The Prescot Chronicles Ch. 02: A Mentor Seduced

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Note 1: This is the sequel to the story An Old Flame, A New Chance. If you haven’t previously read it, you may want to check it out as it leads directly into this story.

Note 2: Thank you for the warm reception of my first story. The likes, comments, and messages you’ve sent make me glad that I decided to finish it up after sitting on a partially completed version for far, far too long. If you enjoy this work of fiction, please take the time to leave some stars, comments, or message me directly.

A huge thanks to ShadySweet for editing this, helping to point out the trees when all I could see was the forest.

For now, it’s time to head…


Back to Reality

John sat at his breakfast table, sipping his coffee, and enjoying the few minutes of peace between the chaos of the morning of getting his son off to the school bus and when he had to leave to make it to the high school on time. Thankfully his school started 45 minutes later than his son’s middle school. His wife Emily sat opposite him; her face already buried into a pile of papers for her work.

As he looked at her, he thought back to the past few crazy days he had experienced. It had been a unique enough thing to be able to take a few days away from school to attend a national conference, stranger still than his introduction to the conference circuit as one of their keynote speakers. Unlike many teachers, he had no trouble speaking in front of other adults, who for some reason find it difficult despite spending much of their time speaking in front of a room of kids.

No, what had been so earth-shatteringly strange was that one of the other attendees had been his old girlfriend, Charlotte. As it turned out, their meeting was far less a matter of chance, and more one of design on her part. During the flight back home, John had put several pieces together — Charlotte was right that he wasn’t the most observant when it came to these things — it could have been coincidence for them to be at the conference together, although she had admitted to attending knowing full well that he was presenting. No, the interesting part had been the fact that her room had been directly across the hall from his own. Had she planned that? He had to concede that it was likely she had, and that he was more than a little flattered.

As it turned out, Charlotte still had feelings for him, and after just a few hours with her John admitted that he too still harbored strong feelings for Charlotte. It had been as if they hadn’t been apart for 20 years, hadn’t each gotten married, had kids, and in her case separated from her husband.

Looking up from his sudoku puzzle, he considered his wife for a moment. They had dated throughout university and gotten married right after graduation. They both had careers they were trying to establish themselves in, him as a teacher and her as an engineer. The first few years had been great, lots of passion, they couldn’t keep their hands off one another. Even after their son had been born, she had still made time for him when she could, but between moving up the corporate chain and raising a family, they had lost their passion. Sex had become a chore, something that the hyper-organized Emily would actually schedule on her wall calendar. Once a week and become once a month, then every few months. The past two years, well they had had sex only twice.

He had tried to speak with her about it, tried to be the understanding husband. She explained that she simply had no need for sex, no desire for it at all. He on the other hand was experiencing an increase in his libido, perhaps because of not getting any.

That’s not to say he and Emily didn’t still love each other, they certainly did. It was more a matter of their love had simmered and cooled over time. They enjoyed spending time together playing board games with friends, grabbing an occasional beer out, seeing movies, etc… the only activity they shared in bed these past few years was reading or watching bad tv.

So, it probably wasn’t much of a surprise that while he wrestled with the morality of infidelity, John ultimately hooked up with Charlotte, someone who professed her desire and love for him, and he for her. He smiles to himself… ‘hooked up’ was perhaps an understatement as he recalls the way the two of them had devoured one another in her hotel room.

“What’s that grin for?” Emily’s voice breaks his train of thought.

‘Just remembering how I fucked my long-lost lover’ momentarily pops into his head before he replies, “Just thinking about how jealous the other teachers will be when I tell them about my trip.”

“I suppose so, I for one am tired of having to travel for work. But I can see how in your line of work it’s much more of an oddity. That reminds me, I have to head up to Toronto on Wednesday for a few days. The usual BS.”

John sighs, “That’s too bad, but you have to keep your corporate overlords happy.”

Emily güvenilir bahis shrugs, “True, but couldn’t we do it over Zoom? The amount of time and money wasted on these unnecessary trips is just painful.”

