The Perfect Wife , Daughter Ch. 2

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I have received many requests to continue the Family History Story, and I am very pleased that so many were able to “relate” and enjoy it so much. As I’m sure many of you will agree, I am a very fortunate Husband to have such a wanton, but loyal and loving Wife. My Wife Amy (names changed to protect the “guilty”) was taught to enjoy what she has between her legs at a young age. And by her own very loving family, at that! A family, of whom I was now a very “active” member. I could never get enough watching my hot-cunted, nineteen year old Wife and her attractive Aunt Susie hungrily lapping and fingering each others “wet” and juicy cunts. I loved ramming my Dick in Susie’s willing box while my Wife busily tongued and licked the fluids seeping from the point where my cock emerged from Aunt Susie’ pussy lips. I got an instant erection everytime I saw Amy’s cunt getting pumped full of her own Father’s cum, while her Uncle rapidly pumps his own cock meat in and out of my Wife’s talented mouth.

Oh yes, it was a great (and very horny family), and they began to depend on me and my imagination to lead the family fun and games….more and more! And my mind was filthy and perverted enough to meet the task! (smile) My Wife and I love each other very much and she had developed as dirty a mind as my own. Additionally, she vowed to try to do anything I wished her to do sexually…..and enjoy it! In the brief time we had been married I had taught, or refined her already acquired sexual skills and talents. Masturbation, oral, anal, Bi-female fun, mild B & D, humiliation, fantasy and role-playing, exhibitionism, making hot home video and photos, expanded the family pleasure by seducing others for us to play with. She was such a natural and wanton little “slut” that she enjoyed everything I taught her and/or told her to do….no matter how perverted I chose to make it.

And being multi-orgasmic, she could cum 4 or 5 times during a good sexing! Outside the privacy of our discreet personal fun and games, we were both professionally employed in a typical Bible Belt town in mid-America. You would be surprised, Dear Reader, if you only knew how may deliciously wonderful taboo desires and pleasures are indulged in on a regular basis behind closed doors here in the good old USA. And the reason you don’t hear about it all, is because “your Government knows best for you” , and will put you in jail if you and your friends and/or family enjoy something different. Not all taboo sex is mentally traumatizing or detrimental.

Like everything else sexual, it depends on how it is done and mutual desire and consent. But, enough of the soap box! You folks want to hear the hot and nasty details don’t you? Me too! It gets me hot and horny just remembering things. (Giggle)

I want to share one of my favorite erotic memories. I think you will all enjoy it also, mainly because it is something so many people are secretly titillated by ,but never have the opportunity (or nerve) to see or try themselves. Shortly before we were given permission to marry by Amy’s Father, Amy and I already had our own place and were living together, I decided it was time that I proved to Amy’s Dad that I meant what I said. I told Amy to invite her Father over for dinner the following Friday. I also made it a point to call her Father myself, and told him this wouldn’t just be a meal, but also a very “special” little family get together, and to be prepared to help me have his Daughter for dessert! I can still visualize how hot Amy got that first time her Daddy and I both worked her over! I didn’t tell her what all was going to happen, just to say and do anything I told her to on Friday, and to be prepared to look, behave, and enjoy whatever happens like the good little obedient Wife she was. I really didn’t need to tell her this, I knew she would do anything I said, I just want her to spend the week “wet” between her legs in anticipation. The words were no more out of my mouth then I could see her lick her lips and rub her suddenly wet crotch. Yes ataşehir escort bayan Friday was going to be something “special”.

When Friday evening arrived, I instructed Amy to put her dark hair in two pony tails, one on each side of her head and dress in her pink mini skirt, a thin white tube top, and a pair of white knee high socks. I told her not to wear panties or bra. I also instructed her to paint her nails and toenails a hot pink shade and make herself up like a little teen “tart”. When I inspected the final results, I was extremely pleased. In a discreet setting, my Wife is a natural and wanton little prick teaser. She enjoyed seeing men and women getting hot and bothered and having “nasty” thoughts about her. And, it didn’t matter to much what their age or even their relationship to her was, she wanted to be “wanted”. I told Amy that she was to prepare dinner and while doings so to pretend to pick-up around the house. I also told her to obtain her Father’s assistance at frequent opportunities, and to expose herself and tease “both” of us. She was to do everything she could think of to get us hard and keep us that way!

Amy’s Dad had a mischievous and “expectant” smile on his face when I let him in the door, It had only been a couple of weeks since he and I had our little heart to heart talk, and I forced him to allow his Daughter and I to marry. But right now, all he could think about was the part when I had promised him “continued” joy and pleasure with his hot young Daughter. My mysterious telephone call definitely had him panting in expectation.

