”

Tom sucked his breath in as everything suddenly became surreal. Was this really happening or was he just fantasizing again. It was real; he was sure as his pants dropped down to his ankles. And the promise of further sexual arousal and pleasure pulled him all the way in.

“Is that your robe? The one you conduct service in?” Cathy motioned to a robe hanging on a hook.

“Yes.” Tom managed to say.

“Put it on for me.” Cathy asked, stepping back.

Tom walked over and began to put his robe on.

“No, not over your clothing.” Cathy directed him. “I want you naked under your robe.”

Tom shed his clothing and put his robe on, buttoning it down the front.

“And the stole?” Cathy motioned again. “The white one with the crosses on it.”

While Tom was getting ready, Cathy took off her shirt. Tom gasped as he looked at her lovely naked body. Small tits, but Oh God, so fucking suckible. He was glad when he saw her trimmed pussy hair; he wanted to eat her and had always liked pussy hair when he ate his wife. Tom placed the stole around his neck, letting it fall down the front of his robe. He knew he might feel guilty later, but at this moment, he was so excited he would do anything this sexy woman asked of him.

Cathy sat down in a chair and motioned for him to come over. Standing beside her, he felt her hand reaching in between the buttons of his robe and pulling out his hard shaft. He looked down and could see pre-cum oozing out of his pee hole. Cathy saw him looking, wiped the pre-cum off with her fingers and held her fingers up toward Tom’s mouth. He licked the precum off her fingers, shuddering, wishing the liquid were from her pussy instead.

Tom took in a deep breath as Cathy began to stroke his cock, looking from it to his face and back again. She lowered her head and began sucking his cock into her mouth, moving her head up and down, stroking his cock with one hand. She licked down his shaft to his balls and back up. Taking his dick in her mouth again, she moved her head down further, taking his entire length in her mouth and down her throat. There was no gagging and he knew that she had done this more than once before.

He could feel a finger of one of her hands sliding in his ass crack, searching, stopping when it found his asshole. Then she stopped, raised her head and put fingers into her mouth, wetting them with her saliva. Her finger moved back to his asshole again as she continued sucking. He felt one finger invading his opening, pushing through the defenses of his sphincter muscles. The finger buried itself and began to move in and out. It was joined by a second and third finger.

Cathy seemed to sense that Tom was on the verge of cuming and stopped.

“Can’t have you cuming yet; we’ve got a long way to go.”

Tom wanted her mouth Escort Bayan Avcılar on his cock again, wanted to cum in her mouth and blurted out, “No, please. I can cum two or three times when I jack off and I stay hard and excited the whole time.”

“In that case,” Cathy lowered her head again and began sucking and licking.

Tom could feel her lips rubbing softly up and down his cock, her tongue swirling the head. He felt her licking down his shaft, paying special attention to the very sensitive place just under the head of his cock. And then the damn burst. She had only the head of his cock in her mouth when he shot his first spurt of cum inside. She kept her mouth over his cock as his asshole tightened around her finger and he spurted again and a third time. He had no idea whether she was swallowing his cum as his head was tipped back and guttural sounds were coming from his throat. His hands held the back of Cathy’s head as he came.

The spurts began to subside leaving Tom feeling male aftershocks. He heard himself saying. “Oh Shit! Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck!.” Cathy raised her face, grinning at Tom.

“This may sound odd,” Cathy giggled, “but I feel sort of like I just sucked off God.”

Tom stood gasping, trying to keep from collapsing on the floor, his legs and knees weak from his climax. But he chuckled at her comment. His dick was still hard. He sat in a chair facing Cathy, his hand grasping his cock, watching the nude woman in front of him, her legs spread, one hand rubbing over her pussy, a finger occasionally dipping inside, the other hand rubbing her breasts, paying special attention to her nipples. They talked for what seemed a short time, sharing personal tidbits about themselves, playing with themselves, staying so aroused that they lost track of time. When Tom looked at the window, he saw that it was dark outside.

“Damn.” Tom thought. It was later imagined.

“Your secretary has left, hasn’t she?” Cathy asked as she sat up, grinning.

“I think so.” Tom replied, pushing the button for the intercom and getting no response. “Yes, she’s gone.”

“So we’re the only ones in the church building?” There was both fun and mischief in her voice and eyes.

Tom nodded.

“Then I want to play a game.” Cathy headed for the study door, naked. Tom watched her go with some disappointment. He had wanted to suck on her tits and put his tongue in her pussy. Stopping with the door open, she looked back at him. “The sanctuary is through that door, isn’t it?” As Tom nodded, she said, “Give me two minutes and then come find me. Keep your robe and stole on and keep your dick sticking out of the front of your robe. I’m sure my game will be worth your while.”

Tom watched her close the door, his disappointment having evaporated. The next two minutes were filled with fantasies of what she might be up to, what he might find. He slowly stroked his cock as he watched the clock on the wall. The thought crossed his mind that he would never again feel the way he had before this evening when he wore his robe and stole, but God, this was exciting, almost worth getting fired for, if it should happen. It was the most exciting sex he had ever had – – and it wasn’t over.

Finally it was time and Tom left his study and walked into the sanctuary; his stiff dick sticking out of the front of his robe as he had been directed. He was struck as always by the large stained glass windows, the high vaulted ceilings, the large pipe organ and the intricate craftsmanship on the woodwork in the front of the sanctuary. Then he saw her and it almost blew his mind.

