A Collection of Gay Rape Stories – Part 2

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Part 2
Jason smoothed back his twin brother’s shorts to reveal one pale cheek of his ass.
“What are you doing?” David asked gently.
Jason didn’t answer, just slipped his thumb into his brother’s crack.
“What are you doing?!” David asked, demanding this time.
“Just..let me.” Jason said vacantly, leaning his weight down to pen David with his other arm.
“Jason! Don’t.” David whined.

“nuuuhh!” Brandon said almost incoherently, trying desperately to push away the naked thighs pressed tight against his buttocks.
But he was no match for the other boys. Brian’s significantly large cock pressed against the opening to his virgin guts, while Chris held his down, equally hard and massive dick slapping against Brandon’s face irratically.
“Fuckin’ whore. Fuckin’ whore.” Brian muttered as he sunk into the tight sphinctor, “You take it. You take it.”
Chris groaned deep in his throat at the sight, allowing Brandon one good flail before he held him down again. The scream is what made him plunge his cock into the unwilling mouth. It both turned him on beyond belief, and needed to be quieted.

I fucked him hard, plungeing my ten inch cock into his ass as hard as I could. My fingers bit into the soft flesh of his nice butt and were sure to leave imprints. He babbled and whined the whole time, and with every thrust of my hips his voice raised an octive and then dropped back down again. He’d gone from begging me to stop, to just pleading that I wouldn’t tell anyone about it. It wasn’t like it even mattered, the stupid cunt was so drunk he couldn’t even fight back properly, let alone remember any of this tomorrow. I was a little surprised he’d stayed concious for this long. College parties are great like that.
Maybe he was enjoying it. Maybe he had fantisized about being forced into gay sex his whole life, and now he could just show some token resistance and then let it happen. And oh, how he was letting it happen. The pain gaziantep escort must’ve been why he wasn’t hard, but he wasn’t completely soft. That’s the best thing about the prostate, it just wriggles a little pleasure into being forced so the humiliation is complete. You can’t very well protest while you’re slowly starting to get hard and moaning.
I finally gave into the urge to haul back and spank his ass. It felt fantastic when he clenched shut around my throbbing cock and he was so shocked and embarassed by the way he reacted to it, it was just icing on the cake. His right ass cheek was getting red, and he’d started crying again, so I started on the otherside. When that one was just as red, and he’d started to struggle, I grabbed his hair in one hand and his dick in the other, pulling his face close to mine.
“Don’t pretend you’re not up for it.” I panted in his ear, “I can feel your cock. Be a man, and take it.”
He gasped and whimpered, but as I held him like that, I kept fucking him and he stayed still. I relinquished his dick and began rolling his balls softly in my hand.
“You’re going to cum with me inside you.” I informed him.
“No, no! Please! I can’t! There’s no way, please!” he wimpered and moaned.
“Oh-ho! Bitch, I’m not coming until you do.”
He gasped and struggled, but I pushed his head down, then grabbed up his arms. I held them both behind his back by holding them in one hand and leaning my weight ontop of him while I reached around to fondle him some more. I began to stroke him pleasurably, all the while still raping his ass brutally.
“You want it.” I informed him, almost calmly.

The small businessman’s hand shook so hard he could barely get his key in the lock. His ass was on fire, and he couldn’t think straight. His perpetrator stood behind him, a gun to his head.
“Hurry, and get us inside!” the huge man demanded.
The little man sighed in releif as the key finally went in and turned. The rapist shoved him inside and shut the door behind them.
“Strip.” he demanded.
The man complied, taking off all his clothes. And the rapist took him there, right on his own kitchen floor.

The little white boy was going to take all of their giant black cocks.
The biggest of them all bent him over and began to spank him without holding back. His large black hand landed hard and stinging on his lily white cheeks and left huge hand-shaped red marks.
The boy screamed, from where he was bent over the couch arm. He begged him to stop. The spanking hurt worse with every hit because he was getting more and more sore.
“You want some black dick, then?” The big man asked.
The small white man whimpered, but said nothing. The assault continued. The rest of the large, naked black men in the room cackled as the pathetic straight boy screamed and scried.
“Please stop!” He cried
“You ready to take my cock?” The man asked, stopping the assault for a moment.
“Please don’t rape me!” the white boy said, begging, “Please. Please. Please.”
“Wrong answer.” The huge black gay said, landing his hardest slap yet to the tender tush. The laughter from the rest of the group got louder. A few of them were stroking their giant cocks at the sight of the beaten white boy.
“I’ll take it.” The white boy whispered suddenly. “Please…just stop..”
The big black man stuck the tip of his giant black cock against the tiny hole of the frightened white boy. He held it there for a few moments. The white man was so frightened of what he knew would come, he was shaking all over. The black man acted like he was going to stick it in, but kept stopping short. The rest of them laughed and hollared at the white boy’s fear.
“All right, I’m sorry.” The man said comically, and then shoved the entire length in with no further ceremony.
The white man made a sound like he was choking. A gurgling, primal noise. But he barely had time to cry in pain as the big black dick began moving inside him. He was fucked mercilessly by the man. He began to cry and scream. The pain consumed him as he was perfectly raped.
Then they all jumped on him at once. Were there four, or six, or eighteen? He couldn’t tell. But there were giant black dicks everywhere. They rubbed against his lips until he sucked them, stuck in his hands, on his feet, a few were even demanding to have their place under his armpits. But his ass was the worst. As soon as one had spilled his sticky rape juice in his ass, another took its place. He was fucked until he had no energy to scream any longer.
The rolled him over. Took him in as many different positions as they could think of. And then one said “Let’s see if this little white boy can take two at a time!” And he was awake again, looking around at all of them in fear.
“No, no, no. Please, no!” he cried as three big men lifted him into the air.
With one black man on his back and front, the third nelt beneith them, and both dick tips were aimed at his ruined ass hole.
“No, please! Why-hy-hy?!” he cried
“Because you’re our bitch.” The man facing him said.
Both dicks were shoved up in side him about an inch. It was enough to make him see stars. Another inch each, and he was screaming, flailing, fighting them for the first time, his baser instincts taking over. So they beat him, until he stopped fighting, and then both dicks went all the way in.
The pain was too much and he passed out almost immediately.
When he woke up, it was morning, and he was still being fucked. There were only two of the massive black rapists left, but one of them was on top of him grunting and filling him up. This was a less theatrical, playful fuck than before; he was just using the white boy’s hole.
As he came he groaned “Oh, I love raping bitch boys.”

Every time I check back here, there isn’t enough of the kind of gay rape I enjoy reading, so I just keeping having to make my own!
hope you all enjoyed Part 2.

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