When my Father-in-law saw his Daughter, I could see he was pleased “all over”. You couldn’t miss the boner in his pants, and it wasn’t lost on Amy either. When she saw his reaction, you could almost see her going into wanton little Daughter mode. Walking up to her Father, she pressed her firm young body against him and proceeded to give him a most “un”-Daughterly kiss.

If we had not known Amy was truly 19, it would have been “hard” to convince us she wasn’t the hot, young and precocious 14 year old she looked. When she sat across from her Father and I, she casually crossed her legs leisurely enough to show us she had “forgotten” her panties. That brief glimpse of her hairy little pussy, and the delicious expanse of leg and thigh she was now showing, definitely got our attention. I could tell Amy’s Dad was still a little nervous in my presents, even though I had seen and even made a secret video of them together, it was not the same. Here we were all together, and everyone aware of what was taking place.

Amy made an excuse to go to the kitchen and ask her Father to lend her a hand. She ask him to set the table, but he almost dropped the plates when she slipped up beside him and grabbed his crotch and gave it a “loving” squeeze while telling him how much she missed him. Over the course of the next couple of hours, Amy brought our her repertoire of wanton tricks and actions. While picking-up the living room, she frequently bent over exposing her naked thighs, ass, and cunt for her Father and I to drool over. She even took turns sitting in our laps, rubbing her crotch into ours, and impishly pulling up her tube top to show off her firm young tits with their very “taut” nipples. She even made it a point to go into the bathroom when her Dad was pissing, and walking up behind him, she volunteered to hold it for him while he pissed. Of course she was careful to shake and then massage the last few drops of piss off before returning her Daddy’s cock to his trousers.

By this time, Amy’s Dad was up for the game. He was eagerly running his hands under her tube top to play with her tits, or running his hands up her skirt to play with her sweet little cunt or massage her thighs and ass. Whenever I did the same, I always found her hot young box so “wet” she was practically dripping. in Feeling her up in front of her Father, I made it a point to get down in front of her, push up her skirt, and give her wet cunt escort kadıöy a quick kiss and lick, telling her how great she smelled and tasted. Once, when she sat between us on the sofa, her Father and I both had our hands up her skirt, jointly feeling her up, and taking turns fingering her pussy.

We enjoyed a very nice dinner, but it seemed only something to be gotten out of the way, so the real evenings purpose could continue. After dinner, I had Amy clear the table while her Father and I enjoyed and after dinner drink at the table. When Amy had finished clearing the table, without hesitation, I told her to sit on the dinning room table in front of her Father, to lie back and spread her legs, so that her Father could have the “dessert” I had promised him! She willingly complied with my wishes, pulling her knees back to better present her hot young cunt for her Dad to eat.

No longer embarrassed by anything, he couldn’t wait to bury his face in his Daughter’s sopping wet cunt. Telling her how wonderful she smelled, he began to slowly and lovingly lick her clit and inner cunt lips. Amy let out one strangled little sob of lust, and immediately exploded in a hot “gushing” climax that had probably been building for a week. Her hot pussy cream mixed with her sweet young piss as she creamed and “juiced” in her Father’s receptive mouth and all over his face. He tried his best not to miss lapping up every drop of his sweet, “nasty” little girls juices, stabbing his tongue deep in her cunt hole to get every luscious drop. “Oh do it, Daddy!” Amy screamed. “Tongue-fuck it like you use to.” she cooed. “Oh, that’s it.” “Eat it Daddy” she pleaded as she started humping her cunt up to meet his tongue. I reached over and pulled her tube top up, exposing her rock hard tits which I squeezed and massaged. “Don’t neglect to taste that cute little asshole of hers”, I told her Father. While I grabbed her heels and pulled her legs back as far as they would go, her Dad dipped his tongue into his Daughter’s pink puckered asshole. Rimming her eagerly ,while I shed my clothing and crawled up on the table, Amy moaned in lust, trying to raise her head enough to see her Father eating her out.

I straddled her in a 69 position, lowering my stiff cock to her waiting mouth, and leaned over to tongue and tease Amy’s clit while her Father gently but firmly tongued her asshole. That was all it took, Amy is such a little slut, her cunt started spasming as her hot little box over-flowed with her hot cunt juices in her 2nd orgasm, thanks to our mutual attention to her pussy and asshole.

“Oh god yes….drink it… it!” Amy implored. “Smell it….taste it….lap it all up.” “I love you both so much.” We gladly did as she requested! I told her Dad that I want to taste that sweet little cunt and ass myself, but I would be happy to let him give his Daughter another “pacifier” for her talented young mouth.