Standing, John drains the last of his coffee and places the cup in the sink, “Funny, that’s the exact reason we normally are given when the school board denies our requests for things like the conference.” He crosses over to where Emily is seated and leans in to give her a kiss, which she manages to turn her head away from her work to return unenthusiastically. “I’m off. Try to have a good day.”

“Thanks, you too,” she replies, her nose already buried back into the quarterly report she’s reviewing.

John grabs his bag as he heads out to his car. Wondering what the day would bring as he drives across town to school. Monday was always a good day for John, his prep period was first thing in the morning, so he had plenty of time to drop his stuff in his classroom and head down to the office to check in with his Principal, Mark Perry.

Poking his head into Mark’s office, John knocks on the office door’s frame.

He is greeted by the larger-than-life voice of Mark, “John! Welcome back!” He stands from his desk and comes around to usher John in, “I heard great things about your presentation at the conference!”

“Oh? Who from?” John answers trying to recall who else the school board had sent.

“Jean Treadwell, a friend of Helen’s, was there from the district office and said you did us all proud.” Helen was Mark’s wife, a fellow teacher who worked as the district supervisor for elementary schools.

John smiles, “Thanks, I tried not to trip over myself,” he chuckles. His mind racing to remember if he had seen Jean. He’s pretty sure he would have recognized him, but had Jean seen Charlotte hanging off his arm?

“Anyways,” Mark continues, “I’m glad you stopped by. I had a favour to ask you.”

“Sure, how can I help?”

“Well, Rebecca has had a bit of a health scare, and has to take some time off. Even when she does return, hopefully in a few months, she will be on a reduced workload.”

Rebecca Watson was one of the other history teachers at the school, and a close colleague of Johns. She was an older lady, pushing her mid-60s, and had for years been the driving force behind the annual graduating class trip.

“Really? What happened?”

“Afraid I can’t get into it, but it was rather sudden this past weekend.” Mark grimaces. “Anyways, we have a long-term supply teacher coming in today to take over Rebecca’s classes…”

“I’ll touch base with them to get them up to speed, I’ve taught all the same classes as Rebecca so I can share what I have.”

“That’d be great John, but the favour I wanted to ask is if you might consider taking over planning the grad class trip. At this point in the year nothing has been done, which could be a blessing as you don’t need to try deciphering Rebecca’s notes and plan it from scratch. The downside is that you would need to plan it from scratch.”

John considers the request for a moment, “That shouldn’t be a problem at all. I’ve helped her out in the past, so I have a decent understanding of what is needed.”

“Outstanding, I knew I could count on you John,” Mark beams, clapping him on the shoulder.

Just then, one of the school secretaries knocks on Mark’s door, “Mr. Perry, sorry to interrupt but Rebecca’s substitute is here.”

“Perfect, show her in please, Ms. Finny.”

The secretary turns her head and says to someone, “You can come right in.”

John’s eyes light up in recognition when the newcomer steps around the corner.

“Lily? Lily Thompson?” he asks. “Is that really you?”

Smiling back at him is perhaps one of John’s favorite students he had ever taught. Lily had taken several advanced placement courses from John several years ago. She was always eager to please but in a way that didn’t let people walk all over her. Standing barely more than 5 feet, Lily still possessed the slim and leanness which had helped her immensely in cheerleading and gymnastics, both sports in which she captained for the school back in her time here. She was still very obviously active but had lost some of her teenage awkwardness replaced now with a feminine grace and poise. Her long red hair, which was worn in a tight ponytail and her smooth skin had a few of the same freckles that red-heads the world over are infamous for. Most striking however were her eyes, a luminous green color emphasized even more by her black rimmed glasses.

Smiling back, she replies, “Mr. Prescot! I’m so happy to see you again!”

“I see you remember Lily, she graduated in the spring with her education degree and was the first person I could think of when the vacancy opened. I was honestly surprised that you hadn’t already been scooped up by one of the other schools.”

Lily smiles, “Thanks Mr. Perry. I have my heart set on teaching high school, so I opted to not jump at the other positions that güvenilir bahis siteleri were advertised over the summer and hope I lucked out here.” She looked down at her feet sheepishly, “Although I’m sad to hear about Ms. Watson.”

