The Smoke Detector

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The alarm startled me awake at 6:30. I hit the button, stretch, and pop out of bed. I know that most people like to wake up slowly, hitting the snooze button a few times, but I have always been able to wake up and go from the first buzz of the alarm.

I stretched again, and I felt my nightgown move over my body, and I thought about how much I missed my husband. Steve was on a business trip for another few days, but he would be home Friday night. But my body was starting to really miss him. I had a quick little fantasy about when he got home and how good he would feel in my arms. He knows how to push my buttons, that’s for sure.

Into the bathroom, did my normal stuff, and then kicked my panties into the corner and pulled my nightgown over my head. I started the shower and went to the sink while it warms up. For some reason, I took a hard look at my body, and I thought, I look good for a woman who just turned 40. Two kids have added a little stretch to my tummy, but my hips are still pretty narrow and my 34b boobs still sit up and say hello.

Shower now, then finished the normal routine: hair, makeup, teeth, you know. I would usually go put some clothes on before I did all of this, at least bra and panties, but I decided to be a little naughty and get dressed last.

6:55, and I was ready to go get dressed. I went out to the bedroom and to my closet, and I realize that I didn’t have any clean panties up here. I did laundry last night, and I was just too tired to put it all away. Nuts. Oh well, I put on my silky robe, went downstairs and grabbed the laundry to bring up. The robe was really too short to wear in public, but the boys are never up at this time. You need to be especially modest with teenage boys, but I was in a hurry and decided to take the risk.

Out the bedroom door and down the stairs, then a short walk to the laundry room that is back by the kitchen. As I was going down the stairs I could feel my boobs moving under my robe, and my nipples were getting a little tingle from the friction. Man, Friday can’t get here soon enough!

I turned into the kitchen and I dropped some of the clothes. I put the rest of the load on the counter and bent down to pick up the rest. And then I saw him. My older son, Steve Jr. We call him Jock. Long story about that.

Jock is the kid that everyone wants. Good grades, good athlete, but he’s a better person. He had been accepted to some pretty good colleges but he decided that he would stay home and go to the local school (which is a good school – Steve and I met there). His dad has always hoped that the boys would join the company that he started, so Jock works there a few hours a week for extra money and to start to learn the business from the warehouse on up.

Jock was a competitive swimmer in high school (his younger brother is too), and he has a classic swimmer’s body. 6-3, 180 pounds. And I try not to stare, but I’ve seen him in a Speedo and he, um, looks very healthy to me.

I don’t know why I was so embarrassed because I was wearing clothes, but I knew that this robe was a little clingy, and he was probably seeing much more of his old mom than he ever expected. My nipples were poking out and a kid his age was absolutely going to look. He has had girlfriends (though he is single right now), so I’m sure he’s seen boobs. I don’t know if he’s slept with anyone yet, but I would be surprised if he hadn’t. He’s a good looking kid. His father is nothing like him. Steve is short with a paunch, and he hasn’t seen his dick in years. It’s not big and his belly has to obstruct his view. He’s also pretty hairy and bald. Yep, I picked a real hot guy.

But he’s also incredibly smart and incredibly talented at so many things. He started his own business in college and it’s a multi-million dollar business. And he is the best father that my kids could ask for. He loves them unconditionally and they love him. I actually think he’s a fantastic catch. He ain’t much to look at, but looks aren’t everything.

And our sex life is good, considering that we have been together for 20 years. Met in college, got married our senior year, had Jock soon after (OK, I said I was 40 earlier, but a girl has to have a few secrets.)

I stood up and put the rest of the clothes on the counter. And apparently I stood up a little too fast, and my robe came apart at my hips, so my son got a quick view of my pussy. He probably didn’t see much, but I’m sure that he saw enough to send a boy into a jack off frenzy. He’ll be pulling his dick for weeks after seeing me like this.

So my bush said a quick hello to him, and my nipples are poking out so far that it’s like they are waving to him, “Hey, kid, your mama’s got some boobs!!”

Jock wasn’t completely awake, but he was awake enough to take in the full view. And his little man decided to come out for a visit. He was only wearing boxers, and his dick was at full staff in less than 5 seconds. It was actually kind of impressive, but totally inappropriate pendik escort for me to see.