As we changed positions, Amy’s Father quickly shed his cloths, and Amy took the opportunity to slide the upper half of her body toward the edge of the table so all her Father had to do was walk up and stick it in her mouth. But Amy never gave him the opportunity. As he moved toward her, she saw the glistening drops of pre-cum on the head of his stiff dick and reaching out, she guided his hard prick to her mouth. “Oh Daddy, I’ve missed this” she cried as she licked the pre-cum from the head if his cock. Inserting her tongue in his piss-hole to make sure she got every drop, she lowered her free hand to the top of her mound to finger and tease her clit. I rammed my tongue up her tight little asshole, as I buried my nose in her sopping cunt hole and inhaled the wonderful smell of “All” her cunt juices. Her asshole tasted delicious and I forced my tongue in it as far as I could, while I reached up to massage and tease her small firm tits. After a good rimming, I moved up to her cute little cunt hole and tongue fucked her slow and deep, as she lovingly licked her Dad’s cock and balls.

Meanwhile, maltepe escort Her Father couldn’t take any more of her teasing tongue. Grabbing her behind her head, he shoved his throbing prick between his Daughter’s lips, and fucked her hot little mouth. “Daddy has missed your sweet mouth!”, he groaned, as he fucked his stiff dick in and out of her mouth. It didn’t take long in the state he was in, and I heard him yell, “suck it honey, suck Daddy’s cock” “Daddys got some cream for my hot little Daughter” “Go ahead I told him feed her your cum.” “I know she’s missed it!” With a loud moan of pleasure he shot his load down his Daughter’s throat. For her part, Amy was gulping and swallowing as fast as she could. Panting with lust, she swallowed as much as she could , and then let his cock slip from her lips to spew the rest of his giant load all over her face and girlish pigtails. I felt my mouth flooded with my Wife’s hot piss-cum as she abandon herself to the wonderfully perverted pleasure and their mutual incestuous desire.

Watching from between her splayed legs, I lapped her hot piss-cum while I watched her wipe her hands in her Fathers excess cum and wantonly spread it over her face and even over her tits and hard erect nipples. With her Fathers dick still in her mouth she drained the last drops of “Daddy milk” from his cock and continued sucking it, like it was her last lollipop. Mewling almost continually,as she indulged her pent-up incestuous needs, it didn’t take long before she had her Father’s cock meat hard as a rock .

“Here”, I said, “Stick that hard dick in your Daughter’s cunt”. “She is definitely ready!” We again switched places, and as I fed my own stiff cock into Amy’s warm, willing mouth, I watched her Father push Amy’s ankles up next to her ears, exposing her hot little box, as he buried his stiff prick in his Daughter’s sweet cunt all the way to his balls. “Put it to her”, I told him, as we simultaneosly pumped our dicks in her cunt and mouth at the same time! Amy abandon herself to our little family 3-some. Pulling my cock from her mouth, I ordered her to lick my balls as I jacked my dick, and watched as her Father poured the meat to his Daughter.

“Oh…fuck it Daddy”, Amy begged. “Fuck me till I can feel your cock all the way up to my throat”, she exclaimed. “Yea…do it to me Daddy, I want the whole family to lick, and suck, and fuck me, just like we use to.” “Oh god I need your cocks” “Fuck me!” “Fuck me!” she kept repeating while her hot young twat again exploded, spraying hot wet piss-cum all over her Father’s pistoning cock, balls, and body. Knowing how fantastic it felt when Amy sprayed her hot cunt juices on my own prick, I knew it wouldn’t take much more and her Father would be making his own “deposit” in his Daughters willing cunt. It is a real turn-on to know when you are actually making a woman climax, and Amy’s wanton “gushing” cums, made you aware you had pressed the right buttons. “Go ahead Pop, give her what she wants”, I told him. “Have you ever fucked and sucked your Daughter on the dinning room table before”, I ask him? “From now on we’ll both make regular “deposits” in your Daughter’s cunt.” “Would you like that, Honey?” “Do you want me to invite your Daddy to help me suck and fuck you on a regular basis?”

“Oh yes please Honey”, she pleaded. “You both can fuck and suck me anytime you want.” “You can fuck me in my pussy, or my mouth, between my tits, or even in my ass.” “I want you to fill all my holes with your cocks and tongues and fill me with your thick creamy cum whenever you want!” “You be the boss Honey, and Daddy and I will do whatever you want won’t we Daddy?” Her Father answered her question by filling his Daughter’s wet, juicy pussy with a big load of his own cum, using his Daughter for his own incestuous pleasure.

“That’s it, fill your Daughter’s cunt with the same stuff you made her with!” I fought to keep from Cumming myself, wanting to wait till her Father was done and then stick my own dick in her freshly (and Fatherly) fucked little pussy hole, to add my own hot load to her over-flowing little box. As she licked her Father’s prick clean, I hammered us both to another hot, “wet” cum,and watched our mixed cum froth and trickle out of Amy’s well-filled box. The perfect Wife and Daughter, in deed!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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