A Dream Cum True

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Jenn’s eyes were focused on the unknown man of her dreams as he placed his cock inside her. The wetness of her most private area allowed him easy access, filling her to the brim.

Slowly, he moved back and forth creating a rush of pleasure with ever move. She couldn’t see his face, but that mattered little compared to the rapture she was feeling as he played her like a precious instrument.

“Oh God, yes,” she moaned as his pace quickened and her body responded. Her face became flush and her body was building to a crescendo that would bring make her body quake and shudder.

Jenn dug her nails in his back and he fucked her. No longer the gentle strokes of a lover, but the pure primal touch of an animal. She moaned in pleasure letting his cock ram her pussy over and over again.

Harder and faster he went, her breathing becoming more labored with each thrust. The muscles in her body began in involuntarily contract as the waves of pleasure crashed into her over and over again. She’s close. Her climax is quickly approaching and she aches for the final release.

“Fuck me harder, make me cum …please,’ Jenn screams half begging and her lover picks up the pace to accommodate her every wish.

She wraps her legs around him as she feels her bodybuilding to its apex. Soon the release will come and drown out the world. She can’t breath and her body is taught awaiting her release.

“Ahhhhh, she screams as her body finally reaches the point of no return.

BEEP….BEEP…BEEP… BEEP … Jenn opened her eyes and no longer saw the face of her dream lover, but the white speckles ceiling of her modest apartment.

She grabbed the offending alarm clock and contemplated throwing it against the wall shattering it into a thousand pieces, but thought better of it.

Her body was on fire. She pulled back the sheets and felt the sticky wetness between her legs. The room smelled of unfinished arousal as she got out of bed and stripped from her wet soaked clothes.

She stood naked in front of the mirror staring at her body. She ran her hands over her pert breasts paying special attentions to her nipples as they hardened in her fingertips.

Her 27-year-old 5’2 frame shuddered at the sudden pleasure. She had been denied her orgasm in her dream and it left her body wanton for pleasure. She wanted a cock inside her bad and felt the slight trickle of juice from her hot and incredibly wet pussy flow down her leg.

Her hands moved from her breasts to her flat stomach. Jenn liked the feeling as her fingers tickled the area around her belly button and the top of her trimmed pubic hair.

She put a finger inside her pussy and was awarded with another sudden rush of pleasure. She probed the folds of her labia and began to gently touch the tip of clitoris. Her knees buckled as she prepared to finally receive that which she had been denied.

She began to rub her clit in little circles slowly building her pleasure again. She gasped in pleasure and the remembrance of the man in her dreams. Her finger was wet, slick. Deep inside her, then out. The air cooled it and she pushed it in again. Her pelvis lifts up and she reached further down, thinking of his hard cock filling her.

Closer and closer she comes, once again reaching the apex as her body begged to push her over the limit. Her breathing came in shorts breaths with a high-pitched moan escaping her lips each time. Harder she pressed against her clit until she was furiously rubbing her pleasure button praying, hoping to find the release her body needed.

Her orgasm came like a tidal wave enveloping her body. It seemed last forever as heat and electricity ripped through her muscles, sending them into spasm.

She cried out as her legs buckled and she fell to the floor still clutching her halkalı escort pussy as the orgasm continued to rack her body. For several minutes she sat in front of the mirror with a wide smile on her face unable to move for fear of breaking the spell of peace and pleasure that had enveloped her.

Jenn finally gets up when she realizes time was not on her side and she had to get to the hospital for her shift. Lazily, she got up still weak in the knees and entered her bathroom.

The warm water from the shower lulled her into another dreamlike state and thought about the man of her dreams. Jenn realized she still was incredibly aroused despite her climax and the need for a cock was all she could think about.

“I have got to get this under control,” she said as the water stimulated her nipples again.

The cold air from the bathroom shocked her to her senses, but it wasn’t enough to quell the fire she had inside. Dressing in her nursing uniform, Jenn decided it was time to get these thoughts out of her head because there were lives that depended on her. Still, she wore the red lacey thong that she had been saving for a particularly hot date just in case.

“You never know what will happen in a day,” she said mischievously.

The hospital’s white walls and sterile smells could not curb her voracious appetite for sex, but Jenn did her best to seem nonchalant as she squirmed in her seat and poured over pharmaceutical reports.

