The Simple Truth Ch. 02

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I awoke, startled, to an unfamiliar sound. I couldn’t tell if minutes or hours had passed since my sister, Jessica, and I had drifted off in a post-orgasmic haze. Groggy from the flood of endorphins pumped into my blood stream, I rubbed my eyes, gazing down at my still sleeping sister, her beautiful face framed by her soft brown locks. Her skin, once flushed, seemed pale now, almost translucent. I couldn’t help but marvel at her lithe form, the curve of her hip, the gentle swell of her belly. My reverie, however, was interrupted by the source of the sound that woke me. A camera.

There, standing in the doorway, was Jessica’s best friend, Maggie.

“I always keep a camera in my car, pervo!” She snapped another picture. Her voice roused Jessica and, sitting up, she let out a quiet gasp at the realization that we were totally busted.

“Maggie, I…” Whatever excuse Jessica was formulating evaporated. I could see her mind exploring the various alternatives. “Ok, Maggie. You caught me fucking Chris. What are you going to do about it?”

“I watched the whole sick scene through the window, until I remembered that I had my camera.” Looking at the small plastic window on top of the disposable camera, she continued, “I can’t believe I burned through a whole roll!”

“Maggie, what do you want?” My sister was not amused, and her voice was flat, failing to restrain her obvious anger.

“You’d think that someone in your position would want to be a bit nicer to the person with the camera.” Maggie waved the yellow box teasingly.

I stood, casually, and gestured toward the couch. “Maggie, come on over, sit down between us, and let’s talk this out.” Jessica patted the cushion next to her. Slowly, obviously suspicious, Maggie made her way over and sat. I followed suit, sandwiching her between my naked sister and my naked self. My hip pressed hers, and my arm slid around her shoulder. Leaning close, I almost whispered, “Maggie, there’s got to be something you want.”

Jessica, following suit, began to slide her slender fingers up and down Maggie’s bare thigh, her short skirt having ridden up a bit. “I know you’ve always wanted me to do stuff with you. Maybe this is your chance!” I could feel Maggie’s temperature begin to rise.

“Yeah, Maggie. Jessie is a really good fuck and, not to brag, but I’m not so bad myself!” I flexed a bicep for her, trying to impress her. “They don’t call me a tight end for nothing!”

Jessica looked at me, and burst out laughing. Maggie, her head turning back and forth between us, began to laugh as well. The whole pendik escort thing was so stupid. I started laughing too. Maggie, in the midst of our hysterics, began to strip.

I have to confess that, in all my solo jerk-off sessions, Maggie played a starring roll. She and Jessica had been best friends since they were in the fourth grade. Like Jessica, she had dark hair but there the similarities ended.

Maggie was a Mediterranean beauty, with dark eyes, olive skin, and a curvaceous body. Where Jessie was slender, Maggie was meaty. Not that she was fat. Her body was just as tight as my sister’s, but this baby had back, if you know what I mean. (Imagine a young Carmen Electra!)

I watched with great pleasure as she stripped. I’d seen her in a bikini several times at the beach, and at the summer pool parties our friends had. As she removed her bra, I was treated to the site of two luscious breasts, full and high, tipped with nipples like pencil erasers. They stood out, erect, and my mouth began to water as I imagined tasting them.

Without waiting for an invitation, I leaned over and drew a nipple into my mouth, holding it gently between my teeth, sending my tongue skipping over it. Not batting an eye, Jessie joined me, taking Maggie’s other breast into her mouth, sucking on it in time with me. As Maggie pushed her skirt and panties down her legs, we moved with her, not once releasing her from our lips. Suddenly, Maggie was just as naked as we were, and my hands began to move over her body, tracing curves, sliding gently over her soft, warm skin.

My eyes met Jessie’s and, somehow, we moved together, guiding Maggie back onto the couch, laying her down, Jessie moving lower to spread her thighs, kissing her belly, kissing her mound. I watched in amazement as my sister went down on her best friend. I wasn’t sure if she’d done this before, and I certainly wasn’t going to ask just then but, from Maggie’s reaction, Jessie was doing just fine. I was tempted to sit back and enjoy the show but I didn’t want to make Jessica do all the work.

I moved up, pressing my lips to Maggie’s, letting her taste Jessie on me. Kissing her passionately, I supported her head with one hand, the other moving back and forth between her turgid nipples. Maggie seemed to be enjoying our attention and I could feel her body begin to move of its own accord, writhing and gyrating. Moaning softly, Maggie’s copious juices flooded Jessie’s face as she drove her closer and closer to an intense orgasm.

