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She lay awake. Unable to sleep. She felt restless. The night was warm. She lit a candle – that would help her unwind. The glow cast a warm light over the bed.

She removed her t-shirt. Too warm for clothes. She looked down at her body. Her naked breasts were soft, her nipples pert. The glow from the candle danced over her pale skin. She touched her left nipple gently, rolling it between her fingertips. She smiled to herself. She ran her finger under her left breast. She enjoyed how it tickled. She clasped the breast in her hand, squeezing it, massaging it.

Moving her hand down her stomach, over the soft curves. Following her hand with her eyes. Skimming over her white lacy knickers, feeling the warmth and slight dampness through the fabric. Gently pushing her right thigh to one side she ran her fingers down the inside of the thigh and back up again, following her fingers with her eyes. She was beginning to feel aroused. Carefully she traced down her vaginal lips, through the soft fabric of her underwear. So sensitive and delicate. As she touched and caressed she let her thighs open and relax.

Carefully Eskort Kız she slid her fingers under the knickers, feeling the soft hairs, surprised at how damp she had become. She slid her hand down the front of her knickers toying with the lips, gliding over her clit. She slid her middle finger inside her. She tilted her hips upwards to allow her finger to slide in. So warm, so damp. Bringing her hand back she circled her moist finger around her clit. With her left hand she cupped her right breast. Her breathing slowed – it was deeper as she became more aroused. As she circled her clit with her finger, she could feel it growing slightly becoming more sensitive.

Her hand was restricted. She wriggled out of her knickers. Her inner lips were damp and sticky She gently stroked them with her fingers. Back and forth, sometimes up to her clit to tease all the while the candlelight softly playing over her pale skin.

She watched her fingers twirl. Her movements changed, they were becoming faster as she became more aroused. Sliding her finger inside, teasing at the entrance, tightening her muscles around the tip of her finger. It felt so sensitive, so arousing to stimulate herself. She began to move her hips up and down, still keeping her finger at the entrance. Her breathing became faster as she became more excited. So damp, so tight, so aroused.

Using her right hand she rolled her index finger around her clit -fast and firm. With her left hand she pulled her lips up to expose her clit. She gave a gasp as a shudder passed through her body. Sliding her finger in, building a rhythm, becoming damper, warm and aroused. Tightening her muscles around her finger, rubbing her clit faster and firmer. She could feel her vagina begin to pull her in, her clit grow and respond to the pressure.

Her mind was elsewhere, a series of images and feelings from previous days. Touches, caresses, all floating around in her subconscious. Teasing her body with the thought of what might have been. The arousal was growing now, her body beginning to twitch and shudder. Her breathing deep. It felt so frustrating – she wanted more, much more. The images growing stronger now, the sensations taking over. Another deeper shudder, another twitch, a gasp, a moan.

Using one hand to switch between sliding in, and exposing her clit, the sensations grew. She spread her thighs as far they would go, the feelings from her clit intense. She wanted to cum, she wanted to release. She could feel it building. The sweet tingling she could feel before an orgasm starting.

Sliding a finger in, the stimulation mixing with the intensity of the tingling. That was enough, with a gasp she arched her back, shuddering, tensing, twitching, the muscles inside pulling her finger further in, the intensity of the orgasm creating strong sexual images in her mind. She continued to rub her clit, the orgasm continuing, the tension maintained. So intense and strong. With a final sigh she relaxed. The orgasm was fading now but she was still twitching.

She continued to rub her clit, gently, slowly. Her mind clearing now. Her body unwinding. She watched the shadow of her legs from the candlelight on the wall and wondered how she could capture the post orgasm glow. After a while she became cold. She didn’t need the restriction of underwear, so she covered herself with the duvet, blew out the candle and fell into a relaxed, clear minded sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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