“Jenn, would you mind giving number 14 his sponge bath. It’s been a few days since surgery and he’s getting a little gamey,” Dr. Barstow said.

Barstow was what every woman dreamed of when it came to a successful doctor. It wasn’t a coincidence most of his patients were women. His physique was chiseled thanks to years of healthy living and workouts at the gym.

He looked like the kind of doctor that spends his off hours hunting down rare artifacts in weird little countries all for the sake of science.

“Jenn,” he said breaking her concentration on his strong arms and handsome face. “What about number 14.”

“Sorry about that doctor, I will get right on it.”

He walked about from the nurse’s area and Jenn kept a watchful on his ass sauntering along. She sighed at the thought of him, but knew he was off limits. He was a devout family man with a wife and two kids and many a nurse has tried to get to stray from the righteous path only to be disappointed.

Jenn got up and walked to number 14’s room. John was nice guy in his late 20’s that came in for an emergency appendectomy. The infection was pretty intense so the doctor placed a tube into his abdomen to slowly suck out any of the remaining infection, but that also meant he couldn’t shower.

“Hi, John,” Jenn said as she entered his room and began pouring warm water into a pan. “Are you ready for a sponge bath today.”

John was an attractive man. His wavy blonde hair and tan complexion betrayed his time spent on the beach playing volleyball.

His usual good looks were tarnished by the four days he had spent in the hospital, but he was still attractive.

“I guess, but I don’t know why I can’t just take a shower,” John said.

“Sorry, doctor’s orders. Do you want to do it or do you want me to,” Jenn said.

John stared at the IV’s coming from his hands and decided it would be safer if she did it.

Jenn started on his hands tenderly maneuvering around the plastic tubing and up his muscular arms. She moved on to his chest putting her hand down his gown feeling the hard pectorals and brushing the nipples.

She was leaning over him and could feel the heat coming from his body. Her own pussy already wet from earlier was creating fluids anew beginning to soak the rd thong hidden under pants.

“I’m and şişli escort going to wash your legs now John, would you please lift the gown for me,” Jenn said more than a little flustered.

He inched the gown up little by little, first showing his muscled calves, past the kneecaps and upper lets until finally the tip of his cock was exposed.

Jenn was mesmerized upon his exposed cock. She began washing his feet, but her eyes were glued to the man meat that was beginning to take notice of her gentle touches.

She watched as the tip became engorged with blood began rising as she moved her way his legs.

Three, four, five inches, six, seven , eight inches the cock stood tall hands reached the top of his legs.

“I’m sorry, It’s a man thing,” John said embarrassed at his obvious show of arousal.

“It’s perfectly normal, Jenn said. “You are not the first of the last man to become aroused during a sponge bath.”

She stared at the eight inches of pure glory before her as she continues to clean around his cock. The sponge brushed his pubic hair causing the smallest of shivers from John.

“Now, John I have to clean your penis now, but I don’t want you to be uncomfortable or anything. I am just a nurse and you are just a patient.”

John nodded, but she could tell he wasn’t totally at ease with the situation.

She drew the sponge against his cock and she could feel her need rising within him. Up and down she brushed and even John realized this was not a normal sponge bath.

Jenn put her bare hand in the soapy water and grabbed the shaft slowly moving her hand up and down. She could see the slightest drip of precum forming at the top.

“Do you want me to stop John,” Jenn said as she placed the other hand on is swollen cock.

John laid his head back in the bed. His mouth open with sighs of pleasure slipping out. His cock was so hard as she stroked him back and forth. She bent over and tasted the saltiness of his cock licking the precum with her tongue.

She placed her lips around his eight inches and swallowed him whole. Stroking and sucking, bringing him ever closer to climax while her own pussy ached with need.

She could feel him getting close as his hips bucked toward her face allowing her to take in even more of him. Suddenly, John exploded inside her mouth as she swallowed every drop. His hot cum flowed down her throat as she continued to milk his cock dry.

Licking the final drip of cum from his shrinking cock, Jenn smiled. “All clean,” she said and left the room leaving number 14 in a haze of pleasure.

“Number 14, is clean as a whistle,” she told the doctor licking her lips as she said it.

“Good, why don’t you take a few minutes for a break. I can handle everything down here,” the good doctor said.