Cathy was lying on her back on the altar, her knees up and apart, exposing her sex opening. She had put the altar cross on her chest, the cross beam lying on her breasts and nipples. She had also removed the two large altar candles from their holders and put the holders on the floor. She looked into Tom’s eyes as she put the base of one of the candles on her cunt and pushed. Tom was breathing hard as he watched the candle stretch her opening. It likely would have hurt if she hadn’t been so wet and excited.

Tom watched in awe as it stretched her pussy. She fucked herself with the candle, arching her back and moaning, watching him, obviously very turned on by what she was doing and the look in his eyes. She motioned Tom to approach and removed the candle from her cunt. “Put it back in its holder.” Cathy said. “I’ll bet that you think about my pussy every time the candles on the altar are lit.” She giggled.

Holding his gaze, Cathy slowly pushed the second candle inside herself and began fucking herself with it, coating it with her sex juices. Now she was breathing hard, writhing on the table. Pulling the second candle from her pussy, dropped it on the floor spoke, her voice so very erotic.

“Eat my pussy. Eat me on the altar.”

Tom knelt at the end of the altar and Cathy scooted down to where her legs were over his shoulders Escort Bayan Beylikdüzü and her pussy open for his mouth. She shuddered, moaning when he kissed her pussy, licking it gently, tasting her for the first time. She was wet and he licked her sweet honey into his mouth, savoring her nectar. He could feel her ass moving on the table as he licked inside her pussy, then gently but firmly sucked her clit, into his mouth, holding it, softly licking the tip of her clit. Another question was answered; her clit was large, almost like a small penis, and her moans and movement let him know how sensitive it was. He rubbed his face on her pussy, coating himself wanting her love honey to mark her territory. For the moment, he was hers, body and soul.

Tom’s hands moved the cross from Cathy’s chest and began to play with her breasts as he ate her. His fingers and thumbs rolled her hard nipples, his fingers massaged and squeezed her soft tits. He felt Cathy put her hands under her knees, pulling them toward her chest and knew what she wanted. Her tight asshole was exposed to him and he ran his tongue over her puckered opening, licking up and down and finally settling with his tongue on the opening itself. He heard her gasp as he pushed with his tongue, trying to slide it inside her forbidden place. He felt her sphincter muscles relax some as his tongue slid in just a bit. Putting his lips around her asshole, Tom tongue fucked her, getting more and more turned on by her moans and almost pleading:

“Lick my asshole; put your tongue in my ass. Oh God. Fuck! Fuck!”

He raised his head for a moment and said softly: “You are my sacrament, Cathy; your sweet pussy and asshole are the sacrament I eat tonight.”

His words pushed Cathy over the edge and she began to scream, shaking, wrapping her legs around Tom’s head, squeezing, holding on as her ass raised off the altar. She bucked up and down until the spasms became shudders.

Tom raised his head. “I want to fuck you. More than anything else in the world at this moment, I want to fuck you.”

Cathy grinned at him, “Do you always want to fuck your sacrament?”

Tom grinned back. “I think I just might if you were naked on the altar on Sundays.”

The altar was the right height and Tom’s cock slid easily into heaven’s opening between Cathy’s legs. He slid inside her, enjoying the feel of her wet, warm pussy walls gripping his dick as she wrapped her legs around him, using them to pull herself as far onto his cock as possible. He began to pump in and out slowly as

“I don’t have a condom.” Tom gasped, knowing it was too late for him to stop.

“That’s all right, I’m on birth control.” Cathy gasped back as he increased his pace, slamming his cock into her pussy. His hands reached up, grasping her tits, fondling them, playing with her nipples. He wanted to cum inside her. It wasn’t long before he did just that, spurting his sex juices into her cunt. This had nothing to do with love; it was pure sex, pure ecstasy, and it consumed his entire being. The only thing that existed at that moment was Cathy’s pussy and his cock.

As Tom’s climax ran its course and subsided, Cathy’s legs relaxed around him. He leaned forward, grasping her breasts again as he looked into her face, his cock still in her cunt, trapping his sperm inside her. As he slowly pulled his rod out of her, she could feel the mixture of pussy juice and cum leaking out of her, slowly running down her ass, and she supposed onto the altar. She met Tom’s gaze as he broke the silence.

“You said you’ve fantasized about fucking a minister. Did the real thing live up to your fantasies?”

“Mmmmmm, yes.” Cathy sighed, then grinned. “Hell Yes!” She paused, then continued. “I grew up in a minister’s home and had to be at church every Sunday. I got so sick of it that I developed a fantasy of fucking a minister on an altar. And I even got butt fucked on an altar. It would be nice to do it in front of a congregation, but this will do for now. I think I would go to church more often if this happened on Sunday mornings.”

“That might be something to look into.” Tom smiled – – he had had such fantasies before, fucking someone in front of the congregation.

Cathy sighed softly, desire still in her voice. “Tom, we’re not done yet. I need to cum again, please?”

Tom nodded. “How do you want me to do it?”

Cathy paused, then replied, “I’ve never been eaten out by a man after he came inside me.” She added quickly, “But you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to. Just make me cum.”

Tom thought for a moment. She had let him cum in her mouth and even swallowed his cum. Would it hurt anything for him to taste his own cum? He began to be turned on by the thought.

“Love to.” He said as he knelt. As she put her legs over his shoulders again, he licked her pussy, tasting with his tongue. Perhaps it was the pussy honey mixed in, but it didn’t taste bad at all. He began licking and sucking, fucking her pussy with his tongue, sucking her lips into his mouth, licking her clit until he brought her to another screaming climax.

After she had caught her breath, Cathy sat up on the altar and kissed Tom on the mouth, licking the cum and love honey from his lips.

“Can I get a ride back to the university?” Cathy asked.

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