Just then, we both stopped. A terrible look of desperate maltepe escort panic crossed Maggie’s face. Stuck on the precipice of release and not able to get off, her body twitched involuntarily. Jessie, grabbing the camera, snapped the last picture just as Maggie plunged her fingers into her own pussy. Before the flash had faded, I grabbed Maggie’s hands, pulling them away. Moving between her thighs, I gazed down at the swollen pink folds of her wet cunt, my cock pressing between them, slowly forcing its way into her tight channel. The walls of her pussy were like butter, spreading around my hard cock as it pushed deeper into her tight young body. As our bodies met, she came. Her fingers gripped my forearms, her nails digging into my flesh. Her eyes flew open, and she cried out, “Oooooohhhhh fuck me, Chris!”

Without waiting for a second invitation, I began to pound her hard, jack hammering my shaft into her body. While my experience with Jessie was tender, this was raw. I fucked her as hard as I could, feeling the pleasure wash over me like waves breaking on the shore. Having released so recently, my urge to cum was subdued and, instead of focusing on my own pleasure, I just concentrated on fucking Maggie senseless. Our bodies slapped together wetly and I could tell that she was cumming almost continually. She tried valiantly to match me, raising her hips to meet each thrust but, eventually, she simply gave up and accepted the onslaught.

Jessie, through all this, was watching us closely. Her fingers kneaded Maggie’s breasts, twisting and teasing her nipples. Occasionally, she’d lean over and suck on one, getting it wet with her spit. After a while, she placed her hand on my stomach and stopped my thrusts.

“I’ve got another idea, Chris.”

I pulled out, my cock glistening with Maggie’s juices. Jessica helped Maggie to turn over, onto her hands and knees. Sitting precariously on the couch armrest, Jessie positioned herself in front of Maggie, spreading her thighs and pulling Maggie’s head to her juicy pussy. Faced with Maggie’s pussy and ass, I decided to try something new. I’d always loved the idea of ass fucking, and my video collection was full of anal scenes, but I’d never had the chance to try it myself.

I spread Maggie’s ass cheeks, letting my shaft slide up and down between them. That, alone, felt fantastic. With each stroke I let my cock head slip a little lower. Her ass was soaked with her juices, and I felt little friction as I rubbed myself against her. Finally, my cock head found the crevice of her asshole, and kartal escort I began to press myself against it, gripping her hips tightly. Just then, Jessica reached down to grip Maggie’s hair, pulling her tightly against her wet cunt. Although she moaned in protest, I did not relent, and pushed harder, feeling her tight ass begin to open under the pressure of my onslaught.

“Goddam, Maggie, I’ve always wanted to fuck your hot little ass!” I raised one hand and brought it down hard onto her upturned ass cheek. The sound surprised me, a resounding “SMACK!” and I watched in awe as her skin began to redden. Gripping both hips again, I pushed harder, driving inch after inch of cock into her guts.

Jessica, struck with inspiration, released Maggie’s head. She, somehow, slid beneath her so they were in the classic 69 position. Her face was positioned just below me now, and she could see my shaft drive into Maggie’s ass as she licked her pussy, and my balls. Maggie, presented with my sister’s freshly fucked pussy, did not hesitate to feast on it as I began to thrust into her ass even harder.

“That’s it, Maggie! You like my cock in your tight ass, don’t you?” Our bodies slapped together. “Suck on Jessie’s cunt, you hot little slut!” I don’t know why I was talking so crudely but, since her little camera stunt, I couldn’t help but feel angry, and betrayed. Still, with her ass wrapped tightly around my shaft, I began to feel the familiar feeling of my orgasm beginning to rise. I picked up the pace, really fucking her hard and fast, not caring about her pleasure at all, just wanting the release that was waiting for me.

Here it was. I could feel the cum rising, almost painfully, from inside my balls. Just as it was about to spray into her ass, I pulled out and pumped my hot cum onto my sister’s sweet face. Jessie reached up, grabbing my shaft, smearing my cum all over her face. To my utter amazement, she then opened her lips and sucked me into her mouth, her tongue and lips drawing out the last of my orgasmic flow. Pushing Maggie out of the way, I leaned down and kissed Jessica, tasting my own cum, and Maggie’s ass and pussy.

All of us equally spent, we tumbled onto the floor, panting and gasping. I kissed Maggie, and she kissed me back with a passion that surprised me.

“I thought you might be sore at me, Maggie,” I said, almost shyly.

“My ass is sore, Chris, but that was the best fuck I’ve ever had!” She leaned over to kiss me again.

“I’ve always wanted to try anal.” I could feel myself blushing. “I’m glad my first time was with you.”

“I’ve never wanted to try it but, now that I have, I think I might be hooked!” Turning to Jessica, Maggie continued, “Now I see why you wanted to fuck your pervo brother! He’s a hunk!”

We all laughed as we made our way to the shower.

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