“Well we’re glad to have you back, John here was just saying that he has a lot of the same material that Rebecca teaches from and would be more than willing to share with you.”

“That’s great, I wasn’t quite sure exactly what I’d be teaching so I grabbed a few generic activities to get me through today and tomorrow until I figured things out.”

“I’m headed up to my room now, why don’t you come with me, and I can get you set up?” John suggests.

“That sounds great, Mr. Prescot,”

“Please, if you’re working here, it’s John.”

“Alright…John.” Smiling to Mark, “Thank you Mr. Perry,” as Lily turns and follows John out of the office.

A person would have to be blind to not notice the extra attention Lily gets walking through the halls. Most of the boys, and even a few girls turn to appreciate her figure as they walk past. Lily had always been an attractive girl, fit but with just enough curves to really stand out. And John recalls that more than a few times he and a couple of the guys on staff would comment on what she had been wearing in their classes.

Today was no exception. A thin button-down blouse, with blue and white vertical stripes, hugging her perky C cup breasts and showing just a hint of cleavage as she displays a silver locket nestled just above her pert breasts. A black pencil skirt, fitting snugly over her perfectly shaped ass ending 2-inches above her knees, the rest of her legs covered in a dark colored pantyhose and a pair of black wedge heels giving her an extra inch or so of height. Professional looking, but sexy at the same time. That was the Lily he remembered.

Arriving at stairs that head up to John’s classroom on the second floor, they continue to make small talk. John tells Lily about a few minor changes the school had made since she graduated. Stopping in front of the large trophy case, Lily stops and frowns, “No cheer banners these past few years. I can’t recall a year when we didn’t win top squad…”

“I hate to say it, but we haven’t won a cheer banner since you left us.” John smiles at her, “They just don’t have the same confidence they had when you were captain.”

“I heard, a few of the juniors on the team kept me up to date after I left. They just need someone to light a fire under their asses,” she passes, blushing slightly, “sorry.”

“For what?”

“Saying asses.”

John shakes his head, “Oh Lily, we say far worse when the kids aren’t around.” He chuckles to himself before adding, “But be aware who’s around…those fuckers hear everything!”

She laughs, almost dropping her bag, “Mr. Prescot! Er…John!” she stuttered.

Heading up the stairs, John can’t help but stay a few steps behind, admiring Lily’s legs and amazing ass through her tight skirt. He felt a slight stirring in his pants as his thoughts turned to imagining how firm her ass must feel like. The year had officially gotten much more interesting.

Turning the corner at the top of the stairs, John says, “Here we are, come on in. I don’t have a class first period.”

“Perfect, neither do I.”

“No, Rebecca always made sure that the history teachers had the same schedules so we could work together as often as possible. Her room, your room is just next door. But…” he heads over to a door in the back corner of the room, “We have a mini office in between and connecting our classrooms. This is where we keep most of our materials…come on in.”

The backroom is not too bad, not overly large, but big enough for a large rectangular table with a few chairs around it. On the walls backing onto the two classrooms are several large bookshelves filled with textbooks, bins of printed readings, folded maps, and all sorts of other resources. In one corner is a filing cabinet which John heads over to and draws Lily’s attention to.

“We keep all our course materials in here, copies of lesson plans, handouts, tests, and the like. Help yourself.” As he says this, Lily leans in beside him and reaches for one of the drawers, pressing her breast slightly against his arm as she does so.

“This is perfect John; I had no idea this room was back here! We always just assumed it was a coat closet or maybe led directly to Ms. Watson’s room.”

“You’re one of us now and will learn many of our secrets,” Johns tone ominously letting the word secrets dangle in the air between them. “Like the keg we keep on tap in the staff room.”

“Really?” Lily asks incredulously. Before noticing the grin on John’s face. She smacks his arm playfully as he bursts into laughter.

“I had you.”

“Did not…” she retorts.

“Totally did. Actually, we just bring our own booze in for special occasions. Seriously. We get pretty loaded in the afternoon on the last day of school.” He grins, “Honestly. Anyways, I iddaa siteleri need to go get a few things copied for the day, so I’ll leave you to it here. If you need anything just holler.”