“Oh God, Jock! You startled me! What are you doing up at this hour?” I was picking up the clothes from the counter, trying to use them as a shield against further damage to his eyes.

At the same time, he was trying to figure out how to disguise his erection. But he had nothing in his hands and he couldn’t exactly tuck it away anywhere. That thing was HARD. I haven’t seen one that hard or that big since, well, I never have. Steve was the only man I’ve been with, and it was really obvious that Jock didn’t get that thing from his dad!!

“Oh God! Mom! I’m so sorry! I switched to the 8:00 math class, remember? So that I can work three afternoons a week at the warehouse!” He was trying to hide himself, covering it with his hands, turning away, anything. But it would be really difficult to hide something that big.

Finally, he just stopped talking and RAN back to his room. He was back up those stairs like a shot.

My breath was heavy, my tits tingling, and my pussy was on fire. I don’t know if it’s because of the show I gave, or the show I got, but it was the most erotic thing that has happened to me in a long time. I was really wet and needed some relief, but first I had to take care of my baby. Nothing happened, it was a complete accident, and he needed to know that I was not upset.

With a sigh, I put the laundry back down on the counter and made my way up to his room. And I know what you’re thinking. You know what he’s doing in there, because he’s an 19 year old male and that’s what any 19 year old male would do when he’s had a show from a woman. But honestly, I was just worried about him and didn’t even think about him doing that. In my mind, my little boy was facedown on the bed, sobbing, thinking that his mama hated him for looking at her. I had to protect my baby!

I almost ran up the stairs too, but I’m 40(ish) and I don’t run anymore. But I did do a brisk climb and was at his door in seconds. And yes, I opened that door all the way, ready to take my little boy in my arms and comfort him and tell him that his mama would always love him. Maternal instincts in full force!

So I really was quite shocked when I saw him, completely naked on his bed and yanking his dick for all he was worth. His hand was moving so fast that it was a blur. But I got a really good view of his Mr. Man, and it was even more impressive than I had thought. It had to be 8 or 9 inches, and it was beautiful. My pussy gushed at the sight, and my knees went weak.

“MOM! What the hell???”, he said, trying once again to cover himself, but this time it was completely useless.

“Oh God, Oh God, Oh God! Jock I am so sorry!”, and I slammed the door and ran to my room. And I had left my panties on the counter. Crap.

Chapter 2

No, I did not go to my room and relieve myself. I was more embarrassed than anything, but I had to get to work. So I did.

But I thought about him all day. At first, I was worried about him, and couldn’t believe that I was such a bad mother. Then, I tried to figure out what to say to him. There isn’t a chapter in the parenting books titled, “What to do when you see your son’s massive cock while he’s masturbating.” Nope. This problem was all mine.

But then, once I calmed down and got into the rhythm of work, I started remembering what I saw. It was really pretty, and really hard. And he was masturbating to thoughts of ME. And something changed in me. From concerned mother to greedy, needy woman. My mind kept flashing the picture of him working that big thing, seeing him so hard, and knowing that he probably shot a huge load right after I left. Even though it is so wrong, I savored the thought of him. No matter what I was doing, the image of his cock kept coming back. By the end of the day, I was so aroused that I couldn’t even think straight. I was really afraid to see him that evening.

On the way home, I tried to decide if I should have a conversation with him, or if I should just ignore it and hope that it all went away. And being the chicken that I am, I decided to ignore it. Jock has a dick? Really? I had no idea!

I walked in the door and something was wrong. The house smelled wonderful. Like spaghetti or lasagna. But I’m the only person who cooks in our house, and I hadn’t made anything Italian in a couple of weeks. I went into the kitchen, and Jock is at the stove, stirring a pot of sauce.

“Jock? What is this? You don’t cook!”

“Mom, I decided that you probably had a hard day after having to rush around so much this morning, so I thought it would be nice to make dinner. It’s just a jar of sauce that I bought and reheated, but I did make the spaghetti and I have some garlic bread in the oven. It’s ready, so go wash up and let’s eat.”

Of all the things that I imagined, coming home to a dinner made by Jock was the last thing that I would have expected. I went to my room and tried maltepe escort to compose myself. Back out to the dining room a few minutes later and Jock had dinner on the table. And it looked and smelled divine. And I realized that I was starving.