Jenn began walking towards the vending machines when she realized the doctor had forgotten to sign her med reports for the night. She quickly walked back, but the doctor was nowhere to be found.

His clipboard was at the nurse’s station, but he was gone. Jenn surveyed the halls and noticed the door to the pharmaceuticals was open, so she walked over.

She was about to open the door all the way when he stopped and looked into the interior of the room. Barstow was popping vicadins like they were candy.

As she watched the happily married doctor abuse his medical privileges, Jenn got an idea of the forbidden doctor could fill her need for cock.

She quickly ran back and grabbed a coke from the vending machine and walked back to the nurse’s station. Barstow had returned oblivious to the fact that Jenn knew his secret.

“Doctor, your wife is such a lucky lady,” Jenn said sliding a finger under the lapel of his white jacket. “I mean sarıyer escort you’re a successful doctor, attractive and she gets to have you every night.”

Barstow was taken aback by the brazenness of the nurse and stepped a few steps back. Jenn traced the line of her breasts with her hands, letting him see exactly what he had been missing.

“You are such a tease, doctor,” Jenn said. “I think it’s about time I got a taste of what your wife has been taking for granted.”

“Now calm down Jenn, it’s not that you aren’t attractive, but I am faithful to my wife,” Barstow said. Sweat began to form on the doctor’s brow. A mix of arousal and the effects of the illicit drugs in his system.

“I know you are. But what would your wife or the hospital administrators say about one of their doctors raising the pharmaceutical area every now and then?”

Barstow’s eyes went wide in terror. He had tried to keep it so quiet, he knew that if anyone found out it would be the end of his career.

Jenn walked up to him staring him dead in the eye like a raptor heading for the kill. Meet me in the doctor’s hospitality room in five minutes and don’t be late,” she said.

The hospitality room was a place where the doctors could crash for a few hours on a long shift. It was a modest room with a small kitchen and a double bed.

Jenn walked inside and found Barstow sitting by the kitchen with his head in his hands. He was a man defeated, a once powerful king brought down by a little pill.

“Come here,” she commanded and Barstow came like a little lap dog. Jenn put a little slow music in the CD players and laid her back against the doctor swaying back and forth to the music.

“Now play with me doctor,” she said in her most seductive voice.

Jenn pushed into him with her ass. He put his arm gently around her waist, and held her, not letting go. He gently worked both hands from around her waste into my top and kneaded her tits. He tweaked her pert nipples while grinding slowly into her from behind.

“That’s it doctor. You seem to be getting that hand of this,” she said.

He slowly moved one hand down her chest and into her pants. He lowered her pants and the lacey red thong and started stroking her trimmed pussy. The grinding had made Jenn wet as he traced her pussy lips penetrating with his index finger with each pass. Jenn could say nothing, I was mesmerized by the feelings being stirred inside her.

Barstow moved her to the bed and undid his to reveal 9 inches of rock hard cock staring at her. He pulled me to the center of the bed lengthwise and positioned my ass at the beds edge. Then he spread my legs wide open, pushing both my knees as far apart as I could take. Positioned perfectly for his pleasure he began teasing my waiting pussy lips, probing up and down my slit, looking for his entry point.

He reached my inner depths and began pounding in and out. I squealed with each penetration.

The man of her dreams suddenly had a face and he fucked her hard and fast.

“You wanted me for so long, then you can have me,” Barstow said as he thrust into her again and again.

“Yes, yes” she screamed as once again her body began to rise to the crescendo of orgasm. Her muscles tensed as the waves of her orgasm ripped through her to the core. Every inch of her body felt alive with electricity as each thrust only enhanced her feelings of intense pleasure.

Barstow grabbed her waist as his thrusts became more intense. He fought back the urge to cum, but he could hold back no longer. Barstow filled Jenn’s pussy with his hot cum bringing her to another mind shattering orgasm.

The two laid in the bed his cock shriveling inside her as the last vestiges of cum dripped from her pussy.

Jenn got up and quickly dressed, giving the doctor kiss on the cheek. She looked at the clock and her shift was nearly over.

“Thanks Doc, I really needed that,” Jenn said. “Next time though, we should try a little foreplay.”

With a smile on her face and glow on her cheeks, Jenn walked out of the hospital ready for a new round of dreams.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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