“Will do, thanks for everything. I’m so glad to be working with you, John.” She grins at him as he turns and leaves the room.

As he stands at the photocopier, waiting for his print job to finish, John thinks about Lily. She had always been such a great student. A sharp mind, if a bit oblivious to the attention she garnered from those around her but didn’t just excel in her classes, she had always pushed back and challenged her teachers to be their best. This wasn’t always appreciated by some on staff, Rebecca Watson especially, which was how Lily had ended up in so many of John’s classes over her years here.

There was something about her that he was drawn to, that always made him want to do his best for her. It was like how he had felt this past week at the conference. Wanting to please Charlotte.

That’s when it hit him.

Lily looked exactly like Charlotte had at that age when they had originally met at camp. The red hair, her body, and curves. Her keen mind. The sensual way she moved and even how unaware she was at the effect she had on people around her.

Walking back to his classroom John couldn’t help but picture Lily in the same light he thought of Charlotte in. Blushing as he remembers how, just a few nights ago, he had spent hours fucking Charlotte in various positions, all over her hotel room at the conference they both had attended. He could still feel the weight of her on him as she rode him to her second (or was it third?) orgasm of the night. Either way, he still had a small scratch on his back from where she had dug her nails in as she came hard on his cock.

The memory brought a wry grin to his face, which quickly vanished when he remembered how she had left Saturday morning before he awoke. Leaving him no way to track her down. Oh, he knew she was in Newfoundland, her home province, and he was fairly certain she was likely somewhere over by St. John’s, the capital (and he considered only real) city. But that was surprisingly little to go on. He had done a quick Google search for her but had come up empty.

As he sits down at his desk mulling this over in his mind, he felt he was missing some obvious connection. Opening his briefcase, he pulled out his laptop, notebook, and pen. He blushed picking up the pen, the same one Charlotte had teased herself with and used to cum at the back of his presentation on Friday. He brought it up to his face, smelling her arousal still ever so slightly on it. As he goes to place it on his desk he stops. Looking at the pen he reads ‘St. Bertrand Secondary…Home of the Trojans’.

John excitedly opens up his computer, clicking open a search engine and punching in a search for ‘St. Bertrand Secondary School + Newfoundland’ and presses search. He is rewarded with a picture of a multileveled brick building, older in design. And a link to the school’s website, which he clicks. After a moment the page loads and he quickly scans through, looking for a staff or faculty list. Finding one he quickly scans the list looking for Charlotte’s name.


He frowns, no one on staff with the last name Lovelock. Hmmm.

“Damn it,” he mutters.

“Something the matter, John?” asks Lily as she emerges from the back room, carrying several folders of work she had found for her own classes.

“No, just trying to track down someone from the conference I was at, but hitting dead ends. Thought I had found something, but nothing.”

“That’s too bad, I’m sure you’ll figure it out though. You were always the smartest teacher around here.” She winks and heads over to her classroom.

John turns back to the computer screen and sighs, “Yeah, I hope so,” he says to himself.

The rest of the day goes by without incident. Students come in and go, a few ask about his days away, more share gossip about why Rebecca was out, and for how long. Several of the guys in his classes commented about how they wanted to transfer to the other class because of the ‘smoking hot supply teacher’. John would correct them, pointing out how he doubted their mothers would appreciate their approach…but silently agreeing with them.

During the last class of the day, as he was going through the attendance, John calls out, “Lauren Stuart?”

“I go by Lauren MacDonald now that my mom remarried, and my stepdad officially adopted me.”

John apologizes and makes a note about the name change, before realizing that Lovelock was Charlotte’s maiden name. What if she hadn’t changed it back after her divorce? Even if she kept it for professional use or until all the paperwork was sorted?

After the class, John quickly reopens the St. Bertrand Secondary School website, the faculty was listed by last name, first initial. Hovering his mouse over it however would show their email address, finding staff members with the initial ‘C’ quickly led John to discover Charlotte Davidson, was that her? He spends a few minutes clicking through the website until he finds a photo album, and there, the third picture in is a pic of his Charlotte with a group of students titled, “Ms. Davidson’s choir”.

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