There were only places for two, and I asked, “Where’s Davy?”. My 16 year old son.

“He said that you told him that he could spend the evening with his girlfriend’s family. I thought you had. Was that alright?”

“Oh. Yeah. I did.”

And we ate dinner, and it was really a wonderful evening. Jock was my son again, nothing was wrong, we were mom and son, and it seemed like ignoring it was exactly the right course of action.”

Chapter 3

And things were fine. Normal family, nothing to see here. My husband got home Friday evening, and he was really surprised when I attacked him in bed. Mama had an itch, and she needed Daddy to scratch it. And he’s a wonderful scratcher.

A couple of weeks later, Steve was gone again for a few days, and something happened. Our house has high ceilings in the living room, and for some reason the builder put a smoke detector on the ceiling in there. Normally, that would be no big deal, but the battery died. And the detector went off. In the middle of the fucking night. I ran down the stairs, knowing what it was, knowing that I had to pull it down and replace the battery. But I’m only 5-4 and there’s no way that I can reach it. Jock comes down and he can’t reach it either.

I screamed, “Jock! Go out to the garage and get the ladder! Hurry!”

He runs out to the garage and comes back with a stepladder. He sets it up and starts up the thing. But I knew that it was only rated for 150 pounds and I didn’t want to take the chance that he would come crashing down!

“Jock! You’re too heavy! Get down and hold the ladder for me!”

He climbs down, and on the way down, I notice that he’s just wearing boxers. And on his way down, his cock was really, really close to my face. He wasn’t hard, but he couldn’t hide that thing in just a pair of boxers. I got a view of his beautiful cock, with the head of hanging down one leg of his underwear. He didn’t realize what I saw, I knew, because I am a woman and I am able to be much more discreet with my stares.

But my God, it was gorgeous, and I thought I caught a whiff of his scent. Maybe it was my imagination, but he smelled like cum. But it happened so fast that it had to just be my imagination.

Once he was down, I traded places with him, and I yelled, “Hold the ladder for me!” I went up that ladder and he was just holding the ladder.

Now, it was the middle of the night, and I was in my normal little nightgown that comes to about mid-thigh. It wasn’t revealing, really, but it did hug my tits pretty well. The problem is that it was kind of hot that night, and I decided that it would be cooler to not wear panties.

I’m up the ladder, trying like crazy to get the stupid smoke detector down, and it was stuck. And this whole time, my naked pussy, which was already a little aroused because of just seeing my son’s cock, my little pussy was right at eye level for my son. And I was completely unaware that he was getting the show of his life. And I was a little aroused because of seeing him, so I was, um, putting off some womanly scent. And his nose was right there.

And then the little snot did something. He said, “Mom, be careful!” And he put his hand on my ass to “steady” me. I didn’t really notice his hand because I was trying like hell to get that smoke detector down. I finally tried turning it the other way, and it popped right off. I yanked that battery and the house was suddenly silent. Deep sigh of relief, thankful that I had finally gotten it, and then I noticed his hand.

He was holding my ass with the palm of his hand, and his four fingers were splayed on both sides of my ass. There was an innocent explanation for it, I’m sure, but his thumb was another story entirely. His thumb was between my legs and gently rubbing my pussy. He hadn’t entered me, but he was rubbing me, feeling me, and he was in a trance. Staring up at my pussy, and rubbing it like it was a precious thing to him.

I could have just told him to move his hand so that I could get down, but God, it felt good. I wish that I could say that I stopped him and that was that. But I didn’t stop him. I knew what he was doing, and I let him. I let my 19 year old son feel his mama’s pussy. And his hand felt so good. My pussy responded, I was wet already, and his thumb was sliding all over my pussy. He worked me from stem to stern, feeling my clit, feeling my juices flow all over his hand. And instead of stopping him, I leaned forward a little, leaning against the ladder and giving him better access. I looked down at his cock, and it was tenting his boxers. With his other hand, he was rubbing it through his boxers, and the front of his boxers was soaked with his precum. He had put out so much precum that they kartal escort were transparent, and I could see his cock through the boxers. And it was beautiful. A work of art. The combination of seeing his cock and the slow movement of his thumb against me, well, I couldn’t have stopped him if I wanted to.

And when I leaned forward, his thumb slid right into my pussy. All the way in, and I let out a groan. “Oh fuck, God, Jock, that’s so good.” I looked at him again, and he was transfixed. His right hand was rubbing his cock through his boxers, his left hand was on me and in me, and his eyes were completely glued to my pussy.

I started moving my hips, and his hand moved slightly. His hand rotated just a little bit, and his index finger nestled between my ass cheeks, and he started putting pressure on my little pink hole. I’ve never done anything anal, no fingers or anything, so this was an entirely new sensation for me. And it drove me wild. I wanted him to carry me to my bed and fuck my brains out. I wanted to give myself over to him completely. I wanted his cock for my very own.

But then I heard, “Mom?” from upstairs, and I jumped off that ladder. I was down in a flash, then upstairs just as fast to check on Davy. “Yeah, baby, we fixed it. Go back to bed, it’s all done now.”

He looked like a little boy up there. Rubbing his eyes, yawning. He slept through the smoke detector but when it stopped, that woke him up.

And that brought me back to my senses. We were playing with fire, and I had to stop. No matter how it felt, no matter how much I craved him. It was just wrong.

Chapter 4

I had a restless night. I was fucking horny, for one thing, and I had been interrupted at the worst possible time. But I just couldn’t masturbate to my son. I couldn’t. It would have been an admission that I wanted him, and I was determined to be strong.

The next day was uneventful. Got up, staggered to work, and put in a few hours. But I was just too distracted to work, so I told my boss that I wasn’t feeling well and I went home at around 3.

The kids weren’t home when I got there, so I thankfully had the place to myself. I changed from my work clothes into a t-shirt and baggy shorts, and I decided that I could do a little bit of work in the yard before dinner.

Working in the yard helped a lot. It’s my hobby and it’s the thing that I do when I am overstressed. There’s something about pulling weeds and pruning flowers that calms me. So I worked out there until about 5, and I was feeling pretty good when I went back inside. Tired, sweaty, dirty, but still I felt good about getting that done.

I decided to start dinner after a shower, so I went in and grabbed a quick shower, and then got dressed. I pulled out a fresh bra and panties, as well as a clean t-shirt and baggy shorts. Nothing sexy at all. Just mom stuff.

I went back downstairs and started dinner. Davy was working on homework upstairs, and Jock was due home from the warehouse any minute now. By the time he got cleaned up, dinner could be on the table and we could have a nice family dinner. Like normal people.

It was early fall, and I felt like making chili, so I started browning some meat and pulling down cans and spices from the pantry. It’s not fancy food, but I felt like having something comforting.

Jock came in the door about 10 minutes later. He looked at me sheepishly, and said, “Hey, mom. How was your day?” He was trying to make it normal too, obviously, and I wasn’t going to make it harder for him. We had always had a special relationship, just like Davy had with his Dad. Both kids are great, but I just understood Jock.

“Fine. I came home a little early and did some yard work. How are you?”

“Good, but I’m tired. I’m glad I don’t really have much classwork tonight. Man, is that chili? It smells so good.”

“It’s almost ready. Go get your shower and tell your brother to come down.”

He came over, kissed me on the cheek gently, and whispered, “Thanks, Mom. I love you.”, and took his bag upstairs.

He came back down a little later, wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt. I started dishing up a bowl of chili for him. “I thought we could watch some tv while we ate, if you don’t mind. I just feel like not being too fancy tonight.”

“Sounds good. There’s a ballgame on, if you don’t mind.”

“That’s fine. I can read while you watch. Where’s Davy?”

Davy came down just then, and he looked sick. “Davy, what’s wrong?”

“I’m fine, just feeling a little puny.”

I felt his forehead and he wasn’t warm, but he looked like he felt terrible. “Baby, I made chili. Do you feel like eating?”

“Mom, I love your chili but I’m afraid that it wouldn’t sit too well right now. if you don’t mind, I’m just going back upstairs, finish my homework and go to bed.”

“Ok, baby, I’ll come check on you later.”

Jock had grabbed some tv trays and put them in the family room. I got us some drinks and silverware, and he followed with the bowls of chili. We sat across the room from each other, and it was as normal as it could be. We watched a little bit of the game, and then he said that he had some homework. He kissed me on the cheek again and went upstairs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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